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This is how it all began for me

by Apache1201

This is how it all began for me

Here I sit, all dressed up waiting for my life partner to come home from shopping. It wasn’t always like this, no not at all. I used to be the one that went out and earned the money that put food on our table and a roof over our heads. It also provided me with enough extra money to pursue my favorite hobby: surfing the internet looking for feminized men and sissies to satisfy myself to. I really like the ones where the wife had had a hand in the transformation and had become the dominant, making the submissive (former) male obey her every command.
I had been doing this for several months, staying up later than my wife and surfing, knowing that I was completely safe from her prying eyes. I had even found a website that used hypnotism to make people more submissive and docile, changing their desires and even their bodies to please the master. I thought I could use a few of these hypnosis files to make my wife even sexier; bigger breasts, kinkier fantasies, desire to stay in shape, you get the message.
Anyway, I had downloaded a few of the files onto her mp3 player which she listens to at work, and within a week I started noticing the changes in her. She was more playful in bed and more adventurous during our lovemaking. I was so excited that it was working that I went back to that amazing website, www.warpmymind.com and looked for more files that I could use to make her even better.
After I had downloaded a few more of the files, I decided to log off and go to bed. I put the computer to sleep as usual and went upstairs to enjoy another good night of sleep, listening to my mp3 to help me fall asleep and relax. What I didn’t know is that I had not actually logged off. Instead, I had just hit the ‘standby’ key, and everything that I had done the night before was still in the history on my site, and the website for Evil Mind Guy was still displayed.
Well, my wife got up early, as usual, and went to check her auctions. Much to her surprise, the screen came to life and displayed what I had been surfing the night before. Remember that I had downloaded some files to make her even kinkier? Well, it had worked even better than I thought. As she was looking through the files, she suddenly had the desire to become the dominant and use some of the feminization files on me! It was even kinkier than I had thought of, and that was the beginning of my transformation. After she had logged me off and gone to her own log-in, she downloaded the files that she liked, and after I woke up, had me show her how to load files into her mp3. Little did I know that she was going to do this to my mp3 player while I was out with the guys.
My indoctrination began that same evening when I went to bed. I turned on the mp3 player as usual and closed my eyes. I don’t remember falling asleep, but my dreams were full of weird images. I didn’t even try to remember them the next morning, and didn’t mention them at breakfast. What I did mention was that I needed some new underwear. (How odd)
My wife said that we could go shop at the mall, because she needed a few things as well, and the attached supermart was having a sale. We hit the store and I started looking at underwear. For some odd reason, none of the available men’s styles looked comfortable. I mentioned this to my wife, and she said that I had just commented on her panties this morning. Why didn’t I get some for me to wear? I mulled that over for just a split second and agreed. She picked out a few styles and paid. I liked the new and improved wife, but I just couldn’t always remember what we had done the day before. This was a little disconcerting, and I mentioned it to my wife. She just blew it off, saying that that was normal with all the things that were always going on.
We went home, and after a little while I decided to take a nap. I got my mp3 and immediately fell into a deep dream-filled sleep. In it, I was wearing the panties we had just bought, and also a bra, because for some reason I had the most beautiful breasts on my now not so manly chest. I was so turned on that I could almost feel a pair of lips wrapped around my member, giving me a fantastic blowjob. I woke up and my wife was doing exactly that. Wow! I mentioned my dream to my wife, and she said she would love to see what I looked like with breasts.
I agreed, and the next thing you know, we are out shopping form bras. I was amazed to find that I was a 42B, considering that I was always conscious of what I ate and worked out. My wife said it may be because I was in my 40’s and my metabolism must have started slowing down. I didn’t give it a second thought and went back to my routine. Two weeks (and many erotic, weird dreams) later I told my wife that I felt I needed new bras, since the ones I had been wearing had become very tight.
We went shopping again and now I measured a 38C, and I noticed that I had gotten a little smaller in the band but larger in the cup. Hmmm. And back home and another nap. This went on for several months, and always the weird dreams. One morning I asked my wife what was going on, why had my breasts gotten so big? She said a few words that didn’t have anything to do with the conversation, and all of a sudden my memory filled in all the blank spots.
I had been working out to Richard Simmons, wearing a spandex leotard; I’d had my hair styled and dyed a nice chestnut color; I had gotten a manicure and pedicure and had them colored a nice plum; I had quit my job and cashed in my 401k, signing over the money to my wife to invest (and we were now very well off); I had continued to lose size in my chest and waist, but my butt had grown so much that I was now wearing women’s jeans; I had my belly button and my tongue pierced once and my ears 5 times each. On top of that, I had permanent makeup on my eyes and my lips had been injected with filler that plumped them up to look like the perfect hooker lips.
I screamed and ran to look at myself in the mirror. I must have done this a thousand times in the past few weeks and months, but this was the first time it actually registered in my mind. I was now one of those exact same men and sissies that I had been enjoying looking at on the internet. I also noticed some other changes in the house. One of the biggest changes was that there were cameras in every room in the house, and I asked about those. Those, my wife said, were so that all my changes could be watched by subscribers to our new website that showed my feminization over the last few months. It turned out that we had several hundred viewers subscribed to watch how I became more and more feminine. Since I had quit my job, I had hardly left the house, and I had been instructed by my wife, now my life partner, to go around naked so all my changes were clearly visible. I noticed that I now jiggled when I walked, and running without a bra was definitely out of the question.
As I stood there, looking at myself in the mirror, I actually became aroused, and my member started getting hard. Almost without thinking, I got some lotion and a dildo from a drawer and sat down on the sofa, spreading my legs and inserting the dildo into my gaping hole. With the other hand I started masturbating, stroking the full length, and licking my fingers. I realized that I had become a slut, and that I actually enjoyed it. It was like I had finally found something that I had been looking for all my life, and finally found.
So now here I sit, fully dressed in a nice top and low hiphugger jeans. My feet are encased in high heeled bootlets and I can feel the plug in my butt vibrating. My life partner has the remote for it, and I can tell she is almost at the front door, since the vibrations are getting stronger. (Uuuuuugh, oh yes, that is nice)
And to think that all this happened because I forgot to log off one time. I think it was the best thing to ever happen to me. Thank you, Evil Mind Guy.


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