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soccor star

by mattgunn

soccor star

The jeweller couldn't believe his luck when he saw his latest customer walk
into the store. His jewellery business was just a hobby really, he was
wealthy enough to not need to work for the rest of his life. However, this
little shop in a quiet backstreet in Manchester provided him with the
opportunity to indulge his real hobby.

He was a hypnotist and enjoyed hypnotising some of the horny straight guys
that visited his store to buy gifts for their girlfriends. When a likely
prospect came in the store he would use a pendant to hypnotise them before
getting them to indulge in various gay sex acts with him. Usually he
restricted himself to getting them to give him a blow job or if they were
horny enough, he might suck them. On a few rare occasions he'd fuck one of
them. At the end of the session he always made them forget everything that
had happened and would send them on their way none the wiser.

This morning's customer was a dream come true. As the customer started to
look around the displays, the jeweller flicked a switch under the counter,
which effectively locked the shop door and uncovered a sign stating that the
shop was temporarily closed.

"Good morning, Mr Beckham. Is there anything in particular that you are
looking for?" he asked.

"Hi there," replied David Beckham "my wife Victoria is due back from a visit
to America and I was wanting to buy her a little gift to welcome her home."

"Perhaps a nice pendant?" suggested the jeweller.

"That sounds like a good idea." said David.

"I have a rather special one, that's not on display as it's a little more
expensive that most of my stock. However, maybe price is not too big an
issue with a man like yourself." said the jeweller. He went behind the
counter and brought out a beautiful pendant, it was a heart shaped setting
on a gold chain with a cut diamond suspended within the heart.

"This is rather special." said the jeweller "If you look very closely into
the diamond you'll notice that it has a flaw, but the flaw creates the
outline of a heart within the diamond."

David Beckham walked over and looked at the pendant. "I can't really see
anything in the diamond," he said "although I do like the pendant."

"You have to look very closely to see it the first time." said the jeweller
as he made the pendant spin on its chain. "Really stare at the centre of the
diamond and I'm sure that you'll be able to see it."

David Beckham fell into the jeweller's trap without even realising it. He
concentrated on the centre of the spinning diamond and found himself
listening to the jeweller murmuring in his ear about the need to relax and
feel himself falling into the centre of the diamond.

The jeweller quickly had the footballer in a deep trance and so started
giving him instructions. "Whenever you hear me say diamond heart pendant
you'll return to the trance you are in now and await further instructions
from me. When I count to 10, you will wake up, but be completely unaware
that you've been in a trance. You will carry on looking at the various
jewellery on sale but find yourself getting very turned on. You'll feel
embarrassed about it, particularly if anyone draws attention to it."

The jeweller counted to 10 and the footballer awoke from his trance and
started looking at the rings in one of the display counters. After a few
moments, the jeweller noticed that the footballer was getting a little red
in the face. He turned his body away from the jeweller but not before the
jeweller had noticed that the crotch of the footballer's trousers were
clearly showing a thickening cock.

David Beckham could not understand why his cock had suddenly got so hard in
his jeans. He only hoped that the jeweller had not noticed it. He noticed
that the jeweller's attention appeared to be momentarily distracted and so
he took the opportunity to give his cock a squeeze in his jeans and to try
and rearrange his cock to make it more comfortable. To his horror, however,
the jeweller looked up as he did it and he felt his cock leak a huge amount
of precum, which he felt sure would quickly show through his jeans and he
wasn't wearing any underwear today.

The jeweller smiled at the footballer's obvious embarrassment as he said
"Obviously, you are missing your wife a lot more than you imagine. Looks
like she's in for a good time when she gets home, if you can wait for that
long that is."

The footballer went beet red in the face and tried to laugh it off, but
succeeded in only drawing further attention to his obviously excited state.
The jeweller, wanting to assess the footballer's attitude without further
hypnotic suggestion said "If you're desperate for some help with that
problem of yours, I'd be happy to help."

David was confused but nevertheless couldn't stop himself from squeezing his
cock in anticipation "What do you mean, exactly?"

"Well, if you want I'd be happy to suck you off." said the jeweller.

David's face momentarily clouded with anger but he controlled himself and
said "Look, I know I'm a bit of a gay icon, but I'm straight and I'm also
completely faithful to my wife. So, although I'm horny I'll make do with my
own hand when I get back home."

"I understand," said the jeweller "let's get back to the gift for your wife.
How about this Diamond Heart Pendant."

The footballer's stopped dead in his tracks and his face relaxed as he fell
back into his trance.

The jeweller started with a new set of instructions "When you wake up from
this trance, you will find yourself feeling even more horny. You'll start to
regret having turned down my offer of assistance. You'll find it impossible
to stop squeezing your crotch, although you will continue to be terribly
embarrassed about doing so in front of another guy."

The jeweller brought the footballer back out of his trance. He immediately
dropped his hand to his crotch to squeeze his cock and then suddenly
realised what he was doing and turned his body away from the jeweller. The
precum stain on his jeans was getting bigger.

"Are you OK?" said the jeweller.

"Yes, I'm fine." stammered the footballer still groping himself frantically.
"Shit, this is no good" he hissed and to the jeweller's amazement he ripped
open the fly of his jeans and hauled out his 8.5 inch uncut cock and which
he immediately started to wank.

