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by EMG


Chapter 1

My name is Vicki, well that is not entirely correct, my name is actually Jim, but I now answer most of the time to this new name given me by my Mistress. I am writing this account explaining how this came to be at the behest of my Mistress. As I enter this into my computer, I am wearing a lacy pink baby doll nightie with matching panties. My Mistress is sitting beside me dictating what to write. Every now and then she strokes my panty covered cock to reward me for my efforts. With each stroke, my cock twitches inside its frilly prison and I gasp with involuntary pleasure. Her Cheshire cat smile tells me she knows just what sort of effect her fingers are having. Well enough of my relating what's happening at the moment, let me recount how I came to be placed in this humiliating position.
It was my vacation week and I was looking forward to a week of rest and relaxation. My live-in girlfriend Jackie, had to work so I had the house we had bought together to myself. The first morning of the week I kissed Jackie good-bye, and as soon as she left for work, I got up and started to get "Dressed". I went to the attic and brought down my favorite under things, dress and shoes. I am a bit larger than Jackie, otherwise I would wear her things. I took a quick shower and shaved my face as close as I could. After drying off, I slipped into a sheer mint green peignoir set and went to the bedroom to complete my transformation. I slipped off the nightie and put on a black lace merry-widow with matching black lace french cut panties. I had taken in the merry-widow and it pulled my waist in a good 4 or 6 inches, giving me quite a bit of a figure. My maleness was already starting to rise, so I paused a bit and tucked it under and pulled the tight panties up. I then slid on a pair of black stockings and attached them to the garters. Next I slipped a pair of breasts into the cups and took a good look in the mirror. I saw a very sexy lady looking back at me. (so much for fantasy!).
I sat down at Jackie's vanity and started to put on my makeup. I was in the middle of the lipstick when I heard the door open. I panicked.
"Honey I forgot my purse." I heard Jackie say as she headed to the bedroom.
Jackie does not know of my dressing. I have tried to tell her before, but I couldn't. I tried to hide but it was useless. She opened the door and saw me trying to cover myself up.
"What on earth are you wearing?" she stammered. I fumbled out a flimsy excuse that made no sense at all, when she said " I always thought you were hiding something, but I never thought it was this".
"Are you angry?" I asked her.
"Let me put it this way", she said "I don't know why you are wearing my clothes, but you had better have a better excuse than you were lonely!" "We will talk more when I get home, and I want my future husband, not this" she said sternly as she stormed out of the house.
All my plans and dreams seemed to be crushed all that day. I finished dressing, putting on a leather mini skirt and silk blouse, but my mind was on what Jackie said. That afternoon I changed back into my male clothes and prepared myself to face the music.
Jackie came home and after a good hour of cold war stares she asked me how long I had been wearing her clothes. "Well", I started " I have been wearing girls clothes off and on since I was 12 years old". "I am not gay, I just love the way I look in the clothes. I especially like the feel of silk and satin lingerie against my skin". Jackie asked me why didn't I tell her. I told her I have tried to many times. "Don't you remember Halloween last year when I suggested you dress as a pimp and I would be your `girl`?"
"Yes" she said, "come to think of it you did get into the role more than I expected you to." "And another thing", she said " where did you get those clothes, they weren't mine!?"
"Actually they're mine", I said " I have a collection of many different types of dresses and such".
"You mean the things you had on this morning are yours" She asked?
"Yes they are", I said. "I have some information you can read", I said " if you want more information about cross-dressing"
"Get it for me" She said "and after I read it we will talk again".
I got the information about dressing from my study. It included articles about cross-dressers, as well as some magazines on the subject. The next few days Jackie said very little about the subject, and I was not going to upset her by bringing it up. Then on Friday she called me and said she would be late coming home because she had to do some shopping. Later that night I was watching the tube and Jackie came in and made a bee line to the bedroom.
"Don't come in here", she said I want to show you something in a minute. I sat in the living room trying to figure out what she had.
She came into the living room a few minutes later wearing a tight black satin dress and 5" heels.
"You look great" I said.
"Not as good as you're going to look" she said as she grabbed my hand and led me into the bedroom. My maleness was hard as a rock as I watched her buns swish in the tight dress. Her garters were very visible under the material and that only made it better. When we got in the bedroom she told me to close my eyes. I closed them and she ordered me to strip, keeping my eyes closed. I asked her what the surprise was and she told me not to worry and do as I was told.
