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by drrandom


“Robert! Come here this minute!”

It was my mother shouting again. My younger half sister Angela had been whingeing again, probably about the joke I had played earlier that day. She always hung around the cottage during the school holidays playing with dolls and generally acting in her typically childish ways. The cottage was deep in the country and I had few friends to play with except my twin sister Wendy and the girl called Harriet in the next farm just across the fields. Our cottage and Harriet’s farm shared the same lane but it was quicker to cut across the fields. It was only a couple of hundred metres.

Very occasionally some of Angela’s friends came to visit but now that mum was working, that didn’t happen often. They were always playing ‘house’ or ‘mummies and daddies’ with their dolls and stuff. Usually, during the holidays I played with my twin sister Wendy and our friend Harriet otherwise, I played alone. What with us living in a remote country cottage, there were just no boys living locally. Not that this bothered me; I got along with my twin sister just fine; it was my younger half sister Angela that got on my nerves because Wendy and I were now saddled with looking after Angela through the holidays when mum was working.

Earlier that year, our mum and step dad had broken up. Now my mum had to work at two jobs and there was nobody to look after our younger half sister. This meant my twin sister and I had to take it in turns minding the horrible Angela.

Having received my mother’s call, I rolled my eyes again. Once again my little half sister had gone whingeing and blubbing about a simple prank.

All I had done was take some of my model enamels and painted a hideous face on one of Angela’s dolls.

When Angela found it, the paint was dry and she had a tantrum.

Girls! Huh! I thought the face looked good. I had a gift for art and even my twin sister Wendy thought the face was a hoot! Now Angela had gone whingeing to mum and I was being called to account.

“What’s the meaning of this?” Demanded my mum, holding the doll in her hand.

I looked at it and grinned. The face was pretty cool for it was a clever cartoon of Angela when she was crying; and boy did she ever cry. She was always moaning and carrying tales. Mum had just arrived home from work and the last thing she wanted was to be an arbiter between her quarrelling kids. At that time my twin sister Wendy also arrived home just as the row was brewing. She had been out playing with our friend Harriet on the next farm. We three often played together and shared some good times, even if the games were a bit girly.

“Why cant Wendy, look after Angela every day? It’s a girls job!” I protested.

“I looked after her yesterday and the day before. You have to do your share!” Shrieked Wendy as she glared at me. She was right of course, but I found Angela such a chore. At least Wendy understood girlie stuff. I had tried keeping Angela entertained but it was a real drag. I just did not understand stuff like playing house and dollies. In this at least, Wendy was far better equipped to look after our half sister.

My mother wiped the hair back from her brow and cursed softly. We had never heard my mother swear before and we both turned to stare.

“I’m sick of all this. My sister, your Aunty Janet has had a promotion. She’s able to move back home to the cottage again because she’s going to be supervising that new clothes store in the high street. For the moment she’s got nowhere to live so until she find’s a place, she’s going to stay here and she’ll keep tabs on you. She still owns her half of the cottage from when we inherited it from your grandma. Anyway, she’s got a month’s leave owing to her so she’ll here all during the holidays. That means you’ll have to share a room until she’s fixed up or we can fix an extension to the cottage. Things are going to be tough for a while.”

“What!” Howled Wendy. ‘Share my room with Robert? Why? It’s bad enough having to share with Angela.”

I was about to add my own howl of protest but my mother slammed down the frying pan in a fit of exhausted rage. She had obviously had a hard day. Wendy and I fell silent and stared fearfully at the chipped worktop where the frying pan had landed hard. Now was obviously not the time to protest so we left the kitchen. Angela was hogging the television so we were forced to go to our rooms.

Neither of us liked caring for Angela. Before our stepfather left, he had really spoiled her and she was a right little bitch. Angela was his child so he had indulged her while he lived with our mother. When he left, we were left to pick up the pieces with the utterly spoiled Angela.

After dinner Wendy and I retreated upstairs. Once there, I knocked on Wendy’s bedroom door.

“Who is it?”

“Can I come in?”

“Why not?” She recognised my voice immediately. “You’ll be living here anyway.”

“We’ve got to find a way around this. Aunty Janet’s a horrible piece of work. It was her that introduced mum to Angela’s father and you know how he knocked mum about.”

“We had also suffered at our step father’s hands so were truly glad to see the back of him. Mum had had to get a court order to force him out of our lives.

“How are we going to sort it out?” Scorned Wendy. “What are you going to do, sleep in the shed?”

“It won’t be that bad. It mean’s Angela wont be able to make up tales about you. I’ll always be able to contradict her and support you. You’ll always have a witness”

“Oh. I suppose there’s that. She’s a right little snitch. Come on, lets play theatres and pretend were putting on stage makeup. Go and get your face-paints.”

Wendy and I liked this game. My artistic talents lent themselves to makeup and before long we were pretending to be actors before going on the stage. Within a few minutes, Wendy was made up like a devil with red, black and gold face paints forming a cruel mask. Next I used the blue, gold and green paints with a false nose to make myself into a sea monster. We sneaked down the hall, past Angela who was still watching television and whispered to Mum in the kitchen.

“Can we go over to Harriet’s? There’s still plenty of daylight.”

My mother was glad to see us out from under her feet but she laid down her conditions.

“O.K. But wash the dishes first and be back before dark.”

Our task was quickly done, and then we dashed off across the field to meet our friend Harriet in the next farm. She squealed with delight when she saw our faces and demanded to be similarly changed so we went back to Wendy’s bedroom in our cottage. There we turned Harriet into a unicorn. We made the horn out of a roll of cardboard and tied it through her hair with a thin elastic chord. Even if I say so myself; it was a pretty good image.

We played in the little woods by our cottage for the rest of the evening until we knew it was time for Angela to go to bed. It was then that more trouble erupted after we had taken Harriet back to her farm then returned home. The long summer sunlight was dying and in the evening gloom, I crossed the landing just as Angela was leaving the bathroom.

My sea monster face gave her a shock and with a terrified scream, she rushed down the stairs and leapt on to our sleeping mother’s lap.

This was the last straw for my mother and she decided that the sooner Aunty Janet arrived, the better. Mother was fed up with the friction between we twins and Angela.

