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Room of changing

by tomdog007

Room of changing

“They game me a collar that gave me pain if I didn’t do what they liked. My prison had basic facilities and a video monitor.

“I had to do it. The shocks from the collar hurt too much. I put my mouth on his dick and tried to do what I saw in the video. They told me to pretend he was my boyfriend but I never went down on him. If I didn’t do a good enough job they would shock me, saying I have to lose that pesky gag reflex. The worst was when they would come on my face. I’d protest but they’d shock me until I got on my knees and opened my mouth for the next guy. I have to get out of this somehow. It shouldn’t be hard, at least they let me keep my clothing.

“It was starting to become routine. The collar hardly had to shock me. They must have seen that I was getting obedient so they started making me say things in between slurps, in between men using my face to get off. I didn’t want to say things like ‘I’m a dirty little cocksucker’ and ‘my pretty little mouth is for cocks to use’ but they would shock me if I didn’t. I guess I can say things to them to avoid pain until I get out of here. It does get them off faster. Now that I can deep throat, they shoot their loads inside me. I like this better actually, now I don’t have to wear their dominance on my face like some skank. What I don’t get is why they keep giving me fresh clothes. It’s like they want me to escape. That damn video monitor won’t stop showing porn.

“When he took out his pe—cock I sunk to my knees, knowing what I had to do. They kept making me say things like ‘cocks make me horny’ and ‘girls are for cocks to use.’ I don’t know why they made me say those things, they play my own voice back to me when I’m not on my knees servicing cocks. There I go again, calling them cocks instead of dicks or penises. I think the recordings are getting to me. They’re the only conversation I get besides ‘on your knees, slut.’ I’m not a slut. This is just until I can escape. These clothes are a little tight in the chest and hips, I’m not sure I can move around in them.”

“They come in twos and threes now. I sink to my knees like a dirty little cocksucker and take him in my throat. I can coord—umm...at the same time I can jerk off two guys. Sometimes two of them shoot down my throat but the third one gets it all over my face and hair. I used to be disgusted by it, and I kinda am, but now I’m kinda wet. My clothes are tight enough to feel my nipples harden against the shirt. They’ve been getting off on me for days now, but no one gets me off. I’m around all this hard cock and no one is using my—wait, I’m not a slut. Those girls in the video are getting it good though. Their faces twist in pleasure and their eyes roll back. They cum so hard. I think my hand slips between my legs while they’re using me. That doesn’t make me a slut, right?

“Once I started rubbing myself like a slut they gave me sluttier clothes. My shorts are loose enough to get a finger in my vagina and rub my clit. When my hands and mouth are full of cock they do it for me. My top is low-cut and they didn’t give me a bra. I don’t remember having that much cleavage. They grab my breasts also. Once I tried to stop all these hands on me but then I got shocked. It’s been so long I’d forgotten they can do that if I disobey. They play this game with me where I sit on my knees and watch the soft dicks that just used me. Then I have to say the things they keep playing back to me, ‘cocks make me horny,’ ‘girls are for cocks to use,’ and new things like ‘men can touch me any way they want’ and ‘I’m such a slut.’ They want to see how fast I can make cocks hard again. In less than four minutes the cocks are using me again.”

“I just let them put their hands on me now. I’m not really that compliant, I just don’t want to get shocked. So I let them feel up my firm ass. It wasn’t always so firm and round, but I can tell it’s different as hands move down the curve of my back and so far out to get around my ass. I don’t need the hands on my tits to know they’re bigger. They’re changing me somehow. Making me look like those girls in the videos. The dial—umm...words the girls say are different. They keep saying ‘I’m such a slut’ while they’re being fucked from behind, then on their sides with one leg in the air, even on their backs. Wait...is that my voice? It’s so high-pitched and breathy and slutty. I asked them if it was and they told me I have a slutty voice because I’m a slut. That can’t be true. I’m sucking off two guys while a third has his hand between my helplessly open legs pumping fingers in and out of my wet slit. Of course my voice is a little husky.

“My tops don’t fit anymore. They tell me it’s the same size top, but my chest pushes the shirt sooo far out from my belly. You can look up my shirt and see a lot. I show them my top can’t fit because it digs into my big tits on top—they’d look much bigger if I took my shirt off. They showed me there was plenty of room in there by pushing me to my knees (I just drop to them so easily now) and shoving a hard cock up between them. I guess they’re right, I’m just silly. It felt so good to watch that cock slide in and out of my huge tits. I put my elbows to my sides and used my arms to squeeze my tits around his cock more. It felt good because the other hands were between my legs again. I can’t stop them, they go under my flimsy short shorts and rub my G-spot until I’m wet and breathless. I came before he did. I never watched a cock come from my tits before. I got some in my mouth, but mostly it landed on my face. In my hair. Over one eye. The rest spilled out onto my tits.

