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Training to be a Sub Sissy

by markhypnosub

Training to be a sub Sissy

Training to be a Sub Sissy

As Alexa put her clothing back on, she reached down and gathered her white panties; then, turning to Michael, she said: "Put THESE on before we leave." Michael couldn't believe his ears. He stood in the doctor's surgery, took the panties and started for the restroom only to be stopped in his tracks.

"HERE!", said Alexa. "You will strip in front of us and put your panties on!" Michael undid his pants and took off his underpants and slipped on the white, nylon panties. He was red as red can be as the receptionist watched and giggled. As he began to reach for his pants, Alexa said, "Leave them here! We're leaving now." Michael left the surgery, following Alexa. He was dressed in panties and felt the first wave of humiliation as his new life, the life he had begged the doctor to give him, had begun.

Michael followed Alexa out to their car. Since it was parked on the street, many passers-by got an eye-full of a crossdresser male wearing panties humbly following a sexy confident female who seemed to be holding a leash. His head was bowed in disgrace and his mind was in a turmoil. He KNEW he should start regaining control of the situation, but for some reason he couldn't.... Maybe because everyone thought he was a crossdresser, maybe because the panties, the panty hose, and especially the bra made him feel so submissive that he didn't want control!

Alexa had parked on the street several blocks away from his home, making Michael walk in his shirt and her panties to the house. Several neighbors noticed that something was different, including a sexy young  newly-wed whose husband was on assignment overseas.

In the house Alexa told Michael to strip to his panties and go to bed. She spent the evening reading the doctor's book, 'Sissy Husband Training'. She spent a great deal of the night thinking about her new life -- a life she had never wanted, but which Michael had thrust upon her. Well, if he wanted a Dominatrix, then he HAD one. Alexa smiled, wondering why she had never 'taken control' before.

"Wake up, bitch!", Alexa said to Michael in the morning.   "It's time to start your new life!"

Michael got up, dressed only in the tight panties that belonged to her. Alexa was dressed in a black bra and black satin panties. "What do you want, Mistress", he asked. The effect of the hypnosis was still quite evident and still impossible to resist.

"We have to start changing you", Alexa said, handing him pills to take. "You will be taking these for a LONG TIME", she said. She told Michael to get out of the panties and go to the shower. Before he entered, Alexa made him apply Nair to his body -- PLENTY of Nair! After waiting for 15 minutes, she tested a few areas and was satisfied that the lotion had done its work. Michael showered and watched as his body hair fell to the drain. He was as smooth as a sissy -- a crossdressing sissy who had tears in his eyes at the realization that this nightmare was only beginning.

"We're not going to make you look like a woman -- YET!", Alexa said as she toweled Michael dry. She directed Michael back to the bedroom where she had laid out the clothing he was to wear for the day. First she had Michael put on a pink pair of nylon panties -- these fit Michael much better than the panties that he had worn yesterday. It seems that she had gone out in the night and had picked up a few more items that Michael would be needing.

After the panties, Michael was directed to put on a 'training bra'. It fit tightly around his chest and had almost no cups whatsoever. A lacy camisole came next. Then she had Michael sit down at her vanity. "We aren't going to make you look like a woman yet", she said. "I think it would be more appropriate to the doctor's philosophy if we first made you look like an effeminate male who enjoys wearing female clothing. A little makeup will only help give the illusion that a SISSY is in the making. With that she applied a very light blush to his cheeks and a light pink lipstick to his lips.

She plucked his eyebrows to take on a more feminine line and put on a light mascara on his eyelids. One had to look close to see whether Michael was really wearing makeup -- that's how subtle it was! But, on the other hand, it was not invisible -- and it WOULD turn heads as people wondered whether Michael WAS wearing makeup or not.

A thin, white male shirt came next. Alexa made sure she cut off the top three buttons so it hung open to show the lace of his camisole. She made Michael wear a pair of slacks she had purchased for someone else -- they were not quite white and not quite pink; they were DEFINITELY not male slacks. She then had Michael wear ankle high nylons --sheer -- and his regular shoes. Then she made Michael watch a movie which showed effeminate males walking and prancing about with their hands on their hips and their asses wiggling. "You will mimic the body motions", Alexa demanded. Michael watched and studied, unable to resist Alexa's commands.