The deal was that our Aunty Janet would use my room whilst looking after us. When the holidays were over and Janet had used her leave, she would resume her new job in the big new shop on the High Street. Longer-term arrangements depended on how much money my mother and her sister could pool to possibly extend the cottage.

Aunty Janet arrived the very next afternoon.

Wendy and I had spent the morning moving my clothes into her room and the rest of my stuff into the garden shed. My sister’s wardrobe space was soon jammed full and I had to share Wendy’s drawers for my socks and pants. I was forced to throw out most of the really worn stuff because Wendy refused to have anything smelly or dirty mixed with her underclothes. That night, I had to share a bed with Wendy while the horrible Angela had her own bed to herself. In truth neither Wendy nor I wanted to sleep with Angela. Since her father had left, she had started to wet herself occasionally and had to sleep in nappies again.

Fortunately, Wendy had a double bed so at least we two twins could be comfortable. We exchanged wry glances as we turned away from each other and undressed to shower. Then because Angela was already asleep, we had to creep silently into bed with the light off. As I clambered into the bed, I bumped into Wendy.

“Hey! This is my side.” She whispered with a low giggle.

“Sorry,” I giggled back. “But I’ll need one of the pillows.”

“Didn’t you bring your own?”

“Aunty Janet’s got them.”

Wendy tutted then lent me one of her pillows. It was much softer and frillier than mine and the frills tickled my nose but I had no other option. After some more giggles and whispering, we finally fell asleep. I don’t know what happened during the night but I awoke to find Aunty Janet gently shaking me and lifting my arm off my sister. As I stirred, Wendy gave a little sigh and pressed tighter against me.

“Hey you sleepy heads,” grinned Aunty Janet, “do you like cuddling up?” She whispered so as not to wake Angela.

Wendy turned suddenly and crimsoned with embarrassment.

“I, - I must have thought I was sleeping with Angela. She often used to get into my bed if she was frightened.”

“So why didn’t you sleep with Angela last night?”

Wendy rolled her eyes and whispered into Aunty Janet’s ear.

“Since her father left us she wets herself sometimes and she smells.”

Aunty Janet nodded then turned to me.

“So why were you cuddling your sister?”

“I must have thought it was my other pillow. You know the big one that you wouldn’t let me have.”

Janet smirked and her eyes glittered. Neither Wendy nor I recognised the thoughts behind that smile. If we had, we might have run away there and then.

“Well you’d better go and shower, now, quickly!”

Wendy sat up as I climbed out of bed and made for the bathroom.

“What are you waiting for?” Aunty Janet asked Wendy.

“I’ll shower after Robert. He’s quicker and his hair takes less time.”

“You sleep together, so you can shower together.” Ordered Aunty Janet.

“No way!” Protested Wendy.

“Don’t you contradict me young lady. Now into the shower, this minute!”

Wendy tried calling to mum, but she had already gone out to work. Instead she got a sharp smack on her frilly baby-doll panties from Aunty Janet for being disobedient

The next moment, I found Wendy reluctantly knocking on the glass shower door panel.

“What d’you want?”

“Aunty Janet says I’ve got to shower with you.”

“Don’t be daft,” I protested, “that’s rude.”

Almost before the word had left my lips, the shower door swung open and I received a sharp slap on my bare butt.

“Ouch. Stoppit!”

I swung out blindly, because my hair and head was all shampooed up and I thought it was Wendy playing tricks. Instead, a strong hand grabbed my flailing wrist and set about me with a vengeance.

“I will decide what’s rude and what’s not. Now! Don’t – you – dare – ever – try – and – strike – me – again!”

I squealed in protest but it was useless. With my eyes blinded by shampoo it was doubly hopeless and I could easily tell that Aunty Janet was much stronger than my eleven-year-old body. As my body stung from the thrashing, I felt Wendy fall against me when Aunty Janet almost threw her into the shower.

“Now! The pair of you! Get washed and I want no more nonsense.”

Desperately I rinsed the soap out of my eyes and squinted at Wendy who was trying to cover her little budding breasts and girly thingy.

“Stop looking!” She protested.

Respectfully, I closed my eyes again but it was impossible to avoid pressing up against her. The shower cubicle was small and the soapy floor made it impossible to stand without leaning against the tiles.

Having the two of us in there made it doubly difficult and Wendy soon lost her balance. She slipped on the slippery shampoo dregs that I had rinsed from my hair and fetched up against me with her feet sliding down between my legs.

“Oh! Sorry!” She squeaked.

She couldn’t get a grip and started to slide down the tiles so I grabbed her around the waist. Her feet scrabbled uselessly and it was only by hauling her up with a bear hug that I managed to help her up. Her tender nipples brushed against my cock and I twitched nervously.

“Ooohhh! Sorry again!” She squeaked.

I tried to ignore it but my naughty cock simply would not behave. As Wendy recovered her balance, she stood up and turned her back to me but it was still impossible to avoid contact. Her soft bum felt my member growing and she whispered nervously.

“What’s that? Stoppit.”

I turned away, but now Wendy was unsupported again. She tried to soak her hair then shampoo it but once again she was unbalanced. She grabbed my shoulder and chuckled.

I tried to back away but it was hopeless. If we faced each other we could now see each other’s bits and if we turned away, our bums rubbed together and we couldn’t support each other. The only way was for me to face the wall while she tried to wash herself but she needed something to hold onto. In the end she gave up.

Her long golden hair needed two hands and I would have to steady her. Reluctantly, I turned again and steadied her shoulders as she busied herself.

“Hold my waist,” she ordered, “then I can bend over to do my feet.”

Obediently, I rested my hands on her hips and she bent down to soap her legs and feet. Naturally, her soft curvy butt pressed against my cock again and it hardened eagerly.

“What is that?" She demanded a little louder as she wiggled her bum and my cock lodged in her cleft.

My twin sister was behaving as though she had never seen or felt an erection before and she reached back curiously to feel the strange thing poking into her bum cleft.

“Why has it grown hard?” She demanded.

“It does that when, - you know perfectly well why,” I protested self-consciously.

“Let me see,” she giggled.

“No!” I protested hoarsely. “Quiet! Or she’ll hear you”

Wendy was not to be denied. She kept her grip as she turned to peer at the thing now grown even harder in her hands.

