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Friend Of The Family 5

by Shadow2000

Friend Of The Family 5

An hour or so later, Vanessa returned to the bedroom. Upon seeing Stacy there, in exactly the same position, naked, and obediently sucking and sniffing on Vanessa’s socks, excitement filled Vanessa. It pleased her and made her so excited and aroused to see how much power she had over Stacy. She stood there just watching for several minutes, so tempted to pleasure herself as she watched her slave, but resisting the urge. She walked around the bed, surveying Stacy’s naked body, pleased with what she saw.

“Good girl, little Stacy.” Vanessa said softly.

She reached to remove the socks from her slave, and replaced it with one of her feet. Immediately Stacy started to sniff obediently, a smile crossed Vanessa’s face.

“That’s right, Stacy...breathe it all in. Take it all in, feel yourself just relaxing and slipping down deeper into my power.”

Stacy took long deep breaths of her Mistress’ feet, eyes fluttering as she floated in obedient bliss. Her will dissolved more and more with each second that passed, as she inhaled deeper. All that mattered to her was to smell Vanessa’s feet and listen and obey whatever she said.

“You’ve been a very good girl, Stacy. Your Mistress is very proud of you.”

Vanessa stopped to enjoy the content sigh of pleasure that escaped Stacy at these words, and rewarded her slave by rubbing her foot right in her face, causing a fresh wave of deep breaths.

“Now it is time for you to obey. Just smell, listen and obey. As I told you earlier, we will be taking a trip to the Mall. When I snap my fingers you will get up and leave here to get ready. Once you leave this room you will no longer act as though you are my slave until I say otherwise. You will know that you are my slave, and that you belong to me, but until I say different you will act completely normal, as though you are independent. Do you understand?”

Stacy gave a slight nod in between sniffs of Vanessa’s feet.

“That’s my good girl.” Vanessa crooned. “My obedient little slave girl, aren’t you, Stacy?”

Stacy gave another nod, helplessly unable to resist.

“Yes you are, and you are totally in my power. My willing and obedient slave.”

Vanessa smiled with glee as she snapped her fingers, watching Stacy stop smelling her foot, rise from the bed and walk towards the door. Vanessa felt an immense sense of pleasure seeing her slave obey, and a need to use her.

“On your hands and knees and crawl, little Stacy.” She giggled.

Stacy immediately dropped to her hands and knees and crawled towards the door. As soon as she crossed the threshold she stood, thinking nothing of being on the floor, and made for her room to get dressed as Vanessa had instructed.

Later that day, Stacy, her Mom and Vanessa walked through the Mall. Stacy walked alongside her Mom, trying to avoid Vanessa, unaware that a single word from her would turn Stacy back into her willing slave. The three of them sat at a table to order a coffee after their shopping trip, Vanessa sat opposite mother and daughter. Stacy looked away as Vanessa flashed her that patronising grin she hated so much.

“Well, this is certainly nice, isn’t it, Stacy?” She almost sang.

Stacy flashed a sarcastic smile and looked away. Vanessa loved toying with her slave like this; knowing that she could make her totally act submissive again the blink of an eye. She could make her slave do anything, she knew that Stacy deep down needed to obey her, needed Vanessa to tell her what to do, what to be, and what to think. Vanessa had so much power over Stacy, she could change her mind at anytime, and the thought made her almost drool with pleasure. She looked at Stacy’s Mom as she looked through the menu, and her mind sparkled with ideas of how to toy with her; with both of them.

Vanessa slowly began to slip her shoes off under the table. She had deliberately not put on a pair of socks and her feet had gotten very sweaty after the long trip walking round the Mall. She knew that the scent would be so potent and would take Stacy and her Mom very deeply under her spell. She kicked her shoes off gently, wiggling her exposed toes and flexing her bare feet, letting the stink travel towards her slaves.

Vanessa smiled as she watched Stacy and her Mom catch the first breath of her foot scent. Their eyes began to flutter and the smell hit them, Vanessa flexed her feet more to let the smell circulate and permeate their senses. They began to sway gently as the stink took control of them, relaxing them and bringing them deep under Vanessa’s power. Their bodies went limp and relaxed. Vanessa had them deep under her spell. Blank, dreamy looks crossed their faces as they took in as much of the scent as they could.

“Take it all in.” Vanessa whispered gently. “Take nice long deep breaths of the smell of my feet. Let it saturate your senses, leaving only blind obedience to me. Falling deeper and deeper under my spell, so deeeeeeep now. Helpless and ensnared in my power, and the scent of my feet. That’s right, breathe it in deeply. Good.”