After I was naked I felt her putting some lotion on my legs. This will help your legs to look better she said. I knew what was going on, but I was to stunned to ask her why the change of heart!. After a few minutes she took me by the hand and led me to the shower.
"Hop in and wash off". she said " and meet me back in the bedroom.
I got into the shower and I saw the hair falling off my legs. After I finished the shower I dried off and went back into the bedroom. Jackie had some lingerie laid out on the bed.
"Put this on " she said as she handed me a frilly red merry widow.
I put the merry widow on and she told me to turn around. I turned around and she hooked it up the back. "Not a bad fit for a first try" she said as she hooked the last one. "Now for the panties", she said "but first we have to do something about that protrusion". My cock got even harder when she said that. "I want you to take care of it the way you would if I wasn't here!" she said. "And if you refuse I will tell all your friends about your "hobby".
Reluctantly I took my cock in my hand and started to masturbate. I was about half way to climaxing when she stopped me and said ,"you need something on your legs for this".
She gave me a pair of black seamed stockings with lace tops and 6" black pumps. "Put these on baby" she said with a sly look. I sat on the bed and slid the nylons up my legs. They felt so smooth on my now hair-less legs. I attached the garters to the lacy stocking tops and slipped into the shoes.
"Where did you get this stuff" I asked her.
"Be quiet and do as you're told" she reminded me.
"Now stand up and finish the job at hand so to speak" she said.
I took my raging member in my hand and in a minute of quick moves I shot half way across the room.
"Perfect" Jackie said " and just think it's all on film!"
"FILM" I shouted, "you filmed this"?
"Yes baby how else do you expect me to keep tabs on you." But don't worry, as long as you do as I ask, no one will ever see this tape." After a bit more protest, she had me put on the red lace panties and a red satin mini dress that barely covered the tops of my stockings when I stood up.
"Sit down and let me make you up" she said. While she was applying my foundation, she started to tell me what was going on. "I read the information you gave me and I realized you really enjoy wearing women's clothing. Judging by what I saw you wearing Monday and the articles I read I figured this was the look you loved the best." She finished the foundation and started on my eyes. "I went to one of the stores in the magazine you gave me to read, That's where I found this outfit you're wearing as well as my outfit. I decided that I would rather have you dress like this here instead of worrying that you would dress like this when you were away".
She finished my eyes with a bright shade of blue eye shadow and black mascara, then started on my lips with a shade of deep red lipstick. "The way I figure it" she continued, " is, if I have a boyfriend who dresses up like a woman, I might as well let him. In fact you look so good I might just keep you this way all the time".
When she was finished with the make up, she brought out a blonde shoulder length wig. "Lets put this on and see how you look Jim, I mean Vicky". I think you look more like a Vicky than a Jim right now. She put the wig on me and adjusted it and then helped me up and brought me to the mirror for a look.
I couldn't believe what I saw. If I was a woman, I would be chasing myself. I turned from side to side and I looked great.
"Vicky" Jackie said, "we forgot your breasts"
I looked and realized that the only "chest" was from the merry widow.
"Lets use yours" she said.
I went to the attic to get my falsies. When I returned, Jackie pulled my dress over my head and slipped the breasts into the cups. After I pulled the dress down, I took another look in the mirror. "There, that's much better" she said.
After admiring myself in the mirror I realized the camcorder was still recording this and I was going to ask Jackie to turn it off. Then I thought about it and said to myself "what the heck I will make interesting viewing later". My thoughts were broken by Jackie's order to make dinner.
"What would you like love" I asked.
"I don't know, just surprise me. I'm going to chance into something more comfortable while you prepare our meal".
I went to the kitchen and started making a nice steak dinner. I was enjoying the newfound acceptance by Jackie.
"Dinners ready Honey" I called from the kitchen.
"I'll be right there" she answered. She came out in the white peignoir I had gotten her for her birthday. Her breasts made an interesting swell in the bodice. As she moved about the robe swirled around her, giving me a glimpse of her beautiful legs. She came over to me, gave me a hug, grabbed my buns and said "you look great honey" "What's for dinner"
"Steak and rice" I said. She squeezed my ass again and said great I'm starved let's eat." We sat down and ate.
"You know Vicky", she said "you have been working much too hard around here. I think it is time to get a maid".
"A maid" I asked?


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