"I've changed my mind about that help" he said, grabbing the jeweller round
the neck and pulling his head down towards his dripping cock. "I'd love you
to suck me off".

The jeweller needed no further encouragement and wrapped his lips around the
head of David Beckham's cock lapping up the precum before taking the entire
shaft into his throat. He started bobbing up and down on the cock running
his tongue across the head and shaft and squeezing his throat muscles down
onto the shaft whilst it was buried deep in his mouth.

To David Beckham, in his hypnosis induced state of horniness, this blow job
felt like the best thing in the world. No-one, not even his lovely wife,
Victoria, had ever come close to giving him such a satisfying blow job. He
knew that it wouldn't be long before he came and filled the jeweller's mouth
with his spunk.

However, although the jeweller felt like he'd died and gone to heaven
sucking on the cock of this world famous footballer, the wet dream fantasy
of most gay men in the UK., he had other plans and as he realised that the
footballer was building towards orgasm, he pulled his mouth off the cock.

David Beckham's cock continued to thrust widely in the cool air of the room
for a few seconds before the footballer realised that the jeweller had
stopped sucking him. He groaned in frustration and opened his eyes. "Hey,
I was really close, you've got to finish the job." he cried.

"No problem," said the jeweller "I want you're cum down my throat, but I
think a little return of the favour is in order. How about you suck me for a
while before I finish you off."

"No fucking way" screamed the footballer "I've already told you that I'm not
a faggot. Using an available mouth to get off is one thing, but the thought
of taking another guy's cock into my mouth is disgusting. I'd rather finish
myself off by hand, I'm close enough anyway."

With that he started to wank his cock rapidly. The jeweller looked at him
and waited until he could see that he was on the verge of cumming before
saying "Diamond Heart Pendant". The effect was immediate, the footballer
fell back into his trance and stopped wanking his cock, which continued to
pulse and throb in the air. So much so that the jeweller thought he'd been
too late and that the footballer had already taken himself past the point of
no return. A thick glob of precum oozed out of the footballer' cock, but he
didn't cum.

The jeweller started to give new instructions. "No matter how much you wank
your cock with your hand you will not be able to cum. You will still find
the idea of sucking a guy's cock disgusting, but you'll also be desperate to
get off and you'll know that you will only be able to cum if my mouth is
round your cock."

When the footballer came round from the latest trance, he had no
recollection of the interruption to his wanking routine and he continued to
wank himself expecting to cum any second. The jeweller watched with interest
the change on his face from anticipation of release to abject frustration
over the next couple of minutes when his hand failed to bring him to orgasm.

"Oh fuck, man" he implored the jeweller "you've got to suck me off. I need
that extra sensation to make me cum."

"I've already told you that I would love to suck you off, but you've got to
return the favour and suck me a little first. I give you a promise that I
won't actually cum in your mouth, but if you want me to drink your spunk
you've gotta give a little head first."

"Oh god," groaned the footballer "I really don't want to do this. This is
fucking crazy, I should be able to wank myself off really easily given how
horny I am." The footballer continued to wank his cock and mutter to
himself as he seemed to be involved in an internal debate with himself. He
moved hesitantly towards the jeweller, who fished out his own rock hard and
dripping cock from his trousers in anticipation. The jeweller grinned to
himself as he watched David Beckham drop to his knees and hesitantly wrap
his hands around his cock.

"Go on, David" he encouraged "Just wrap your lips around the head. It's easy
and I'm sure that you'll love it."

"There is no way that I'm going to love it." snarled the footballer "But for
some reason I know that I need you to suck me in order to get off."

He head moved closer towards the jeweller's cock and opened his mouth. The
jeweller decided to force the issue and lunged his hips forward and his cock
plunged into the footballer's mouth. The footballer jumped back in
surprise, but resigned now to sucking a guy's cock he quickly leant forward
again and wrapped his lips around the head of the jeweller's cock.

The jeweller gave the footballer a chance to get used to the idea of having
a man's cock in his mouth before placing his hand on the back of his head
and pulling him further onto his cock. He started to slide his cock in and
out of the footballer's mouth. The footballer had a look of disgust on his
face but didn't resist the continued invasion of the jeweller's cock.

After a few minutes the jeweller decided to move onto the next stage and
rammed his shaft into the footballer's throat trying to force him into deep
throating his cock. The footballer gagged violently but the jeweller
groaned in satisfaction as his cock finally buried itself completely in the
footballer's throat. He held the footballer firmly in place with until he
felt him start to struggle as he ran out of breath. The jeweller held on
slightly longer as he enjoyed the sensation's that the footballer's struggle
caused on his cock. Then he withdrew his cock completely from the
footballer's mouth as his cock spewed forth his cum, which splattered across
David Beckham's face and even landed on his tongue as the footballer was too
shocked to react by closing his mouth.

When he finally realised what had happened the footballer gagged again and
tried spitting out the cum from his mouth as he frantically wiped the cum
from his face. "Shit man, you promised not to cum in my mouth." he cried.

"I kept my promise," said the jeweller "my cock wasn't in your mouth when I
came. It is not my fault that you kept your mouth open. I expect that you
secretly wanted to taste my cum."