Vanessa watched as Stacy and her Mom took long eager breaths to take in her foot smell, smiling as she watched them sink deeper. She placed a foot on each of their laps under the table, wriggling her toes to let the scent travel right up to them. Light moans of pleasure escaped them as they felt the touch of their Mistress’ feet and they quickly took breaths of her feet, savouring the smell, unable to resist as it pulled them deeper.

“Very good, my slaves.” She whispered, wriggling and flexing some more. “Now it is time for Mistress to have some fun with you, I think. Stacy, you no longer need to act as though you are independent, you may now return to your state of total obedience to me, do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress.” Stacy said weakly, more focused on inhaling Vanessa’s feet.

“Very good girl.” Vanessa replied, a devilish grin crossing her face. She turned to Stacy’s Mom. “And you, dear...I think it is time you felt my power as well. Feel your obedience to me growing, getting stronger. It grows the more you smell my feet. Totally submissive and obedient to me now. Do you understand?”

Stacy’s Mom gave a slight nod as she breathed in her new Mistress’ foot stink, a vacant and dreamy look on her face. Vanessa lifted her feet up to get them as close to her slaves’ noses as possible. They both took deep inhales, savouring the scent as it took them deeper.

“Very good...and that sounds so good, so right, doesn’t it?”

Another vacant nod, dreamy smiles crossing Stacy and her Mom’s faces. Vanessa couldn’t contain a giggle, her excitement, and arousal, growing by the minute.

“Now, my pets...listen to your Mistress and obey. When I snap my fingers, you will awaken from your nice, blissful, sleepy trances. You will be totally in my power, my willing and obedient slaves. You will be awake, but you will find that the intoxicating aroma of my feet now starts to arouse you. You will need to breathe it in as though it were a narcotic, and every breath will arouse you, make you more and more hot and horny. You will do your best to contain your growing pleasure, and will act normally, thinking nothing of my feet being in each of your laps. You will also be only able to climax when I say so. Do you understand?”

Stacy and her Mom could only nod in their relaxed and intoxicated state. Vanessa snapped her fingers and her slaves’ eyes sprung open at once. As soon as this happened Vanessa could see them instinctively start to take deep breaths of her stinky feet. Already she could see the first glimmers of arousal as they inhaled, the feelings were beginning to wash over them. Vanessa felt aroused herself just knowing the power she had over the two women; watching them struggle with their growing arousal, knowing she had caused it, was so hot and made her feel so excited. Light moans started to escape from their mouths, just as the waitress came over to serve them.

“Can I take your order, please?”

Vanessa struggled to contain herself watching Stacy and her Mom fight to keep their moans of pleasure in. She wriggled and flexed her feet more beneath the table, causing them to squirm in their seats as they tried to hold back their arousal. The waitress gave them an odd glance but said nothing. They had to whisper their orders to avoid their horniness being evident in their voices. Vanessa placed her order with a wide smile on her face. The waitress wrote what they wanted down and walked away, casting a glance back at their table.

“If I didn’t know better, I’d say you too were aroused!” Vanessa mocked, letting the smell of her feet circulate even more. “Do you feel aroused, my slaves?”

The women could only nod as arousal flooded through them.

“Please speak when you answer your Mistress.” Vanessa said, grinning.

“Y..yy..y...yes, Mistresssss.” They stammered together, unable to contain the volume of their arousal.

“Very good, my pets. Would you like your Mistress to help you climax?”

Again they stammered yes, Vanessa toying with them, letting the aroma of her feet drift right up into their nostrils, flexing and wriggling to increase their arousal more.

“Well then my pets, I will grace you with your climax as you have served me so very well. Your arousal will continue to increase until the waitress brings our drinks back over to the table. When she does so, you will raise the drinks to your mouths, but before you actually drink all the arousal will flood out of you in an explosive, uncontrollable orgasm. It will be so powerful, and yet you will try to contain it as best you can. Do you understand?”

Again the intoxicated women stammered yes, making Vanessa grin broadly. She knew they would not be able to contain themselves, and she was trying to contain herself thinking of this. Vanessa sat there watching them and flexing as they waited for their order. Both Stacy and her Mom were now writhing in pleasure, desperately trying to contain their moans from escaping. Moments after the waitress arrived with their order, Vanessa almost wished she hadn’t so she could see her slaves squirm more.

The waitress placed their drinks on the table, and immediately Stacy and her Mom reached for them. Their hands shook with arousal and pleasure as they picked them up and started to raise them to their mouths. The waitress had walked away but looked back in shock as the explosive climax from Stacy and her Mom rang out. They tried to contain it after this burst but did not succeed well. Their pleasure and orgasm pierced the air. Vanessa just sat and watched as they convulsed, helpless in their pleasure, and helpless in her thrall. She smiled back at the surprised waitress who just shook her head and walked away.

