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To the Stables

by Asep

To the Stables

"Good. Girls. Listen," said the man calling from the open window of some dark dark tinted car.

Vicki stood upright, stunned and startled. The parking garage was almost empty, and she prided herself in caution. She had passed by the darkly tinted car within walking distance, noted it even. It was european of of some obvious value. The dark tinted windows showed nothing, and she was long past it, moving to forget it at all in the rush of post work activity. She was struggling to get her keys to her small car when the voice hit from behind and held her rigid. As a rush of adrenaline and panic consumed her being, she felt her body locking rigid.

She stood still, seemingly paralyzed in fear Vicki thought. Her hands stood fixed at her sides, as she watched her body holding itself into rapt standing attention. She could hear a car door open, then slow approaching footsteps. Her entire being felt consumed with the fire of panic, she she found herself completely paralyzed and unable to move. Only listen as the footsteps slowly approached. Coming closer, and closer. Then there was silence, until his voice came out from behind, sudden.

"Time to go to the stables," said the deep voice and the unnatural paralysis broke. She slumped, but held herself standing as a fugue of strange emotion overwhelmed her.

Her head cocked quizically left, eyes continually growing glazed and unfocused. She struggled to catch herself, to catch the rising pressure she felt in her chest and lungs, as if the air was a weight.  She brought her hands to her chest and held them there, breathing hard and struggling not to bend at the knees. The world in front of her became slowly cloudy and blurred, a hazing of clouds rising before her eyes, enveloping the world.

She shook her head harshly, trying to clear it. She clenched her eyes shut and shook her head vigorously, but as she did this she felt some sensation from between her ears. Deep inside her head she felt some large shifting, as if part of her brain had settled. Some deep tickling inside her ear as if some liquid was creeping down the canal. She could almost feel it leak from her ear, but when she clutched the side of her ear it came away dry, despite the feeling of some intangible liquid dripping from her ear. As if something was draining and escaping her head. Something mental.

Her ears remained sharp, sharpened even and she heard some kind of clicking sound, generated from someones tongue, and low soothing voice, "Shhhhhh.... Easy girl. Easy."

She turned alarmed, momentary panic rising high with surge of adrenaline evoking her flight or fight response. She whimpered low, as she tried to focus, make some semblance of sense from cloudy surroundings. She shook her head again involuntarily as her right foot rose and stamped the ground. Some distant part of her mind, noted her foot movement beyond haze of screaming panic. What was happening to her?

She could hear the same voice, continuing to make low reassuring sounds. Part of her calmed unbidden, her body shifting to face his direction. She backed a step hesitantly and tried to voice some protest. The only noises that emerged were grunting, and some long drawn out high nasal moaning. She backed another step in shock at these strange sounds, wondering why her powers of speech failed her, and she sounded like some horse. 'PONY', rose a large voice in her mind, obliterating all other thought momentarily. SHe staggered, a moment, feeling some rush quickening throughout her body and growing heat between her legs. Part of her panic eased in response to the low soothing sounds. She shook her head again involuntarily, feeling something else intangile esape in the flowing rush of hair. Something leaving her forever.

She focused back upon the strange haze that was making clicking sounds. Her head cocked again and she focused harder, trying to make sense and semblance. For a moment the world before her cleared a bit, and she focused upon that. With trial she found that she could begin to distinguish shapes and objects, but only if she focused her eyes directly ahead and almost crossed. The haze slowly retreated into the shapes of car, and man. A man who continued to click and make those low reassuring sounds. "Easy girl. Easy." Against her will, she found herself calming more at the sound of his voice. Her eyes lowered slightly to his feet, her head bowing. Her right foot pawed the ground as she watched it vaguely surprised. SOme deep calm was descending upon her, waning and retreating even as the strange man approached.

She made a snorting sound as her nostrils flared. The deep part of her mind screaming panic seemed distant and unimportant. She snorted appreciatively and nuzzled against him. Her nostrils flared wide, taking in his scent. He ran his hand smoothly down her backside, she arched to his touch. He reached her buttocks and grabbed one roughly, filling his hand with her flesh. She let out a surprised whinny, but then positioned herself so her butt protruded outward to the display of all. Readily available should he wish to grab it again. 'Or smack it,' whispered a submerged voice in her brain, rewarding her with a secret thrill of orgasmic arousal.

Then the man suddenly did smack her ass, hard enough to sting sharply and the startled girl arched back with a loud whinny. The man held her by her hair, petting the top of her head while whispering sweet noises at her. She looked at him confused, wondering why he would bring her pain. Yet she couldn't help this sense of adoration for the man holding her and making such comforting noises, continually petting and petting. From the top of her head down the smooth of her back. Even through her clothing she felt electrified by the sensation of his touch. She arched against his hands. She liked being petted. She felt that thrill of arousal again, warm and unyielding. She felt the blood rushing to her cheeks, tinting in in rose. She bit her lower lip, relishing in the sensation. Horny. She thought. Horny.

She blinked, knowing the truth of it, and resisting the urge to grab and knead her breasts. The truth of it was, her hands seemed unresponsive. They were clenched into dainty fists, and despite her efforts to ease the grip, they remained clenched. As she watched the strange man gripped them, then pulled from his pocket a set of tight dark leather mittens, which enveloped her tiny clenched hands. He tightened them around her wrist, then attached two small locks he pulled from his pocket. He locked both, taking the keys, and Vicki felt another orgasmic thrill as the clasps rang shut.

Horny, her mind continued to whisper, as the growing warmth caused her to quiver. Her mind struggled to connect with another word. Only one other word seemed to be found in the void that was once a full mind. Vicki let the two words find each other and read them slowly in her mind. Horny Pony.

And in the truth of that statment Vicki lost herself in trembling bliss. She let waves of pleasure overwhelm her as her true purpose came reinforced in passion. She trembled writhed and whinnied in the pleasure of realizing she was a good pony. A good horny pony. Another smack to her ass got her to her feet. As she stood there, the man came and held her head momentarily. He put something around he head which left her vision resistricted. She found it much easier to only focus ahead of her with blinders. The man then thrust something into her mouth. She resisted this, shaking her head, but she found the object in her mouth, and pulling back. Her reigns, the word rose in the void of Vicki's empty mind. But the word held no association. Words were for humans. And she was a pony. The speaking master was pointing to the car, where an open door waited. He tugged on her reigns, and she followed him to her new life.


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