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Maid to Fuck (obedience, exhibition, group sex)

by computerf58

Maid to Fuck (obedience, exhibition, group sex)

Maid to Fuck (obedience, exhibition, group sex)

She sat quietly at his feet, her arms wrapped around his leg, as he finished his phone conversation.

"The game starts at eight. I've arranged for a little maid to serve refreshments." He grinned at her. "See you then."

She closed her eyes, involuntarily squeezed his leg, and gulped. Master had just finished telling her what would be required of her tomorrow night. But only after listening to his conversation with one of his poker-playing buddies, did the full impact of the situation dawn on her. Her anticipation, her fears, her excitement, and her need to please Him collided in mid brain.

As he set the receiver back in its cradle, he twirled a lock of her hair between his fingers. "What are you thinking, Sweet?"

She chewed on her lip. She thought about answering, "Nothing, Master, but thought the better of it. She wiggled her bottom, as she remembered the last time she had avoided telling him her feelings.

"Master, my feelings are all jumbled up. You know I want to please you, but I'm afraid too."

He patted her head. "Of course, Sweet, but you know I'll take care of you." He reached down and with a single motion pulled her up into his chest. "You're mine."

She looked up into his eyes, as he continued. "You're mine and no one will ever harm you, but" His voice deepened. "I want this."

She lowered her eyes and shook her head up and down. "Yes, Master. I'll obey." She forced the corners of her lips to turn upward. "I'll obey with a smile, Master."

"Good girl." He answered as he hugged her.

Like every time before, nothing but his approval mattered.

The next day passed quickly and long before she wished, the clock hands pointed to nearly eight.

Mincing down the hall, his French maid nearly forgot what was to come. As she approached him, even her thoughts quieted as her eyes automatically lowered.

He smiled as he examined her.

"Turn," he ordered. She slowly twirled. The starched black skirt barely covered her bottom. He smiled as he noticed the thong he had permitted her to wear. The lacy tops of her black thighs were exposed as she precariously balanced on four 4" black heels. "Turn," he commanded again. As she spun, her breasts almost burst from the top of the short sleeved square neck top. He reached a finger into the front of her blouse and rubbed a hardening nipple. She moaned.

He liked the little white lace-trimmed apron that completed the outfit.

"Are the refreshments ready, Sweet?" He asked.

"Yes, Sir," she answered meekly. "I have sandwiches, chips, and carrot cake, Sir. I also have the beer, Sir."

"Ice tea, coffee or soda is good tonight." He answered.

She winced. She had hoped they were going to drink because she knew he wouldn't allow anyone drinking to play with her. It was a rule that insured her safety. Her chest heaved when the doorbell rang. He pulled her towards him and hugged her. "It's going to be fine, Sweet. Now go welcome my guests."

She sighed, as she enjoyed the momentary comfort of his arms, then responded. "Yes, Sir." She pranced towards the door, pressing her skirt downward. As she opened the door, she pasted a smile on her face. "Good evening, Gentlemen." Three of the guests, all towering over her, stared down and into the depth of her cleavage.

"Nice tits," Lance grinned as he pushed his way into the room.

She stepped back, as the other two followed him inside. "May I get, you something to drink?" She asked, hoping that they would say beer.

Lance grinned. "I'm playing Poke-Her tonight, so bring me a coke."

She glanced downward and silently screamed "dammitðdammitðdammit.

The other two indicated that iced tea was their choice. She returned quickly with a tray laden with two sodas and two teas. Master liked soda.

She set the tray on the server and placed the glasses atop coasters in front of each of the men.

As she finished, the door rang again. She flounced towards the door and greeted the other two players with the same smile. "The others are in the living room, Gentlemen."

They followed as she led the way.

After their greetings, she asked the new arrivals what they wished to drink. Both wanted sodas. Before going into the kitchen, she turned to her Master. "The refreshments are set out, Sir."

He smiled at her. "Thank you, Sweet." Then turning to his guests, he invited them to dine. "Before we begin the game, how about some sandwiches?"

They readily agreed. They had all sampled Sweet's cooking and knew they would enjoy a culinary treat.

They weren't disappointed. She had prepared hot roast beef and cheese heaped on a hoagie; it resembled a philly steak sandwich. The chips were crunchy and not too salty. And at each place a large slice of carrot cake topped with a cream cheese icing awaited them.

As they ate, she silently stood against the wall. Her master glanced at her. He noticed that her fingers were rubbing against each other and that she was biting her lip.