“Is this what it does when you, - you know?”

“Yes!” I gasped weakly as I tried to lever her hand off. “Now let go!”

“Not yet. I want to see what happens.”

“Stoppit! Let go or it’ll go off.”

“Go off? Go off where?”

“It’ll go off. Now let go.”

Instead, Wendy squeezed my soapy cock and I could resist no longer. Flushed with my recently developed horny vigour, my cock totally betrayed me and started to shoot my cum all over the shower wall.

“Aaahh! Look at that. It’s like a water pistol. How d’you do that?”

“I don’t,” I protested, gasping from the excitement, “it goes off on it’s own.”

Wendy giggled again as she inspected the last silvery droplets oozing from me.

“That’s funny. It’s going soft again.”

As it shrank and softened rapidly she tugged it again but I jerked spasmodically and it hurt.

“Ouch! Let it go!” I begged. “You’re hurting it!”

“Can it go hard again?”

“Not here. Aunty Janet will catch us.” I protested fearfully.

Eventually, Wendy let me go and I grabbed for the nozzle to wash the mess off the tiles and me. The mess quickly disappeared and I gratefully rinsed myself down. Wendy tested me again but the fear of being caught kept me soft and she reluctantly rinsed herself off. Her mass of golden hair took ages to rinse and because the floor remained slippy, I had to support her whilst she sloshed and rubbed her fingers through the soaking tresses. Naturally, we remained pressed up against each other and my fingers couldn’t help brushing against her budding breasts. She squirmed and tittered as I felt her nipples stiffen.

“Is that what happens to you?” I whispered as I felt her nipples get really stiff.

“Mmmn she sighed. Come on lets get finished. Aunty Janet will be wondering what we’re doing.”

Reluctantly, I pushed the shower door open and reached out for one of the big towels that we had prearranged on the radiator. Instead, I felt the towel being placed in my hand and a sickening feeling sunk in my belly. Aunty Janet must have been outside all of the time. I could only pray that she had not heard us whispering. As I handed the towel to Wendy she stepped out and gasped with shock. Aunty Janet’s expression told us everything. She said nothing but handed me the second towel as she spoke.

“So you like to shower together and sleep together. You’re a right pair of little minxes aren’t you?”

“That’s not fair!” I protested loudly. “You made us shower together. We haven’t done that since we were tiny and mum washed us together in the bath.”

For an answer, Aunty Janet gave me another stinging slap across the mouth.

“Don’t you dare argue with me! I heard the pair of you in there, going like a pair of dirty little sluts. I’ve a good mind to tell your mother.”

“She wouldn’t believe you!” Argued Wendy, who only got the same as me for her pains. The slap was even harder than the one I had and a tiny trickle of blood leaked down her lip. Aunty Janet had a really mean streak.

Wendy screamed with anger and threw herself at Janet but her attack was easily deflected. Wendy turned to me to help, but I was too afraid to hit Janet.

Our friend Harriet’s older brother had hit a woman once and been sent to prison. Ha had only just been let out on a thing called parole. I thought the same would happen to me.

Reluctantly, I extended a hand to try and restrain my aunty but this only made matters worse. The next instant, she gripped both Wendy’s wrists in one hand, as she grabbed me with her free hand. Before we knew it we were jammed together and unable to free ourselves. Aunty Janet certainly had a tough streak.

“Now you little animals. How dare you try and undermine my authority. You’ll regret this I promise you.”

As she spoke, she swiftly grabbed our towels then wound one around the both of us so that Wendy and I were tied together naked and face-to-face. Then she whipped off the cord to her own dressing gown and bound us tight.

“There you little animals. That will teach you!”

I tried to wriggle free but my efforts only caused us to lose our balance. Also, the sensations of Wendy’s soft silky skin against me caused my cock to harden again. She frowned at me because this time we were facing each other, and I stopped immediately. Despite this, my hard cock found itself burrowing into a place it should not go. With our tummies tied tight against each other there was little either of us could do to stop it. Awkwardly, we shuffled to our bedroom and my condition worsened as my cock finally burrowed into Wendy’s little secret hole.

Wendy gave a little gasp and we both started to cry as our bodies betrayed us. This was not how it should be! Janet followed us with that strange glitter in her eye again.

As we entered, Angela looked at us and smirked like the spoilt brat she was. Aunty Janet was in no mood for any sibling competition.

“You needn’t grin like that young lady, or you’ll end up being punished as well. Now go and have a shower!”

Angela’s smirk evaporated like vapour and she quickly left. Janet then released the cord that bound Wendy and me together. As we separated, I tried to keep hold of the towel, but Janet was too clever for that. She snatched the towel from my feeble grasp to expose yet another desperate erection. This time it was glistening from Wendy’s telltale juices and, now that we were separated, those same fluids dripped their betrayal from Wendy’s puffy lips. Janet’s expression turned to one of malicious victory as she gripped my shoulder.

“You filthy little beast! Fancy trying to rape your sister! Now I’ll have to tell your mother.”

“No! No you cant!” Squealed Wendy. “He can’t help it, you squeezed us together.”

“And I suppose you encouraged him did you. Like the randy little slut you are.

Wendy fell silent with guilt as she bit her lip. In truth she had actually enjoyed the experience but she was telling no one, especially me. Janet continued her cruel assault

“Well there’s ways to stop little beasts like you two. I’ll not speak to your mother, she’s got enough problems what with having to work to feed you children and keep this home together. I’ll have to take things under my control. If the Social services were to discover a brother and sister involved in incest, they would take you away.”

We both remained silent for we did not know what to say. The thought of being taken from our mother terrified us.

“I’ll take that as a yes then,” she finished before we could protest any further.

Wendy and I exchanged worried glances as Aunty Janet started to lay down the law.

“Firstly, you do exactly as I say. There will be no arguments.”

Next you will behave as I tell you. If we can demonstrate that you are obedient, then the social workers wont be able to make a case if they ever found out. Now get dressed.”

She left to attend to Angela in the shower, so we two went to get our underwear from Wendy’s panty drawer. As Wendy took out a pair of panties and her ‘young miss’ bra she turned to me with a puzzled look.

“Where are your pants?”