Vanessa continued to flex and wriggle her feet under the table, brushing them against her slaves occasionally to keep the orgasm powerful and uncontrollable. Even in their pleasured state Vanessa could tell they were doing their best to breathe in her foot scent. Her smile broadened.
Finally the orgasm started to subside, their bodies began to relax, weary from the pleasure. They gripped the table to keep themselves upright, letting the last glimmers of the orgasm fade. Vanessa flexed her feet some more.

“Excellent my slaves, you have done so very well. Did you enjoy that?”

“Yes, Mistress.” They said in unison, totally blank and vacant.

“Good slaves. Now what I want you to do is just carrying on smelling my feet, finding now that the scent relaxes you, calms you, making you feel so good. Ease back into that sensation as you take in more of my foot scent. That’s right...more relaxed and sleepy now.”

Stacy and her Mom sank back into their chairs slightly as they became more relaxed and subdued by the hypnotic scent of their Mistress’ feet. Their eyes began to flutter, they fought to stay awake and listen to Vanessa’s words; the words which soothed them and made them feel so good. The words which made them want to obey, desire to obey, and need to obey. Vanessa smiled her usual broad smile watching her slaves.

“Very good, my little pets. You please your Mistress. Now I think we are just about done here, time to leave. You will follow me and carry my bags like good little puppets, do you understand?”
Another vacant reply from Stacy and her Mom. Vanessa grinned and stood and started to walk away. Stacy and her Mom automatically rose and hurriedly picked up all Vanessa’s bags, following her blankly, their eyes fixed on her feet as she walked.

Later on the three of them arrived back home, Vanessa first with her obedient slaves behind her. Vanessa walked straight upstairs and into her room, she slid her coat off and threw it to the side, turning to Stacy and her Mom.

“Put the bags down, then drop to your knees in the presence of your Mistress.”

Both Stacy and her Mom placed Vanessa’s bags of shopping on the floor beside them, and then automatically sunk to their knees, their eyes always totally focused on their Mistress. Vanessa grinned broadly and walked round her slaves, surveying them, a warm feeling of pleasure surging through her at the sight of her hypnotized pets. She walked round and sat at the foot of her bed, facing Stacy and her Mom. She pointed to her shoes, and grinned more as her pets immediately crawled forward to remove the shoes. Vanessa wiggled her toes as each shoe came off, and her slaves took long deep breaths as she did so.

“Feel that scent, my slaves. Feel it taking you over, taking you deeper into my power. Deeper into that submissive state to me that you are so familiar with. The smell of my feet takes over your mind, making you more and more mine. Feel it saturating your senses, consuming your thoughts, taking over your bodies. Take it all in. That’s right. Smell deeply.”

The dreamy look on both Stacy and her Mom’s faces returned as they started to blankly and obediently smell Vanessa’s feet. They slumped in their kneeling positions as their bodies became relaxed, as their minds became more and more blank. Vanessa waved her feet round their noses and they took deep inhales which were followed by moans of pleasure. Vanessa herself began to feel aroused as she watched her power over the two women grow stronger.

“Just smell, listen and obey my slaves. My words and smell of my feet control you now, so deep in their power. So deep in my power. Believing everything I say and obeying any command I give.”

Vanessa could not resist her urge for pleasure any longer. She reached across and took a pair of her socks and gave one each to Stacy and her Mom, pressing them into their face and noses. The hands of Stacy and her Mom instantly reached up to hold the socks to their noses as they sniffed the stink deeply. Vanessa stood and pulled off her clothes, starting to gently rub herself, sighing with pleasure. She could see her slaves were getting aroused seeing their Mistress naked and in pleasure, and she continued to rub all over. She leant forward and looked into Stacy’s Mom’s eyes.

“I think you need to go downstairs now and start to prepare something nice for dinner, dear. You will continue to be so deep in my power, so obedient, and will get so much pleasure from serving. Go now.”

Stacy’s Mom rose, still wearing the vacant look on her face, and left the room. Vanessa motioned for Stacy to crawl over to her. Stacy obeyed at once, crawling obediently to the feet of her Mistress, immediately starting to smell the sock again. Vanessa placed her hands on Stacy’s shoulders and turned her to a seated position facing away from her. Vanessa loved how the girl offered no resistance and just let herself be guided and moved around like a doll. Vanessa clasped her hands over Stacy’s to push the sock into her face more, and enjoyed hearing the deep sniffs that accompanied it. She placed a leg on each of Stacy’s shoulders and wrapped her legs round her slave, locking her in position. Stacy was oblivious to this as she inhaled the scent, sat there in the power and grip of her Mistress. Vanessa pleasured herself while binding her slave to her, showing that she now had total control over her forever.


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