"No fucking way." said the footballer "That was completely gross. Now its my
turn, you've gotta finish me off." He stood up and tried to push the
jeweller down onto his cock, which despite his protestations had remained
rock hard throughout the whole time he was sucking cock.

"Don't worry." said the jeweller "I keep my promises." He dropped back to
his knees and took the footballer's cock back into his mouth. He started
deep throating the cock with relish, squeezing his throat muscles around the
shaft and running his tongue across the head. He eagerly sucked the
footballer's copious precum down his throat. He sensed that the footballer's
climax was close. He felt the footballer's hand on the back of his head and
heard him cry "I'm cumming!" as his mouth filled with cum. The cock in his
mouth spurted out cum at least six times. He continued to suck on the now
sensitised cock head as it oozed the last of the footballer's cum. David
Beckham came down from the incredible high of his climax and started to
squirm as the continued sensations on his cock. He tried to pull his cock
out of the jeweller's mouth but the jeweller held firm as he continued his
torture of the footballer's cock.

The jeweller stood up and said "Diamond Heart Pendant." The footballer fell
back into his trance and stood awaiting his instructions. The jeweller had
fully intended to make the footballer forget the whole incident and send him
on his way as he'd always done in the past with his hypnotic conquests.
However, now he found himself changing his mind and started to give the
footballer instructions. Firstly he got the footballer to get dressed again
and told him that he would forget the session that had just occurred. He
then told the footballer that in the future he would always get a hard on in
the changing room after a match or a training session. He would always be
very embarrassed by his predicament, but would not be able to do anything to
stop it happening. Hiding in a toilet and wanking off would make him cum
but he would still be hard afterwards. The erection would last until he was
fully dressed and left the changing rooms. The final instruction was that
if whilst he was hard in the changing room any man made a suggestion of sex,
the footballer would go along with it and do what ever he was asked to do.
Whilst he was doing it he would be aware of what was going on and he would
retain he true feelings about the acts he was involved in. After it was
over, he would remember what had happened but he would not be able to tell
anyone else about it. The only exception to this was that he was to
telephone the jeweller and give him a full account of what happened.

Soccer Star Hypnosis - by

Part 2

When David got home to his empty house, he was momentarily bemused to see
that it was already 6pm. He knew that he'd left the training ground at
2.30pm and he'd come straight home - it shouldn't have taken this long. He
ran his journey over in his head and decided that it must have been much
later than he thought when he left the training ground.

The next day's match was, as usual, won by Manchester United, with David
contributing with a brilliant goal from a set piece freekick just outside
the penalty area. The whole team were in high spirits as they returned to
the changing room. David was especially happy as he knew Victoria was now on
her way home from America and would be back late that evening. Finally
after 2 weeks of self abuse he'd get some real hot sex with his beautiful

As David walked through the door of the dressing room, an extremely
realistic picture appeared in his mind of him kneeling on the floor about to
put his mouth round a thick hard cock. The vision was so intense that it
stopped David dead in his tracks causing his team mate Japp Stam to walk
into the back of him.

David was horrified as to why he should be imagining himself sucking cock as
there was no way on earth that he would willingly do such a thing. He'd
never done anything remotely gay in his whole life - not even circle jerks
at school with his mates. However, his horror at the vision in his mind
turned to distress and embarrassment as he realised that his cock had become
rock hard in his shorts and was already starting to leak precum.

Taking a quick look around to make sure that no-one had noticed he dashed
from the changing room to the toilets and locked himself in a stall. He
dropped his shorts and stared down at his cock in disbelief as it pulsed and
throbbed in the cool air. "Fuck me!" he thought to himself "I've obviously
been missing Victoria more than I imagined. I can't get changed with my cock
like this." Deciding to take care of the problem straight away, he wrapped
his hand around his cock and started to stroke his erection, enjoying the
feeling immensely despite the embarrassment he'd felt by the sudden hard on.

He was calmly stoking his cock feeling his balls tightening as he built
himself up to cumming when suddenly the another vision filled his head. This
time it was of another man sucking David's own cock. Despite knowing that
such a thing would disgust him, the David in the vision was clearly
relishing the action thrusting his cock in and out of the man's mouth and
groaning in ecstasy. David continued to wank his cock in reality and the
vision played out in his mind and as the David in the vision came in the
man's mouth, his cock erupted in reality spraying the back of the toilet
door with cum.

Shaken and perturbed by the visions he'd seen in his head as he'd jerked off
to a very satisfying orgasm, he quickly pulled up his shorts and left the
stall, bumping into Japp Stam for the second time since leaving the field.
He blushed slightly and dashed off to the changing room. Japp Stam ended up
entering the stall that David had just vacated and immediately noticed the
smell of sex and then the cum dripping down the back of the door, which
David, in his haste, had forgotten to clean up. Smiling to himself at how
horny David must be feeling with his wife having been away for so long, Japp
didn't think much more about it.

David meanwhile had returned to the changing room and realised to his horror
that his cock was still rock hard in his shorts. All the other players were
now undressed many were in the showers - a few had already finished and were
starting to get dressed. The team's kit man was loitering around waiting
for the remaining kits having collected up the rest for cleaning. David was
unsure what to do. He couldn't delay stripping off his kit any longer as it
would look suspicious, but he could feel his cock throbbing almost

As Japp Stam returned from the toilet and immediately started stripping off,
David reluctantly followed suit, removing his boots, socks and top leaving
the shorts until the last moment. Finally summoning up the courage he
stripped of his shorts and jock strap and made a dash for the showers.
Unfortunately, several of his team mates immediately noticed his predicament
and the light hearted banter started immediately, with cat calls and
comments about Victoria being in for a good time that evening.