“They are in, - well whey were here last night. You saw them; I folded them neatly on this side so as not to annoy you. They’ve all gone!”

“Where?” Wondered Wendy aloud.

“I don’t know. Aunty Janet must have moved them. They must be here somewhere.”

We searched high and low but failed to find them. Wendy turned to me.

“Shall I ask her?”

“I wouldn’t. She’s in a bad enough mood as it is. I’ll go without pants.”

“Uugh. That’s dirty. Use a pair of mine instead.”

I looked at Wendy uncertainly for a moment and frowned.

“What if she find’s out.”

“How. You’ll be wearing jeans all day. We’ll go over to Harriet’s farm.”

I considered Wendy’s offer and finally shrugged.

“OK then, lend me one of your old pairs.”

Wendy rummaged to the bottom of her drawer for a pair of old cotton ones but now she couldn’t find any of her old cotton ones.

“Dammit! She’s taken all my old cotton ones as well. You’ll have to use some of my proper ones.”

She frowned again, and then finally produced a white nylon pair with a little bow at the waistband and a lacy frill around the legs. I giggled as I held them.

“Gosh! They’re a bit girly, haven’t you got something like plain white.”

“No, everything made of cotton has gone. Look, she’s been through the whole drawer. They must be down in the wash.”

Reluctantly I stepped into them and twitched as they slithered up my legs and the lacy frill tickled my bum. Wendy spotted my reaction and smiled.

“D’you like them?”

“It feels strange,” I replied. “They feel smooth on my, - you know.”

Wendy giggled again and fastened her young miss bra.

“We’d better get dressed before she comes back.”

Quickly I stepped into my jeans and shirt as Wendy chose jeans and a cream blouse to match her bra.

“Can you see my bra through my blouse?” She asked.

“Yes.” I replied. “It makes you look quite grown up.”

“Good. It’ll make Harriet jealous. Her tits haven’t started growing yet.”

“Yeah, but she’s younger than us, she’s only just turned eleven. I bet she’ll still be the youngest girl in our whole year when we go up to the big school.” I countered protectively.

I liked Harriet; she was the youngest girl in our class at the junior school and we were all looking forward to going up to the big school in September. Despite being a girl, Harriet was good fun and the buildings around her farm were a fabulous place to play. There was a strict rule about not playing near any machinery, but that still left endless places to play in the older barns and outhouses.

Down stairs we laid out the breakfast things before Aunty Janet came down with Angela. It was a ploy to keep her in good mood. We decided not to ask about my underpants for we could not find them or Wendy’s cotton panties in the laundry basket. As Janet came down she looked approvingly at the breakfast table and nodded.

“Well at least you eat at table properly. I’ve got to go into town today. I’ll take Angela so you will have to stay and play around the cottage.”

“Can we go over to Harriet’s? Asked Wendy. She lives on that farm across the fields.”

Janet looked out of the window and nodded. It was not too far and there were no busy roads to cross.

“Does your mother allow you to?”

“Yes, we go there all the time,” I replied. “Now we have to go one at a time because of her.”

I glared at Angela but Janet ignored my behaviour. She seemed pre-occupied.

“Well you can go over there today. I’ll check on the phone first.”

She checked my mother’s phone diary and quickly confirmed with Harriet’s mum Mrs Jones that we always played with Harriet on the farm.

“Thank you Mrs Jones. Yes that’s most kind. I’ll send them over after breakfast.”

Aunty Janet then turned to us and frowned sternly.

“I want no nonsense over there! I’ve got to go into town to do some essential shopping. I’ll take Angela with me seeing as you don’t get on.”

Wendy and I smiled happily. ‘There would be no Angela to worry about and we would be playing all day over at Harriet’s farm. Perhaps things were looking up.’

We watched Aunty Janet’s car disappear down the lane then immediately bolted across the fields. Harriet had seen us approaching and met us by the gate.

“Can we do face painting again?”

That involved going back to our cottage so we checked with Harriet’s mum. Back in our cottage, we all gathered in front of Wendy’s dressing table mirror as we experimented.

“Firstly it was animal and monster faces, but Wendy’s tastes were maturing. Eventually she slipped into my old room and found some of Aunty Janet’s makeup.

“Let’s try this.” She grinned.

“What if she find’s out?” I cautioned.

“How. We’ll be careful.”

Harriet and I agreed and carefully we sat Wendy down. At first, Wendy tried it herself but she was not very adept. She looked at her first effort and frowned.

“I look like a tart. You do me.” She asked.

“It’s not like face-paints.” I noted. “You have to be more subtle.”

“Go on then.”

“We’d best do it in the garden. The light’s not strong enough here because the colours are more delicate.”

Outside, I made a fair stab at Wendy then I did Harriet. They were overcome with pleasure and could not resist returning to the mirror in the hall.

“How will I ever get to do it that good? You’re a natural Robbie.” Squealed Wendy happily.

“You’ll just have to practice.”

“Can I practice on you Harriet?” Asked Wendy.

“No way!” Protested Harriet. “I like the way Robbie’s done me, it’s just fine. I saw the mess you made.”

Wendy frowned again the looked at me hopefully.

“Oh no. You’re not having a go on me. There’s enough going on here, without me wearing makeup.” I protested.

It was stupid of me to remind Wendy that I was already wearing her panties so she grinned and whispered in my ear.

“I’ll tell Harriet, you’ve got my panties on if you don’t let me practice on you.”

“You wouldn’t dare!”

Wendy smiled a tight little smile and I was forced to surrender.

“Oh OK then, but we wash it off again immediately.”

“It’s OK, there’s nobody for miles around. Who’ll see you?”

“We still wash it off.”

Wendy shrugged agreement and I reluctantly took my turn in the garden seat.

Wendy of course, had no idea about foundation cream or anything else and her attempts resembled her first one in the bedroom. She applied the makeup much too thick and chose far too strong colours. When I looked in the mirror, my eyes widened with amusement.

“Bloody hell, I look like a pantomime dame.”

Harriet chuckled and added, “You look like Lily Savage on television. All you need is one of those big high wigs.”

Harriet also had an eye for art and I had to admit, she was right. Apart from the wig and a dress, I looked exactly like a miniature Lily Savage.

