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Fun Forced Fem

by Jessy8

Fun Forced Fem

April Martin was sitting at his desk at the realty company he and his wife co-owned. He was day dreaming about Maria, the dark haired new agent that he had hired six months before. He was thinking about last week when he had her up at his cottage and the magnificent sex they had enjoyed. Mondays were always slow and he was planning what day the two of them would be able to get together for more fun and frolicking. His wife, Susan entered the office with a handful of papers.

"Here, I have some papers that require your signature. She held the papers and he rapidly signed them all.

"You left early enough this morning. What was the big rush? Mondays are always slow and except for the staff meeting this afternoon there isn't anything really happening". Martin said.

"Oh, I don't know about that. I think there's a lot going to happen today and I just wanted to be prepared for it." Countered Susan as she left his office. Martin went back to his daydreaming. Fifteen minutes later he was shocked out of his daydream by the phone ringing. It was Susan asking him to come to her office as she had something to show him. He slowly got up and headed to her office. As he entered her office he saw her looking at some pictures.

"Would you like to explain these pictures"? She asked with a little ice in her voice. He looked at the pictures and saw they were of him and Maria last week up at the cottage. He turned red in the face and set the pictures down on her desk. She picked them up and picked through them.

"I don't know what to say, except that I am really sorry that all that had to happen" was all that he could come up with.

Susan said, "In this one you have on Maria's black bra. What kind of games were you playing with her?"

"We were only fooling around and one thing led to another."

"Well, you never put on a bra for me and that hurts my feelings alone, not counting the other things you were doing with Maria. Now, I have talked to Maria and we have come to an understanding so she will still be working here. Now, shut the door so we can talk in private." Susan was all business and he knew better than to cross her now. After he closed the door and turned toward his wife he saw her smile as she laid a bag on her desk. She took out a black bra and said "You wore this bra for Maria, now I want to see you wear it for me. Pictures don't really do you justice. Take off your shirt and get it on now"! Martin unbuttoned his shirt silently and picked up the bra, slid it up his arms and tried to fasten it. After a few moments Susan rose and went behind him and hooked it. He was so dazed by everything he didn't hear the click after it was hooked. "You look sexy in your new bra. I got that from Maria. Take the rest of your clothes off now, they spoil the image. She reached into the bag and took out a pair of black lacy panties and handed them to him and said, "You know what to do, put them on"! Dazed Martin put them on. The feel of the nylon on his manhood brought it to life. "Now we can't have that unsightly bulge in your new panties, here put this girdle on to cover it".

"Wait a minute! Let's talk about this before things get carried away". Said Martin.

"I'll make you a deal. If you can get your bra off in thirty seconds, we'll end this right now. Otherwise, you do as I say. Is it a deal or not"?

"You got yourself a deal," said Martin confidently. But as he tried to unhook it he felt the metal of a small but strong padlock and a look of frustration came over his face. "What the hell, where did that padlock come from'?

"I put it there and it's going to stay until I decide to unlock it or have someone unlock it. Now put these pantyhose on. With all that you are wearing and are going to wear no woman will give you the slightest chance at sex"! "Now put your shirt and pants back on while I explain some changes around here. From now on you will work in support services area for Doris. You better do as she says the same as for what I say or you are in for big trouble". Susan looked really pissed off and she could see he was just about ready to cry.

"Dear, I am co-owner and partner with you. Any decision should be made by both of us. That's the way things work".

