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My slave's weekend

by metalgreek

My slave's weekend

“hey” my words flow through the phone to the other line.
“hey Bells what’s up? You speak so excitedly like your happy to hear my voice, its comforting.
“uhmm not a whole lot just wondering what your doing tonight”
“uh not shit, why what’s good?”
“well” my words pause in a teasing taste “my parents might be out of town if you wanted to come keep me company” I know he can hear the lust in my voice
“keep you company huh?” I hate when he toys with me. “alright ill come keep you company, what time”
“now” I hang up the phone, I know he’s pondering. His wondering makes the game fun.
I hear the pounding base as you pull into my drive way. My heart beat begins to match as my nerves take over. Am I really doing this? I have to question myself till I hear your trucks door slam shut. A quick glance in the mirror, blonde hair running down my shoulders touching the cleavage hanging out the low cut pink sweater I picked out to wear for you. Matching the sweater my eyes glitter with a mystic pink dusting, my heavy black eye lashes flutter with excitement. Last touch on my plump lips as I apply the creamy gloss and straighten my shirt just in time to have you knock 3 times, twice is too soon, four means your forgotten.
The front door opens, you stand there dazzling. The blink 182 shirt you wear hangs loosely on your chest I hate it when guys where tight clothes makes them too up tight. Your jeans are a little to big and your gym shorts hang out the top. I love your style it may look messy to some but I just looks comfortable to me. Though I do think you wear way to many clothes. You look straight at me with the unmoved grin, your not surprised, your never surprised when I dress up for you. I can tell your pleased though, and that’s all I need.
I smile and wrap my arms around your neck and look up at you. The way the green in your eye wraps around the black always has amazed me. You lean down to kiss me, leaning a little to far you tilt me back and start to walk into the house kicking the door closed. I whimper in a playful protest but your lips never leave mine. Wrapping tighter around your neck I kiss you harder. Taking me now would be to easy for you. you’ve never liked it easy. You pull away and smile down at me as you begin to speak
“you look cute” as you move some hair from my face.
“thank you” I smile up at you. I hate how you tower me, you say it cute how short I am at only 5’4 but with you being almost 6ft it makes it intimidating.
“so, you invite me over your house. You dress up looking very cute. What’s your motives here Bells, are you trying to take advantage of me?” oh yes of course your sarcasm has to come out now.
“your to easy to take advantage of” smiling slying I walk into the kitchen to makes you a drink swinging my hips as I walk. I know your favorite thing is my ass I like teasing you with it.
You go sit on the couch and make your self comfortable turning on the TV you pick a scary movie, big surprise. I walk into the living you handing you your drink, your eyes never leave mine. When I sit down next you, your arm snakes around me and you lean in the begin to nibble down my neck. I push you playfully and calling you perv. You sit and look at me for a moment with that sad puppy face. I stick out my tongue at you and turn to movie. I love playing with you. About 20 minutes into the movie I get bored. I scoot closer to you. You look down at me raising an eye brow in the asshole questioning way. Your own way of saying “I thought you didn’t want to play”. I guess ill have to take control I nuzzle into you and being to kiss your neck lightly. Your arm wraps around me and you pull me close. Grasping my chin and pull me to look at you. Smiling you whisper “your all mine tonight” and kiss me genteelly. Running my hands down your back, I being to lightly scratch. You know I hate gentle. Moving onto you, I straddle you. My hands wonder under your shirt as my nails dig up your spine pulling your shirt off. My fingers run into your short brown messy hair, I love how silky it feels. For such non-caring guy you have amazing hair. Kissing you harder you take the hint. Your hands travel around my waist as your grip me tightly, moving under my shirt grasping the hem you tug it off. Reveling my pink and black lace bra, releasing the kiss you smile throwing my sweater to the other end of the couch. Moving over my back you kiss my neck unhooking my bra as you go. Releasing my 36C tits. Your hands slickly move to grasp both as you grasp, kneed and tugging both. You know how much I hate waiting. And the way I’m grinding against you, you can tell I’m not in the mood for foreplay. Moving down my stomach you grip my belt. biting my neck you rip the belt open roughly. Moving your hands under my ass you pick me up to toss me onto the couch. Smiling up at you. You lean down.
“baby, tell me how bad you want it” whispering, I can hear how horny you are in your voice.
