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Blink: Four

by pigpupsf

Blink: Four

The following story is a fictional account. The characters are entirely unreal and so are their situations. Thus no direct attention was paid to probability or safety for the characters. Such practices should not transfer over to real life situations. Practice safe, sane and consensual sex. For your own damn good. If you have problems or issues with queer pornographic materials, please stop reading now. If you find, on the other hand, that you are quit the purveyor of perversion and that this particular story seems to get your proverbial rocks off, please feel free to contact the author, Kenji De Sade at kenjidesade@gmail.com Thank you.


Jeremiah lay on the bed uncomfortable and in pain. He could feel the bulk of his ever full gut aching constantly. He knew without a doubt in his mind that he had been laying there for no less then two hours, perhaps even as many as four, constantly swallowing down gulp after gulp of tasteless ooze through the pecker shaped gag secured tightly in his mouth. He was in complete darkness within his hood and had smelled the pure unadulterated rank of his own filth with each and every breath. Where he had once writhed in his bonds for the pleasure of the motion, he now did so out of pure and complete discomfort. The thing holding his asshole open had long since gone from being a tantalizing source of enjoyment as his prostate had grown sore. His struggling had become an uncontrollable reaction to his various aches and every move agitated the spot within his anus, which caused his cock to throb in its confines, bringing only further discomfort.

Jeremiah could feel the cramps within his overfilled stomach growing lower in his bowels. Building up the pain they felt slowly, soon to match the agony of his belly. He’d been listening to the sounds of his intestines gurgling and babbling for about a half an hour now, knowing that this moment would come eventually. He was absolutely sure that, if the food he was ingesting was laced with a laxative of some sort, there was no way it had already worked through his system. This knowledge filled his mind with worry as it added the revelation that there would be much more to come. If the feedings kept coming as regularly as they were, Jeremiah was sure; it would be no time till he was crapping himself almost every hour on the hour. At least then he would have a way to keep track of time.

The pain began to ebb away at him as it grew. He broke out into a sweat over his skin which sent a chill through his body, Jeremiah found it rather ominous. His bowels were soon singing out in silent agony to match the chorus being sung by his jaw, bent knees, stretched arms and ass hole as well as the ache in his confined cock. Tears were lubing the rubber mask around his eyes as he shook his head in a reflexive no, it almost seemed to Jeremiah that his mind was subconsciously trying to will the pain to stop with the motion.

He could feel the pent up load within his rectum trying to push its way out, however it seemed as though the large mound of feces already built up there was making the new loads exit difficult. Jeremiahs body flew into a fit of unstoppable spasms; he lashed about on the plastic sheeted bed, bouncing slightly as a result. His splayed thighs tried repeatedly to close only to be held back by the thick rubber guard between them. Soon he was moaning through his nose, his mouth still filling with tasteless paste, as his shit forced its way out of his revolting intestines and added to the incredible bulk which had been fighting it.

The release was not a quick one, the cramps did not suddenly subside, the load it self seemed to Jeremiah to be large yet unremarkable, it was simply taking a long time to make it’s exit due to the excess feces it was colliding with. His body continued to feel the wracking agony of the cramps within his guts. Both his stomach and his bowels cried out for similar reasons, he was happy to have at least one of these organs seeming to be appeased. Jeremiah’s muscles would relax for a moment and he’d gulp down his food and try to regain his breath as the next cramp would come upon him and more of his slick mess would ease its way out of his insides. This happened over and over again, crap, gulp, and gasp, then again and then again.

As the pain from his bowels quietly subsided Jeremiah noticed the sweat of his body had become a slick sheen lubricating his struggles atop the plastic sheeted mattress. He was hot all over and could feel that he’d been wetting himself further during his muscular convulsions. His plastic pants sloshed and squelched and he felt as though he were floating ever so slightly in the stew. He wondered if some of the moisture below him, between he and the plastic sheets, was urine rather then sweat. The scent of what was in his diaper was renewed, a raunchy combination of old and new urine with equally old and new feces. These scents still being fed fully into his nose by the breathing tubes shoved into his nostrils. The feeling of his full diaper, the aches and pains in his body and the smell in his nose were his entire world beyond the blackness of his blindfold covered eyes.

