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Time Well Spent" Chapter 2

by sleepsackslave

Chapter 2 "Potential Recognized"


After our long weekend where we committed to be Master and slave and deepened our connection, we started seeing each other more and more. Sometimes it was just a casual lunch or a date night, or just a couple guys hanging out and chilling. Sometimes it was a random text or unexpected email. And sometimes, often, that’s all it was and it was great.  We became really good friends during our casual outings and that friendship strengthened our bond. At those times we were mostly just friends and treated each other accordingly. At those times we were also a couple and we embraced that idea, but always appropriately so. We both know how to respect others and behave politely in public.


Once in a while a little Master/slave innuendo would subtly sneak into our discourse, most often from a subtle hint or certain look from Master, but sometimes alluded to by me. It wasn’t often and mostly playful, but it served as a reminder of who was whose and who wore the pants! Occasionally Master would give me a sexy or evil look that he knew would make me melt butter in a hot oven and he’d smile knowing he could do so, but he always respected me and only did it discretely. He learned to push my buttons and enjoyed it.  I loved it too, loved what just a look could do to me, and loved being His! We both knew to keep it reserved and applied only in good measure… too much and it would lose its magic, but just enough keeps the vibe alive.  No one observing us would be able to perceive our covert communication, unless they were really studying us and/or knew us both. Well maybe the occasional blush is a give-away, but no one knows why. Even then, it would be hard for anyone to know of how kinky our exchanges can be as we intentionally kept things like that private when in public. It’s something fun we both enjoy.


Mostly, but not always, Master invites me back to his house for some more time together. Sometimes we hang-out, sometimes we take a nap, sometimes we share a meal. This time is always more intimate and more of a Master/slave dynamic. Even when we’re hanging out He’ll tell me to strip nude while he remains clothed. He’ll often put on my collar and cuffs, which always adjusts my headspace, fires my submissive jets, and makes me horny. Of course he can do that with just the right look, but the collar and cuffs have a powerful psychological effect and we both love it. We’ll hang-out this way watching a movie or sports, or whatever else looks good. I’ll get him drinks and snacks, but he treats me too. He’ll play with me and fondle me, seeking my reactions and seeing if he can distract me… and he always does. There are times when I never see the movie as I’m deep between his legs obsessed with his cock. You’d think we’d do that more, but we don’t as he prefers to save sex for sex, again keeping it special. But he loves to have his sexy man-slave there with him, all naked, available, horny, and willing. I love being that slave! He also loves to have me cuddle-up with him… I’m a good boy, but I’ll be a really good boy if this is what Heaven is like. I’m a lucky man!


When he has me over, I always stay the night and we usually have sex. While we both enjoy it A LOT, we’ve both learned that we share so much more than hypnosis, BDSM, and sex. It is want brought us together, but we’ve evolved into a lot more. However, it is this aspect of our relationship that has allowed us to grow beyond the typical relationship or even the typical BDSM relationship. (Anyone with any experience knows a BDSM relationship can be profoundly deeper than anything vanilla… the needed trust alone demands it.)  The combination of hypnosis and BDSM have unlocked vast new potentials for both of us and deepened our bond incredibly, perhaps more than either of us could previously imagine. Either can be hugely powerful by themselves, but in tandem and in the hands of the right Master and willing slave, the potential is immense. And as far as we’ve come, we’ve only scratched the surface.  



Each time we have sex, Master maintained my mental state with repeated stints tightly and inescapingly bound in the that wonderful leather sleepsack that has started conforming and molding to my body, fitting me like a glove, and hypnosis via the hood with displays and headphones built in. As with before the hypnosis was mainly focused on gay BDSM, anal sex, and hands-free orgasms, but all of it Man-on-man sex, not sissy hypnosis or feminization. He’s working to deepen my conditioning and ability to cum hands-free when he fucks me and it was working really well. I’ve not cum any other way since that wonderful long weekend and I don’t want to. I wonder if it was something in those hypno files he fed me?  He’s continually working to increase my addiction to his cock and my wanton submissive lusts for him. As a result, I can’t get enough and our BDSM sessions and sex have been incredible for both of us.


We always talk quietly during our mutual aftercare cuddle session that follows the most incredible sex we’ve ever had. We discuss what happened and how we feel, lay quietly as close to each other as we can get, and often I’m still in my collar and cuff. Again, Heaven! The last time I was at his house, he asked how much vacation time I had and when I could take it. He suggest that I plan to take two weeks off and spend the time with him. He said that during our months of correspondence and our recent months as Master & slave, he’s been observing me, assessing me mentally and emotionally, and of course physically. He’s taken us both to unimagined heights, but said from the start he saw something different in me, a certain potential, a gift, and he wanted to take time to understand it fully. He said he was hopeful early on that his instincts about me were correct, but he needed to be sure. So, all this time he was sizing me up to determine my suitability for even deeper programming and conditioning. He tested he in and out of the sleepsack, judged my progress, and growing abilities, and assess my emerging talents. He said he doesn’t want to change me, my personality, or who I am, not at all. But, he said he could help me be a better me and a better slave for him. He said it won’t be easy and it will be a long and quite difficult at times, involving prolonged, intense, and repeated training, lots of hypnosis, a little brainwashing (maybe a lot) and hours of conditioning. It will take patience and determination on both our parts, but the benefits to both of us will be truly amazing. He said he loves me and will be with me every step of the way and he’d be honored if I’d go in this journey with him. Graciously, he also said that he’s currently as addicted to me as I am to him, so if I’m not ready for this, we’ll continue our relationship as it’s been and I don’t have to fear I’ll lose him.  


My brain was swimming with emotions like awe of the man next to me, love, cock addiction, submissive lusts, a bit of trepidation, a lot of excitement, and more. I laid there nuzzled into his chest trying to comprehend what he was saying and a bit overwhelmed at first, by what he was suggesting. He’s already captured me, took me as his own, addicted me to his cock, trained me to cum from being fucked, and made me his eager man-slave and he said this is just the first step to a much longer, more intense journey. WOW! But it was of course a no-brainer and I gratefully accepted with a tear of joy in my eye and having no real idea of what I just agreed to. But seriously, how could I not?  No way! We were in deep and we both wanted more. “It would be my honor to go where you want to take me Sir and become yours even more.”  He smiled at me, with both love and just a touch of sexy evil, and pulled me closed. I melted. So there we both laid, in each other’s arms, sharing each other’s warmth, comfort, and love, happy as two clams, as we each contemplated the hottest gay BDSM, domination and control, surrender and submission, and hot kinky sex imaginable. But mostly, we thought about what we can eventually become for each other.


The next day I started planning my “vacation” and Master started making preparations. I was able to reserve two weeks off that ran it to the holiday break, so counting weekends I’ll able to dedicate 20 straight days to Master and whatever he has planned for me. It was a few months away and we can’t wait.


AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is fiction, but is based on the kind of relationship I’d like to share with a Master… I like to think it’s possible.  Please be in touch if you want to discuss it.

Thanks to “mn fg” for inspiration.


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