Then she had Michael practice what he watched -- and he pranced about like a sissy male fag.

He spent the day practicing his walk and his mannerisms until Alexa was satisfied that they looked natural. "It's time to do some shopping, dear", she said. Michael was petrified to go out of the house looking as he did, but he followed her, nonetheless, back to the car. A neighbor, Lisa, noticed them walking past her house and waved. Michael waved back and his ass wiggled as he passed. He was obviously humiliated, blushing like a bride...

"Go invite Lisa for some dessert tonight", Alexa demanded. Michael looked at her with pleading eyes -- but he could not resist. He sashayed up to Lisa's house and invited her for dessert.

"Hi! you look DIFFERENT today, Michael", she said as she inspected his clothing. "Is everything alright?" He giggled and said yes and told her that Alexa would LOVE to have her over for dessert. Lisa agreed -- "7:00 then!" Alexa's Sissy Husband Training Program started falling into place.

Alexa drove Michael to the mall and stopped at several women's stores to buy clothing. "You'll be needing a lot of panties and bras", she said in a mocking way. "Crossdressing sissies need a LOT of things!" In each store he was required to ask for certain items. Alexa was always at his side as Michael asked for panties, garters, nylons, bras. As the saleslady would show Michael the items, Alexa would often take them from her and hold them up to him  as if to assure him. In several places she asked the sales person to take Michael's measurement to be sure the sizes were correct. Michael never knew one could FEEL such painful humiliation!

The shopping done, they returned back to the house with an abundance of packages full of feminine clothing. Alexa made Michael rip up his male underwear in front of her while she took pictures of Michael in action. Then she had Michael fill his dresser and closet with his new clothing. After giving Michael his afternoon medicine, she made him clean the house to prepare for their evening guest.

He cooked supper -- and then changed into something more revealing. Alexa wanted to be sure that Lisa could see his bra under his new blouse. "I think we'll need to purchase some breast forms for you tomorrow", she said as she rolled up a couple pairs of panties to stuff in his bra. "We'll need something that moves like real breasts until yours are big enough to bounce on their own." She told him that he didn't have to wear a skirt yet --but she made him wear one of the more feminine slacks she had made him purchase earlier.

At 7:10 there was a knock at the door. "Answer it!", Alexa demanded.

He answered the door and Lisa almost burst out laughing when she saw him. "What the hell is going ON here?", she asked as she looked Michael over. "You look lovely, but..."

He didn't say a word and waved her in. And then, in a subdued, effeminate voice: "Mistress will be with us in a moment".

"Are you wearing a BRA?", Lisa asked, knowing full well that his bra was pushing out his blouse like a teenager's first tits. "And you're wearing women's panties!"

"Listen, Lisa -- it's the way Alexa wants it", Michael said in a weak voice.

"Lisa, darling!", Alexa said as she pranced into the room. "I see you've met the new Michael!"

"What have you DONE to him?", Lisa asked, still inspecting him with curiosity.

"I'm doing to HIM what makes his weenie hard. Or so the doctor said. He is finally getting what he always wanted -- what he used to do all by himself when he was crossdressing in secret, behind my back, in my closet...."

"He'll do anything we'll ask him to", she said. "Watch this!" And then she made Michael unzip his pants, pull them down and show his panties.

"Make your little cock hard", she said. Michael obediently played with his cock through his panties until he was rock hard. Soon he was begging for relief. "Does our little sissy want to cum?", she asked.

"PLEASE, Mistress -- I want to cum..." Since this whole thing began Michael had not once had any sexual release.

"Too bad", said Alexa. "Sissies like you don't NEED to cum!" She commanded Michael to stop playing with himself, and to gather his own precum with his fingers and then lick them clean. Lisa was beside herself watching Michael humiliate himself at Alexa's command. One could tell that the whole scene was turning her on. It had been MONTHS since her own husband had been home, and it had been that long since she had sex of any kind. It showed!

