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Blink: Five

by pigpupsf

Blink: Five

The following story is a fictional account. The characters are entirely unreal and so are their situations. Thus no direct attention was paid to probability or safety for the characters. Such practices should not transfer over to real life situations. Practice safe, sane and consensual sex. For your own damn good. If you have problems or issues with queer pornographic materials, please stop reading now. If you find, on the other hand, that you are quit the purveyor of perversion and that this particular story seems to get your rocks off, please feel free to contact the author, Kenji De Sade via e-mail at Thank you.


Before the last few days Jeremiah had never even thought of it. This newly overwhelming want he was developing seemed entirely inconceivable. He could feel his loins tightening at the thoughts he was having, his muscles quivering in anticipation. His prostate and cock were both abuzz with sensitivity. As his stomach let out a slow and low rumble, his body shivered ever so slightly and his excitement gained intensity to match. It was like waiting to open up the biggest present under the tree on Christmas morning, waiting to take the first bite out of a cheesecake you just made fresh, or more aptly, the car ride home after you’ve spent a night flirting and hinting at the sex you know you’re about to have. It was the absolute knowledge that when his bowels, in only a few moments, finally allowed his waste to move out of his unhindered rectum and into his thick wet diaper it would bring him completely over the edge.

This concept was not entirely lost on Jeremiah. He’d had his fare share of darkly depraved fantasies, many containing bits and pieces of his most recent tribulations, which was in it self constantly haunting Jeremiah. Rather it was the fact that these feelings were so alien to him, so obviously manufactured, that settled him with such deep unease. As though someone had gone inside his mind and simply told it to react in a new way. The image briefly came to him that his brain was a computer and the rubber clad man was a hacker whom had simply found a way to log on and re-code its software. The idea of being so readily changed plainly felt wrong. Jeremiah knew this couldn’t be possible. There was no way someone could just implant new emotions and reactions into people. He wasn’t sure if the reasons they couldn’t were scientific or spiritual, in fact he couldn’t actually think of any reasons, he just knew people shouldn’t be able to do this to other people. Regardless, as he moaned loudly, vocalizing the pain of the cramping he’d been feeling in his guts, he felt the hollow steel plug, holding his hole wide open, shift within his anal passage rubbing his prostate as his shit began to make it’s way through and his excitement built.

Standing on all fours, paused in wait, Jeremiah found himself staring at his bound form in the new large mirror which was now the only object in the room. He did not necessarily want to look at himself at this moment. In fact seeing him self there as he was, diapered, restrained, gagged and looking so frightened was one of the last things he wanted to witness. The sight of his situation only reminded him of its futility and permanence, making his inability to escape more solid in his mind. Yet his natural curiosity kept him from being able to look away. Jeremiah could not help starring at his body as it gave in to the feelings being forced upon it. He watched the sweat form along his skin as his pulse rose and his intestines undulated beneath. He waited staring into his own eyes in anticipation of witnessing the event about to come. Despite how much debasement he felt at his own loss of control, he wanted to watch himself as his body convulsed and became empty. He wondered for a brief moment if this desire wasn't also a manifestation of someone else's will rather then his own, before his thoughts were blown the way of the wind by the sudden rise in force of his internal convulsions.

The feeling of his own feces pushing their way through his system and out of his unblocked sphincter was accentuated, even magnified, as he felt the strangest orgasm he had ever had in his life build in time with the bowel movement. The odd feeling of his seminal fluids as they pushed through his already filled urethra, nearly mimicking the feelings he felt at his ass as his shit filled the diaper, was an entirely new sensation for Jeremiah. The hindrance within his own cock seemed to dampen the fog his mind would normally be in during an orgasm, as though it’s yield to his seminal fluids was somehow related to his ability to truly release and let go. The smooth warm feelings of pleasure were painting themselves along his skin, growing from his groin out to all of his limbs as usual, though his mind was unusually clear and aware of the rest of his body as he came. The spasms that were coursing through his abdomen, causing his body to sway back and fourth on his fists and knees, working his dung out of his body and into the thick, warm and wet fabric of his diaper were also pushing his orgasm to it’s head. They came one right after the other, over and over again. Pulsing and writhing every muscle Jeremiah had in his body as they did. Behind the rush of blood within his ears and the pounding pulse within his head Jeremiah could hear the muffled moans of pleasure echoing through the nearly bare room as he watched his bound and diapered body practically hump the air.