Japp Stam, however, knowing that David had just cum in the toilets was
amazed to see the player's cock was still rock hard. However, he too joined
in the jokes and comments directed at David. David whole body flushed red
with embarrassment although he tried to laugh off the comments. To his
dismay not even the embarrassment of the ribbing he was receiving softened
his cock, it just made it throb and pulse even harder. David rushed through
his shower, dried quickly and dressed even more quickly. Finally, with
some relief he managed to rush from the dressing room. To his utter
amazement as soon as he left the dressing room his erection started to
subside and by the time he got to the car park he was completely limp
although he felt slightly damp from all the precum that had continued to
stream from the end of his dick whilst he dressed.

As David drove home he dialled a number on his mobile phone. The jeweller
answered the phone on the second ring as he'd been eagerly awaiting this
call. David proceeded to give the jeweller a blow by blow account of
everything that had happened to him since he'd left the pitch at the end of
the match. The jeweller was slightly disappointed that more had not
happened to the player, but realised this was only the first time that David
had sported his hard on in the changing room. He was surprised by the
unexpected side effect of the visions that the player had of sucking dick
when he first got his hard on. Deciding to reinforce this he instructed the
player, who was in a waking trance whilst he reported in, to find a safe
quiet place to park. Once this had been achieved he said the trigger phrase
"Diamond Heart Pendant" and David Beckham once more fell into a very deep
trance to await further instructions.

The jeweller instructed the player that he would continue to get strong
visions of himself in submissive positions sucking men's cocks whenever he
entered the changing rooms after a match or training session, but that he
would remain totally confused as to why such a vision should be causing him
to spring an immediate erection.

David was slightly subdued when Victoria returned home and although she
sensed something had happened she was unable to get David to open up about
the matter. David was desperate to discuss the embarrassment in the changing
room with his wife, but found himself totally unable to talk about his
feelings with his wife, something he'd never had problems with before.
When they went to bed David ended up taking out some of his frustrations on
his wife, and their sex was much rougher and less sensual than usual.
Victoria was upset but put it down to her long absence. David came but felt
completely unsatisfied by the sex.

David arrived at the training ground on Monday morning bright and early. He
changed for training with the rest of the players without any embarrassing
hard ons. He was relieved that he'd obviously got his sexual frustrations
out of his system, despite the fact that on the three further occasions that
he'd had sex with Victoria during the weekend had been just as unfulfilling.
The training went well and the manager sent the players off to get changed a
little earlier than usual, though he asked both David and Japp Stam to
remain a little longer.

The manager kept the two players for about 20 minutes discussing various
tactical aspects with them. Finally he sent them on their way. By the time
that they reached the dressing room, half the players were already dressed
and on their way out of the ground, hoping to make the most of the rest of
the day. David was chatting happily to Japp as he entered the dressing
room. Immediately, he felt his cock spring to life, thickening & pulsing in
his jockstrap. He had a vivid flashback of himself on his knees with his
mouth wide opening as a huge cock erupted cum over his face and tongue. The
image disgusted him, but his cock seemed to feel differently as it now
throbbed rock hard in his jock and oozed a generous amount of precum into
his jockstrap.

He realised, with horror, that Japp had just asked him a question but that
he'd not heard it. He blushed bright red and managed to stammer out an
apology for having got distracted and having not heard the question. Japp
gave him a funny look as he'd notice the obvious wet patch appearing on the
player's shorts and the undeniable hard on that David had got.

David rushed to his locker and silently gave thanks that most of the rest of
the players had already left the changing room. He managed to delay
stripping off his kit until only Japp was left. Japp had quickly stripped
off and moved off towards the showers. David didn't know what to do. He
always took a shower after training and to not do so would look really
strange, but his cock was still rock hard in his jock and he didn't want to
risk Japp seeing him in this condition. Finally, he summoned up the courage
and stripped out his jock and turned to his locker to pick up a towel.

Unfortunately, for him Japp returned to his own locker to get his own soap
that he preferred to use. Japp was walking straight towards David from
behind as David turned around with his rock hard cock throbbing and jerking
and dripping precum. Japp stopped in his tracks and David suffered another
massive sense of embarrassment and immediately grabbed his towel and covered
himself up.

"Fuck David," said Japp "you must be pretty horny. First jacking off in the
toilets on Saturday and now a fucking hard on in the changing room after

David's first thought was to deny everything. "What do you mean, I never
jerked off on Saturday."

"Don't try and deny it" said Japp "I was in that toilet straight after you
and I saw the cum running down the back of the door. Besides you certainly
can't deny you've got a hard on now it's tenting your towel out. Most guys
would at least lose their hard on when they get embarrassed about it."

"Shit," said David "I forgot to clean up that cum on Saturday. I don't know
why this is happening to me, but I just got such a hard on when I entered
the changing room."

"Don't tell me your getting turned on by sweaty men." joked Japp with a

David exploded in anger and almost made a lunge for his fellow player "I'M
NOT FUCKING QUEER." he screamed.