"Well Martin look at these papers you signed this morning. Here are copies for you. As you see you turned over the whole agency to me, all your bank accounts, the house, everything. You have nothing except what I give you. Together we built up this business by hard work and long hours and I am keeping that in mind and that's what is keeping you working here. If I divorced you I would get everything plus a big lawyers bill. Now I got it all without the big bill and you better do as I say or else. Now to business, we don't supply autos for the support services people so your car is gone. Doris will take you to get suitable clothes for your job in support services. Our agents with their red blazers and white skirts are all over town selling and we are the biggest agency in town and we are going to stay that way. You haven't made a sale in over 16 months and we can't have dead wood in this organization. I'm going to call Doris in here and she will take you to get your new wardrobe and then drop you off at home. When you get home you will find an outfit in the guestroom on the bed and a letter of instructions. I'll see you at six and you better have done everything that's in the instructions. Maybe, if I feel you have suffered enough I'll reconsider and things may change back to the way they were, but I am not promising nothing."

Susan called Doris and when she entered the office Susan said "Doris, he is ready to go with you now, but don't forget his 11:15 appointment. I'll trust your judgment for all the things we talked about. Drop him off at home when you are done with him. Oh, and dear, today is April 1st and I'm not a fool. To remind you of when this happened we'll call you April from now on! Doris take April and get going, I'll see you later." Susan didn't tell him you could easily see the black bra through his thin shirt. As they walked out of his wife's office several of the agents saw him and commented on his nice outfit and good taste in clothes. It wasn't until Doris told him how nice his bra showed through that he realized what they were talking about and could have had the ground eat him up with embarrassment. They got into Doris's car and headed out. About three blocks down they stopped in front of Marlee's- The Complete Woman. Doris told him to get out and come with her. They entered the store and Marlee greeted them.

"Welcome and hello Doris. Is this the model for your new image project"?

"Yes, this is he-she. She needs everything and remember we want a feminine working image. Do you have everything from the ground up so to speak? "

"Yes, and from the look of it I think we should start from the skin out" She said turning to Martin/April she said, "I see you prefer black for underclothes. We have just the thing for you. Get undressed in the room through that door and I'll be right in to get you started". Martin/April went into the small room and stripped to his bra, panties and pantyhose.

Marlee entered and said, "I told you get undressed, now get the rest of those clothes off".

Martin said as he took the pantyhose and panties off "I can't get the bra off, my wife locked it on." Doris entered the room and pulled the key out of her purse and unlocked the bra and unhooked it for him. Marlee handed him a black corset and told him to put it on.

As she laced it up she told Doris "This lace is the latest thing to come down. You put it in a refrigerator; it stays soft and stretches. Then you lace it up tight and the body heat makes it shorter therefore tightening the corset much, much tighter that you could ever get it by yourself. This corset is padded in the hip side and back to give a more feminine shape to the butt. And the boning pushes the flesh into the bra cups. Here are the two grommets for your little lock." She took the lock and locked the garment on his frame. Then she handed him some black, lacy pettipants that he put on. She slid a scalloped slip over his head and smoothed it out. Next she handed him a sheer white blouse with riffles trimmed with lace. She helped him put on some sheer silky black nylons and hooked them to the corset. As she slipped a blood red pencil skirt over him and zipped and buttoned it on him she said "I know you really want to be a knock out so I'm sending some other blouses and skirts along with you. Susan told me what you would all need and if you need anything else; I'm always here. Now let's get you some shoes, come on over to our shoe area." They went to the shoe area where his foot was gauged for size and Marlee went to the stock area returning with several boxes. The first pair was white with a four-inch heel. She had him stand and he wobbled a few steps turned and returned and sat down.

"Is it too tight for your feet." Marlee asked.

"No, but it is pretty hard to walk in. Don't you have any in a lower heel"? Martin/April asked.

"Yes we do but I was given instructions as to what you needed. Now try this pair of red ones on". Marlee said with a slight smirk on her face. She placed the five-inch heels on his feet and had him repeat the walking process.

As he sat down Doris said, "April is going to need matching purses and some jewelry, necklaces, bracelets and that sort of thing". Marlee led them over to the jewelry section and picked out several necklaces and bracelets including a slave bracelet, which she put on Aprils' ankle. She held out two different red purses and let April pick one and the same with two white ones. Doris spoke up "We have to go as April has an appointment we can't be late for. Make sure you send Susan an itemized bill for all this stuff."