Jeremiahs vision was gray around the edges, he was gasping and moaning around the cock shaped gag buried tightly between his lips. His body was covered in sweat as he knelt there, his legs held wide open by both the diaper as well as the rubber restraining device strapped over it. His cock lie entirely untouched behind its steel prison, throbbing and pulsing over the tube inserted deep within its flesh, as cum drooled out of its head around the tube. His diaper was filling with shit, spreading out slowly from the center of his asshole, up and down his crack, filling in his taint and any other open space it could meld itself into and mixing with the recently spent ejaculate. His arms felt weak as all his weight was supported on them during the convulsive expulsion. With beads of sweat dripping from his nose, he looked up and witnessed him self and this moment in the mirror in front of him and he lost himself in the haze of the aftermath. His arms lost their fight against gravity and he fell more then gently lied, onto his side, legs splayed open by his warm shit filled diaper and the rubber device over it. He watched himself gasping for breath inches from the mirror, still suffering tiny convulsions from moment to moment and absolutely blissful.

His thoughts swam on the ocean of mixed emotions floating through his head. He even managed a slight giggle past his phallus filled lips when he realized he was swimming in his diaper just as much as he was in his mind. As he lazily rolled onto his side he felt the warm mass within his diaper move with him, mashing and molding it self within the wet cotton confines. The warmth seemed incredibly soothing to Jeremiah, wrapped around his crotch, warming the steel of the cup guarding his throbbing cock and testicles, in turn warming their flesh.

Jeremiah felt dirty and very comfortable in being so. He assumed all of this was imposed emotion. That he was, at some point during one of the many black outs, told that he was supposed to feel this way. However, in this heightened state of mind, he found that he could finally accept something he didn’t even know he’d been denying. Something he’d fought against from the very beginning, more then he’d fought against the chains that had held him down while he was raped. More then he’d fought against allowing himself to cum during the rape. He had been fighting the knowledge that he was enjoying every moment of it. Behind the fear and the anxiety, he was always on the edge of bliss. None of what had happened to him, extraordinarily twisted and insane as it seemed to him, had ever been anything he’d ever truly imagined doing. At most he’d probably only ever passively had a passion for any of it. The diapers were one of those bizarre fascinations he had that he never really understood; actually using them had remained a lightly traveled road, though he had a few times. Bondage was a fun game he’d played with a lover or two but never anything serious, never anything with a purpose. In fact he’d always been so terrified to get too deeply involved in his own sexuality to reach the depths of depravity he’d recently been subjected to. In a way, his new found captivity was ultimately freeing. He was now not only able to explore and discover deeply primal sexuality, he absolutely had to, and the choice to hide behind his own fear had been taken away.

He lie there, subconsciously sucking the cock shaped gag between his lips and starring at himself in the large mirror. He could not help but laugh around the gag in his mouth. He had no choice of anything any longer. He ate when he was forced to eat, he crapped when his own body forced him to crap and now he even came whenever his own body felt it was necessary. He couldn’t imagine how these changes were possible. He looked into his own eyes, watching their reflection intently. Though he found it annoyingly difficult to actually look into both eyes at once, his post orgasmic haze left him giddy enough that the annoyance was of minor consideration. Instead Jeremiah let himself fall deeper and deeper into his own gaze.

Jeremiah figured if the eyes were windows to the soul maybe he'd see something there within himself that would explain why he was in this predicament. Why he had so easily been taken advantage of by some incredibly demented man. Instead he saw a glint which struck him, somehow, as being strangely peculiar. He analyzed the glint, unable at first to recognize what seemed so odd about it. His initial summation was that it was a reflection of a reflection. Something his eye was reflecting from the mirror. However it had a certain metallic mat texture to it that didn't match anything between Jeremiah and the mirror. When Jeremiah shifted himself to get a better look at the irregularity he came to find that it had disappeared from his corneas reflection, thus solidifying the idea that whatever it was it wasn't fixed in front of the mirror.