Suddenly he was overwhelmed with queasiness. He felt as though he were physically spinning. He gagged slightly for a moment around the latex cock within in his mouth, and then shook his head as he tried to regain his composure. He noticed immediately that the rubber phallus was no longer the father of an unrelenting flow of tasteless food and now lay dormant simply rendering the orifice useless. It took him only a bit longer to realize that his head was no longer resting backward on a soft surface. Rather, his head lolled downward toward his chest, gravity allowing it to rest limply there. He blinked his eyes open, expecting to see the endless darkness of the rubber hood beyond them, only to be greeted by the dimly lit and extremely forbidding cement room in which he’d been anally rapped a couple days prior. Though the hood, as well as its breathing tubes and apparently the diaper had been removed, Jeremiah could still smell the distinct stench of seemingly fresh human feces.

Before taking stock of the room, Jeremiah took stock of his own situation. His ass hole was aching worse then it had in days, from this he was able to surmise that he was being impaled upon a rather large object and had not reached its widest point yet. It appeared he was hanging from restraints, his arms secured at the biceps and wrists, leveled at his chest. There was a belt at his waist replacing the chastity device that was no longer there, with straps around his thighs which, combined with the restraints at his ankles holding them farther apart then the rest of his limbs, kept his legs and ass crack wide open. The chastity belt had been removed entirely and there were clamps weighted with large balls of metal at each of his nipples. He tested these restraints and heard loud rattles as the chains leading from them jangled seemingly high over his head. He looked up and could not see their ends for the pitch blackness that was above.

The room was lit by two lamps dangling before him from the same ceiling as he. The one closest to him, a mere three or four foot away, he recognized from his first visit as it dangled above the filth stained bed atop which he’d been strapped and subsequently raped. At the time there had been no second light, and the dim luminescence which came from either only served to light a small area of the cement floor beneath them. The second light hung over what looked like a wooden work bench. Various tools and gadgets Jeremiah could not name a purpose for hung off of and laid about it’s surface on either side of the rubber clad figure sitting at it, peering over his shoulder with black glass eyes, at Jeremiah. Apparently the rattling of his chains had aroused the rubber hooded man from whatever diligent work he was in the process of completing.

His attire was, as it had been every time Jeremiah saw him, different then it was before. As the rubber clad man stood from the chair Jeremiah took note of its construction. This time it appeared to be one fully enclosed rubber suit with no visible seems or zippers. It ran uniformly over its wearers’ back and arms down to his hands covering every bit of skin. It continued down his waist uninterrupted to its legs which ran tightly over the full length of its wearers’ legs disappearing at the knee into thick rubber boots. While it did not appear that the man was wearing a diaper, Jeremiah could clearly see a mound piled into the back end of the rubber hooded mans latex suit. Just above the mound were two hoses affixed to openings built into the suit. The hoses led forward to the front of the man, which Jeremiah could see as the rubber clad man turned from the work bench and began to walk toward Jeremiahs dangling body. The tubes led up the rubber hooded mans shoulders and neck to an apparatus strapped over the mouth and nose of the man, effectively putting him in the same position of smelling his own wastes as Jeremiah himself had been. The final point of interest to the rubber body was an opening at the crotch which once again displayed the always hard plastic covered and locked up cock. The sight of the man in the rubber hood and his form of dress being so similar to Jeremiah’s own treatment always seemed to cause more confusion in Jeremiahs head then anything.