"Calm down," replied Japp, "I was only joking, mate. I'm sorry if I upset

"I'm just really horny at the moment." said David, "Victoria's been away for
a long time and she wasn't feeling too well at the weekend."

"I can relate to that feeling," said Japp "I haven't had sex for months.
I'd settle for a good blow job right now!"

The hypnotic suggestion planted in David's mind kicked in straight away, and
without even realising what he was doing, David dropped his towel to the
floor exposing his rock hard cock again and he quickly dropped to his knees
in front of the bemused Japp Stam. Before Japp could react, David had taken
hold of his soft cock and sucked it into his mouth running his tongue across
the shaft.

Japp Stam had never had a homosexual experience in his life, but it was true
that he'd not had sex for a couple of months. As far as his cock was
concerned it had just been sucked into a nice hot mouth and it reacted
immediately, pulsing into an erection in David's mouth. By this time,
however, Japp's brain had caught up and he lashed out pushing David off his

"What the fuck do you think your doing?" He shouted.

"I thought you wanted a blow job." David replied.

"I said I was horny and would settle for a blow job" Japp explained.

"Fine" said David and leant forward to take the player's still hard cock
back into his mouth.

Japp pushed him away again shouting "You've gone fucking crazy David. I
don't want a blow job from you."

"Ok, I don't want to give you a blow job either. The very thought of it
disgusts me." said David, "I was just trying to help out a team mate.
Teamwork is important. We should always help each other out."

"But, I never thought you were gay." said Japp.

"I've told you before, I'm not fucking gay." said David remaining on his
knees in front of his team mate, his cock throbbing and oozing precum. "You
asked for a blow job, so I felt that I should give you one."

Japp felt totally bemused. His cock was still throbbing in anticipation of
a bit of sexual action and he started to rationalise in his mind that
getting a blow job from a man, wouldn't make him gay. Finally he said "Ok
then, suck me off".

David immediately leant forward and engulfed the whole of Japp's cock into
his mouth. The eight inch cock buried deep into his throat and he felt the
player's pubic hair rubbing against his nose and his balls bouncing of his
chin. David's mind was in turmoil. He wasn't gay, he had no interest in
sucking cock and he couldn't understand why he'd offered to give him one let
along why he was actually doing it. He realised with even greater horror
that he'd taken hold of his own cock which was as hard as ever and was
wanking away as he sucked and licked his teamates cock.

Japp was ecstatic. David might protest about not being queer, but he
certainly seemed to know how to suck a cock. It was the best blow job he
could ever remember receiving. His need to get off overtook his nervousness
about being sucked off by a man and he grabbed hold of the back of David's
head and started to thrust his cock down his throat building up speed,
causing David to gag as he repeatedly stretched his throat to accommodate
the cock invading his mouth. Japp realised this wasn't going to be a long
blow job as the cum started to boil in his balls.

"Drink cum, cocksucker!" he cried and his cock erupted whilst buried in
David's throat. He was still pumping though and he pulled his cock out from
David's mouth and the second stream of cum burst from his cock and arced
across the small gap between his cock and David's face splattering across
his chin and tongue. As David felt the cum land on his tongue his own cock
erupted splattering cum across the floor.

Japp groaned in ecstasy as his cock released the rest of its load into
David's mouth. The realisation of what he'd done came crashing down on him
and he pushed David violently away causing him to bash his head against the
locker behind him. He turned a grabbed some clothes from his own locker and
stormed away. He dressed quickly and left the room as David slowly picked
himself off the floor. His cock was still rock hard, but confident that
noone else would be around he staggered into the shower.

He started to wank his cock again and images of what he'd just done filled
his mind. He came for a second time splattering cum across the wall of the
shower. Finally, he expected his hard on to relent, but it didn't. He
finished his shower, dried and dressed. The whole time he saw himself on his
knees sucking cock. His cock leaked so much precum that his Calvin Kleins
were damp by the time he left the dressing room.

As soon as he walked out of the room, his cock started to soften and return
to normal. More bemused than ever as to what was happening to him, David
climbed into his car and drove away from the ground.

Soccer Star Hypnosis part III - by

{This story is a work of fiction and features hypnosis and descriptions of
sex between men. This story is not meant to suggest that the celebrities
involved are anything other than 100% heterosexual, although 85% of British
gay men probably wish the main character was.}

David left the ground in a bit of a daze. He was totally confused by what
had happened. He knew that he wasn't gay and couldn't imagine what had
possessed him to fall to his knees and suck Japp's cock. Not only that but
his own dick had remained rock hard throughout the whole episode and when
Japp finally shot his cum into David's mouth, David's own cock had erupted
with cum across the floor. He was also terrified that Japp might spread it
around the squad that David was a cocksucker.

Ten minutes later fully conscious but acting on the jeweller's post hypnotic
suggestion, David was parked on a quiet side street and was dialling the
jeweller's number on his mobile. He had no idea why he was ringing this
number, he just knew that this was something that he had to do.

The jeweller picked up the telephone and heard David's voice on the other
end of the phone. "Hello David," he said "it's nice to hear from you again.
How did training go today.