“We’d best get this stuff off. I finished.”

“Let’s go and show my mum first.” Suggested Harriet.

“Not likely. I look like some horrible tart.”

“No. My mum’s good fun. She loved the unicorn you did, and she let me wear it until dad finished in the fields last night. He laughed as well. Honest, my mum won’t be upset. She’s good fun.”

Harriet was right of course. Her mum was good fun, and she cooked the most wonderful scones. Whenever we went over to Harriet’s there was always a huge plate of cakes or something. I was nervous about it but Wendy and Harriet Wendy finally persuaded me. Besides, there would certainly be ‘scones or something’.

After carefully replacing Aunty Janet’s makeup we crossed the fields to Harriet’s place and presented ourselves at the door.

“Well! Who are you young ladies?” Chuckled Harriet’s mum.

“What d’you think of my first attempt on Robbie?” Asked Wendy.

“Well you need some more practice young lady.”

“Robbie says he looks like Lily Savage,” added Harriet.

“Well yes. He may be right. But you two ladies have done well.”

“Oh that was Robbie, he did the unicorn as well.”

“Well you’ve certainly got a gift Robbie. You could make a career out of this. You’ve done an excellent job on the girls. If that’s Wendy’s work on your face then I think Wendy needs some help. Harriet’s older sister Jessica has got masses of old makeup and some makeup books in her room. She’s at Drama College now so you can use hers. Come on Wendy. I’ll give you a few tips and you can practice again on Robbie. Your faces are very similar so it’ll be a good start for you.”

I couldn’t believe that Harriet’s mum was so supportive. I thought she would have told me off. Then I realised it was really a lesson for Harriet as well as Wendy. As we went in my eye caught the pile of buttered scones and jam laid out with lots of other goodies on the kitchen table. Harriet’s mum followed my eyes.

“I’ll tell you what. After the makeup lessons, we’ll take these out to daddy and the men in the fields. They are baling the hay today.”

“I can’t go out like this.” I protested.

“No silly, we’ll wash it off after we’ve practiced.” Soothed Harriet’s mum.

So saying we went up to Harriet’s sister’s old room and her Mum led Wendy and Harriet through the basics. Then the phone rang.

“Yes. OK.”

“What’s wrong?” Asked Harriet.

“The Baler’s shed a drive chain and the mechanic won’t be out with a new chain until lunch time. They are coming here to eat an early lunch instead of in the fields. I’ll have to get the food out on the orchard table. Quick, give me a hand.”

“But I can’t go out like this.” I protested.

“Oh heck. There isn’t time to wash it off. It will take a hot shower after all the stuff that Wendy put on you. You don’t look too bad. We’ll pretend you are another girl from the high school and they won’t know any difference. Look, they’re coming up the lane already! Harriet and Wendy, start putting the food out in the orchard. I’ll get Robbie ready.”

“But Mrs Jones, I can’t go out dressed as a girl.”

“It’s OK. Jessica’s old clothes will fit you and one of her Drama College wigs will finish it off. When I’ve finished. I promise, nobody will know. I used to practice with Jessica for drama all the time.”

Reluctantly, I capitulated and sat on Jessica’s bed as Mrs Jones rummaged through her older daughter’s vast wardrobe.

“There, this one will suite you. Now take your sports shirt off and slip this long sleeved blouse on. You won’t need any bra. We’ll just pretend that you’re like Harriet and not developed yet.”

I swallowed nervously and extended my arms as Mrs Jones slipped the silky blouse over my shoulders. The soft slithery sensations were delightful and I twitched slightly as it whispered down my chest. Fortunately, Mrs Jones did not see my reactions for she had turned to get the girl’s jeans.

Put these on. Those are too dirty for a girl.”

“ I looked down and she was right. There were mud stains and an old grease stain from the barn on one of the pockets. Quickly, I undid my jeans and started to step out of them.

Too Late! I remembered I was still wearing Wendy’s frilly panties. My jeans were already down around my knees before I realised and Mr’s Jones’ eyes widened slightly with surprise.

“Dare I ask?” She smiled softly.

“I can explain. My Aunty Janet arrived and she dumped all my stuff in the laundry by mistake.”

“But so frilly. They really are pretty. Did you choose them?”

“No. That was Wendy. All her cotton ones were put in the wash as well. Aunty Janet must have been doing a white cotton wash or something.”

“I see. Well we won’t have to worry too much about underwear then will we. We’ll have to use your own trainers but all girls were trainers today, now, as to socks.”

She produced a pair of ankle socks with frilly tops but they worked with the trainers. Finally she produced the piece de-resistance, a beautiful wig with soft golden curls. My blond hair was the same colour as Wendy’s so this wig perfectly matched Wendy’s hair. After a few deft adjustments, Mrs Jones stood me in front of Jessica’s full-length mirror.

My keen artist’s eye for detail couldn’t find a single flaw and I was forced to admit she had been right. Apart from the lack of budding breasts, I was a dead ringer for Wendy. Even the hair was the same length except for the pretty girly curly style.

“There. Now you must admit Robbie, no one would ever tell. You can pretend to be Wendy’s cousin.”

I swallowed again then grinned. ‘She was right.’

Nervously, I descended the stairs and entered the Kitchen. Harriet let out a squeal and Wendy came rushing in from the orchard.

“Oh my gosh! Robbie, that’s fantastic! Where did you get the wig?”

“It’s one of Jessica’s,” answered Harriet, “I remember it from her A level Drama stuff.”

“Oh Heck here come the men. Quick let’s get this stuff finished.” Said Mrs Jones.

Without a second thought I took the last Apple tart and carefully carried it into the orchard just as the men sat down. The men didn’t even pay me a second glance. To them we were just a trio of eleven year old girls, helping Mrs Jones with the food. I returned with a large jug of cream and placed it by the tart. Mr Jones glanced at me.

“So who are you young lady?”

For a moment I was dumbstruck, then I found a girly voice.

“I’m Robbie, one of the girls from Harriet’s school.”

“Oh that’s nice. Are you related to Wendy? You look very similar.”

My heart thumped furiously and Wendy came to my rescue.

“She’s my half sister. That’s why mum broke up with my dad.”