Alexa quickly took advantage of the situation by telling Michael to start a movie she had purchased. It was a sex film. Michael was still in his panties as his ass wiggled its way across the living room. Lisa couldn't help herself as she felt his pantied ass as he came close to her. Alexa allowed it for a moment and then sat down next to Lisa.

"He'll do anything we ask?", Lisa pondered.

"Anything!", Alexa said.

Lisa's attention was now divided between the images on TV and the panty-clad man with a hard cock in front of her. She was becoming flush as her hands involuntarily began toying with her own nipples. On the screen two women were beginning to disrobe and make love to one another. Next to Lisa, Michael was playing with his cock through his panties as Mistress Alexa told Michael to play with himself again -- but not to cum!

"It's HOT in here", she said in a husky voice as she looked at Alexa who had unwrapped her wrap-around. Alexa's breasts were showing -- her nipples were excited and erect.

"Let Michael help you take some of these things off", said Alexa as she began undressing her guest. Lisa was down to her bra and panties as Alexa ordered Michael to take the rest of Lisa's clothes off. "WITH YOUR TEETH", she commanded.

He crawled to her and used his mouth to pull the straps of her bra off her shoulders. Then he used his mouth to pull the cups over her breasts. Lisa was panting now at the vulgar scene unfolding. "Her PANTIES", Alexa demanded. Michael knelt between her soft thighs and resisted licking her moist pussy. Gently Michael nudged her nylon panties from her waist as she lifted herself up to assist Michael .

"WATCH", Alexa said as she took over. Lisa had never made love to a woman before, but she learned quickly. Soon they were touching each other's breasts and making love as though they had been doing it all their lives. Michael could only watch -- and without touching his cock, he came in his panties.

Alexa noticed and made Michael take his panties off and lick them clean. Then she made him lick both her and Lisa to several orgasms. Alexa gave Michael his evening medicine, and then dressed him up in a babydoll nightie and put him  to bed while Lisa and Alexa continued to make love through the night.

This is the way things continued -- each day brought new humiliations. Michael was pranced about, never as a female, but always as an effeminate male sissy. Michael had not been allowed to fuck since the ordeal began -- and Alexa assured him that he never would fuck again, without her permission. One day she informed him that tomorrow they would go to the doctor again. By then Michael understood that this was indeed important, as his  breasts had started to grow and were beginning to tingle and itch.

Alexa spent the week feminizing Michael and making love to their neighbor, Lisa. As the week wore on, so did her work of emasculating Michael.

Each day had brought new humiliations. Michael KNEW what Alexa was doing and tried to resist. He would NOT be turned into a female, despite the hypnosis and hormone prescriptions the doctor had given him. Each new humiliation only increased his resolve to somehow regain his masculine edge and finally put Alexa into her proper role -- that of a conquered bitch and slut.

"Time to go see the doctor and Julie", Alexa said gleefully as the day began. "I bet he'll just be THRILLED to see the progress I've made on you!"

"i BET he will", Michael muttered under his breath.

"Did you dress in the clothes I laid out for you?", Alexa asked as she came into the bedroom.

"I really didn't have any other CHOICE in the matter, now DID I", Michael sputtered.

"I guess you didn't!", said Alexa with a studious glare. "I think you're getting a bit FEISTY now, aren't you, Michael. Are you trying to resist?"

"NO, Mistress", Michael feigned. He didn't want her to get the idea that he needed reinforcing or anything like that. "I dressed just as you commanded!" And, indeed he had. He looked gorgeous, dressed in black shorts which zipped up the back. Under these he was wearing a pair of black satin panties with pink bows on the side. His legs were shaved and smooth and his feet were slipped inside some sexy sandals. His blouse was knotted in the front exposing his belly button -- and he wore a frilly black bra with silicone inserts inside the cups. His makeup had become bolder over time -- bright red at the end of the first week -- his eyes, by contrast, were deep shades of blue. He now was wearing long, dangling earrings in the pierced ears he had acquired mid-week. And he was sporting some rather sexy smelling perfume. his hair was the only male thing he was left with.