David, always keen to talk about football launched into an excited
description of the training session. When the jeweller finally got a chance
he interrupted David by saying "So how about afterwards, was everything OK
in the dressing room?"

David fell silent on hearing the question and after a few moments he mumbled
"Yeah, no problem"

"You don't sound very sure of yourself" said the jeweller. "You told me
that after the match on Saturday you got very turned on in the dressing room
and had to wank off in one of the toilets."

Although he was sitting alone in the car, David flushed red with
embarrassment on hearing this. He could not remember having told anyone
about what had happened on Saturday afternoon. The jeweller continued "So
nothing like that happened today."

David intended to angrily deny that anything untoward had happened in the
dressing room, but bound by his hypnotist's previous instructions he found
himself blurting out "Well, I did get a hard on in the dressing room again

"Really," said the jeweller, putting a shocked tone into his voice "Why do
you think that you get hard ons in the dressing room. Perhaps you get
turned on by all the nude male bodies that get flaunted around."

"No fucking way" said David raising his voice "I've got a wife and this sort
of thing doesn't turn me on in the slightest."

"There's no need to get defensive" replied the jeweller "I just can't
imagine why you should get a hard on when you go into a dressing room full
of sweaty naked men. Did any of the lads comment on your hard on like they
did Saturday"

David flushed with embarrassment yet again and again to his surprise he
found himself admitting to this stranger on the telephone that Japp Stam
had, in fact seen his hard on.

"Did Japp Stam make any comment about it?"

"He said that he thought that I'd have got plenty of sex from Victoria at
the weekend to bring my horniness under control. He then said that he
himself hadn't had sex for ages and that he'd give anything for a blow job."

The jeweller grinned to himself on hearing this as he knew that he'd
programmed David to respond positively to any suggestion of sex. "So what
did you say to that?" he asked.

David hesitated again before stammering "Well, for some reason I offered to
give him one."

"My god, you actually offered to suck his dick. You must be gay then, or at
least bi-sexual."

"NO! NO! NO!" screamed David "I'm not gay. I don't know why I offered to do
this. It just came out before I could stop myself."

"That seems really strange. So, you didn't actually suck his dick then?"

"Well yes," said David "I'd offered after all. He's a teammate. I couldn't
turn around and refuse, could I?"

"I suppose not, but at least it must have got rid of your hard on."

"No" sobbed David, finally breaking down "it didn't. My cock just kept
throbbing and leaking precum all the time I was sucking on his cock."

"Well in that case, you must be queer, David. No straight guy would stay
hard whilst he had another man's cock in his mouth. So, did Japp finish
himself off by hand?"

"No", whispered David.

"So you finished him off by hand then?" enquired the jeweller.

"No" said David even more quietly.

"You don't mean.." started the jeweller, pausing to allow the implication to
really sink in.

"He came in my mouth."

"And you spat it out?"

"No. I swallowed it without even thinking what I was doing and I came myself
all over the floor."

The jeweller decided that he'd made the footballer suffer enough mentally
for the time being. It was obvious that the footballer was going to have
this matter praying on his mind almost constantly.

"Diamond heart pendant" said the jeweller.

Immediately David went into a deep trance in his car and awaited further
instructions from his hypnotic master.

The jeweller started off by re-enforcing the existing hypnotic suggestions
to the footballer. Realising that the footballer was going through some
emotional turmoil, he placed a hypnotic instruction that nothing that
happened to the player off the field would in any way affect his performance
on the field. Then he added to the instructions designed to cause the
player embarrassment. He told David that in future in addition to getting a
persistent erection whenever he entered the changing room after a match or
training session he would also find that his ass would start to itch. The
sensation would get more and more unbearable and he would only be able to
relieve the itch by scratching it. Only by shoving his finger into his
asshole would the itch subside for a minute or two. He finished by telling
the footballer that he would forget that he'd phoned him although he'd
remember the instructions and remember the confusion caused by the
jeweller's responses to his report of what had happened.

The next morning's training session went extremely well. Nothing untoward
happened when he was getting changed for training, although he went bright
red with embarrassment when Japp Stam winked at him and groped his crotch as
he got changed. It was obvious, however, that Japp had not told anyone
else of what had happened the previous day. When the session ended all the
players trooped back into the changing room. There was lots of eager chat
about the match the next evening and who might be on the team. The manager,
as usual, had given very little away. David was relieved that the manager
had held Japp Stam back for a chat. At least he would be able to get changed
quickly and escape from the ground before Japp had a chance to confront him.

His relief was shortlived, however. For as soon as he walked into the
changing room the hypnotic programming cut in and his cock reared up in his
shorts. Within 30 seconds his cock was rock hard and throbbing pushing out
of the top of the waistband of his jockstrap. He groaned to himself as the
erotic pleasure of his hard on coursed through his body. This, in turn,
caused his cock to pulse again and precum started to seep from the head of
his cock. David was worried that this might result in an obvious wet patch
in his shorts. He couldn't bear the thought of stripping off in front of
the other players in his current condition, so he ducked into the toilet as
he had done on Saturday.