Mr Jones had had enough problems with his own wayward son who had only just come out on parole after beating up a girl in the town, so he knew not to ask any more questions. Instead he turned to me and put me at my ease.

“D’you want a scone young lady?”

I nearly collapsed with relief. He didn’t realise I was really a boy. As the tray of scones was pushed in front of me, I needed no second asking and quickly sat between Wendy and Harriet as we pitched into the food. Suddenly, Wendy nudged me in the ribs and whispered in my ear.

“Eat more delicately. You’re supposed to be a girl.”

I noticed Mrs Jones trying to catch my gaze as she mouthed the same thing. I immediately slowed up and self-consciously cut the scone into smaller pieces instead of shoving the buttered half straight into my gaping jaw.

Soon, the noise of a van declared the mechanic’s arrival and the men left to attend the broken baling machine. After they left we fell about laughing.

“Robbie, you were great! Nobody had the faintest inkling.” Cackled Harriet.

“It’s a good job they were too hungry to notice a young lady shovelling scones down her mouth like a combine harvester.” Added Mrs Jones, “still you did very well Robbie. Come on, let’s get you cleaned up.”

“Eh. Can’t he stay like that until after?” Begged Wendy.

“Until After what?” Asked Mrs Jones

“Until we have to go home.” Finished Wendy.

Mrs Jones turned to me with a raised questioning eyebrow.

“What d’you want Robbie?”

I caught Wendy’s grin and realised she was having huge fun. I thought after hoodwinking all the men it would do no harm. We could play in the barn and nobody would see us. Besides, the silky blouse felt kind of nice. Girls were lucky to have nice stuff.

“OK then, until we have to go home.”

Mrs Jones nodded and we started clearing the table. After washing the dishes, we went off to play in the outbuildings. Later, Mr’s Jones appeared.

“The mechanic with the baler needs some oil and hydraulic stuff from the agricultural merchant’s. He’s phoned the order through on his mobile, so I’m just popping into town to collect it. I’ll be about an hour or so. D’you want to come or will you be OK here?”

“I can’t go like this Mrs Jones.” I protested.

“Well that’s true. It might cause a problem if your wig came off. I’ll be off now. The farmhouse is locked but I’ll only be about an hour.”

We thought no more about it, but after about half an hour we heard the phone ringing in the house. Harriet had forgotten to bring her key and we were locked out. However, we heard a distant car horn. When we looked across the fields we saw Aunty Janet’s car and realised that she had returned. She must have tried phoning then blown the car horn. She was standing by the cottage garden wall and waving at us to come home.

“Oh crickey! She’s seen us! What can I do now?” I wailed. “Just look at me.”

“Oh hell she’s bound to get angry if we don’t go back, and anyway, you’re right, she’s seen us.” Observed Wendy.

With my heart thumping furiously, the three of us galloped back to the cottage. Aunty Janet was unloading stuff out of the car when we arrived so Wendy offered to help whilst Harriet and I tried to sneak into the house. We failed.

“Whoa. Who’s that young lady with Harriet and where’s Robert?”

I froze with terror as she walked towards me with a parcel.

“Here young lady, you can carry this parcel in. Never go empty han, -”

She stopped in mid sentence as recognition dawned.

“Is that you Robert?”

I stood rooted in fear and nodded fearfully. However, instead of a frightful thrashing, Aunty Janet simply giggled then smiled and gently placed the parcel in my hands. Finally she spoke and stroked my body through the soft silky blouse.

“Well go on young lady. Be a pet and take that up to my bedroom, then come down and help with the rest.”

When I returned, Aunty Janet was holding out the last parcels and talking to Wendy and Harriet.

“So who’s idea was it?”

“Mine,” confessed Wendy.”

“And he didn’t object?” Pressed our Aunty.

“Well. Yes, but we were in a hurry, the men were coming from the, -“

“Oh I don’t want to know the ins and outs. It just surprises me that he didn’t refuse point blank at the time. Now lets get this shopping in. There’ll be some nice surprises in here for you and perhaps Robbie as well. Talk about serendipity.”

At that moment, Angela emerged from the kitchen and completely failed to recognise me. I froze for a moment expecting Aunty Janet to expose me by introducing me but instead she simply told Angela to go and watch the television. Then she invited us upstairs. “Come on. Let’s go and open these surprises.”

We clambered onto my old bed and sat agog as Janet opened the parcels.

“These are for you Wendy. I thought some of your underwear was looking a bit shabby.”

As she spoke, she held up some delightfully frilly lingerie and Wendy’s eye widened with delight.

“Gosh! Aunty Janet, these are super!”

As Wendy modelled them against herself, Aunty Janet opened another parcel then held up some more lingerie and smiled knowingly.

“These are mine. A lady likes to feel good.”

She rummaged again and produced some smaller stuff.

“These are Angela’s. I’ll give them to her later.”

Then to our surprise she produced a lovely pair for Harriet. Harriet squealed with delight.

“Oh! Mr’s Williams! I had no idea. These are lovely. Can I go and try them on?”

“You can put them on here if we’re all to be girls together.

She smirked knowingly at me and I did not know whether to laugh or be upset. I suppose it was because I looked so exactly like a girl with my made up face and soft blond curls that Harriet did not give me a second thought. She immediately slipped off her jeans and plain cotton pants to change into the lovely new frilly panties. Then she pranced about in her blouse and panties showing them off.

“These are lovely!”

Harriet hugged herself tightly then smoothed her fingers over her silk clad bum in front of the mirror. Aunty Janet smiled and stroked Harriet’s made up face as she spoke.

“Well a girl who’s now using makeup, should have some proper lingerie shouldn’t they.” Observed Aunty Janet.

Harriet beamed. It felt so nice to be treated like an adult. She turned to Wendy.

“Aren’t you going to put yours on?”

Wendy hesitated for a moment for her lingerie set included a bra. She would have to expose her soft budding tits. She frowned for a moment then shrugged as she exchanged glances with me. ‘If Harriet could stand in front of me in a pair of frilly panties, then so could she. After all hadn’t she and I been showering together that very morning.’

She raised a questioning eyebrow to Aunty Janet who nodded slightly.

“It’s OK by me darling, as I said just now; we’re all girls together, aren’t we?”