"Sweet?" he quietly called.

"Yes, Sir?" She answered.

He beckoned her with a nod. "Come 'ere, lil girl."

She smiled at the name and moved towards him. He took her hand and gently tugged her closer. He pulled her head downward and whispered in her ear. " Relax, Girl. You will enjoy it, Sweet. You will please me. Now smile."

Her countenance lit up and her hand flew to cover her lips. "Yes, Sir."

She stepped back against the wall and watched his guests finish their meal. Then quietly she removed the empty plates and cleaned off the table. She refilled the glasses as her master retrieved the cards and chips from the closet shelf.

"Gentlemenðtonight we'll play for stakes you'll enjoy. I offer as my first ante, the apron of our maid." He then added. "If you win the hand you can removed her apron then touch and enjoy any skin uncovered. You can play with her until the next hand is finished. The winner of that hand will then take your place. Although I'll deal and ante, I will not play until after the first hand."

She blushed as a couple of them cheered. She knew without looking that at least one of the five was drooling. Lance couldn't resist a comment. "If I win, I'm going to rub that cunt right through those black panties. She'll squirm, you wait and see."

She held her breath as the cards were dealt and called.

Hal, one her Master's co-workers, won the hand.

He grinned, as he rose to claim his winnings. She wobbled as he neared her. Hal pulled her to his chest, reached his hands behind her and unfastened the bow. He set the apron aside as he kissed her hard on the mouth and pressed her breasts against his chest. His tongue pushed its way into her mouth. He rubbed a hard cock against her and rubbed his fingers across the skin exposed between her thigh highs and her thong.

As he fondled her, she heard her Master. "Skirt." She vaguely recognized a tingle racing through her body.

She stared at the floor. Her knees, clutched together, were shaking as Hal continued to touch her.

She tried to not think about it. She wasn't really afraid. So why was she shaking? To her chagrin, she realized what was going on. She closed her eyes and her face flushed. She was aroused. "Dammit'. She was enjoying this despite the humiliation.

The hand was over. Ritch had won. As Hal released her, he whispered hoarsely into her ear. "I'm gonna really enjoy the next time."

As Ritch approached her, she considered his appearance. He wasn't bad looking. A little overweight and balding, but....

Her thoughts were interrupted as he spoke. "Okay, honey. Give me that skirt."

Her hands slowly unfastened the button. She slipped the stiffly starched short black skirt down over her hips. She handed the clothing to him. And there she stood in dark thigh highs, heels, a black thong, and her blouse.

He took her hand and led her to his chair. He turned his chair away from the table, sat down and then pulled her over his knee. He spread her legs with his hand and rubbed his fingers along her the bare skin of her thighs.

She moaned softly.

He ran a finger over the black satin strap that covered the crack of her ass. He let it wander up to the slit of her pussy. He cupped her cunt.

She squirmed. She moaned.

"Get up, Girl. Sit on my knee."

She rose and straddled his knee. Her face was red.

"Rub against it." He commanded.

He held her as she did as he ordered. She shuddered and moaned as six sets of eyes watched her.

The voice of her Master added another order. "Remember, you are not allowed to cum without permission, Sweet."

She looked up at him for only a moment then cast her eyes downward. "Yes, Sir."

After a few minutes and a few moans, she heard her Master speak again. "Time for the next hand."

As the game continued, Ritch rubbed his hands over her and rocked his knee against her pussy.

"Her shirt is my ante." Her master said.

She moaned as he continued to touch her skin. It embarrassed her to have her legs spread wide, but the pleasure was overwhelming.

She clinched her teeth when she heard Lance whoop. He had won.

He leered as he pulled her off Ritch's knee. "Up against the wall and Spread your legs, pussygirl." He said as he pushed his knee between her legs. She moaned as she felt the pressure of his leg pressed against her private place.

He pushed her back against the wall as he quickly unbuttoned her blouse and freed the soft flesh underneath. He didn't even remove her blouse. He just grabbed both nipples with the tips of his fingers.

"What a pig," she thought.

Her face winced as he squeezed the hardening nubs. He bent his head and took a nipple into his mouth. He sucked on it. She squirmed on his leg.

Although her eyes were closed, she just knew the others were watching the spectacle. She wanted it to end. She wanted it to continue. She was embarrassed. She was aroused. She didn't know what she wanted.

He released the hard pink knob and quickly sucked the other nipple into his mouth. As he sucked he held her against him and moved his leg slowly back and forth.