"You look whorish enough!", said Alexa as she escorted Michael out the door to the car. "I can't wait until the doctor gets a look at you!"

The doctor had been in the other room talking with Alexa for about a half hour. He had looked Michael over once and instructed him to sit down and listen to some music. Julie, the receptionist, was supervising Michael.

When the doctor and Alexa returned, Alexa was stripped down to her panties only. Her lovely breasts stood up and bounced as she was walking in.

Immediately, the doctor came over to the table where Michael had been instructed to sit and he put the 'magic sphere' on the table in front of Michael . It began to swirl and caught his attention. At first, Michael tried to resist its lure, but soon his mind turned soft - the hypnotic spell made resistance impossible.

"Look at the sphere, Michael! Let it draw you in -- you are unable to resist. Look deeply into the swirls and feel yourself relinquishing control. you HAVE no control, Michael. Even though you thought the spell was weakening, you are falling deeper than ever under his control. you belong to Michael -- and to Mistress Alexa -- you are OUR slave, Michael."

Michael watched and felt himself being driven deeper and deeper under the influence of the hypnotic spell -- even deeper than before. His mind was going blank, hearing only the doctor's voice and absorbing every word, command and suggestion..

"Michael, I am going to release you from the spell you found yourself in last week -- but you will be unable to move or run -- your feet are like lead and your body is glued to where you sit. Though you are FREE, you MUST listen to me. Do you understand?"

"I understand, Master," Michael said. Suddenly he felt released from the need to obey Alexa as his Mistress. He felt like a MAN again -- like a man who could regain control of his life.

"Listen to me, Michael. Listen, and I will tell you about your new life. I am disappointed with the direction your training has taken under Alexa. Do you remember what I explained our philosophy was in training you, Michael?"

He thought back. "Yes, Doctor. You explained that to control a man, he must first be emasculated, and then feminized. Feminized completely he will become a proper slave -- yearning to be turned into a shemale, to become useful..."

"Very good, Michael -- those are my words!", the doctor said. "Alexa has feminized you BEFORE your emasculation. This only brings about rebellion in a slave. You HAVE been feeling rebellious, haven't you, michael?"

Unable to tell the Doctor a lie, Michael replied, "yes, Doctor."

"LISTEN then to what shall be, michael. you will NOT forget the lesson Mistress Alexa has taught you about feminized husbands. It will become a part of you as though your movements and actions had been effeminate all your life. You will be unable to walk or act any other way."

"Though you are still a man, you will feel a need to dress in feminine attire. Lacy panties -- sexy panties -- prissy panties are your pleasure. You love showing off your developing ass and your smooth legs -- don't you, Michael?"

"I do", Michael replied, wiggling in his black shorts.

"Michael, you do not yet need to wear a bra, do you?"

"No, Master", Michael said -- happy that he wouldn't have to wear those uncomfortable tight bras anymore.

"Look at Alexa's breasts, Michael. Look at them!" Michael turned and looked at Alexa's lovely exposed breasts. "Aren't they beautiful, Michael?" he asked.

"They're beautiful, Master", Michael said. He always had BEEN a breast man -- the bigger the boobs, the better!

"Every day your breast fetish will grow, Michael. you will become JEALOUS that YOU do not have such lovely and sensitive breasts. you love showing off your legs and ass -- you love showing off your pretty panties under your tight shorts -- but you will more and more wish to have what Alexa already has. You will find yourself dwelling more and more upon her breasts -- breasts that you wish YOU had. And the more you dwell on your breastless chest, the more sensitive your nipples will become. This will continue on and on until you BEG for a bra! Life without a bra will become UNBEARABLE for you. And then ONE day -- you will beg Alexa to GIVE you breasts -- breast implant surgery, Michael!"

"Yes, Master!", Michael said. Though released from his first spell, he found the scenario for the second one worse than the first. He was going to make Michael WANT feminization. He would make Michael BEG to be transformed!