By the time Jeremiah was able to find the object behind the mirror once again he had moved himself up against it's smooth surface. At first he had tried floating his head around and starring into his eyes reflection to find the anomaly. When that proved that it would take more patience then Jeremiah had he thought to move closer. He maneuvered himself onto his padded knees, feeling the mess inside of his bulky diaper mush and move as he did. Finally he put his rubber padded fists at the edges of his eyes and strained to see behind the reflective surface. Sure enough he was able to make out glinting edges of three round poles tented together behind the glassy surface leading up to a barely visible yet completely recognizable video camera. Jeremiah couldn't be entirely sure but he thought he could see a cable leading away from the back of the camera, which if he was seeing correctly, probably meant, he was being broadcast somewhere. He found it strangely comforting to know someone was watching. Creepy and invasive, yet still nice to know that if he had some sort of accident someone somewhere would know.

It dawned on Jeremiah suddenly that the mirror was flush against the wall between the main room of his apartment and his bedroom. More aptly, the mirror was flush against the wall, thus the camera was inside of the wall of his rented apartment. He was sure modification to the structure like this weren't included in his lease agreement. As the revelation hit Jeremiah that his landlord would be furious if he happened by and noticed the installation, it also hit him that he was tied down on all fours in a strange rubber contraption and a rather large wet and messy diaper with a cock strapped in his mouth in a nearly empty apartment all alone. Jeremiah wasn't sure if he'd be overjoyed with excitement that perhaps someone could get him out of this situation, or terrified that he'd be caught in such a state and scare off his only chance of salvation. He was however sure that he had a renewed sense of hope that if this whole thing went on for too long, surely his landlord would come by and discover him when the rent came due. Unfortunately, that probably wouldn't be for a few days. In the just as much time Jeremiah had lost any semblance of the life he'd known, he knew it was only so long before the apartment went too, he just hopped his captor would hold out long enough for him to be saved.

While Jeremiah kneeled in front of the mirror contemplating various other freedoms that could be taken from him at any moment, he was subconsciously, and ever so slightly, grinding his hips forward and back. The small manipulation was causing the chastity device strapped onto his nether regions, beneath his still warm and filthy diaper, to jostle the plug deep in his ass massaging his prostate. The mess of his diaper was allowing the cloth surface to slide gently over his flesh smearing the contents about. Jeremiah was so lost in his new found anxieties that he barely even realized it was happening. He didn’t even notice that he was growing more aroused despite the recent ejaculation nor did he realize that as his arousal grew his sucking on the cock shaped gag in his mouth was also growing in fervor. By the time his cock began sending signals to his brain, trying to snap him from his fears, that it was painfully growing once again within its confines, Jeremiah was grunting pleasures past his gag and sucking furiously on the phallus. The pleasures emanating from his prostate were quickly taking priority over any thoughts of being watched or put through any more torments. Jeremiah was so lost in the emotional transition overtaking his body that he didn’t even have enough conscious clarity to question his sudden arousal. Instead he watched himself pressed so closely to the mirror moving his waist about to gain greater pleasures. He didn’t even notice his own moans were growing in volume.

The only thoughts now running through Jeremiahs mind were about pleasure and getting more of it, specifically by rubbing the object in his ass about his prostate more thoroughly and feeling his filthy mess move about as it did so. He backed away from the mirror as quickly as his wide spread thighs would let him in order to both maneuver himself into a better position as well as to watch himself enjoying his predicament. The idea of being watched had gone from a frightening comfort to a tantalizing inspiration, this as well as watching himself seemed to be heightening the pleasures he was feeling. For a slight fleeting moment of consciousness Jeremiah realized how strange it was that he’d gone from paranoia to apathetic bliss so quickly, however the moment he felt the plug in his ass hit his prostate again this thought flew the way of the wind. All Jeremiah wanted was to feel the plug in his ass as it moved about stirring up his mess and to suck on the object in his mouth. He watched his body move onto all fours in front of the mirror. He bucked his hips slowly up and down, back and forth even from side to side. He turned himself so he could watch his bodies profile as he contorted his muscles to and sucked the cock in his mouth. In this moment he became entirely engulfed by the new hunger eating away at him.