"She's hot." He panted, as he continued the friction of leg against thigh.

The game continued. "Panties." Her Master said, as the cards were dealt. Lance continued his attention. He whispered coarsely in her ear. "I bet you're wet, slut."

His kissed her harshly. She wrinkled her nose.

"I'm gonna get some of that pussy tonight." He kissed her again. His tongue slathered her face. "I'm gonna ride you, baby."

She hated that she wanted it. She was horrified by the need she felt raging through her loins.

She squirmed on his leg. She moaned.

And then John was standing next to Lance. "My turn. I get the panties." He chuckled, as he pulled her off Lance's knee.

He slipped his thumb inside the thong and pulled it downward. In one motion they were at her ankles. He lifted her leg. In a flash she was standing against the wall wearing only thigh highs and heels.

She felt fingers prying into her private place. He found the wetness. "She's wet."

Her Master smiled.

John looked at her Master. "Care if I lay her down and make her cum?"

The card players cleared off the table. And her Master lifted her onto the top. "Spread your legs, Sweet." He ordered.

John pulled on the stainless steel ring pierced through her clit hood. He rubbed her clit.

As the men watched, she moaned and shivered with arousal.

Her Master smiled. "Cum when you are ready, Sweet."

She shivered, as her pussy tingled. She moaned. John continued his rubbing the hard little pink nub.

She just wanted to cum now. She had forgotten embarrassment.

Her moans increased in frequency. She shook as the waves of pleasure washed over her.

"Oh, MasterðOh Master" she cried as she came.

As the ripples of pleasure softened and her heart slowed, she wondered how she would feel after they fucked her. She wondered if her Master would still want her.

She was afraid now that the need to cum had past. Only her Master's presence made things okay.

She closed her eyes. She had never been with two men, much less five. She bit her lip, but said nothing as she felt hands grab her shoulders. She felt a hard, nameless cock push into her. She felt full. Then it began to move back and forth; in and out. The intensity of the push and pull increased.

"Oh Babyðyou're tight."

She said nothing as the cock slammed in and out of her. She was overwhelmed by the feelings. It wasn't what she expected. It didn't hurt, but there were no feelings. She was just an outlet.

She felt a hand on her cheek. She opened her eyes and looked into the face of her Master. He smiled. She turned the corners of her lips upward. "Relax, honey. Enjoy it."

She mouthed the words, but no sound came out. "Yes, Master."

He continued to touch her face, as his friend pounded her. Ritch began to grunt. Short staccato bursts. "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Bitch. Bitch. Bitch." He growled as he shot his wad into her.

She relaxed when she realized he had finished. He pulled his cock out. Ritch smiled down at her. "Nice, Girlðvery nice."

She blushed, blinked her eyes, and shrugged her shoulders. "One down, four to go," She thought.

He turned to her Master. "Thanks for sharing. I'll play poke-her anytime you ask. And now, I think I'll get that beer."

After disposing of his prophylactic and adjusting his dick, he zipped his pants, he headed toward the kitchen.

Sweet heard the pop of a can opening, as Lance unzipped his pants, pulled out his hard dick, and put a condom on.

He mounted her quickly. The other three and Master watched as he began to hump her.

She hated him. He was so crude. "Oh Baby. Oh Baby. You're so tight." He barely had the words out before he began to ejaculate. "Oh shitð.shitðshit." She smirked as he pulled out. "Thanks. I gotta get a beer." He rushed towards the kitchen with his limp dick still in his hand.

Sweet wondered momentarily about Hal and John. The fifth man, Tom hadn't said a word or even touched her. She wondered where he was. Her eyes searched the room. Ahðthere he was sitting on the couch and staring at her spread legs. She blushed as she realized again what a spectacle she presented.

Hal was next in line. His cock, already sheathed, was vibrating. As he climbed atop her, he kneaded her left tit. Then he kissed her gently, as he slid his cock inside her moist cunt.

A little moan slipped past her lips.

He whispered in her ear. "It'll be good for you." He began to pump slowly, rhythmically. "Put your arms around me." He whispered again. "I won't hurt you."

She hugged him stiffly. She didn't know what Master wanted. She felt her Master's hand twirling her hair. He leaned over and she heard his words. "It's okay. Relax and enjoy it."

She smiled as Hal continued his slow and easy pace.

As she hugged him and looked upward, she realized that she had never counted the ceiling tiles in this room. Dammit. She needed what Master offered. Vanilla just didn't do it for her.