“please, Jake, I need you”
Leaning over you unbutton my jeans, pull them off the toss them near my shirt. Lying in just a black lace thong. I cant help to think how badly I truly do need you. You go to kiss me. And I push you onto your back. Kneeling between your legs pulling off your jeans and shorts. Your cock springs forward. Looking into your eyes, you look so pleased.
“you want it” looking at you, wanting you so bad.
“yeah baby go ahead” your almost begging.
I grasp your cock and run my hand down it. Tilting it back I lick your underside, base to head. Looking into your eyes as I take you into my mouth. Twisting my tongue around your head. Lightly rubbing you base, as you tighten and get fully hard. Bobbing my head up and down I take you into my throat. Your breathing gets heavy, its such a turn on. Your hands entwine in my hair gripping tightly as your hips begin to pound against my mouth, forcing your cock further. Your moans get louder, I love sucking your cock. I feel you go stiff and start to shake, I know your going to bust. I suck harder, you know I like swallowing. With one loud grunt you release into my mouth as I swallow as if on que, nursing the tip of your cock till your soft. Panting you smile up at me as I look down at you licking my lips tasting your last bit of cum.
“my turn” you slyly say grabbing my hips throwing me down. Ripping my lace thong straight off I being to protest.
“Jake, what the fuck that was my favorite” I complain playfully.
Running your finger down my slit. You grin
“wow, you get that wet from sucking cock?”
Glaring at him about to throw something back at him. He rams two fingers deep into my cunt. Gasping my nails attack your back digging deep. You finger me mercilessly. Wanting me to scream and moan for you.
“you wanna cum baby? Come on cum for me slut” your words making me wetter.
“JAKE, fuckkk” I scream as I cum for you, you know I’m so easy to make cum. You bastard, I hate how good you are.
Kissing me deeply as you pull your fingers from me. Rubbing your already hard again cock with my juices. You push my legs further apart and crawl closer. Placing the tip at my entrance running up and down my lips. You make me shiver.
“Beg” such a strict tone leaving your lips, I couldn’t not listen.
“pleaseeee. Please baby please, I need it. Please fuck me Jake. I love feeling your cock. Just put it in, fuck me Jake please.” shaking in my voice I’m so horny.
“I’m not sure you want it” your such an asshole
“JAKE, please just fuck me, I’m your slut please. Just do me hard. You can do whatever you.” I’m almost screaming. “please baby, I need you” I whisper begging you.
You smile, kiss me hard and ram deep into my pussy. It so sudden. Your so big and so thick. At almost 9in long and 2in thick you tear my puss apart. I scream for you, as you pound into me grabbing my hips forcing me to take you deeper.
“JAKE FUCK!…oh my god, GO HARDER BABY PLEASE.” over and over I scream “harder” “faster” “deeper”. I love how rough you are with me.
I feel my legs get weak and my stomach tighten. I cant hold off much longer.
“fuck! I’m cumming” I scream. You grab me hard and pull me in deep as I cum on your cock. My pussy clenches your cock as I release onto you.
“fuck baby I’m going to cum” your tell me looking deep into my eyes.
“cum in me baby please, I want to feel it”
“fuckk” you scream as you cum. Feeling you shoot into me rushing through deep and warm you fill me.
Your done, panting and satisfied at slip out your soft cock. Laying back your chest heaves. Steadying myself I crawl between your knees taking your cock into my mouth and sucking our juices off to clean you. When I think your clean enough, I grab a near by blanket and curl up into your chest. Wrapping your arms around me and pulling me tight you kiss my forehead as I fall asleep.
Shining light hits my eyes, quickly covered by the dark. The sunset always seemed to set me at peace. Looking at the clock its already 5:30. Moving slowly off the couch I don’t want to wake you up. Tip toeing to the kitchen I start to throw together something we can eat. I figure if your spending the night I should at least feed you. While the water is coming to a boil, I turn to wash my hands. Not hearing you walk up behind me, your arms wrap around my stomach. Your lips attack my neck.
“your making me dinner” I the sarcasm in your voice.
“yes, shut up” I push my ass back playfully against you.
“we all know you cant cook”
“if you don’t wanna eat then you can starve”
“ill eat it” you bite my neck. I push you back.
“go watch TV or something and let me finish”
You smack my ass and walk away.
When were done eating I being to clean up.