“They didn’t give me shorts today. Just some slutty thong panties. They told me they got me a bigger shirt, but I don’t think so. My tits still bulge out on top and the bottom doesn’t even go around my boobies. The girls in the video were wearing the same thing. The shirt was so thin and flimsy. It was almost clear with a little sweat. They showed me these are good clothes for me. Girls are for cocks to use. My clothes don’t stop cocks, so they’re good. Men can touch me any way they want. They want me without clothes. I have to say these things over and over again. I hear them when I’m not being used. They play my voice back to me. It’s a high, slutty voice, like those sluts in the videos. I guess it’s mine. I came so hard from the fingers this time. If that’s how they touch me, men can touch me any way they want.

“A mirror? The TV is a mirror now. How did they do that? This is the first time. They aren’t using me so I can look at myself. My hair is so long now. It goes down to my wide hips. I can see how hard they curve because of the small, frilly thongs they give me. It’s so I can cum while men use me. They’re so sweet. They don’t put eye makeup on me. Why are my eyes so bright? They look so heavy. Just from blinking I look like I’m about to cum. My lips are so thick and red. Even when I relax my lips don’t close all the way. Maybe all those cocks stretched it out. No matter how I turn I always see my tits. They’re so big I can’t move my arms without brushing against them. I complain about shirts too much so they just tied a silk band over my nipples. The silk feels so good so my nipples are poking up through the silk. The band has no support so every step makes them wiggle and bounce all over the place. I pull the band tighter for support but that just squeezes my boobs and it feels even better. Hey, maybe I can get away now. I still hear my sexy, slutty voice. ‘girls are for cocks to use, cocks make me horny, men can touch me any way they want, I’m such a slut.’ I’m not being used, so I can kinda think about it.

“I went into the dark part of the room and bumped into a wall. I couldn’t find a door or anything. Then a man pushed me back into the middle where the lights are. Men can touch me any way they want. He told me to get on my knees and I did. I watched him inject something into his dick. Then he used my sweet, plump lips to get himself off. Girls are for cocks to use. Then I sucked off another guy while he told me about the drug in their cum. I’m such a cocksucking slut. He said the drug changes me. It makes me sexy. That’s fine. I could only suck his cock and get fondled while the other guy told me what else the cum drug does. It makes my titties bigger. Maybe I should stop, my titties already touch a man’s thighs when he uses my slutty mouth. I try to push away but they’re too strong. It makes me weak. Now I’m scared. I’m a cocksucking slut, I’m going to drink a lot of this! I took my mouth off the dick and tried to stop but the other man reached far around me to rub my nipples against the silk strap. It felt sooooo good. Then a hand slid down to my hot thighs and rubbed the wet spot under the thong. My eyes got heavier than they looked and I opened my fuckable mouth to moan in pleasure. Then the cock was back in. It makes me sensitive. The pleasure was already too much for me and he like just started. I couldn’t think of why I shouldn’t be sucking cock right now. I’m so trained that if I don’t fight real hard I’ll just suck cock like the slut I am. I try to remember, but then a finger finds my clit and sends me over the edge too easily. The pleasure washes me away and leaves my body to do all the work on that cock in my mouth. When I come back, still wet and panting, the cum drug is in my mouth. It makes me dumb.

“I like have to get away. I say that once and then the hands fondle my thighs. My tummy. Even my arms. They can touch me any way they want. The touches feel amazing and my tits and pussy get jealous. They want to be touched too. Everyone can see it. The silk shows how hard my nipples are and my wetness runs down my leg. I can’t form sentences without moaning, but I close my mouth. They didn’t care. They put me on my hands and knees. My titties almost reach the floor now. I feel a cock on my thigh. My wetness already coated it. I close my legs, but right under my slut cunt my thighs don’t even touch. The girls in the video call that a slut cunt. I didn’t know I had one. The drug did it to me. Now I can’t stop cocks from going between my legs.

“Men can touch me any way they want, so they push me to all fours and lift my sweet ass higher into the air. There’s one in front who roughly grabs chunks of my long hair from each side. With my heavy eyes and pillowy, red lips I must look like those fucktoy schoolgirl sluts with pigtails now. I know girls are for cocks to use but I don’t want that drug. I have to stop them. So I close my mouth. The one behind me already has his cock in the gap between my tightly closed thighs. When he smacks my ass I squeal through tightly closed lips. He presses his cock head into my cunt. It’s so wet just from being touched and spanked. Their cocks on either side of me make me sooo horny. I’m such a slut. My cunt is too wet and slutty to stop him from sliding it in.