Hal pumped slowly, evenly, for five minutes more. He squeezed her closer to him as he felt the waves wash over his senses. He squeezed tighter as he moaned a long deep wail.

She felt the pulsation of his penis as it spurted several times. His body shook. He held her closely as he kissed her neck and ear.

She just wished Master was on top of her.

Hal rose then. He patted her cheek. "You're a sweetie." He smiled down at her. He looked at her owner. "Thanks. You've got a treasure here. I can't believe she'll do this for you. "

John was next. He was the one who had made her cum. As she lay on the table, he looked down at her and leered. "Wanna cum again, slut?"

She didn't know what to say. Her arms were at her side. Her Master watched as her fingers involuntarily began to twist and rub against her hips. She looked at Master. She didn't know what to think. She just wanted it over.

John's fingers slipped into her pussy. He curled a finger and rubbed it against the sides of her slit. Then he began to circle her clit. He felt it hardened.She moaned. She was feeling so warm again. Her skin was tingling. He quickly unbuttoned his jeans, slipped a condom on and pushed himself into her. It felt good. She was excited again. She moaned, as he roughly pumped her. He grabbed her tits and continued to pump.

He grunted. He groaned. He pushed himself deeply inside and then withdrew, stopping short of removal. Again and again he repeated the process. He closed his eyes and felt the pleasure of being inside a woman.

Sweet moaned. She was responding. She began to pant. "Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Ohhhhhh"

And then he came with a loud groan. He continued to slip downward and draw upward, but the intensity had passed. After he caught his breath, he pulled completely out.

Master handed him a tissue that John used to remove the condom. He tossed it into the trash. Then as he zipped his pants, he leaned over and kissed her on the forehead. "Thank you for the evening," he said to her owner. " She's lovely."

He glanced at his watch and grinned. "Hate to fuck and run, but I gotta drop by the office before I head home." He raised his voice slightly as he called to the three who were drinking beer as they watched the spectacle of Sweet's first gang bang. "Later, Guys."

Sweet looked over at Tom. He sat for a moment longer. The he rose and walked over to the table where Sweet lay with legs spread. He looked at her Master. "I want to fuck her doggie style. I want her on hands and knees."

Her Master chuckled. "Okay, Guys. Off the couch." He pulled his slave into a sitting position and then picked her up and carried to the now empty couch.

He set her on all fours. "Head down. Ass high."

"Yes, Sir." She responded automatically. He pulled her legs wider.

She had recovered enough to feel the shame of being exposed like this. She could hear Lance's voice, but couldn't understand what he was saying. It had to be rude she concluded. She felt fingers prying into her pussy and caressing her clit. She responded to the friction. Her legs wobbled and her thighs shook uncontrollably. She moaned.

Then she felt a finger circling her anus. Her eyes popped open. She stared into the back of the couch as the warm digit was inserted into her hole. She wiggled her ass.

She wanted to die.

They were watching this. Those men were watching.

Then she heard her Master's voice. "Hey, Tom. You can fuck her pussyðI'm not offering anything else tonight."

The finger was instantly withdrawn and she sighed audibly.

Tom wasted no time. She sucked in her breath as a cock plumbed the depth of her pussy. He fingered her clit as he pushed his hard dick in and out. He varied the speed and depth of his strokes.

She relaxed and moaned. Tom continued for more than ten minutes before finally experiencing the pleasure of orgasm.

After he pulled his cock out, he continued to finger her. The waves began to wash over her for the second time during the evening. Her breathing slowed. Whimpers slipped past her lips as she trembled. Little moans and cries echoed against the couch. "Permission? Permission? Permission, Master? Please. Please. Master?"

"You have permission, Sweet." His voice commanded.

Her moans deepened as tremors of pleasure jetted through her body.

Sudden exhaustion overcame her. She slumped sideways only to be caught by Tom's strong arms. Tom kissed her on the cheek as her eyelids heavy with fatigue closed.

She remembered being laid on the couch and covered with her little blanket. She wasn't aware of much except arms around her.

Vaguely she recognized water running. Then she felt warm all over after Master lifted her into the bathtub.

He gently lathered her up and then rinsed the suds away. She smiled weakly as he toweled her dry.

He kissed her as he guided her to bed.

"Rest, sweet. You pleased me tonight. Tomorrow we'll talk about this."

"Yes, Master, " she mumbled as she drifted off to sleep.


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