Marlee looked at April and said, "Wait, one more thing you need". She slid Aprils' mans watch off his arm and told him to pick out one from a display on the counter. Martin/April picked out a pretty jeweled one with a stretch band and slid it on his arm. "That watch is on me, make sure you come back!" Martin/April walked slowly with very short steps with Doris to the door and out to the car. He slid his hand under his skirt as he sat in the car. Doris got in and they took off. Two blocks further she stopped in front of Today's Fashions Beauty Parlor. Inside Doris talked to the girl at the reception counter who motioned Martin to follow to a chair in the center of the shop.

"Today Erica is going to do your makeover. She will explain everything you have to do to keep yourself looking good. Here she comes now".

"Hi, I'm Erica, Susan has already told me what all has to be done. Relax, it won't be so bad. When we are done I'll explain the upkeep for the wig and as we go along I'll explain all the cosmetics and how to apply for the best results. Any questions before we start"?

"No, I guess I don't have much to say about any of this". A red faced Martin/April said.

"Well I heard you were a bad boy. I know I wouldn't want to cross your wife, but I didn't think she had it in her to do something like this! I'll try to do the best for you by making you as feminine looking as possible so you just have to act lady-like and not be too embarrassed. If you try no one will be able to tell you are not what you appear." Erica said very seriously. She started to work on his face. Martin started to feel uncomfortable in the corset as it tightened more on his body. Erica was giving him tips as she did his face and just as she was finishing another beautician came over and started his nails. When she was done he sported nails as red as his skirt and almost three-quarters inch past where his had been trimmed. She left the bottle of nail enamel with the cosmetics that were building up on the tray. Lastly Erica brought out the wig. It was a very curly, shiny chestnut with long tresses. When she put it on him the tresses covered his shoulders and fell well down his back. She showed him how to take care of it then showed him a blond wig with straight hair.

"You never know when you want to be a blond so Susan said to add this to your selection, it's one of the best quality wigs I have ever seen. She has spared no expense for you." As Martin/April was leaving the salon he noticed how uncomfortable the corset was and those damn shoes were to walk in.

Doris drove him to his house and helped him get the packages into the house. Martin led her to the guestroom and was very surprised to see the changes that had been done to the room. It was all pink and very feminine. A canopy bed was there and there was a maids uniform lying on the bed. Doris put the new clothes in the closet without taking the protective wrap off of them. She turned just as Martin was picking up the envelope from the bed. It was addressed to April. Inside he found a letter which read as follows-

Dear April, Here you find your new uniform for the house. With this uniform goes ALL the responsibilities associated with it. Last month I asked about hiring a maid. You said we didn't need one, Thank you now I don't have to let anyone go for you to be the maid I know we need. I don't expect you to be a good maid, I expect you to be an excellent maid. I'll be home at 5:30 and I expect to see the whole house clean and sparkling. I expect you to do everything a maid does and do it right. With your new uniform you will find a pair of breast enhancers. Doris will help you put them in their proper place. Don't forget to thank her for all the good things she has done for you today. See you at 5:30. Susan.

Doris spoke to him "Well April, I imagine you will need some help changing into your uniform for the rest of the day. Right"?

"Yes, I would appreciate it. Do you think Susan will change her mind about all of this? Could you help me convince her that I am truly sorry?" Martin was standing with almost a begging look on his face. Doris thought how he always showed such confidence and now here he was bewildered and clearly embarrassed. He wasn't the man she thought he was. She attributed it to the shock of the whole situation.

Thoughtfully she answered "I believe Susan is reacting to your infidelity as harsh as she can because she was really embarrassed by your affairs with some of the girls in the office and she is using this way to reclaim any face she feels she lost due to you. I have never had a problem with you and I don't expect to have one. As Martin you treated me fair and with respect, now that you are April I expect you to give me a fair days work and that same respect. I will try to help you any way I can, but I will not put my relationship with Susan in jeopardy. I have great respect for her and I understand where she is coming from. If you need another girl to talk to, feel free to come to me, I'll always try to be honest with you. Now let's get your uniform on, do you need help with it"?