Though the emotions were entirely animalistic, Jeremiahs physical indulgence was anything but. His movements were controlled, slow, skilled and patient. The methodical bucking movements of his thickly diaper encased pelvis were designed to prolong the teasing pressures of the thick hollow tube in his bowels. The shape of the plug, as Jeremiah had noticed before it was locked into place, was serving it's purpose in spades. As his hips moved forward and back Jeremiah could feel the rise and fall of the lumped steel as it traversed the surface of his prostate. While the devices attached state did not allow for the thrusting and pounding motions Jeremiah's hungry mind was wanting, what it did allow was a nice tease that helped every movement bring Jeremiah closer and closer to the nirvana he'd just experienced. He was entirely lost in the pleasure it was causing. His eyes were glazed over and drool was mindlessly dripping like strands of precum from behind his gag. His mind paid no attention to the debasing image before the mirror any longer. It paid even less attention to the muscle aches and discomfort of it's bodies constant bondage. The only thing Jeremiah cared about at all was feeling the object in his rectum and sucking the cock in his mouth. If his mind were free to be distracted by his own thoughts, Jeremiah would probably find himself in shock at his own addict like behavior. Luckily for his conscious mind however, it remained entirely oblivious.

Time was lost to Jeremiah during this masturbatory practice. He was entirely clueless how long he'd been in front of the mirror, in front of the camera, pleasuring himself uncontrollably. As his own mind eventually and slowly broke it's way through the automatically driven lust act so too did the many aches and pains Jeremiah had been working his muscles into. While he barely remembered starting the sexual frenzy he could tell from the ache in his thighs and arms that he'd been here on all fours humping mindlessly like a sex addict for a long while. More so, however, then these pains or the ones in his ass and strained cock or the rather substantial puddle of drool before him, the sudden apparition of his laptop open before him told him he'd truly been lost in lust for a good while. Long enough for his captor to enter the room and leave a surprise and deep enough that Jeremiah had never even noticed.

The horny hunger hadn't actually gone away either. Despite the protests on behalf of his aching limbs and orifices Jeremiah found himself unable to halt his still rocking body. The feelings of pleasure were still warmly crawling their way up from Jeremiah's bowels out into waves over his body. His tongue still caressed what it could of the tightly embedded cock between his lips while the rest of his mouth sucked away. He just stood there on all fours, now entirely aware of his body and his uncontrollable actions, just staring at this newly positioned laptop. He thought for a moment that maybe he could use the laptop to find a way out of his situation, though he cold not find a way to will himself to move toward the laptop. The only movements Jeremiah's body seemed capable of making at the moment were humping his diaper in mid air and sucking the gag in his mouth. In fact now that he'd noticed the laptop, he found he couldn't even tears his eyes away from it's now blank screen, not even to watch his helpless torment in the mirror. His legs were crying out for him to stop, his arms were tired from holding his weight, his sphincter was aching and his jaw was sore and there wasn't a thing he could do about any of it. He let out a whiny whimpering sound as he felt heat spread amongst the load of shit and cum within his diaper, piss uncontrollably draining from his bladder to further feel the cloth confines around his waist.

Suddenly, as he watched and fucked himself beneath the confines of his massive and dirty diaper, the screen of the laptop came to life in a flash of light. Jeremiah realized quickly that it wasn't the screen itself lighting up, in fact it had been on the entire time, it was a light in a room being broadcast to the computer that had suddenly come on. It was a room Jeremiah knew all to well. It was the filthy dank concrete room he'd woken up in twice recently. The room he'd been the most horrifically violated in. Upon seeing it come into view he felt a wave of fear overcome him, halted only by the realisation that this time he was not the man in the room. This time the man in the room was someone else. A well built and mostly hairy body lay on it's back tied down to a table. His head was covered by the same rubber hood Jeremiah had previously experienced. The long hoses which Jeremiah knew from experience stretched the wearers nostrils out and made sure a healthy supply of air flow was possible, were lying over the mans chest un hindered allowing clean fresh air to the lungs beneath. The body's arms were stretched out to either side of it tied tightly by chains to posts off to the sides of the table. His legs were stretched up over his hidden face, lifting the back end of his ass off of the table and exposing his nether regions, and just like Jeremiah, these regions were encased by a steel chastity belt. It was almost entirely identical to Jeremiahs own with slight differences to the fully visible steel cup and anal plug.

