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How John Became Jessica, Mistress Cassandra's Story

by Jessy8

How John Became Jessica, Mistress Cassandra's Story

I am Mistress Cassandra. I run one of the most exclusive escort services in Miami, with girls to satisfy EVERY fetish a customer might have. I have regular girls, sure, but my real moneymaker is my special trained Sissy Gurls. Men and women travel from all over the world to try out my stock, because mine is the best.
I train my own sluts; that’s how I KNOW they’re good. Take for example this new gurl in training, Jessica. She’s been with us for two and a half months, and is already making huge progress. This is because of a combined use of different feminization technologies. She takes heavy doses of my own mix of female hormones in her food, as well as by injections while she sleeps. She lives a female life, in her girly room, and she is forced to sit to pee. This helps enforce the idea that she is a gurl, at least mostly.
She’s also trained daily, giving her a sexy body and unrivaled skills to service males and females.
The real secret to my success though, is her daily hypnotic conditioning. Every night, subliminal messages are given to her. You can only imagine the kind of struggle going on in her head. The old pathetic male trying to keep its place, and the new, sexy, slutty gurl inside, just straining to be let loose.
This is why my gurls are the best.
So, if you’re in town, give me a call. My services aren’t cheap, but you won’t be disappointed.


Re: How John Became Jessica, Mistress Cassandra's Story - onewhoknew

Wow, I'd pay to be hired by her!

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