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Stocking Baby Diapers

by sissy4ever20


The one thing that Brad hated more about working at his part time grocery store job was the fact that he was at the mercy of the Customer Service people. Or the fact that those people often didn’t give a shit. And the managers seemed fine with it, as these people still got stuff done. But of course these front end people sent him to work in grocery stores. And restocking baby diapers wasn’t the most fun thing to do.


    He sighed as he put another box of pampers up. He turned over and looked at the stack of diapers on the ballet. He sighed, knowing it was probably going to be ages before he finished up. He honestly hoped they would send him to the dairy next, where that brunette girl that went to his school worked. To be honest, anything would be better than stocking diapers. And he honestly felt that they took up too much space. Moreover, babies were disgusting, as they partially wore toilets on them. That’s why he applied for this store instead of babysitting like his older sister. But here he was again, stocking baby products.


    He worked on finishing up the pull-ups, putting the last one to the shelf. Now it was onto pampers swaddlers, the diapers used by full babies. He put each one up with discomfort, hating every second of it.


    He now noticed that someone else occupied the once empty asle. It was a woman in her early thirties. She had shoulder length blonde-hair and gorgeous facial features. Her body had the right amount of curves that any guy like Brad would love. And then he noticed the mobile baby carrier in her cart, which the top was covered with a blanket.


    Besides hating babies, he hated people with babies, as they fueled their helplessness. It annoyed him. They always seemed like the type of people to ask the most questions. He just wanted to avoid them.


    He kept his eyes low, focusing on the restocking task at hand. He slowly put a couple boxes, and they were kind of heavy. But it seemed no problem to him, as he had a pretty muscular build from doing track. He sighed taking a look at the remaining space. He slowly plowed his hand through his messed up hair, combing it. He turned back to the pallet, which was only a couple more boxes in size. He was about to put up the 3rd to last one when he was interrupted by a woman’s voice.


“Excuse me, sir. Do you know if you have any more of the Huggies overnites?”


He barely audibly groaned and turned to look at her. He decided to tell this lady to buzz off as it wasn’t his concern. He didn’t give a shit.


“No clue, lady, I don’t normally work in this department.”


“Well, can you ask someone who does?”


“It’s not really my fucking concern, as I have a bunch of diapers to put up.”


“That’s very rude, sir. I hate people like you, who have no respect for others.”


“Not true, I just hate people with babies. And you are one of those people who has those obnoxious creatures,” he said as he pointed to the baby carrier. “Those things are loud and disgusting.”


“I see, well, I’m not going to call your manager.”


“I wouldn’t care regardless.”


“You need some sort of lesson,” she said as she contemplated for a minute. “Ah yes, that’ll do perfectly,” she said to herself.


“Whatever, lady,” Matt said, as he turned back to the task at hand. He grabbed another package from the pallet. As he did this, he felt the feeling of cloth rubbing against him, and noticed that his clothing was changing. His pants shortened into what looked like speedo. It merged with his underwear and seemingly bleached itself, becoming a whiter color. As it did this, it became bulkier and thicker. Eventually, it became a diaper, complete with dora the explorer images on the diaper. His legs were pushed apart a bit by the bulk. His shirt grew longer, and wrapped itself around his bottom. It slowly merged with the other end of the shirt, and a seam appeared, held closed by some buttons. The new piece of clothing, that could be labeled as a baby romper, became a pinkish color, with purple heart images sprouting on the front.


“What the fuck is happ-?’ he asked before being cut off by a pink pacifier that appeared in his mouth. He tried spitting it out, but it stuck in his mouth like glue. His hair on the other hand began growing longer, growing from his jet black hair color to the same color of blonde as the woman’s. His hair slowly tied itself up into pigtails.


“Wmwaht the fwak dwid you do to me?” he angrily asked her through the pacifier. She looked over and smiled at him.


“Don’t worry, baby girl, it will be over soon,” she said in a creepily calm voice. He felt a sharp pain in his groin area, as he became a she.


Suddenly, the store aisle grew larger, and a second later, it was massive. She felt the addition of baby fat on her arms and legs, as well as her face. Her hands were chubby, with stubby fingers. The woman towered over him, a giant to his tiny size. She slowly crouched down and picked her up in her arms. She swaddled her as she walked over to the baby mobile baby carrier inside the cart. She was gently placed in the comfortable cushion of the mobile baby carrier, and he felt his diaper push against his butt.


The woman smiled, as she looked down at Brad/Bailey. She smiled an almost eerie smile as she began talking.


“Enjoy your nap, Bailey,” she said with a gentle tone. As she said this, she felt her eyes grow heavy, as sleep tried to pour itself in. Eventually, her eyes shut, and she nodded off into a nap.




    She slowly awoke to the sound of what sounded like beeping. She struggled to open her eyes. And eventually, her eyes slowly opened, and peered around. She suddenly remembered her predicament. The woman in front of her, who was now placing packages of baby diapers from the car around the baby carrier he was in onto the register’s conveyor belt, turned her into this baby girl; this was much different from the teenage boy he was not too long ago. He felt scared and angry. He slowly felt like he was going to lose emotional control. Suddenly, he let out a high pitched wail, his emotions barely controllable as an infant. The woman turned around and grabbed the pacifier hanging from a strap on her onesie and popped it in her mouth. She slowly began sucking, and the horror about his situation was forgotten for a second. The woman smiled as she turned back to put some more items from the cart onto the conveyor belt.


The cashier, an dark haired girl probably around the age of 16, stared directly into her eyes and smiled.


“She’s such a cutie, how old is she?” the girl asked the woman.


“A little over eight months old.”


“Is She hard to take care of? I’m thinking about doing babysitting soon.”


“She can be, but to trick is to give them a good amount of attention.”


“Isn’t that right, Bailey,” The woman said as she began tickling her feet, and she couldn’t do anything but giggle due to the emotions in her new body. As she moved around because of the tickling sensation, she felt a pressure in her bladder. She tried to hold it, but immediately after she felt it, something warm and wet entered her diaper. This shouldn’t be happening to her. She shouldn’t be peeing herself.


The thought of peeing herself seemed to spark some raw emotion, and a second later, she began wailing loudly. The woman quickly paid for the items and she and Bailey got out of the line. The woman immediately opened his romper and felt his diaper.


“Looks like someone made a pee pee. Let's get you cleaned up,” the woman said with motherly affection. She reached into the cart and grabbed the diaper bag. Afterwards, she lifted Bailey into her arms and made her way to the Women's restroom.


Inside, the woman placed Bailey onto the diaper changing station, and Bailey could feel a fresh sense of embarrassment as the woman untapped her diaper. Bailey tried to wiggle away, but the woman immediately fastened her in. The woman immediately went to work, pulling away the wet diaper and throwing it into the trash. She then wiped Bailey’s diaper area with wet wipes, and Bailey could feel the coolness against her skin. The woman threw away the wipes and then sprinkled some baby powder on the area. The woman then finished up, taping a fresh huggies diaper, with pictures of Elmo on it, around her.


A minute later, the two of them made it out of the restroom. The woman brought her over to the cart and she was immediately laid in the baby carrier and strapped back down. A second later, he watched as they made it out of the grocery store and into the parking lot.  They eventually came up to an SUV and the woman slowed the cart down. Eventually, the woman picked Bailey up in her arms, and strapped him into a baby carseat in the back of the SUV.


The woman climbed into the front of the car and turned it on. She looked back to Bailey, who was comfortable in her carseat.


“You look so cute in your car seat. Don’t worry, we’ll be home soon.”


And the two of them drove home.


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