“The stretch his cock gave me felt so amazing. His fat cock pressed everywhere inside my hot cunt at the same time. It wasn’t just quivers of pleasure like when they bend me over and finger me. It wasn’t the repeating throbs of extacy like when they grab my tits and finger my clit. It was soooo much more. All the muscles in my sexy hips and flat stomach shook harder than ever. My poor, muddled head couldn’t think anymore. Pleasure just pounded it. Hard. Fast. Over and over again. Every second. I remember my huge tits jiggling up to my chin, and opening my mouth to moan with pleasure like I’d never felt before. Then, white. The touching, the licking, the fingering—I thought I knew what an orgasm was. When I came to my hair was still held in pigtails. His cock was using my mouth like it’s supposed to. Their brainwashing made me think that. Their drugs are melting what’s left of me, slowly. I should be stopping him, but the pleasure is driving me wild with passion. As another mega-orgasm builds, I know I’m going to suck another dose of that body-changing drug right into me. I never quite stopped shaking from the second one, but my weak head got enough clarity to see two other cocks. Cocks make me horny. Which of my holes did they use? How much did I drink already? White.

“I’m in the videos now. The silk band looks even smaller on my tits now. They leave it on because it makes the titfucks look nicer. They make me watch me open my slut mouth when I come from my first real fuck since I got down here. They tell me if I don’t want to drink more I have to get on my back and let them fuck me like the dumb fucktoy I am. I do what I’m told so maybe I can get away. Those cocks feel so good though. I know the drug did that. When more cocks come, I have to use my hands and my tits so they don’t use my mouth. I can’t drink anymore, I’m already a dumb fucktoy that cums when they rub my oversized tits for a minute or two. The videos remind me they can make me so horny and wild with pleasure that I’ll suck any cock they want me to, so I have to talk dirty. The videos make me talk dirty. Make me think dirty.

“They make me beg for cocks. ‘Please use your fucktoy.’ ‘I’m just a silly little girl. Please bend me over and fuck me.’ They make me touch myself when I say these dirty things. I cum two or three times before a man finally sticks his fat cock in me. I have to talk the other guys off so they jizz on my tits and slutty face and not down my easily usable throat. ‘Oh yes, use me. I’m a dumb slut that needs to be filled up with cum.’ ‘I’m not happy unless you spray all over my slutty tits.’ That’s all I manage to get out before I cum so hard I can’t talk right anymore.

“I try to think of escape, but all I can hear is ‘I’m just a silly little girl. Please bend me over and fuck me.’ It’s my voice. I’m stupid, so they tricked me easily. I have to leave, but I can’t even think straight. I can feel my hard nipples against the tiny wisp of silk holding my tits up. They’re so heavy sometimes I bend over the table to rest them. I bend over with my legs spread out of habit. All the videos are of girls, me, getting bent over and fucked. There’s no men here now but I’m bent over a table and the feelings in my tits are making my cunt leak. I can’t think. I need to be used. ‘I’m a dumb slut that needs to be filled up with cum,’ the TV rings out. Or maybe it was the speakers. Or maybe it was me. I really can’t tell.

“Maybe if I just get myself off I can think better. I open my creamy thighs a little more and push the tiny thong string aside. My breath goes straight to ragged as I stroke my clit, but what I really need is a good cunt stuffing. Just as I shove two fingers into my needy slit, I hear ‘Please bend me over and fuck me.’ I think I’m yelling it as I drive myself further and further into pleasure. Maybe it’s the TV. It doesn’t matter anyway, I’m on the TV. It’s me. So I am saying it. But I’m not. I’m so confused. I’m a silly girl that can’t think anymore, jilling myself off, needing to be filled while I suck cock. I’m so used to two or three cocks, four or five hands stroking me until I’m a squealing, wet mess. It’s hard with just my soft, little hands. The TV is right. I’m a dumb slut that needs to be filled up with cum. As I stroke my breathing and pleasure higher and higher the video shows my face, already heavy-lidded and dazed from cumming, begging to be fucked. Then it shows me moaning in bliss when I finally get a cock in me. I use my tits as pillows while I look up at this video—me—getting pounded and the cycle repeats. I stroke, I see myself begging, I see myself come when I get what I need. Stoke, beg, cum. I don’t last long. Soon I convulse and melt to the floor, TV me telling me about me.

“I just came and it didn’t help. My slit is still wet and the videos are still there, so I try again. And again. I still can’t think, only afterglow. I should at least take the stupid grin off my face but thinking of that makes me giggle stupidly. You know, like when you’re in trouble and someone tells you to wipe that grin off your face. A man comes in. His cock makes me horny. He tells me to get up and bend over the table. I have to roll over and push off the floor with my hands to get up. He left the door open, I should run. I’m still smiling. I try to walk past him but he just grabs me from behind and bends me over the table. I don’t try closing my legs, it won’t do any good. I hear my voice say ‘bend me over and fuck me.’ Three orgasms and my pussy still twitches in anticipation. I told him to fuck me, what is he waiting for?