"Everyday you will find your male identity slipping away from you, Michael. You will see it fade even as you feel the tug and lure of femininity inviting you to change. LICK your lips for me, Michael."

He licked his lips, still staring at Alexa's beautiful breasts -- and now he understood, that soon he would HAVE breasts like hers.

The doctor then paused and walked out of the room, leaving Michael to stare at Alexa's heaving breasts. She was hot and turned on by the turn of events. In a minute the doctor returned with a lady in a yellow two piece swim suit.

"Look at the sphere, michael. It's time to fall deeper into the web i've created for you. Michael, I am taking your manhood away -- and soon you will beg Alexa to feminize you and change you. Fall deeper into our spell, Michael."

He fell again -- it felt as though Michael were LITERALLY falling into a bottomless cavern. "I want you to meet Julie's husband, Michael. He wanted me to enslave his wife. Instead I enslaved HIM -- and now SHE is her maidservant. Michael, meet Sam -- or shall I say, Samantha...!"

Michael looked up and took a close look at the beautiful woman now approaching Michael. She had soft, tan skin -- and large, bountiful breasts which spilled out of the small top of her bathing suit. Her figure was not that of a perfect female -- but it was nothing like a man's figure either. She was 40-30-38. her face was lovely -- and her lips inviting. But she was A MAN! his eyes drifted down to the yellow bikini bottom and saw the male bulge of a cock under the thin material.

She came and stood right next to Michael . "Say hello to Sam, Michael."

"Hello, Sam", Michael said. She smiled, holding her hands on her hips.

"Michael, I want you to reach out and pull Sam's bottom down to her knees. DO it, michael!" Michael involuntarily put his hands out and began pulling Sam's bikini bottom down. Her COCK was right in front of his face.

"Touch Sam's cock, Michael. FEEL it! Let it GROW in your hands!" Michael did -- and as soon as he touched the soft flesh, it began to grow and harden. "FEEL the texture, michael -- you are FASCINATED by Sam's cock. It is so HARD and yet so SOFT! It's HOT, ISN'T it, michael?"

"Yes, Master", Michael replied taking in all the sensations he was commanding.

"Bring it close to your lips, Michael -- close! Rub it on your cheek -- remember the feel -- the smell -- the touch!" Michael didn't want to be handling another guy's cock -- shemale or not! but he had no choice.

"You will remember the touch, Michael. you will remember the FEEL of male cock growing in your hands -- and the memory of it will stalk your mind. you will constantly WONDER what that cock would have felt like in your mouth -- how SOFT the texture would feel on your lips and tongue. As each day goes on, the memory of this moment will grow and grow -- it will HAUNT you and tease your cravings -- making you wonder what it would have been like -- to be a cocksucker."

"You will notice the bulge in every man's crotch -- and you will wonder what THEIRS feels like. As you fall deeper and deeper into the world of satin and silk, you will wish to taste what you did not taste today. You will find yourself teasing men with your body to watch THEIR cocks grow. you will be DRIVEN -- until you can no longer STAND the thought of not sucking some hard, male cock. You WILL become a cocksucker, Michael, but FIRST you will BEG for it -- even as you will BEG for a bra -- and for BREASTS."

"You will feel your manhood falling to the wayside every day as you become more and more the sissy that is emerging. Sissies wear PANTIES; YOU wear panties. Sissies like female clothing; YOU like female clothing. Sissies wish they had tits; YOU wish you had tits. Sissies make guys cocks hard; YOU want to make guy's cocks hard. Sissies live to become cocksuckers; YOU will become a cocksucker!"

Michael felt himself drowning in instructions that he KNEW would be the end of Michael. The doctor had spent well over an hour reconditioning Michael while Alexa looked on -- her bare, lovely breasts teasing him and filling him with envy. Michael looked at Sam's cock, STILL in his hand and wondered what it would feel like in his mouth -- but then Sam stepped back. It was not to be -- not today -- not now! The doctor wanted the image to tease his mind as he slowly stripped away every image of manhood remaining in his mind. Michael was being emasculated -- SLOWLY -- deliberately! And Alexa looked on and smiled.