"Yes, I have no idea how these artificial breasts go and if you could, would you loosen this corset, it is killing me"? After applying the special adhesive to the breasts she helped place them on Martins chest.

She picked up the uniform and started to put it over Martins head saying "I really can't loosen the corset because I am sure the tightness is part of Susan's plan for you". After he had the uniform with the apron and frilly maids cap on she stepped back and took a good look at him. "You know you make a pretty sharp looking woman. If you try to make the best of it, it might not be too bad. I feel a little sorry for you but I also feel you brought this on yourself at the same time. Do your best and maybe Susan will change her mind sooner. She always forgave you in the past, hasn't she? So if you play your cards right, she'll forgive you now. I don't think it will be a fast forgiveness, but I think she will forgive when she thinks you have learned your lesson. I don't know what all she has in mind for you, but I know you and I know you can survive this. Good luck".

"Doris, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I appreciate what you have done for me, even if it was just following Susan's orders. I think of you as a friend and that hasn't changed."

Doris asked "I have just one question and I would like a truthful answer that is why didn't you ever make a pass or advance toward me"?

"Well, I fantasized about you, but I always had too much respect for you and always thought of you as having too strong a moral standard for any hanky-panky." Martin honestly explained.

"Thank you, I appreciate your honesty. I know you'll do OK, April. I have to get used to calling you April and that won't be easy" Doris said with a smile. Then she turned and left Martin to himself. She wasn't out the door three feet and Martin started to look for some of his old clothes. He found a new lock on their bedroom door and found that it was locked. He looked in the hamper and found it empty. He thought of his coveralls in the garage but couldn't find them. Giving up he went in the house and started to vacuum the floors. He was polishing the dining table when all of a sudden he realized Susan was watching him.

She said "Well parts of the house look good from here, but I suppose it will take a couple of days for you to get everything done to perfection. Now, what did you make for dinner tonight"? Martin was dumbfounded. He hadn't even thought about dinner.

"I am truly sorry, I forgot and didn't notice the time. I'll hurry and make something up now."

"Never mind, I'll overlook it today but not in the future. We'll go out and get something." Susan said just as the phone rang. Susan answered it and all Martin could hear was she told someone that she would meet them in an hour. Martin thought it was good luck, as he wouldn't have to go out when Susan said "You'll have to change, we're meeting Bill and his partner Ron for dinner at the Iron Skillet Supper Club. In your closet you'll find a black evening dress that will be perfect for this evening, now go get it on then come into my bedroom and help me get ready." Martin went into the guestroom and looked in the closet and quickly found the dress his wife had told him about. He got out of the maid's uniform and put the dress on. It took a little bit of twisting to get it zipped and straightened but he finally managed. He looked in the mirror and realized his hairdo needed touching and touched up his make-up and headed for their bedroom. On the way there the realization hit him that it was no longer their bedroom but her bedroom. He entered to see Susan putting on her make-up.

"Oh, there you are. I guess I don't need any help. Turn around so I can see how you look." Susan said. Martin turned slowly and took a step back. Susan watched him and said "I got a great idea, tomorrow you can model the new support services outfits for the staff. Remember to do it just like you just did for me and it will be fine. Oh, also take you maids' outfit along to work tomorrow, just in case I find a need for a maid. Now, let's get going. Take your black purse that matches your shoes. Meet me at my car." On the way Martin/April sat very quiet and a look of dread on his face. Susan started a conversation by saying "You look very feminine in that outfit. You know you may look better as a woman than a man? Now I'll tell how it is going to be. You will get up and dress in your uniform, put on your make-up and make some coffee for me. At 7:30 you will bring a cup of coffee into my bedroom and wake me. While I am showering, I expect you to get out the clothes I will be wearing that day. Then you go to your room and put on your outfit for the day. You'll find two bottles of perfume in your make-up area, I expect you to use them liberally. I expect you to be ready when I am and I will take you to the office. You report to Doris and she will give you your orders for the morning. At noon or so, I'll have made arrangements for someone to drive you home. When you get home you will change into your uniform and work on getting the house spotless and for God's sake, don't forget about preparing dinner. I expect to sit down to eat no later than 5:45. Do you understand?"