This mans anal plug seemed as large as Jeremiah's, judging from the open hole the camera seemed to be pointing directly down into. The only difference was that this plug seemed to have some sort of wires coming off of the edge of it's outer ring on either side of a tiny little blue LED light embedded in the steel. These wires led a very short way up past the urinary drainage hole to a somewhat unusual bulge in the front of the steel cock cover. There was another similar blue LED light embedded into the cup where the wires disappeared into the steel. The odd lump was formed just at the bottom of the cup about where Jeremiah imagined the head of the captives cock rested. From experience Jeremiah knew that what was under that cup, tormenting the penis within, could be just about anything. His mind was reeling with questions as his body continued to slowly hump itself before the laptop watching this bound body lie in wait. As drool continued to work it's way past the gag Jeremiah continuously suckled and licked, the man on the table seemed to be rousing. While his eyes were hidden behind the rubber hoods blindfold and his mouth stuffed with what Jeremiah was sure was also a cock shaped gag, the small tiny movements of the bound figures muscles as it began realizing it was immobile were the signals that told Jeremiah he was waking. Apparently they were the same signals the rubber clad man had been waiting for, as he stepped into the scene before the camera as though he'd been patiently standing there silently since he turned on the light.

The rubber clad man was, as always, wearing the same exact rubber hood which exposed his mouth and hid his eyes behind dark lenses. He was wearing shoulder length industrial looking rubber gloves, thigh high rubber boots and some sort of apron. Other then these accessories, for the first time, the rubber clad man wore nothing on his upper or lower torso. Jeremiah could only see the man from the back, which also happened to be the only exposed skin on the man. It was overall unremarkable, sparse patches of hair in wing like shapes down either side of the back, a patch of dark fur just above the cleft of his butt cheeks which led to a fur laden crack between to only slightly haired and well shaped butt cheeks. The man also carried with him a large black trash bag which seemed to be weighted down heavily by it's contents. In his other hand the man carried some sort of small remote like device which had a tiny blue LED light matching those on the bound mans chastity device. It seemed as though the bound man was still groggy and unaware of the rubber clad mans entrance. He was moaning and starting to breath heavily. Jeremiah was surprised to hear the moaning sounds coming from the laptop, until now he'd been unaware that there were any sounds. The rubber clad man lifted his hand with the remote in it and clicked a button, the blue LED light on the remote turned red and so did the ones on the bound figures chastity device.

Jeremiah's eyes shot open in shock as he heard the screams of the bound figure blare out of the tiny speakers on the lap top. They were screams of pain and Jeremiah was sure more shock then he himself felt at hearing the screams. The yelling of the tormented man died down almost as soon as the red lights all changed back to blue, though now Jeremiah could hear the familiar chuckle of the rubber clad man. The bound figures chest was heaving for intakes of breath and he was making pleading begging sounds to whomever had just made their presence in the room known and was now mockingly laughing at his torment. Jeremiah was terrified for the poor man, he knew exactly how it felt to suddenly be brought into consciousness and have absolutely no idea what was going on, but none of his torments had been exactly like this. Jeremiah was unsure if what the man had experienced was an electrical shock of some sort or any number of other horrors, though he was sure from the mans reaction, it had not been pleasant. The mans protests and sharp intakes of breath continued while the rubber clad man moved about the room to the side of the table. He set the large trash bag down and retrieved the breathing tubes from the heaving chest of the bound man before him.
The rubber clad man lifted the tubes up and turned his blank lens covered eyes to the camera. A devious and demented smile spread across his face while his fingers crimped the tubes for Jeremiah to witness.

Jeremiah was overwhelmed with empathy for the poor guy on the table. He wanted to stop what the rubber clad man was doing and set the guy free, save him from the torments the rubber clad man was sure to inflict upon him. He wanted to do a lot of things. Instead his body starting humping with more conviction. The object in his ass being used to it's full effectiveness. The drooling coming from his mouth continued to pour out as his lips sucked and his tongue licked the gag pressed tightly there in. It seemed as the hooded and bound figure on the table fought for his now cut off air supply Jeremiahs body became more enthralled in the pleasures it was feeling. The rubber clad man laughed aloud again as he finally released his hold on the bound figures breathing tube and Jeremiah heard a loud intake of breath and the muffled sobbing of relief coming form the tortured victim. Jeremiahs body however continued it's newly fervent thrusting and sucking. With the recent addition of his own urine to the mix of bodily wasts within his thick diaper, Jeremiah could feel his filth sloshing around with his uncontrollable motions, His muscles continued to cry out for relief and his ass continued to throb in pain. Worse yet, he could feel his intestines begging to tighten ever so slightly. Jeremiah and the bound figure were both making similar whimpering noises as the rubber clad man took the breathing tubes and put them into the large trash bag.