"You belong to ALEXA again, Michael -- she is your MISTRESS. you will come back in a week. And IN this week, Mistress Alexa will take you to a Gay Bar -- and to the Beach. Would you like Samantha's bathing suit to wear?"

On their way back home, Michael found a bag with a yellow two piece swim suit. Michael's tits were as yet too small and would not fill out the top, but Alexa said that soon he would look just as gorgeous as Samantha. As Michael wiggled his pretty ass into the house, the phone was ringing. It was Lisa! She wanted a report on his progress.

What a week it had BEEN! Since the doctor released Michael from the first spell had regained some of his male spirit, only to see it slowly slip away from him more and more every day.

"Get the door, Michael", said Alexa -- "it's Lisa. She wants to know what happened at the doctor today!" So, still dressed in his tiny black shorts he wiggled his ass to the door to let their sexy next door neighbor in.

"Well MICHAEL! you DO look ravishing today!", she said. Michaelhadn't yet washed off his makeup and DID look rather like a sissy -- but Michaelfelt more like a male in control again -- at least a LITTLE in control.

"BACK off, Lisa -- she's in the other room!", Michael said, satisfied that his male dominance was again emerging. Lisa was taken back by his sudden aggressiveness and walked past Michael into the room to see Alexa. Michaelwent upstairs to change into something more masculine.

"What's going on, Alexa?", she asked. "Is he back to his male self?"

"Only for awhile!", said Alexa. "the doctor has programmed his mind to play with him a little more. he THINKS he has regained some control -- but his feminization will be coming from HIMSELF now. HE will soon be asking -- no, BEGGING for the change. Watch what happens and what he looks like when he returns from 'getting dressed.'

Upstairs Michael quickly shed the female clothing that Alexa had dressed him in that morning. Michael washed off the makeup, though the perfume still clung to him. Michael spent 20 minutes ridding his nails of their red color -- and then Michael went to take a shower. As Michael walked to the shower, he grabbed the bottle of body wash. He didn’t know why, but it always made his skin feel so soft and silky.

i wished Michael would stop walking with that sway to his hips. Before Michael walked in the shower he took his medicine -- he didn't even THINK about it! Michael just took five pills and swallowed them with some water.

He took his shower feeling for stubble on his legs. Michael decided that he was going to let the hair around his cock grow again -- at least so that it was a nice, soft bush. Out of the shower he patted himself dry and looked at himself in the mirror. Michael looked SMOOTH and sissy-like. "ENOUGH of this female crap", Michaelsaid to himself as Michael walked back to the bedroom. Michaellooked in his drawer for some underwear only to find himself fondling the stack of panties that now replaced his male jockey shorts. Michael let his fingers play with the silky material as Michael selected a pink, nylon pair of panties with pretty bows on the front. "These will have to do!", Michael said to himself somehow believing that since Michael had no jockey shorts Michael had no choice.

At first Michael instinctively reached for a matching bra -- but then he put it back. "Men don't WEAR bras", Michael said to himself. Instead Michael reached for a silky camisole and felt the smooth material against his sensitive nipples. They responded to the cool, silky material and Michael felt a stir in his panties. Michael walked around the bedroom wondering what he would wear over his sexy underthings while enjoying the feel of his silky legs rubbing together. They looked so nice and smooth -- and Michael was PROUD to have such sexy legs. Any man would!

i just couldn't stop walking with the wiggle of his ass -- and Michael watched himself walk in the mirror while admiring the shape of his ass. Could the Medicine be making it rounder and more feminine? Then Michael looked at his face once again -- it looked so plain. Maybe just a LITTLE lipstick -- the light pink stuff! Actually, his lips DID feel and taste good when Michael put lipstick on them. Nothing else though! It wouldn't be RIGHT for a man to be 'all made up!'

