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Jeffrey's Enslavement

by curiousguy92

Jeffrey's Enslavement

Jeffrey Michaels considered himself by all accounts to be ordinary. In his own eyes he was not exceptionally good looking; he was in good shape but not especially muscular; he had slept with his last three girlfriends and none of them had raved about the experience; and he was not extremely well hung—he measured in at 7.5 inches, which, he figured, was only slightly above average.

Despite Jeffrey’s assumed role as entirely ordinary, someone saw him very differently. Kyle Harris worked in Jeffrey’s office, three cubicles over. In Kyle’s eyes Jeffrey was the most perfect being ever placed on Earth: he had gorgeous, masculine features; his rich brown hair was always gelled to perfection; his steely blue eyes sparkled when he laughed; and that physique! Jeffrey wasn’t some big inflated meathead. No, he was lean, with perfect abs, tight pecs, and a fabulously muscular ass.

Kyle wanted Jeffrey bad, but Jeffrey was horribly straight. Kyle had tried dropping hints, hitting on Jeffrey subtly, complimenting him on almost a daily basis. The man didn’t even pick up on the fact that Kyle was hot for him. He would just flash those dazzlingly white teeth of his, say thank you, and go back to his work. After nearly a year of silently pining after the Adonis three desks over, Kyle decided that enough was enough. He was going to have Jeffrey even if he had to take him by force. (Figuratively, of course.)

That Friday, after everyone else had left the office, Kyle sent an email to Jeffrey under an anonymous sender. The subject line read: “HELP! Lost child. Do you have any info on the whereab...” Having spent so much time working with Jeffrey, Kyle knew that he was a kind soul and would instinctively go for the email about a lost child. He almost felt bad that Jeffrey wasn’t going to care about other people by the time he was through with him. Almost, but then he was over it.

When Jeffrey opened the email, it told him to see the attached file featuring the full information on the lost little girl. He clicked on the link, and the file popped up instantly. But it wasn’t a news report. It was a video of a multicolored spiral.

“What is this?” he asked aloud to no one in particular.

He was about to close the file when his eyes got drawn into the rainbow spiral. He found that he couldn’t look away. Jeffrey simply sat there dazed, on his way into trance.

After five minutes or so of this, Kyle called in the bouncers he had hired to help him kidnap Jeffrey. They lifted him effortlessly out of his desk chair, tied him up, gagged him, and put him in the back of Kyle’s car.

“Thank you, boys. I think I can take it from here. And here’s a small tip for a job well done,” he said, handing a hundred dollar bill to each of the two large, overly muscular men.


“Uggh...Where am I? Why am I tied to this chair?”

“Oh, that’s easy. I brought you here and tied you up because I’m going to make you my little slave.”

“What? I don’t understand. And who are you?”

“Let me be perfectly clear, then,” Kyle said, his voice a mixture of lust and contempt. “I’ve wanted you since I met you. I tried to get the point across, but you with your stupid heterosexual brain just couldn’t get it. You’re hot: probably the hottest guy I’ve ever met and you don’t even realize what you do to me. I’ve been hitting on you for a whole year and you hardly noticed. But that’s over now,” Kyle spat. As he said this he went around in front of his captive so Jeffrey could see the man who would rule his life.


“That’s right Jeffy. And from now on you’re going to be mine. You won’t just notice that I think you’re hot—you’ll think I’m the hottest thing you’ve ever seen.”

“I don’t understand. Why would you do this? And how do you think you CAN do this?”

“God, you’re thick. And I don’t just mean you’re cock. I think I’ve explained the why pretty well, but the how—you’ll just have to wait and see.”

At this point, Jeffrey took the time to look around himself. He was in a large, basically empty room—a warehouse of some kind. As he finished taking in his bare surroundings, Kyle rolled a TV cart over in front of him and turned it on. On the screen was the same rainbow spiral from the email. Then Kyle took an mp3 player out of his pocket and stuck the earbuds in Jeffrey’s ears. As Jeffrey began to go under from the combination of the spiral and the hypnotic sound of Kyle’s voice in his ears, he heard something about ‘slave’.


The next day, Jeffrey woke up with his wrists strapped to the headboard of a very small, very uncomfortable bed. His first thought was, “I want to see Kyle.” Not “What’s going on?” or “That nasty fag,” but “I want to see Kyle.” After he thought it, it disturbed him. Why would he want that? Kyle had kidnapped him.

Then, Kyle walked into the small bedroom in which Jeffrey was trapped. When he saw him, Jeffrey felt more peaceful for some reason. He just wanted Kyle to stay with him. But that wasn’t why Kyle had come. Without a word, the man led his captive out of the bedroom and back to the large, empty part of the warehouse. He tied Jeffrey to the chair, pulled up the rainbow spiral on the TV screen, stuck in the hypnotic earbuds, and kissed him gently on the cheek before leaving his captive to his training.

As Kyle walked away, a smile crossed Jeffrey’s lips: Kyle had kissed him.


This was the routine for more days than Jeffrey could, or by that point, cared to count. Each new day, when he awoke, he could tell that he had changed slightly. Before long he craved Kyle’s presence. He had to have him around. It wasn’t just a desire, it was a deep need. Then he noticed that he would get a strong erection when he looked at Kyle. He wanted Kyle: Kyle was sexy, and not like his ex-girlfriends. They had been sexy in a girly way that Jeffrey now found disgusting. He wanted to be with the perfect man who had taken him.

As time went on, Kyle changed the visual to videos of submissive men who sucked cock and let their masters fuck them. This became Jeffrey’s dream: he wanted so badly to taste Kyle’s cock, to swallow his cum, to feel that hard cock thrusting up his ass.


After two months of holding his perfect man prisoner, Kyle decided to test out his training.

“How’s my little slave-boy doing today?”

Master, you came! I was worried I would never see you again and that you didn’t want me anymore.”

“Well, here I am Jeffy. And I think it’s time you got some exercise.”

With that, Kyle undid his pants and commanded his slave to crawl over and suck his cock. Jeffrey eagerly got down on his hands and knees and gulped down his master’s thick 7 inch cock. It was the best blowjob Jeffrey had ever experienced. After fifteen minutes of cock worship, Master Kyle shot his load onto Jeffrey’s eager tongue. It was the best orgasm Jeffrey had ever experienced. He had to have more of his master’s delicious ball juice. And he knew just where there was an endless supply.

“You know what Jeffy? I don’t think we’re done training you yet. You’re still too smart. How about we turn you into a mindless cock sucking himbo? How does that sound?”

“That sounds wonderful, Master! I can’t wait to be dumb for you, Sir.”

And with that, Jeffrey the slave went back to nursing on his master’s cock.


Re: Jeffrey's Enslavement - callmecrazy

I just wish we heard about Jeffrey's himbo transformation!

Great little story, nonetheless!

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