As the man made his approach, Jeremiah was able to catch one small glance over his shoulder and saw the shiny silver glint of the chastity belt before the mans body took up his entire field of vision. The man came to a halt inches before the captive floating body. He appeared to be taking stock of Jeremiah for a moment as his head shifted from side to side, up and down, scanning the body. Jeremiah wondered how well the man could see in such a dimly lit room with those dark glasses covering his eyes. The man reached to the left side of Jeremiah’s head after a time and produced a small bottle of lubricant from what must have been a shelf just over Jeremiahs shoulder. He poured a small amount onto one of his rubbery hands, caped the bottle and replaced it on the shelf. He shifted his feet so that he and Jeremiah were less then an inch apart, the heat of their bodies mingling with each other. Jeremiah could hear the breathing of the man behind the mask, ragged and slow yet controlled and calm. As his hand took hold of Jeremiahs neglected, sore, and rock hard cock, Jeremiah gasped suddenly and a deep bass chuckle muffled past the rubber clad mans mask.

Jeremiah’s body swung slightly with the slow careful strokes being administered to his cock. The motion caused the large intruder buried in his hole to move about, stretching his hole slightly more in every direction. It was obvious that the man was well aware of what his machinations were doing. Jeremiah’s breath quickened, his body writhed and the mans hand moved slower. Jeremiah moaned, feeling the pressure that had been building behind his testicles and the hand griped his cock harder, no longer massaging the wanting painfully erect prick. Rather the rubber hand gripped it tightly enough that it could continue guiding the body over the device on which it was impaled without rubbing or sating the cock. This continued, the alternating of strokes, the anal probing, the closeness of bodies, the occasional moan from Jeremiah and chuckle from beneath the mans hood, until Jeremiah began whimpering like a wanting puppy from behind his gag.

The man in the rubber hood released Jeremiahs penis, took a swat at each of the weights dangling from Jeremiah’s suddenly incredibly sore nipples, and reached behind the right side of his head. This time a small switch device which was attached to cables leading up to the same darkness the chains disappeared into, came into view. The black glass eyes stared uncommunicatively into Jeremiah’s curious eyes. The mans rubber clad hand pressed a button on the box and Jeremiah’s body jerked for a second, then incredibly slowly began to be lowered down further onto the huge object beneath his ass and inside his hole. Jeremiah began to moan in pain around the gag and his eyes rolled into the back of his head.

He fought as best he could against his restraints to lift himself up as he sunk but his muscles were fatigued and weak. The added pain of the weights hanging from his nipples bouncing around in the struggle did not help Jeremiahs plight. The machine which had been lowering him had stopped but due to his own manipulations of his position he was not ready for the length at which he’d been lowered when he finally gave up the fight. He howled against the gag, built up drool in his mouth rolling down his chin and onto the rubber clad mans chest, as his hole was brutally opened wider then it had been before.

The rubber clad man gave Jeremiahs cock a couple more quick strokes before he turned and left the hanging body to grow accustomed to its new state of torment. His step seemed ginger as it made its way toward the work bench where the chastity device awaited him. The man got to the chair and plopped down on its wooden surface. Jeremiah was disgusted to hear the load within squish around as the man ground his ass into the seat. For several minutes Jeremiah literally sat there, his weight resting near full on the seemingly larger and larger object at his sphincter. He took in deep heavy breaths through his nostrils, the air tainted with the sour scent of human waste, and exhaled with equal weight. Small clanks and scrapping sounds could be heard coming from the rubber clad man at the workbench. Jeremiah was fighting to relax during this cacophony of telling noises.

The man eventually gave a grunt and rose from the chair, taking Jeremiahs mind off of his slow resting agony as he watched the man intently, holding the three pieces of the chastity belt which had been affixed around Jeremiah’s waist for nearly two days. Jeremiah’s eyes barley focused on the man as they eagerly inspected the approaching components. He’d not actually been able to see his cock cage in its entirety before, nor the frightful tube which had been implanted in his anus. He was terrified at what he saw coming closer and closer to him. The shaft, which he knew without doubt was to go back into his aching hole, was shaped in ways he had not expected. When he’d seen it’s opening in his bathroom a day or so ago it had seemed to be a simple metal tube, about 2” wide, held in place by the belt. However the steel on the outside was much thicker then he’d expected it to be and shaped with a smooth bump where it would rest on his prostate. While it was obvious this was the shape that his previous tormentor had been, it was equally obvious to Jeremiah that this was a new tube insertion, as it’s opening seemed to be at least a full inch, if not more, thicker then it’s predecessor. He could not ever in his life remember receiving such a horrifying and terrible upgrade. The man paused at the filth stained bed and set down the anal intruder as well as what appeared to be the waist belt and continued to carry the steel cup toward Jeremiahs hanging body.