The bound figure made a slight choking noise as he inhaled the contents of the trash bag. Jeremiah didn't actually know what was in the bag though he surmised from his experience and the bound figures sudden halting of breathing that it was probably human waste. Jeremiah felt his brow furrow in spite toward the rubber clad man. While he was entirely stunned that he found a muscle he could control, he was to taken by his anger at what the rubber clad man was doing to him and this new comer that he paid it little mind. Instead he watched the bound figure fighting not to breath in the foul scent while still struggling to regain the breath he'd lost only a moment before. It was a losing battle, Jeremiah knew it, but it didn't seem the guy was going to give up. He'd take a large breath and then try to hold it in for a while before allowing himself another. He only got to do this twice before the rubber clad man hit a switch on the remote in his hand. Once again the blue LED lights turned red and the bound figure began screaming, only this time the rubber clad man left the device on longer. The man was taking deep ragged breaths in between his muffled screams and the rubber clad man was just standing there watching. It went on for several screams until finally the lights reverted back to blue. Jeremiahs body was rocking itself back and forth even faster now then before.

Every time this man went through a new torment Jeremiah's body seemed to react and seek further pleasure. It was driving Jeremiah insane. The more his body fucked itself inside of his thick and messy diaper, the more his body ached and cried for relief. Worse then that, his sexual hunger just grew and grew. He wanted nothing more then to have a fully satisfying orgasm but it never even seemed close. His prostate was sore and his anus felt stretched, his cock was aching and his jaw was sore, but none of this hindered any of the urges building within Jeremiah. He just felt hungrier and hungrier to have his ass teased in any way. The only feeling Jeremiah could feel in his body that left him feeling any hope of relief was the growing tightness within his bowels. For the second time Jeremiah found himself anticipating the building load of shit in his body. Wanting and waiting the expulsion that was threatening to come. Hoping that it would bring him the same release it had brought him just a short time before. Jeremiah couldn't remember a time in his life he'd ever wanted to cum so badly after having cum so recently.

For a long while Jeremiah stood there on all fours watching the man breath in the contents of the black trash bag. The rubber clad man came and went from the scene while the two captives continued undergoing their own torments. Both far away from each other in presence, only one aware of the other, both completely unable to do anything about their similar situations. From time to time the rubber clad man would hold up the remote and the red LED's would come to life. The bound man would scream and Jeremiahs body would convulse in pleasure against the hollow plug in his ass. Overtime, the lights started to change a different color when the remote was pressed. This change seemed to cause both of the tortured boys nearly climactic pleasure. The rubber clad man would raise the remote, the lights would all change green and a slight buzzing could be heard emanating from the bound figures chastity device. As the bound man would suddenly start moaning and groaning and thrashing his raised ass in the air, Jeremiah would suddenly feel his body rest his thick mess filled diaper on the back of his heals, sitting down hard against the plug deep in his ass. His ass would sway from side to side and hop up and down on his heels for a moment, then the lights would go back to blue. The bound man would continue breathing, with a new heaviness to his intake, and Jeremiah would continue humping the air on all fours and sucking his gag.

Finally the rubber clad man, chuckling to himself, removed the bound figures breathing tubes from the black trash bag and hung the exposed ends off of the raised and protruding steel cup of the bound figures chastity device. He then hoisted the seemingly heavy bag off of the ground and walked it and himself between the bound figures up stretched legs. He reached into the bag with both of his rubber gloved hands and began manipulating the contents. Soon his hands were coming back out of the bag slowly and carefully until Jeremiah could see what the rubber clad mans hands were emerging with. He was immediately disgusted and stymied by what he saw. His first diaper lie carefully cradled in the air by the rubber clad mans gloves, a mound of feces balanced on top of several layers of dripping wet cloth. Every layer seemed stained through and through with a brownish yellow tinge. Jeremiah felt somewhat sick as he watched the disgusting nest of his own bodily waist being positioned on the table under the poor bound mans upturned ass. The bound man had no idea what was going on, even if he weren't blindfolded. the bag and it's now removed contents were entirely out of his vision. However, as the filthy back end of the diaper was positioned between the table and the bound mans back Jeremiah could tell that the stale urine was cold by the shudders running through the bound body. The rubber clad man was careful to rearrange the breathing tubes so that they would rest directly at the bound figures taint whilst in the diaper, ensuring he smelled the brunt of what was already there, as well as what was sure to be added. The bound man started whimpering as the slick mess of shit started to come in contact with his exposed skin. Jeremiah could imagine the cold slimy feel as this diaper was being applied and he did not envy the man. While Jeremiah could no deny the warm mass at the back of his own diaper was incredibly erotic, he couldn't imagine he'd feel the same if it were someone else's long since cold wastes. The bound figure had no choice but to continue smelling the excrement he'd before only witness inside the bag, however now it was a scent he was used too, he knew full and well what was being strapped around his waist. The rubber clad man struggled for a moment to properly fasten the already entirely used diaper to the man before the task was finally complete, then he picked the remote back up and hit it's button again. This time no buzz could be heard, but as the bound figure started moaning, and Jeremiahs body reacted by sitting him back down on his mess and grinding his anal intruder against his prostate he knew exactly what was happening.