Entering the toilet cubicle he pulled down his shorts and jock strap, sat on
the toilet and started to frantically wank his cock. He noticed that his
ass was starting to itch. He ignored it at first and continued to
concentrate on pleasuring his dick with his hand. The itching sensation
increased, however, and before he could bring himself to climax the
itchiness was becoming unbearable. Instinctively, he reached his hand
between his legs, shoving his dangling balls to one side. He ran his hand
lightly along his asscrack assuming that this would take care of the itch.
It didn't, of course. He was still wanking his cock with his free hand as
he started to rub his asshole more forcefully trying to relieve the itching
sensation. Finally, he shoved his finger into his asshole to the second
knuckle and wiggled it around a bit. To his absolute horror the sensation
of stretching his asshole with his finger, the relief he felt as the itch
subsided and the continued action of his hand rubbing furiously up and down
his cock sent him over the edge. His cock exploded come, which arced upwards
and splattered across his football shirt. The second volley shot even higher
and splattered across David's lips. Without thinking, he thrust out his
tongue and lapped up as much of the come that his tongue could reach. He
started scooping up the rest on his fingers and shoving them into his mouth
to suck them clean.

David sat on the toilet for 10 minutes with his head in his hands in despair
at what he'd just done. His cock, however, remained resolutely hard. His
ass continued to itch and periodically he would use his finger to relieve it
without being conscious of what he was doing.

Realising that he couldn't stay here all afternoon and as it became obvious
that his hard on wasn't going to go away, David returned to the locker room.
Most of the players had gone. Japp Stam suddenly stormed into the dressing
room with a look of absolute fury on his face. For a moment, David thought
the anger was directed toward him and that Japp was going to reveal his
secret to his remaining teammates.

Japp was muttering angrily to himself and suddenly exploded "That fucking
bastard! That fucking ungrateful shit!"

The two or three players left still dressing looked at Japp and decided to
make a quick exit. David, however, was still in his kit. The sound of a
shower could be heard in the background but apart from that all that could
be heard was Japp muttering to himself.

"Japp" shouted David, taking hold of the player's arm. "What's the matter?"

Japp pulled himself violently away from David's grip and swung his fist as
though to hit the player. At the last moment he realised who it was and
stopped himself.

"They've fucking sold me, David" said Japp. "They decided to get rid of me
without even talking about it before hand. They've already accepted an offer
for me."

"Christ," said David unable to believe that the manager, who he absolutely
idolised would behave in such a way. "that's dreadful."

Japp seemed to take control of his emotions and slowly his expression
changed from anger to amusement. "You realise what this means" he said.

"What?" said David.

"Today will be the last opportunity for me to get another blow job from
you." sneered Japp.

David quickly looked around the dressing room, relieved that no one was
left. "Please Japp" he said "I don't know what came over me on Friday, but I
don't want to suck your cock"

"I know what came over you, cocksucker. " laughed Japp "I did! And don't
pretend you don't like sucking cock, your dick's already rock hard and
dripping just thinking of sucking me off. Now get over here and get your
lips round my fat dick".

"OK Japp, I don't want to do it, but if that's what you want." David walked
slowly over towards Japp.

Japp was impatient and yanked down his shorts revealing that his own cock
was already fully erect in anticipation. He grabbed David round the neck
and pulled him forward. David opened his mouth slightly and stuck out his
tongue intending to lick the precum from the end of Japp's dick, but Japp
suddenly thrust forward and buried his cock in David's mouth. David gagged
and retched his mouth filing with bile, which he fought hard to swallow back
down. Japp didn't care, his only thought was to orally rape his former
team-mates mouth to take out the frustrations he felt at being dumped by
Manchester United football club.

He continually jabbed his cock deep into David's mouth feeling the player
gag, but also noticing David's effort to increase his pleasure as he ran his
tongue over Japp's shaft and squeezed his throat muscles down onto his cock
whilst it was buried in his throat.

David struggled to keep up with the brutal action on his mouth, but the
itching in his ass was distracting him.

Japp was mouthing off a stream of abuse, bad mouthing the manager and the
club. He also directed his abuse at David "Mind your fucking teeth, faggot.
I'll fucking knock them out of your mouth if your bite my cock. You are
nothing but a cheap cocksucking whore, you bastard. You'll always fit in
well with all the other bastards at this club."

Neither Japp nor David had realised that they were not, in fact, alone in
the changing room. One player was still in the shower. It wasn't until he
switched off the water that he heard the noise coming from the dressing
room. He only heard Japp calling David a cocksucking whore. Intrigued he
wrapped a towel round himself and walked back into the dressing room. He
couldn't believe his eyes when he saw David Beckham bent over in front of
Japp Stam whilst the defender literally fucked David's face. His own cock
twitched with sexual anticipation, although he certainly didn't think of
himself as gay and had never had a remotely homosexual experience in his

"What the fuck's going on here?" he shouted. Japp twisted his head round to
see Roy Keane standing in the doorway of the shower room. David was
devastated at the thought that someone else had seen them and started to
stand up. Japp was having none of that though and grabbed the player's neck
again and forced him back down onto his cock "No need to stop faggot," he
sneered "you keep taking care of my dick. I'll explain things to Roy."

"I don't think much needs explaining" said Roy "looks like I walked in on a
couple of queers who though that they had the dressing room to themselves to
indulge in some sordid sex games."

