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by Sexy21id


So here I was staring at my email mailbox dumbfounded. The subject line read "I know your secret, Dane". The thing was it was sent to my normally checked e-mail not the one I used for my secret, or apparently my old secret. I opened it and there was a pic of me from earlier this year, wearing the Teddy I bought for my my family being gone, and painting my nails. Underneath it was written: if you don't want your family to find out about your secret you must do exactly as I say. E-mail me back immediately and await for my response. In your e-mail I want you to try to describe how you feel right now, knowing that someone has the power to bring down all you love, with just one e-mail or phone call. I look forward to hearing from you GIRL.
Sincerly, Mistress.
I hit reply on the e-mail and just stared at the screen. Contemplating who the hell would do this, and how was I not aware when they were taking pictures. I could of swore I checked all the blinds. But its too late right now, this person holds all the cards, and I might as well see what they are planning, because if all else fails I could just tell my wife about my desires, and then the truth is we'll get a divorce knowing her. But then it would be my call and not some person blackmailing me.
So I decide to start typing:
Mistress, I have no idea how you got those pics, but I'm willing to do what you want to keep my secret safe. My first thought was HOLY FUCK how the hell is this happening to me, and then I thought of my family and realized you could bring it all down. So I'm surrendering to you to do what you wish.
I hit send and the next 24 hours felt like a whole month. But she immediately responded.
The sad thing is one you start leaving a trail on the internet, there is no such thing as a secret. The stories you post, the forums you respond to, the sites you visit, I know it all. But I'm glad you took the smart road and have just surrendered, because just in case you told me to blow it off I also have all your friends and family e-mails and addresses with everything all ready explained in a letter, and with other pics. Ones I didn't send you. But lets just say you don't want your Mom to see these ones. Now for starters I want you to go buy a pink pair of silk panties and matching lipstick. I know you have Wednesdays off from work, so you will tell your wife you have a meeting to go to that day. Tell her it's a training meeting. :) You will then come over to my house wearing your pink panties and your lips painted a pretty pink. I expect you at 10 in the morning, and not a second later. I expect promptness from my girl, and if your early that will show you have initiative, and that will help in the long run. My address is 3456 W State Street. Look forward to seeing my girl,
I stare at the screen trying to comprehend what the hell I've gotten myself into, and surprisingly very aroused. I look down at my cock and swear at it for giving me such a thrill while thinking about being a sexy girl. I start to look at the internet at different sites for panties. Trying to find cheap ones, but sexy. I stop at Walmart's site and find a 4 pack of smart and sexy thong all different varieties of pink. Once again my other brain starts to betray me thinking about wearing those sexy thongs. The next day on the way to work I stopped and purchased my thongs and lipstick. I bet I was a site holding my four pack of thongs, and skimming through the makeup aisle. I got many looks, but I just shrugged them off. I picked out Papparzi Pink by revlon, and then wait up to the checkout. It being early there was only one cashier and just my luck she was a gorgeous blonde. I put my items on the counter and she smiles a little bit. She says the pink will look great on me, and she says she has the same thongs and just loves them. I became the brightest red, and paid and told her thank you. She tells me have fun, and I'm on my way.
At work nothing really happens until around 3 when i get a text from a number I have never seen. "How's my "special" girl doing? I hope you got your panties and lipstick for wednesday. Mistress." I'm shocked. This woman knows everything about me, and I'm basically now her play thing. I'm fucked, and theres no and or ifs about it. I get home and check my e-mail and sure enough theres another e-mail.
My special girl. Only two more days till we start having some real fun. Are you excited? I'd love to see what you looked at panties wise. So you will now send me the links you researched and pics of all the panties you considered, but do not tell me which ones you picked. And tonight when your wife goes to bed I want you to paint your lips with your new lipstick and rub yourself with the girliest lotion your wife has. Because I know deep down all you've been thinking about today is wanting to wear those thongs and lipstick you bought at wal-mart this morning around 7. Sincerely,
I start thinking to myself was she there this morning. But then i realize if she was I have no idea who she is so how would I know. That night I do exactly what Mistress tells me too, and loved every minute of it. The waxy pink feeling on my lips as I touched my body with the lotion. I felt very girly, and very sexy. And it felt good. I slept like a good girl that night. Dreaming of wearing sexy dresses, and going to salons. I wake up in a cold sweat realizing I still have the lipstick on I rush to the bathroom and rub it off, before my wife wakes up, and I just barely make it. She comes into the bathroom right after I threw away the toilet paper I used to wipe off my pink lips. Phew, that was close. She goes downstairs and I check my email. Nothing, hmm. Mistress must still be sleeping. I check again at night and still nothing. I start thinking to myself is this all some kind of sick nightmare I dreamed up. When the next day I get text, "Dane, can't wait to see your pink pantied booty, and see you in sexy pink papparazzi lips." I turn off my phone and don't respond.
I wake up Wednesday before my wife and put on my panties and then my work clothes. She asks how long my meeting will be and I tell her all day. She smiles and gives me a kiss and says Have Fun! Oh I will. I head out its 9 when I leave, so I decide to get a coffee to calm my nerves. I stop and get a mocha and just sit there and nurse it thinking about what the hell is about to happen. I feel into my pocket and feel the lipstick. Then my pocket starts to vibrate with another text, "Be a good girl and pick me up a mocha". I immediately purchase a mocha and then leave for my waiting doom. I go to her house and take the lipstick out and apply it to my eager lips. I blot on a tissue I have in the car, and just stare at my sexy pink lips in the mirror. Grab the mocha and head for the door. The time is 9:45 before I can knock a gorgeous brunette woman answers the door, "Dane, so nice to finally meet you. And such sexy PINK lips. And I'm just taking a guess and saying you bought the four pack of pink thongs at wal-mart. I can't wait to get started on you GIRLIE!." I just blush and start to tear up. She takes me into her arms and whispers in my ear, "It's ok even big girls cry. But I promise we'll have lots of fun, and you'll love every minute of it."
To Be Continued (if people want more)


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Love the story so far
Please post more

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i would like to see another chapter of this story myself please.

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