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Hypnotized Muscle Beast

by muscleluvr

Hypnotized Muscle Beast

It was a normal day for Paul Stokely, a high school senior who was looking for colleges to apply to. He went to all his classes and on the PM announcements he heard an announcement about a wrestling meeting. Paul thought this was a good thing that he could include on his college resume so he decided to go to the meeting.

Now Paul Stokey is not your average wrestler. He was a scrawny kid who was five feet eight inches and only one hundred thirty five pounds. His hair was shaggy blonde and came down to his eyebrows. Paul always longed to be one of those muscular athletes he saw on tv and in magazines. He wanted his body to ripple with muscle and strength, to have the boulder biceps, the enormous chest and the washboard abs. He knew that if he joined the wrestling team he would be able to work his body to this goal while getting college credit.

So Paul attended the meeting and was blown away by all the guys there. He was by far the scrawniest and the weakest there by far. Every single guy there was at least six foot and all looking like bodybuilders. Paul yearned to be like these men and when Coach Ramsey called him over, he quickly went.

Coach Ramsey was a handsome man of twenty six. He is a competetive bodybuilder and boy did it show. His muscles were straining his shirt to the point where it looked like it was about to rip. As the coach asked Paul questions on why someone so skinny would even think of coming to the meeting he noticed Paul staring at his muscles. The coach asked Paul if he thought he was hot and if he wanted a taste of what it was like to be a muscle beast.

Paul of course agreed and went with the coach. The burly coach led Paul down into the basement and told him about how he got to be so strong. He put his arm around Paul and this made Paul very hard. Paul might have been small on his body but he made up for it with his enormous eleven inch dick that was right now punding in his shorts and the coach noticed it. He brought Paul into a small room where there was nothing but a screen. The coach then completely undressed, revealing his perfectly muscled body. Paul wanted to feel it so badly but the coach advised him to do the same and take off all his clothes.

Paul stripped naked and his huge cock stood there standing straight up and the coach advised Paul to take a seat in the small chair in front of the screen. The coach explained that he will be going through a sexual change and the coach got down in between Paul's legs and sucked his cock. He pressed play on a remote and a spiral started spinning as the coach kept sucking. A deep masculine voice was heard in the room.

The voice calmed Paul and completely relaxed him until he completely blocked out the outside world. The voice then commanded Paul's body to change. The voice ordered Paul to start pumping out enormous amounts of testosterone and to tear and repair muscle fibers instantly. Paul was growing. His arms hardened and grew outward and his chest grew solid as a rock as it expanded. The fat on his stomach seemed to melt away as a ock hard wall of a ten pack rippled down his belly. His legs grew enormous and after what seemed like a second the change was complete.

Paul was now sitting in a chair the size of the coach. His muscles rippled all over his body. Paul aksed the coach how all of this was possible and the coach told him he developed a hypnosis session that completely altered the brain and body, Paul was now a complete gay muscle beast that will do everything the coach asked. His first command? The coach ordered Paul to suck him, Paul had to suck the coach's hard dick.

Paul left that wrestling meeting a new man, he know was a complete muscle head and he was totally gay. Paul made the wrestling team and all of the practices included the hypnosis session that made him so large except now they made him bigger and stronger. By the end of senior year the five foot eight inches and one hundred thrity pound boy was now 6 feet five inches and three hundred fifty four pounds.


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Great story, but it is way too short. It would have been cool to have it longer, to describe the transformation, etc.

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