i looked at his nails and resolved to leave them alone, even though they probably DID look better with some polish on them. Michaelmust have been in the bedroom for at least 45 minutes looking at himself and primping himself. Then Michael walked to the dresser and pulled out the yellow bathing suit the doctor had Michael t take home. Michael held up the yellow bottoms to see how they would look. Yellow IS a pretty color! Then -- well -- Michael held up the top. Then Michael thought, 'what the hell!' Michael slipped out of his panties and cami and slipped on the bathing suit.

i looked GOOD in yellow. The top -- well -- as Michael thought about Alexa and Lisa and Julie! -- it would be NICE to fill something like this out. Sam DID look good with those tits spilling out of this top! Michael pranced around the room when Michael heard Alexa yelling up the stairs asking if Michael needed some help. "No Michael don't!", Michael yelled back. Then Michael quickly got back into his panties and cami and put the swim suit on the bed.

i reached in his drawer and grabbed the white shorts. They had no pockets and showed off a lot of his legs. Michael grabbed a silky blouse and put it on, having no problems anymore with the buttons being on the left side. Michael combed his hair and went downstairs to see how things were going with the women. The shorts were really tight as Michael walked down the stairs, ass wiggling so invitingly.

As Michael walked into the front room, Michael saw Alexa and Lisa nuzzled close to one another on the couch. They were BOTH down to their bras and panties. "Excuse me , ladies -- but there's a MAN in the room!", Michael said. They both giggled.

"We see someone in the ROOM", said Alexa -- "but it CERTAINLY is not a MAN!"

"i'm OFFENDED by that remark!", Michael said.

"How many Michaels dress the way you have right now?", asked Lisa. Michael turned red, realizing that Michael had dressed himSELF -- and Michael was dressed like a sissy.

i looked at the ladies as they watched Michael while, at the same time, fondling one another. his eyes were riveted on their breasts -- such LOVELY breasts they were. As Michael watched them, his hands went to his nipples and began rubbing them through the silky material. Michael watched as Alexa relieved Lisa of her bra -- and his mouth watered as she began to kiss and suck her lovely breasts in her mouth. "Such lovely mounds these ladies have", Michael thought to hisself. "i wish....." And as Michaelwatched them make love, Michaelcame in his panties.

They made Michael change after deriding Michael for cumming like a sissy. "you'll have to clean up those panties and shorts before they stain!", said Alexa. Michaeldid.

At Alexa's direction Michael was told to change into the yellow swim suit to show Lisa. the doctor's conditioning made it impossible for Michael to resist Alexa's orders. Michael went upstairs, cleaned his cum soaked clothes -- and slipped into the swim suit.

When Michaelreturned, the ladies also had changed into bikini's. "We're going to get a tan!", said Lisa. Michael couldn't believe that they were going to take him across the street to Lisa's house to sunbathe in her backyard. But that's exactly what we did. They made sure that Michael turned over enough times so that Michael would tan and not burn. "We're going to make sure you have a proper tan line", said Alexa. By the end of the day -- Michaelwas kind of red -- all except the outline of a panty and bra of a woman's swim suit.

The first three days Michael TRIED to wear male clothing -- but Michaelwas lured by the panties and silky feminine things that Alexa had put in his closet and drawers. TODAY she was going to take Michael to a bar -- a GAY bar! "Dress pretty", she said as she sent Michael to his room to dress. Michaeldid!

i shaved -- legs, underarms, arms -- EVERYTHING except his patch. Michael put on a satin pair of panties -- black. his nipples were tender now -- and Michael almost wished he had a bra to finish his underwear outfit. Michael didn't know HOW or WHY he was doing it, but Michael was gravitating more and more toward the silk and lace of female attire.

i wore his white tapered slacks -- TIGHT they were. They zipped on the side and showed his ass off quite nicely as well as the black panties beneath his slacks. Today Michael wore a sheer white blouse with nothing underneath, except a tinge of red gloss on his tingling nipples. Michael put on some lipstick -- the light pink stuff -- a little perfume -- and some earrings.

"Ready, honey?", Alexa asked. She marveled that even without her forcing Michael to do it, he was feminizing himself.