“He says I can play with my slutty body all I want, but it won’t make me think better. I can’t think because I’m stupid. Leaving his cock between my legs, he pulls my back up to his chest so he can play with my titties. He nibbles and whispers at my ear and I just giggle like an idiot. An idiot that wants cock. He tells me he only fucks weak-willed little sluts. What his hands are doing to my over-sensitive tits already has me too close to the edge to argue. I just came three times and I need this cock now. I’m such a slut. He asks me if I’m a weak-willed little slut and I barely squeak out a ‘yes’ as my own hands try to bring me to a desperate fouth. His hands leave my tits and pin mine to the table. I squirm and wiggle my hips to try to get his cock in me, but he won’t put it in until I say it. I’m a weak-willed little slut, so it won’t take him long to break me like this. Somehow, I know I should’t say it but he started kissing the side of my neck. My eyes rolled back in pleasure and mini-orgasms forced my will to it’s knees. He pulled my hands back up to my tits and held them there. I was too weak to pull them away, and he put them right over my nipples—my weakest spot. I needed to cum so badly that I started rubbing, twisting, and pinching my nipples for him. I came, but he held me there—my hands on my tits, his mouth on my neck, my pussy leaking over the cock I needed so badly. I begged him to bend me over and fuck me. He wouldn’t fold me over that table and give over what I needed. I came again. Finally, he told me my brains fell out when I came and forgot what I had to do. Yes, anything. I’ll do anything. Please, bend me over and fuck me! ‘I’m a weak-willed little slut.’ I was bad, so I had to say it ten times to get my cock. ‘I’m a weak-willed little slut.’ I came while I was saying it. I never stopped hearing it, except for when they fuck me so dizzy I can’t hear anything.

“It’s so easy for them to control me now. I wear only high heels and pleated skirts that barely cover my sweet ass now. They leave the door wide open, but I can’t go. Those cocks make me horny, and I’m too weak-willed to resist them. I watch the open door as I mount a cock on the floor. While I’m riding him I see drugs shot into cocks again. I take one in each hand and beg them to jizz on my face. I hold my mouth open and present my slutty face like I’m supposed to, but one pushes into my mouth. I tell him ‘no’ but he just tells me to suck and I do it.

“’I’m a butt slut.’ Funny words make me giggle. ‘Use my sweet ass.’ They never fucked my ass. ‘Slut needs her butt fucked hard.’ It was all I had. ‘Yes! Spank it! It turns me on!’ I should try to keep it. ‘Butt fucks keep sluts like me in their place!” But I’m too weak. ‘Look! I’m mounting this cock! Anyone can just come and fuck my ass!’ I’ll do anything. ‘Please take my ass.’ I’ll say anything. ‘Spoil it so every cock here can use it all they want!’ I can’t resist. ‘Oh god! Two is too much! I can’t take it!’ I obey and cum. ‘Aaaaaaaa It’s too good!’ Obeying leads to cuming. ‘Please...fill my mouth.’ Cuming leads to obeying.

“I have no collar. I’m free. I walk out the door. They gave me clothes. High heels. Tiny thong. I’m holding my boobies up. They’re big and feel yummy. I have a stupid smile on my face. My pussy is wet. But I’m out. A man in a white coat asked to carry my titties. I said ‘OK.’ I kept smiling because his hands felt so good. He squeezed them weird and I felt all weak so I got on my back. He fucked me silly. I was so dazed when I stood up I had to lean over a table. ‘Bend me over a table and fuck me.’ I heard it or said it, I can’t tell. Maybe I said it because another cock entered my ass. My slut ass feels sooo good when men use it. I was so tired from cuming after that. I was on my knees. Cocks were all around. They told me to suck. One cock made me put my big, heavy tits around it. My face and tits are covered with cum. Cum is falling out of my holes, too. I belong here. I thought I didn’t, but two guys just shoved my thong aside and double-fucked me. Two more put me on my hands and knees. They rocked me back and forth. I came from my titties rubbing against the floor. Then my stupid little head came again from the hard fucking. I taste and smell cum. It’s all over me. I guess I do belong here.

“I’m too tired from cumming. Men help me back to my room and my shower. I drink their cum and say ‘thank you.’ They point to the open door. I can go out any time I want. Maybe when my legs stop shaking.”


Re: Room of changing - jimaria

What an absolutely erotic and wonderful story. Oh if only there were such a place. Where would I find this "room of changing" I'm ready to be transformed. Ohhh My God! Take my hand and lead me there PLEASE!


Questions about "Room of Changing" - PPOD

Is this a male to female story or is the speaker a female that changes into a slut? I wish it was a forced gay story :/

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