Wendy made face and swallowed as she tugged at her belt buckle and slipped out of her jeans. Then she slipped off her blouse and stood there in the bra and panties that I had seen her put on that morning. Wendy could be quite a little minx at times and I caught he knowing little smile as she turned her back to me.

“Robbie, can you undo my bra.”

Well things had gone so far, it would have seemed churlish of me to refuse. I deftly unclipped the bra with two fingers of one hand and Wendy giggled as she slipped the bra off her front. Aunty Janet’s eyes narrowed suspiciously as she spoke to me.

You managed that very easily young lady. Have you done that often?”

“N, - no.” I mumbled nervously. “I’m just good with my fingers.”

As I said it, I realised how this could have sounded to Aunty Janet’s strange mind. I hoped she hadn’t taken it to mean anything naughty. However, Harriet gave a little giggle thus declaring her precocity. This was a big mistake for Aunty Janet recognised Harriet’s thoughts and she smirked as her mind ticked busily.

“Well then you’d better help your sister with putting her new bra back on.”

Since Harriet had not expressed any fears or reservations, my twin sister Wendy became a little bolder. She turned to me with her puffy little nipples and proffered me the lovely new bra. As I held it, Janet took it from me and smiled as she explained to me.

“It’s a bit more advanced than a trainer bra, my darling. See, the cups have got a little bit of gel in them to help with support. This is designed to help your sister become more lady like.”

So saying Aunty Janet held the bra against me then cupped my boyish chest as she turned me to face the girls.

“See how the cups make you look bigger, even when there’s nothing there.”

Both Harriet’s and Wendy’s eyes widened as my face went a little pink. Janet noted my embarrassment and smiled as she brushed my cheeks.

“Don’t worry pet. Every young lady likes it when she gets her first bra or grows to the next size.”

I desperately wanted to shout that I was not a young lady, but Aunty Janet had a notorious temper and I didn’t want to create a scene in front of Harriet. Anyway, Harriet seemed to be enjoying herself and she was my best friend after my twin sister Wendy. Janet continued as though gently encouraging me but I knew it was an act. She was the iron fist inside the velvet glove.

“Well come on darling, Wendy’s getting cold.”

My aunty was right. Wendy’s nipples had started to stiffen and were sticking out. My twin smirked knowingly and extended her arms for me to slide the new bra up over her shoulders, then she turned around and proffered her soft slender back to me. The new catch seemed a little trickier than the old one because the chest band was tighter and the hooking eyelets were unworn. Then I had to fiddle with the chest band and slide my fingers around under the band to make it sit comfortably under Wendy’s little breasts. My fingers ‘accidentally’ brushed against her nipples and she gave a little gasp as she squirmed. Aunty Janet’s eyes noted everything but she said nothing. Instead, she motioned to Wendy to come to her and she made the final adjustments to the soft gel filled pads in the cups. When she had finished, Wendy seemed to have lovely tits and even a suggestion of some cleavage. Harriet’s eyes widened, ‘a little jealously,’ I thought, as Janet caught Harriet’s expression.

“Would you like to try one on? I’ve bought several sets for Wendy. I’m sure she wont mind.”

Harriet hesitated and looked at Wendy but my sister was too engrossed in her own appearance. She nodded absently as she turned in the full-length mirror that Aunty Janet bad brought with her when she moved in to my old room. Aunty Janet smiled again.

“That bra would look nicer with the matching panties.”

Without a moment’s hesitation, Wendy slipped off her old panties and stepped into the new matching pair. I had to admit, she looked absolutely stunning. Harriet’s lower lip trembled a bit then she spoke wistfully.

“I hope my boobs grow soon.”

Aunty Janet smiled.

“They will look like they have with these new gel filled young miss bra’s. They are every young lady’s little secret helper. Here try this one.

She held out a lovely pale green lacy one and Harriet’s fingers trembled as she took it.

“Can Robbie help me put it on?”

“Why of course she can. Be a good girl Robbie.”

By now I was in far too deep to object, and besides, I was beginning to enjoy it. Harriet slipped out of her top and stood now in only her new panties. I noted that the Bra matched the panties, but I did not make the connection, that Aunty Janet may have been planning this from the very beginning. I also noted, that Harriet’s nipples were also beginning to bud. There was no sign of any puffiness or swelling under her nipples, but the circles around her nipples were slightly darker and her nipples stuck out slightly.

I wondered why I had never noticed before for we had often bathed in the pond at the back of Harriet’s farm. Harriet had thought nothing of just swimming in her pants. I took the bra and motioned with my head for Harriet to turn around. This time the catch proved no problem and a quickly adjusted the chest band to make it comfortable. Having become an expert already, I slid my fingers around under the chest band then deftly sneaked a gentle soft caress of Harriet’s nipples and felt her twitch licentiously. Aunty Janet also noticed, but again, she said nothing, although she caught my eye and nodded her head very, very slowly. Harriet now joined Wendy in front of the full-length mirror and they both preened and primped themselves like two models on the catwalk.

Aunty Janet then turned to me.

“I’ve got some new underwear for you as well young man. The stuff you put in Wendy’s drawer was not fit to be seen in, that’s why I got rid of it. Now put these on.”

She delved into another bag and took out a pair of plain cotton pants but this time I remembered I was wearing a pair of Wendy’s panties underneath the girly jeans.

“I cant change here; not in front of the girls.”

“Why not indeed? They’ve just changed in front of you.”

Harriet and Wendy spun round in chorus.

“Yeah! Why not? Look at us, we’re still in our undies.”

I gazed at Wendy beseechingly, but it was obvious she had forgotten that I was still wearing her panties under Jessica’s jeans. I moved nervously for the door but Aunty Janet was not having it. She seized my wrist and grinned.

“Come, come now Robbie. Why shouldn’t you change in front of the other girls? There’s nothing to be afraid of.”

My heart sank as I realised I was totally trapped. Aunty Janet unbuckled my belt and then motioned for me to take my jeans off. She had already noticed that the jeans’ waist button opened to the ladies side I felt my world collapsing around me as I slowly unzipped the jeans and let them slide inch by inch to the floor. Aunty Janet’s eyes widened with amusement and Wendy gasped as she remembered the events of the morning. However, the biggest reaction came from Harriet. She let out a squeal of delight before giggling hysterically then bending down to inspect my very frilly panties.