The device was left on as the rubber clad man maneuvered around the room grabbing a few more items here and there, a piece of clear plastic and some large sheets of cloth. Before long the bound bodies diaper was thicker then even Jeremiah's current diaper and covered in a pair of clear plastic pants which buttoned up the front. Shortly there after with some more rummaging about by the rubber clad man, a rubber belt just like Jeremiah's was attached over the bound figures diaper. Jeremiah was watching intently, letting his ass mush around in his filth on top of his heels and sucking away at the cock in his mouth as he watched the rubber clad man move toward the bound figures head and pull a feeding tube from above the man and out of the cameras general view. The rubber clad man attached the tube to the end of the hooded and bound figures gag and Jeremiah feared what was next for the poor guy. Though he noticed this feeding tube seemed a little different, it had a blue LED lit up on it as well towards the end that connected it to the gag. Jeremiah watched the rubber clad man click the remote again so it's light also matched the blue LED. The hooded and bound figure stopped moaning and, it seemed, concentrated once again on taking in deep breaths.

The rubber clad man spoke, loudly and sternly "Suck."

Jeremiah could see the feeding tube react to the bound mans suction as he began, it took a few moments but soon the same milky white paste began to travel it's way through the tube, before it could reach the end of the tube however, the mound man had to stop sucking in order to take in several heaps of breath. He apparently took to long, as the rubber clad man once again raised the remote and it's LED turned red. The bound man began to scream into his gag once again and Jeremiah wondered why the expulsion of air didn't seem to move the goop in the feeding tube. Soon the remote was clicked, the LED turned blue and the bound figure stoped screaming and lie breathing quick and panicked.

The rubber clad man once again spoke loudly and sternly however this time there was impatience behind the one word "Suck!"

The bound man immediately began sucking again and within seconds the paste made it's way to the strange attachment and the blue LED there turned green. Jeremiah knew the only reason the bound figure wasn't moaning at this point was because he was swallowing the tasteless paste, however the humping of his body showed that the now hidden LED's on his chastity device were no doubt turning green and delivering their brand of pleasure to the bound figure. When the man stopped sucking again to take in deep heavy breaths of Jeremiah's wastes the LED turned back to blue. Moments latter when the man returned to sucking the light lit up green once again. The entire time Jeremiah found himself alternating between resting his shitty diaper on his heels and burying his ass plug deep within himself while the light was green, to humping his ass back and fourth in mid air while the light was blue. The bound figure, it seemed, enjoyed the green light more then no light as his pauses for breaths came further and further apart the longer he was left there to feed. Jeremiah knew this was a horrible torment for the poor bound figure. He knew as time went on the man would continue feeding himself over and over, feeling mind numbing pleasure as he did so, only to have it end the moment he needed more air. He would probably never work himself to orgasm and he probably keep trying over and over again in spite of it. Worse yet, he had no idea that the food he was taking in was going to cause him to fill the already overfull diaper up even more. Jeremiah was baffled as of to what kind of person would think up these horrible things that the rubber clad man was doing. Worse, he still couldn't understand why anyone would.

The rubber clad man stood there watching for a moment before he picked up the now empty trash bag and the remote. He looked at the camera with a big smile on his face as he was about to go out of view and he waived at Jeremiah. What surprised Jeremiah about this was that the wave seemed to unlock him. The second he saw the wave, his body collapsed in freedom. He was sore everywhere, especially his orifices. He was covered in sweat from the constant torment. He was incredibly horny and his ass was the center of it. He didn't actually want to stop what he'd been forced into doing, feeling his internal tormentor rub against his prostate, though he was incredibly grateful that he had. He lie there barely able to move himself even with his granted ability to do so and he watched the laptop screen go black once again.


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