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Feminized! (Part 2)

by ts_candi

Feminized! (Part 2)

The first thing I did, when I woke up in the morning, was check myself in the mirror. Perhaps, I did it just to reassure myself that I was a man, not the cock sucking tranny from my dream last night. But as I did it, I found myself paying more attention to the dark circles under my eyes than to any hint of manliness that might have shown on my face.

After I had showered, I picked out white shirt that was a little too small for me, and the voice I had now begun calling Dee, said "It's alright darling, pick this one. Your other clothes feel so big. This one will fit you sooo nicely. You'll look so adorable in it...." And I found myself listening to her. With it, I picked out a pair of jeans that were also far too tight for a man - butthuggers, I had heard them be called. They ended just above my ankles, and seemed to accentuate my body's curves. As I looked at myself in the full length mirror, I examined myself critically, and again Dee was telling me in my head how pretty I would look with my short hair styled a little, and what a perfect girl I made.Then I did something I could never have imagined myself doing. It was as if it wasn't me at all who was doing it. It felt more like Dee, tired of just talking to me had taken temporary control of my body. I (or Dee) opened the drawer of my dresser, and from the complete make-up kit that I found there, managed to hide the dark moons beneath my eyes. Satisfied with my cover-up job, I put on my jogging shoes for want of anything else that went with my feminine attire, and went out to join the others for breakfast.

Tony smiled across the table at me, and said "You look wonderful today my dear!" He probably was referring to my choice of clothing. I smiled warmly back at him, enjoying the attention I was getting. A voice in my head, Joey (funny, how the voice had suddenly become male), kept screaming - "it's wrong! You're a man, not a faggot sissy! Give my body back Dee. Give it back!" I just smiled and ignored it.

Tony was speaking agian. "I'm not sure I've met you before, gorgeous. What's your name?"

"Dee," I meekly replied. That annoying man, Joey, was screaming in my head agian. Again, I shut him out, and focussed on Tony.

"Now, Dee, Why don't you let Brute escort you around town? Tell you what, I have a friend Cassie, who'd be delighted to give you a makeover. I'll ring her up, and tell her to expect you."

"Oh mister Tony! You're too kind!" I gushed.

For the first time since being convicted, I was out. I could mingle with people, I could feel the sun on my face, the wind in my ears. It was wonderful. Brute drove me to the salon - En Femme, it was called. I entered it and found it empty. A blond woman, with full breasts, and a shapely figure, and an ass to kill for was doing the crossword in an empty chair. Hearing me enter, she turned.

"Hi, you must be Dee." She smiled warmly at me, and I instantly liked her. That was strange - A week ago, I would have wanted to go to bed with her, now I just wanted to be girlfriends with her. The voice in my head was getting so annoying, he just wouldn't stop. Cassie helped me onto a chair, and said, "Lets start of with your hair." She played with hers for a moment, before smiling brightly again. "I know, we'll trim it so it looks more like you, and then color it dirty blond. What do you say?"

I was in a trance. I dumbly nodded, smiling back at her. Joey, the voice knew what to say though. He kept screaming 'NO'. After my hair was done, she did my nails. She attached false extensions, and then painted them with a pearl shade. Then she exclaimed "Oh you poor dear! You aren't peirced! Come along, lets get you fixed so you can show off how pretty hoops look on your ears." She led me to the back, which I learnt was the tattoo and peircing section of the salon, and after a moment's pain, my earlobes were peirced. Then cassie hugged me, and said she had a gift. "This is because you are so beautiful." With that, she peirced my bellybutton, and I had a bright red stone the size of my little fingernail hanging from a silver chain.

As I left the salon, I saw Cassie get on the phone.

Meanwhile, on the phone:
Cassie: I've done her up just as you asked. With that haircut, there's no way she can pass as a man anymore.
Tony: Good. I'll drop by and pay you.
Cassie: If I were richer, I'd tell you to keep the money. This chick's going to sell like a hot cake.
Tony: I know. She's a real find. I have half a mind to whore her myself, not sell her.
Cassie: That might not be a bad idea Tony.
Tony: Did you see any signs of masculinity in her?
Cassie: Now and then I got the feeling there was a man trying to regain control of his body. But the fem part was in control all the time.
Tony: Good.
Cassie: What exactly is it you're doing?
Tony: I'm fucking with her head, that's what. I got a hypno kook to implant an alternate personality, which seems to be growing stronger all the time. It's time to kill the male personality, I think.
Cassie: You're the boss.
Tony: Did you tattoo SLUT around her bellybutton?
Cassie: Not yet. I've pierced it, and put a red jewel. The next time she's in here, I'll put the red rose on her collarbone, and SLUT around the bottom of her bellybutton.
Tony: Rose? Why a rose on her collarbone?
Cassie: I thought you knew. Its a sign that transsexual whores wear. If you see a red rose on a woman's collarbone, she's no woman. She's a horny transsexual, ready and willing at all times.
Tony: Now I know why I love you Cas.
Cassie: That's what I'm here for darling. I want to be there the first time she's fucked. Oh, and give her some ecstacy when it does happen.
Tony: I will.

I got into the back of the blue sedan, and Brute asked me, "Where to now, miss?"

I thought for a bit, and said, "Take me to Mister Mauresmo's Brute. I've got a terrible headache. I hope he can help me."