"No, you've got it all wrong" said Japp. "David here likes to suck cock.
I've not had an opportunity for sex for a long while, so David kindly
agreed to help me out. Getting a faggot to suck my cock, doesn't make me
queer. Besides he's good. If you wait till I'm finished, you can try him

Roy's dick twitched and thickened at the thought of getting his cock taken
care of by the golden boy of the team. "I suppose you're right" he agreed
"We straight guys get horny, and if some faggot wants to take care of us,
why waste the opportunity." He let his towel drop as he walked over towards
Japp and David revealing his now throbbing 8-inch erection. His dick was not
only long but was very thick as well.

David had struggled to get free of Japp's for a moment, but Japp had told
him to carry on and the hypnotic suggestion planted in his mind was very
strong so he couldn't ignore the sexual request despite the fact that his
mind was in complete uproar at the thought that there was no way that this
could be kept from the rest of the team now. The itching in his ass was
becoming unbearable and he reached round to rub his ass with his hand. He
couldn't relieve the sensation however.

Roy was now impatient to try out David's cocksucking capabilities as Japp
was obviously enjoying himself immensely. He tried to pull Japp away saying
"Come on Japp, let's have a go."

Japp was having none of it. "Fucking wait your turn, Roy. This is my last
chance to use David's cocksucking talents!"

Roy, however, was getting increasingly frustrated at his own lack of action.
It was then that he noticed that David appeared to be rubbing his ass. He
reached his own conclusions as to what this indicated, conclusions that
would have terrified David if he'd voiced them aloud given that they had
nothing to do with David trying to relieve an itch.

He moved around behind David and spat on his hand to lube his cock up
slightly. Then he swiftly pulled down David's shorts.

"Let me help you out there, David" he said.

David raised his head off of Japp's cock for a second to say, "Thanks Roy,
my ass is itching so badly."

"I'm sure I can make the itch go away" sneered Roy, assuming David was just
being coy about asking for what he really wanted. He lined his cock up
with David's asshole and lunged forward burying his cock in David's tight

To David it felt as if a goal post had been shoved up his ass. He tried to
lunge forward but just succeeded in taking Japp's cock deeper into his
throat. He screamed in agony but the screams of course were muffled by
Japp's cock.

His cock, however, responded differently and exploded with cum as soon as
Roy's cock rubbed across his prostate gland. This caused his asshole to
clamp down even more tightly onto Roy's cock, causing Roy to groan with
pleasure. Roy had never felt anything like this the tightness of David's
ass around his cock was overwhelming and when he felt his team-mates ass
muscles clamp down on his cock it nearly pushed him over the edge before
he'd even got chance to get started.

He managed to hold off, however, and fell into a steady rhythm pulling his
cock almost completely out of David's ass before ramming it back burying it
to the hilt in the player's hot hole.

David's cock, of course, remained rock hard despite the fact that he'd cum.
Japp felt his own orgasm start to build as the action of David's mouth on
his cock combined with the visual excitement of seeing Roy pounding away at
David's asshole started to get to him. His cock twitched and throbbed and he
began to shoot cum against the back of David's throat. He pulled his cock
from David's mouth as the second and third blasts shot from his dick and
splattered across David's face and tongue. His mouth now free, David
started grunting and groaning as Roy's cock stretched his ass wider than
ever before. He started to plead with Roy to stop and that he didn't want
to be fucked like this.

"Shut up moaning, faggot." Roy spat. "You know you love this. You've already
cum once and still your cock's up for more."

"No, no," sobbed David, but in his own mind he knew that Roy was not far
from the truth. Despite the overwhelming pain of the assault on his ass,
every time Roy's cock rubbed against his prostate he felt a flood of
pleasure through his body and straight to his dick which would pulse and
leak precum in response.

With a loud grunt, Roy Keane lunged forward one more time and felt his balls
slap against David's ass as the cum started to pour from his cock. "Fucking
tight ass. Tighter than any pussy I've ever fucked."

Feeling Roy Keane's cum shooting into his ass pushed David over the edge for
the third time since leaving the training ground. "Making me fucking cum
again, you bastard" he cried.

Roy pulled his cock from David's ass and moved round to his face "Clean me
off, faggot" he sneered.

David looked at Roy's semi erect cock with cum leaking from the end and
mucus, generated by his own asshole to protect itself, glistening across the
whole surface. The idea of taking this cock into his mouth made him feel
physically sick but the hypnotic programming was too strong and he leant
forward and sucked Roy's cock into his mouth, running his tongue across the
shaft lapping away until it was glistening with spit instead. Surprisingly,
the taste wasn't at all what he was expecting. In fact, it wasn't unpleasant
at all. Roy, however, was amazed, as he hadn't expected that David would
actually do it.

"Fucking hell, David mate. You and I are gonna be having some fun times
together in future." he said as he walked off to get dressed.

Japp walked off without a word to leave the players' dressing room for the
last time.

David was exhausted, cum splattered across his face and starting to leak out
of his asshole. His body was soaked with sweat but his cock remained
resolutely erect. He slowly pulled on some clothes, not bothering with a
shower. As he left the dressing room his erection started to subside. His
asshole felt as though it was gaping wide open, his throat felt sore from
the pounding it had received. His mind was in turmoil. He couldn't
understand how it had all happened, but he'd come twice during the sex
session on top of having wanked himself off before hand. He must be gay.
He didn't know what he was going to tell Victoria.


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