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Time Well Spent (Chapter 3)

by sleepsackslave

Chapter 3 "The Three I Protocols"



 When Master invited me to spend a minimum of two weeks with him without any other obligations or interruptions, I scheduled all my vacation time to give him 20 consecutive days. But at his request and my ability to take off, it’ll be almost 12 weeks before our “vacation time” starts. As the late Tom Petty said, sometimes the waiting is indeed the hardest part. I’ve been going through the intervening days feeling increasingly submissive, very excited, and highly sexually aroused. This state of being will persist and increase until my “stay-cation” starts because it’s what Master wants and the fact that I stopped masturbating as soon as Master took me as his own. My mind and body are now fully his, not to mention my orgasms.  



This constantly increasing state of submissive arousal has been frustrating, but it’s also helped keep my priorities focused on Master while we’ve been waiting for the start of my prolonged training. Master made it clear that we will not be together again before the start of my two-week visit, so I find myself missing him desperately and wanting to serve him more and more as the weeks tick off. Whenever I relax, these feelings seem to intensify until I’m in a mellow melted puddle of wanton, slavish desires with a headspace of nervous and enthralling bliss, all driven by wonder and anticipation. I’ll be a hot mess of kinky subby lusts when the time eventually comes and I know Master likes to keep me this way.  So, I think he might have helped contribute to this state with some covert hypnosis he applied during my last several visits to the sleepsack and hypno-hood for programming.  Whether I know it or not, Master does a lot of things to assist with making my path easier as he exerts more and more control over me. So, I suspect he slipped a few things into my hypno-time to help precondition me for this waiting period and perhaps more things to come that I’m totally unaware of.  While I very willingly submit to his bondage and hypnosis, it’s covert in the regard that I have no idea of how he’s reprogramming me. Regardless of what he’s doing to me, it’s needless to say that I love it!



This covert hypnosis, assuming it exists, is just one example of why I trust Master so much… after all, I’ve given him my body and mind, and I’m totally at his mercy. But, he knows what’s good for me and what I need, so I fully trust him to help me improve, keep me safe, and make me his in ways I’ve yet to dream of.  The trust between us is mutual, essential, and very deep, and that enables everything. I feel free to allow Master to brainwash me and to do whatever he says without question or hesitation because of this deep knowledge and trust… it’s incredibly ironic and liberating to find such freedom from his domination, hypnosis, and control.  



Another example is all the very demanding work Master did regarding how he could better program and train me to be “His” ultimate slave, after he recognized what he calls my “submissive gifts” and slavish potential.  Ever since that first cathartic night when we both came so intensely together from him fucking me and our bond was so profoundly strengthened, Master has spent countless hours, days, weeks, and months in systematic study, conducting research, consulting with experts, and making detailed plans to prepare for the journey we’re about to embark on together. 



The fruits of Master’s labor have resulted in a training regime, customized just for Us/me, that he calls the “Three I Protocols.”  In the simplest of terms, each of the three I’s each have dual meaning, one physical and one cerebral, and then multiple sub-meanings exist for each label, especially in the cerebral realm. In the physical realm is pretty straight-forward with the three I’s stand for “In Bondage,” “Impaled,” and “In Pain.” The cerebral realm is much more complex with each “I” standing for “Identity,” “Intelligences,” and “Imagination.”  Used together and in various combinations, the protocols create a powerfully comprehensive and highly-effective training program designed to meet Master’s goals, that even if I wanted to, I have absolutely no ability to thwart or resist… and I certainly don’t want to.



While it does the concept of each protocol a huge disservice to distill its meaning down to one or two words, the labels capture the big picture of each training protocol. But it should be noted that the generalized label any single concept can apply to multiple aspects of that aspect, especially in the cerebral realm. For example, “Intelligences” is plural and it embraces several things like emotional intelligence, mental intelligence, physical intelligence, intuition, isolation, introspection, and more.  



As I learned much, much later, Master worked very hard to develop these hypnotic and physical training regiments for Us/me, the “Three I Protocols,” and he did so totally without my knowledge. I knew he was very busy, but I assumed it was life and work keeping him occupied. Little did I know that for many months he had been working tirelessly with inspired determination to plan our future. At the time, I had no clue, but I was about to learn first-hand and with very intimate knowledge of what he has in mind for me… more importantly for us. After all, I am the object of Master’s affections and the willing subject of all his intentions. But I’m also only half of the equation, being the Yin to Master’s Yang. It takes us both to make a sum that’s greater than our collective parts to make the real magic work. If I could have only imagined how much work he’d done and what it would mean to us then, I would have been eternally grateful, but also admittedly skeptical at the time. But in reality, there was no way I could have dreamed of where we’d end up going. Moreover, I can’t imagine where we’ll go from here, but I know Master always knows what’s best and it’ll be awesome. I also know I’ll follow him anywhere he wants to take me and do so without question or hesitation and with great gratitude.  In retrospect, I’ll never be able to thank Master enough for his huge investment of time, effort, and intellect, in himself, us, and me.



(AUTHOR’S NOTE: The “Three I Protocols” and what happens next will be discussed in more detail in the coming chapters.  I hope you enjoy this continuing story and glimpse into the workings of my mind! Thank you!)




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