As we drove to Mr.Mauresmo's work place, I started flipping through the magazines that were in the back. They were similar to the magazines I had at the hotel, but also strikingly different. The earlier magazines were ones that a woman would read - with nude men, and about fashion, and other girly things. These were specifically transsexual/transvestite magazines, with content tailored for those like me. ("Those like 'me'? What on earth was happening to my mind!" That was Joey again.) The first article interested me, and I began to read. It was an instruction manual on how to pleasure a man orally. It talked of various techniques, what to do, how to lick his bulb to tease him, how to massage his balls, and most importantly, how to deep throat him, and enjoy it. I was so absorbed in the article, that I didn't realize that we had reached, until Brute turned around and said, "We're there miss."

We were outside an illegal nightclub. Illegal because it was like a sex theatre. People would fornicate on the stage, while other watched, sipping their drinks. Three days a week, The Great Mauresmo, would hypnotize men and woman and get them to have sex. Not regular sex, that wouldn't attract a crowd. Tonight, he was to hypnotize a random woman from the crowd into believing she was a bitch in heat, and sex was to be had with a mastiff, the poster outside it's entrance told me.

I cautiously entered, and on asking, was led to Mauresmo's office, which also double as his changing room. He seemed delighted at seeing me.

"My dear! How much you've changed since we last met! You've grown into a fine young woman!" he said.

I smiled, and accepted his flattery, feeling secretly pleased.

"I was just on the phone with Mr.Tony, and he told me that I had to have another session with you, to ki..." he paused. He was going to say 'kill Joey forever', but he checked himself just in time. "...to carry on the work on you. I didn't think it would be so soon! I'm so delighted!"

"Mr. Mauresmo, I've been having such strange headaches lately, and there's this bad man in my head who keeps annoying me. Please can you tell him to go away?" I asked him, like a little girl complaining about a class bully.

"Of course, my dear. Will you wait a minute, while I make a phone call? Here, why don't you sit down here, and listen to some soft music." He showed me to a comfortable armchair, and put a set of headphones on me. Soft music began to play, and an all too familiar voice was soothing me to sleep.

On the phone, Mauresmo had dialled Tony.
Tony: What is it?
Mauresmo: Mr.Tony, she's here. I mean, that experiment of yours is here. Says he's.. she's... it's having headaches. Should I kill the male half permanently?
Tony:Hmm... I didn't think it would take effect that fast. Yes. Also, I want you to implant some suggestions, things that will grow to be irrestible urges over a week or so.
Mauresmo: Yes sir. What type of suggestions?
Tony: I want her to learn how to dance. Poledance. Get what I mean. Also, I want her to crave hormones. I want her addicted to them. Can't live without a healthy dose every night. And I also want her to want to become stupid. You know, bimbo-ish. Oh, and most importantly, I also want her to be addicted to cum. I want her to want sex every moment of the day. She should want it so bad, that she doesn't care who fucks her. Get it?
Mauresmo: Yes sir. I'll get to it right away. Goodbye sir.

It was late when I returned to our temporary home. Tony was waiting with good news.

"Dee! I've got it all fixed! We don't need to worry about cops no more. Our files've been closed. Now we can move into something... more to our liking. I've arranged for us to have rooms on the thirteenth floor here. Thats where the residential rooms are. Come on, let me show you."

I followed him into the elevator, and as we were slowly moving upwards, I had a sudden inexplicable urge to push the 'STOP' button, and seduce Tony right there. I bit my lip, and controlled myself. Once on our floor, Tony led me to my apartment.

My apartment was huge! It had a little kitchen to one side, and a living room, with thick rugs covering the entire floor, and a giant TV, with a DVD player, and a sound system to kill for. There were two bedrooms, and one looked a little different. It had mirrors covering all the walls and the ceiling of the room. A queen size bed was against one wall, and it had a dresser against another. I didn't know it, but one wall was a one way mirror, and Tony had the room next to it. So if I was entertaining someone, Tony would be able to watch me, without my even realizing it. The other room I picked for myself immediately. It had soft pink walls, and teddy bears on the bed. The bed was a four poster queen size one, with pearl white satin sheets on it. The wardrobe was filled with women's clothes. And they weren't even like the ones I was wearing that day. They were proper girl clothes. Skirts, cut-off jeans, tight blouses, tight pants, halters, spaghetti tops, loads of minidresses. In a drawer I found tons of lingerie, and nightwear. Stockings of every possible color, and type - fishnets, sheer, lace, everything! I didn't even wonder at why they were there. My man side had died completely. In the bottom shelf I found my shoes. Again, it resembled a shoe store. I had boots-black, brown, ankle boots, thight boots; I had open toed shoes, pumps, sandals with ankle straps, straps reaching my knee; and none of them had heels less than 4 inches!There were platforms also, and one which made me all of one foot taller!

"Is all this for me?" I gushed, not able to believe it. Tony nodded at me, and smiled. Unable to resist myself, I hugged him, and them planted a quick kiss on his lips. He accepted both, and then gently detached himself from me.

He led me to my dresser, and opened a drawer. It was filled with bottles of pills. "Take two pills every morning, and every night. That's four pills a day, got it? Be a good little girl, and we'll have you ready in no time!"

"Yes Tony, I will. I want to be a good girl," I said.

We had a quick dinner, and when he was leaving, he said "I'm in the room next door. It's the only other apartment on this floor, so we have our privacy. Don't hesitate to come over if you need anything."

I slipped into a blue baby doll, with satin panties, and lay down, and began to dream about my new life. I was horny, and I rubbed my pecker, not realizing it, as I dreamt about all the imaginary hot hunks who would fuck me everyday. I didn't realize how true my dream was to be.


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Great story can't wait for part III

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Nicely written, nicely restrained. The wardrobe and setting is a t-girls DREAM!

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