The man held the cup up to Jeremiah’s face as he stopped before him. He held it there, shiny surface facing towards Jeremiahs drooling face for just a moment before spinning it around in his hands so Jeremiah could get a good look at the inside, where his dick would soon stay locked away from him, cramped and throbbing. The back was, to Jeremiahs dismay, blocked by a steel plate which was only slightly indented and save for a small hole at its center otherwise smooth. The lighting was too dark for Jeremiah to see through, a problem which was quickly remedied as the rubber clad man gyrated the device in his hands and manipulated it so the outer shiny shell pivoted on a before now unseen hinge, opening to reveal the treacherous prison in all it’s glory.

It set a certain sense of unease within Jeremiah to see that his cock and balls could so easily be manipulated without the device ever needing to be removed. He wondered, if it weren’t for the rubber clad mans decision to make his anal tube larger, would his belt have been removed so soon after its application? He thought little over the matter as his mind became occupied with what else lie within the steel cup. Coiled around itself once so it could nestle inside the cup for storage was a thin plastic tube, the catheter which was to be inserted into Jeremiah’s urethra once again. It lay with one of it’s ends secured over a small metal shaft Jeremiah knew led to a drainage hole which would be placed at his taint. There was a small ring held in place about a half of an inch away from the pubic plate. Jeremiah imaged this was where his cock was to be fed through, separating it and his testicles within the confines and adding to the aching throb along the shaft.

The rubber clad man dropped the cup from Jeremiah’s immediate sight, down to his cock and balls, which he then fed through the hole in the steel plate; guiding Jeremiahs still slightly lubed cock through the steel ring till it was flush against its base. Jeremiah was surprised at how stable the device seemed to be hanging for a moment from his genitalia as the rubber clad man reached his hand up past Jeremiahs head once again retrieving the bottle of lube. Squeezing out a small dollop onto his rubbery hand the man once again took hold of Jeremiah’s excited member. Jeremiah realized quickly, the intent was not purely for his pleasure, as he felt the catheter being inserted into his piss slit. The violation was not entirely pleasant. The strange sensation of something moving into his penis was somehow far stranger then it had been when the object was just suddenly there.

Jeremiah had never been aware of the first catheters insertion and never before had reason to have one inserted into his most precious member. To him this was an entirely new experience. At this point he’d come to realize protesting would produce absolutely no result and had resigned himself to take whatever he could of the process. He paid attention as he felt the tube slide in seemingly effortlessly. It was slow, but it seemed unhindered. This was probably due to the flesh having been held open non stop for days.

Suddenly he felt the tube halt and at the same time felt the sudden need to urinate. It was not the usual urge, the building pain one gets as the urge comes on, rather the bitter feeling at the back of your groin that comes on just before you actually do urinate. Then just as suddenly as it had come, the pain was gone and the tube inched forward just a small bit more. The process had left Jeremiah’s cock half hard and hanging somewhat limply just above his testicles, It appeared this was the ideal state for the member to be in, as the shield of the cup closed over his privates and he felt the top of the shaft of his penis pressed firmly against its solid insides. As the piece was pressed all the way up to its backing a click could be heard, signifying that it was locked in place.