She drove us to The Tilt -- a Gay Bar not far from where the doctor lived. Michael was nervous as we walked through the door. Michael just couldn't HELP walking and moving like an effeminate sissy boy. As we walked in, every eye on the place was on us -- or on Michael , Michael should say. Alexa was dressed very provocatively in a short mini dress -- no bra -- crotchless panties underneath. But SHE wasn't on the make -- Michael was!

As Michael looked around he saw some rather large hunks sitting at the bar. They were wearing tight, leather pants which showed off their assets quite nicely. These were the first men Michael had seen since he had left the doctor's several days ago. Immediately his mind recalled the feel and touch of Sam's cock-- and his eyes rested on the crotches of several obviously well-hung males-- but especially ONE of them!

He licked his lips as Alexa watched. She KNEW what was going on in his mind. "you LIKE what you see, DON'T you, michael?", she asked.

"i don't know what you're TALKING about", Michael said.

"I bet you wonder how it would FEEL to have that guy's cock growing HARD in your hands -- or in your MOUTH!", she teased. As she talked, Michael instinctively licked his lips. his mind was in an uproar as he couldn't stop thinking about that guy's cock. The guy must have seen Michael staring, because he walked toward our table. Michael crossed his legs and tried to cover his tits.

"Can I sit with you ladies?", the guy said. The 'ladies' comment drew Michael back.

"This is my WIFE", Michael told him. The guy just looked at Michael and said, "Anything you say, sweetie!"

When the guy sat next to him, Michael could feel the heat of his thighs as he pressed them close.. "Would you like to dance?", he asked. Michael thought he was speaking to Alexa -- but Alexa said, "of COURSE she would!" She was referring TO Michael !

The guy took his arm and lifted Michael to his feet. Michael followed as was led to the floor and put his arms around the guy. Michael felt awkward dancing in the female position, but the guy held Michael close and began grinding his crotch into his. Michael could FEEL his cock harden as he began to whisper lewd things into his ears.

"FEEL IT!"", he said moving his hand to his crotch. Michael felt his cock through his leather slacks and he felt flush. The guy knew he had Michael in a vulnerable position and put his hand beneath Michael's slacks to feel up his pantied ass. Michael was growing hard -- feeling the guy's cock against his own -- when the music ended. he escorted Michael back to the table and began talking with Alexa.

"she IS a hot little bitch, isn't she?", he asked Alexa.

"That she is!" said Alexa. "her NAME is MICHELLE! Would you like to come with us -- and maybe you can see just how hot she is!" Michael was being set up -- and there was no way he could deny how excited he was at the prospect. his cock was straining his panties and slacks to the breaking point. In fact, he was quite uncomfortable and felt a need to loosen his pants, but he could not. Not here -- not now!

Michael found himself following Alexa out the door as he walked arm in arm with this stranger whose name Michael didn't even yet know. The rest of the night was a fog. They went home -- Alexa called Lisa for some loving -- Tank, (the guy's name), began undressing Michael in front of the ladies. He made Michael prance about in his panties while he called Michael his fag and sissy. Before the evening was out, Michael had been spanked -- and was now kneeling in front of him, feeling his cock harden in his hands -- and then in his mouth. Lisa and Alexa watched on as Michael finally BEGGED to become his cocksucker.

"PLEASE", Michael begged. "Let me suck your cock!"

He made Michael promise to be his little bitch whenever Alexa permitted. Michael promised him. The only thing Alexa would not allow is for Tank to fuck Michael in the ass. She said SHE wanted that privilege when the doctor gave her permission.

It's the end of the week now. Michael became a cocksucker of his own volition.He also begged Alexa to allow him to wear a bra. Michael wished he had breasts like hers. She said that if Michael were a good girl she would let Michael have implants soon. Michael  told her that he would BE a good girl. Alexa thinks she has finally broken him .

the doctor was proud of his progress -- and he allowed Michael the privilege of sucking his cock. Michael begged him. After Michael sucked him off, Alexa got to fuck his pussy for the first time. the doctor had placed Michael in a sling -- and -- well-- the rest is history!

It's going to be FUN being a she male. The training is almost over.

- The End -



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