“babe, im gonna go jump in the shower okay” you say as you walk over to kiss my cheek
“yeah, the towels are in the closet outside the bathroom”
As I finish the dishes I go upstairs. I want to pick something cute to wear. Looking though some drawers, I find a pink silky teddy bear cami, with matching pink lace panties. I look good in pink. Slipping it on. I put on some lotion. Victoria secret’s love spell, always been my favorite. Finishing the lotion I hear you turn off the shower. Crawling into bed. You walk into my room. A towel around your waist running your hand through your hair to dry it. You smile when you see me.
“if I wasn’t positive that you wore things like this all the time, id say you did all this for me” I swear your sarcasm will kill me one day.
“don’t flatter yourself sweetie, your not lucky enough to have me do all this for you.” getting off the bed I walk up to.
My hands on your chest I kiss down your neck. Your hands grab under my ass picking me up. Wrapping my legs around you, you walk to my bed tossing me down and crawling on top of me. Kissing down my chest I scratch down your back. Crawling down to in-between my legs. You grasp my panties.
“these make your ass look great” smiling as you rip them off.
“your fucking bitch, if you rip one more pair of my…” I’m lost in the sentence when you tongue digs into my clit.
Moving your tongue down my slit you flick my clit, making me soaked and screaming. You know eating me out makes me cum quick, especially with how good you are. Im shaking so hard underneath you.
“Jake.” is all I can say before I cant hold back anymore.
You lick and suck harder on my puss, making my body quake.
Kissing up my stomach to my neck to my ear. I reach under and start to stroke your cock. You being to whisper.
“baby, I cant wait. I want your mouth around my cock, just let me fuck you first”
“you can do what ever your want”
You grasp my wrist, pulling them over my head and pulling me up further on the bed. You way to strong for me to protest. I love fighting you it makes you hotter, but at this point I want you to bad. Circling your cock around my clit, you make me moan. Slowing pushing in, my breath quickens.
“Jake just put it in” slowly speaking breathing heavily
You bite my tit hard. I scream, and you bite harder. Releasing me. You ram your cock full force into my cunt. Moaning loudly I grip the bed sheets. Hearing them tear as my nails ripple through them. You don’t slow down under my cries, you only go harder. You know I would never make you stop. Pumping hard you grip my tits. Leaning back pulling me onto of you. Starting to ride your cock I place my hands on your chest to brace myself as I ride you hard. Grinding my hips against you my nails dig into your chest and you scream. I dig harder smiling down at you knowing how much you like that. Bouncing on your cock you reach up to squeeze my tits. Moaning and screaming I can feel the waves of an orgasm hitting.
“Jake” I scream as I cum. “baby fuck me harder please Jake. Do it” im moaning in between my cries.
Grabbing my hips you easily lift me and drop me down on your cock. Each time hitting so deep I cant help but to cry. Smiling you pull out. Looking at you questionly.
“Jake what the fuck, put it back in!” yelling at you as you grab my throat.
“shut up” you say so calmly. Pushing me onto the bed, you grab my hair forcing me onto the stomach. Cupping my sex you pull me up, raising my ass in the air. Your cock hits me opening harder than you ever have. Your grip tightening on my hair as your ball slap against me. Doggie style was always your favorite. Holding my sides you pull me back harder.
“fuck baby, your pussys so tight” your grunting and moaning as you force yourself into me. “ I love the way your ass looks” you say as you smack my ass repeatedly as your fuck me.
At such a loss for words I can only whimper and moan. Feeling yourself tighten in me. I look back at you.
“Jake please, don’t bust me. Not again” I can barely speak under the orgasms hitting me.
“I don’t plan on it baby” you pull my hair ripping my head back.
Yanking your cock from my cunt you beat it hard. Hearing you moan you bust all over my back. Not that I mind, but the asshole could of at least warned me.
Hearing your breathing slow, I can tell your exhausted. kneeling up to fix my hair I turn around to find you on your back panting. Smiling down at you, you know im just as tired. Crawling in-between your thighs I lick your cock slowly. Tasting both our cum. I suck gently cleaning you off. Sucking your head slowing making sure I have all your cum. I pull of satisfied.
I kiss your forehead and grab your towel and walk to the bathroom to rinse your jizz off. Turning on the cool water I step in. I hate warm showers. Feeling your cum trickle down my back, I grab my washcloth squeezing some sweet smelling shower gel on it I wash my body.
When im done I wrap in a warm towel and walk to bed. Opening the door slowly your already asleep. I don’t want to wake you, I pull the covers back slowly throwing the towel aside I crawl into bed. Pulling the blankets over me I rest my head on your chest. Hearing your heart beat I fall asleep.


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