The cage dangled there from Jeremiahs cramped cock and balls, the weight of it slightly tugging on the entire package causing a very slight ache as the rubber clad man turned back to the bed and brought the belt piece into Jeremiah’s view. It was a simple design, a plain steel band with serrated ends which clicked into slots at either side of the cup. At its center, in the rear, it had a small steel peg poking out from it where the back end of the anal rod would eventually be attached. The rubber clad man led the belt around Jeremiah’s waist and clicked it into place. The steel cup was drawn with several clicks of the belt, into Jeremiah’s pubic bone. It wasn’t painful, just very tight; the motion caused more of his manhood to push itself into the cup, causing the small space to get tighter. The chastity belt seemed effectively locked on to Jeremiah; however the anal rod had yet to come.

The rubber clad man leaned back and inspected his work. He seemed to be laughing as he looked at Jeremiah. The slapping sound of trickling urine echoed through the cement room as it fell from the steel cup. He then reached for the weighted tit clamps on both of Jeremiah’s nipples and took them off quickly, before Jeremiah even had time to register the humiliation of his piss flowing out against his control. The sudden release after such a long time in compression caused Jeremiah to scream out around in pain around the rubber cock strapped tightly in his mouth. His rectum convulsed around its large intruder in response to the sudden pain also pushing out more of the already flowing urine. His body shook slightly and he ended his signs of agony with several sharp breaths and whimpers with each exhale. The rubber clad man seemed to like this display of pain as he chose to prolong it by massaging the sore nubs between his rubber covered fingers. Twisting and pinching them as he shifted the sensitive bitten flesh.

The man then reached for the switch again, Jeremiah winced in preparation of what was to come next as he felt the jolt of the chains above preparing to move. When the motion begun every muscle in Jeremiahs body went tight and he felt the growing emptiness in his bowels. He was being removed from the large intruder slowly but steadily. His ass hole involuntarily spasmed open and shut against the receding shaft. The lowest part of his gut felt empty and strangely cold with the withdraw. The process was taking far longer then he had thought it would as his accent continued. He was appalled at how stretched he imagined his hole to be. When the invader was fully with drawn, the direction was reversed and Jeremiah was lowered to the cold urine soaked concrete floor.

As he lie there shivering in his piss, his body sore all over and stretched in every way, his cock held tightly within it’s prison, he felt the weakness within his limbs from the various strains. He knew the reason he was being so freely handled and barely restrained was that there was no way at this point for him to mount a serious physical protest. The rubber clad man reached down and manipulated Jeremiah’s body. The cold chains, now dangling around him freely, harmlessly stung Jeremiah’s skin with its low surface temperature. Jeremiah was manhandled into a highly vulnerable position. His knees placed onto the cold hard concrete, separated wide and open, his fore arms crossed over each other stretched out before him on the same hard grey surface. His ass was upturned into the air, the copious amounts of lubricant still there from its recent intruder cooled in the air, his head rested on its side, drool seeping from his gagged mouth.

It wasn’t long before he felt the rounded edges of the hallow tube at his wide open anus. Despite the long and torturous stretching the device still seemed huge to the well worked hole. Jeremiah grunted as the shaft was slid with care past his opening. The bulbous lump lent a plug like effect to the tool causing a slight bit of resistance from the sensitive orifice. The rubber clad man withdrew the device and rotated its body at the edge of the fleshy entrance, then began the slow insertion once again. He repeated this process several times more then was truly necessary before finally holding and mounting pressure against the invading steel contraption. With many grunts from around Jeremiah’s gag and finally a satisfied sounding moan of pleasure, the steel bump was pushed into place, sliding firmly against Jeremiahs prostate. Seminal fluids dripped out of the drainage hole at his taint as the rod clicked into the hinge below the hole as well as the peg at the back of the belt, a second click was heard and as the rubber clad mans hands left Jeremiahs body the solidarity of the belts confinement was absolutely clear. Jeremiah closed his eyes as tears rolled from between his lids.

When he opened them he nearly fell forward, catching himself on the padded rubber fist mitts he’d been wearing before. Once again the shift of waking up on all fours in the center of his living room was quick and easy. One simple wave of nausea caused Jeremiah to cough past the rubber cock implanted between his lips. His vision went from blurry to sudden crystal clarity within moments. Shockingly his body felt strong again, more then likely restrained in some manner, but otherwise renewed. As his mind joined the group to help make sense of what Jeremiah was seeing he felt that somehow the room seemed larger. As he was able to process more he realized that the few pieces of furniture he’d had in the room were gone. Everything except for the simple grey rugs he kneeled on was missing from its place.