“Are those yours?” She chuckled. “Why they’re lovely. D’you always wear panties?”

I was struck dumb with shame and Wendy tried to explain but Aunty Janet butted in.

“Well, well. I didn’t think you’d gone the whole hog when you changed over darling. They are a very pretty pair and very frilly. Do they feel nice?

Her question caught me by surprise and I nodded dumbly before realising what I’d done. They did feel nice, but not ‘in that way. I did not mean it to sound as if I liked wearing them. The trouble was that I secretly found the silky nylon to be great. I had tried to make it sound sort of ‘matter of fact, as if the nylon silky feel felt nice, like the cat’s fur felt nice, or glass felt smooth in a matter of fact sort of way.

I hadn’t meant it to sound like something girly or sexy.

Once again I had said something with an unknown innuendo due to my immaturity. Janet smiled again as she replaced my cotton pants back in the bag.

“Well, I think we’ll have to go and exchange these for something more agreeable to your taste. What do the rest of you say, girls?”

The girls giggled nervously but agreed, thinking the whole thing was a joke. Once again I reflect now, if we had but known.

“All right girls, get dressed, if we’re quick, we’ll get back before the shops shut.”

“But I can’t go into town like this!” I pleaded.

“Why not? Nobody’s recognised you so far and that curly wig looks lovely. You look just like Wendy’s adorable cousin. Come on now. Quickly! Into the car.”

“What about Angela?” I protested, hoping to put a fly in the ointment.

“She’s asleep. I gave her something in her milk to make her nap. Don’t you worry about her.”

This was my last hope. I felt totally defeated. Feeling utterly crushed, I followed the girls to the car and Janet returned with us to town. Throughout the journey I simply cringed in the rear seat.

“Here we are.” Observed Aunty Janet as she pulled into a delivery yard behind the large new store. “This is the shop I will be managing after the school holidays. They know me already so we can park in the staff parking slots.”

As we walked round to the main front doors I felt as though every pair of eyes were boring through me but Wendy and Harriet reassured me that I looked just like a girl. It seems bizarre but I was actually relieved to be passing for a girl but the alternative of being ‘read’ would have been nightmarish. I was dreading what would happen inside the shop but there was no escape. As Wendy and Harriet took me to the lingerie section, Aunty Janet returned my cotton pants for an exchange voucher. She joined us as I tried to be invisible amidst the slips and petticoats whilst Wendy and Harriet had a high old time in the lingerie. Aunty Janet soon took control and they selected some items. My blood froze when I realised that they were matching sets of bras and panties. Worse still, the panties were the frilliest I had ever seen.

‘Surely Aunty Janet couldn’t be serious’, I thought.

I was sadly mistaken however for I was frog-marched into the changing rooms and made to undress. It did not help that Wendy and Harriet attended in full support of Aunty Janet as we squeezed into the large disable person’s cubicle.

Once inside, I was stripped naked and my wig removed as Aunty Janet, Wendy and Harriet made me try at least a dozen different matching bra and panty sets.

“Which ones do you prefer Robbie?” Asked Aunty Janet loud enough for the whole changing area to hear.

I mumbled uncertainly and pointed to the blue pair. The only illogical thought going through my shattered brain being ‘blue for a boy, pink for a girl.’ Aunty Janet’s eyes widened with a smile.

“Oh yes. I like those as well, and look; they are certainly the frilliest panties. I would never have had you down for such a lover of frilly panties,” agreed Aunty Janet. “We’ll take twelve in that style and in all the different colours because I get a staff discount if I buy more than six items. What you don’t like, Wendy or Harriet can have. They are a pretty style aren’t they? Just look at all these lovely frills!”

Aunty Janet ran her long slender fingers through the sheer nylon panties and flicked the thick frills. I cursed myself for being so hasty. Because I had gone with the ‘blue for a boy’ idea, I had inadvertently chosen the set with the frilliest panties. I could have kicked myself! Wendy fingered the bra cups and then grinned at me.

“And look, they also have these gel pads to make you look bigger. I like them, what about you Harriet?”

Harriet would have chosen anything that made her look as ‘grown up’ as Wendy so she nodded her head vigorously.

“That’s it then girls,” finished Aunty Janet as she proffered the blue bra and panty set to me. “Now you can put these on darling while I go and sort out the rest. Wendy, you come with me while Harriet helps Robbie with her new bra.”

Before I had a chance to protest, Wendy and Aunty Janet had gathered up the rest of the stuff and were walking out of the changing area. I didn’t notice that she had also taken my old clothes. Harriet was wearing a huge smile as she bent down to collect the panties then held out the frilly blue creations for me to step into.

“These are really nice,” she sighed, “if your Aunty Janet keeps her word, I hope you’ll let me share them. I like the high waist and all these frills.”

“You can have them all for all I care.” I grumbled as I stepped into the silky blue leg holes and slid them up my legs..

I had to admit though they did feel nice. I thought again to myself; ‘why oh why did girls get all the nice stuff?’

My artist’s eye could not help but be attracted to the pretty image of frills and lace. As I drew the panties up to my waist I unconsciously ran my fingers around the inside of the elasticated waistband then let it snap softly against my tummy. Harriet looked up and smiled. She had recognised my typically girlish appreciation of a favoured item.

“See. You do like them don’t you?” She giggled as she looked up into my eyes.

I crimsoned as I realised I had subconsciously given my preferences away. The silky material did feel nice against my bum and I felt my little penis starting to betray my feelings as the same silky caress excited him. Fortunately the thick frills helped to disguise his rising pleasure but he would soon grow to a size that could not hide my excitement. . The only way to take Harriet’s eyes away from the panties was to draw her attention to the bra.

“Can you pass me the bra?” I asked as I realised that this request would cast my pref


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Wow, this is an AWESOME story, hoping for a chapter two!

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In the sequel you should have the aunt slowly feminize him by things like hormones in his food and hypnosis tapes while he sleeps causeing his penis to shrink and for him to grow a vagina and make something happen between the constantly feminizing Robbie and his sister. And please keep the same attention to details that you did in this story.

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