Before he attempted to move he took stock of himself. The last time he’d been in this position he’d almost learned a painful lesson. Sure enough he found himself back in a hugely thick diaper. This one seemed twice the size of the last. His legs were spread far, his knees resting in the pads practically on their sides. He could feel the bulk of it spreading between his legs and back around over his ass. His ankles were again affixed to the rubber belt at his waist, securing the top of his clear plastic pants, which he had no doubt had been locked back on. He could not attempt to test the resistance of the diaper with his thighs as the thick rubber plate held by the rubber belt was again in place. He could feel his hole once again throbbing tightly around the steel intruder. His cock still half hard within its confines, the only real difference this time was the fact that the diaper was clean and Jeremiah was almost cheerful when he noticed it.

In fact the soft fabric against his ass as he began to attempt waddling around the room felt rather pleasant. His movements were slow as his legs fought with the bulk between them. Once again he could feel the rod in his ass moving about as he moved. Due to his hindered abilities its manipulations were slow and almost gentle, even pleasurable. As he made course through the empty space he noticed there was a mirror against one wall. The only other time he could remember seeing himself recently was in the surface of the chastity cup when the rubber clad man held it in front of his face a short while ago. This however was a large rectangular mirror, the perfect size for him to see himself in. He paused there for a moment to take in the vision.

And what a vision he was. The bulk at his waist was indeed huge and his stance left him crawling with his ass on display. The rope held his ankles only inches from the ground behind him. All of his hair was unkempt and dishelved. His eyes looked tired and worn. The gag in his mouth showed signs of drool stemming from behind it that Jeremiah had not noticed before. This was also the first time he’d seen the opening end of the horrible device, he stared at it with resentment. He had marks barely peeking out over the cuffs of his fist mitts, around his biceps and thighs and at his ankles, poking out much the same as the ones on his wrist. They were memories left by the restraints he’d hung from for so long. He turned from himself with a feeling of unease in the pit of his stomach. With a clear image of his state in his mind he could only imagine what someone with no idea of what was happening might think. He was degraded by the voices in his head as his mind ran away with the thought.

He continued his journey through the apartment into the bedroom where he saw only his bed, still covered in the plastic sheets with what appeared to be a new type of restraints. Due to the height of the bed he was unable to get any idea of what their appearance had in store for him. He scanned the rest of the room, the bathroom door still locked and the feeding tanks still hanging from the bed. They seemed to have been cleaned and to Jeremiahs horror they seemed to be larger then they had been. It was still the two cylindrical tanks with tubes that fed into one. But they each seemed thicker and longer then they had been before. It was the most unsettling thing about his most recent experiences. He stayed put for a moment in terror, expecting the rubber clad man to emerge from the bathroom once again to put him through another round of the absolutely uncomfortable treatment.

When his fears were not met with reality, he bolted from the room as fast as his wide spread legs would allow him, slipping momentarily on the rubber mitts, back into the living room as far from the menace as he could. He sat in the middle of the room, clean diaper resting upon his heels and looked around at its magnificent desertion. He stared into the bleak nothingness it had become and tried not to worry or wonder about where everything had gone. He knew he would not get an answer even if he was allowed one solitary moment to vocalize the question. Instead he let his brain float for a moment so other things could come to light. He was so lost in his mental attempt to get lost that he barely realized the cramps coming to his bowels. Nor did he react to the warmth that was building in the once clean diaper. Somewhere in the back of his mind he knew he was about to spend several hours wallowing in his own personal muck. He knew that there was no way to tell when the rubber clad man would return. His mind however refused to allow these questions to surface as he was frozen on one of the most terrible personal realizations he’d ever had in his life. He was looking forward the oncoming onslaught of his own filthy wastes.


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