"Yes" was all Martin/April could manage.

"Do you have any questions?" Susan asked.

"What can I do for us to get back to where we were before all of this started. You know I really love you and I don't want to lose you." Martin/April said with conviction.

"Just do as I say and when I feel you may be trusted around the girls again I'll let you know. You humiliated me terribly and right now all I can think of is revenge. I don't like it but I will not stand for you chasing any skirt that comes in front of you! You might as well get it into your head to do the best at whatever you are told and it will go faster and easier for you. Do you understand what I am saying?"

"Yes, I understand" Martin/April said sadly. They arrived at the supper club and as he and Susan entered Bill came up to Susan and gave her a kiss.

"Didn't Martin object to signing those papers? I can't believe he would just sign and not raise a fuss."

Susan replied "No, it was surprisingly easy and fast. He never objected and signed without hesitation."

"Who is your friend here. She is so pretty and demure." Bill said.

"Look close and remember because you have seen her lots of times." Susan teased.

"Oh my God, is it really you Martin? Bill asked.

"Yes, and now my name is April" Martin said suddenly realizing that this was the first time he had acknowledged his feminine persona.

"You didn't object to signing those papers Susan had me make up for her? You signed them without being threatened or anything? Bill queried.

"There was no objection on my part or threats used by Susan when they were signed." April said truthfully. He was too embarrassed to say that he never looked at them until Susan gave him the copies. They were led to a table and enjoyed a quiet meal. Bill started to come on to Susan and she did not stop him. After the meal as they were getting ready to leave Bill gave Susan a kiss full on the lips and asked if she would be available for a date.

Susan Answered "I probably will be soon, but right now I have too much to take care of at the business and at home to even think about going out. When and if I am ready I'll let you know. By that time I will probably be so horny that the whole date might have to be in the bedroom" Susan teased.

"Well, wait till you see my bedroom. It has everything you could think of. It can be a sex palace, if you want it to be. Just let me know." Bill answered with enthusiasm. April stood there with jealousy showing all over her face. Deep down he/she knew that his wife was just getting back at him but it hurt just the same. They left and on the way home Susan said "You know, maybe a date with Bill wouldn't be so bad. You know all about cheating so you could give me some pointers." Susan was enjoying rubbing it in.

"Susan, how many times have I said I'm sorry. It won't happen again! What can I do to show you that!"

"April, when I am done with you, you will tremble with just the thought of cheating on me. I have already told you what I expect." Susan tartly answered. When they got into the house Susan told April "Go get undressed and I will meet you in the bathroom. Go now and hurry." April met Susan in the bathroom and she unlocked him from his imprisoning garment. Feeling finally free of the restricting corset his pecker started to rise. "Forget any thoughts you have of using that. You'll get to use that when and if I am ever ready for you and that may be a long time, if ever!" The ice in her voice left no mistake. His tool shrunk and Susan had a smirk of satisfaction. She sprayed some foam all over Aprils' body and left him standing there. It tingled on his skin but he stood there quietly. After about 15 minutes she motioned for him to get into the shower. When he turned on the shower he watched as all his body hair from his neck down disappeared down to the drain. When he was done Susan handed him a towel. She instructed him to stay while she left for a minute. She returned with a new lace for his corset and started to replace the old one. She had him slip it on and then she laced it as tight as she could get it. April found it was more uncomfortable that before.

"Couldn't you loosen it a little bit? It is awful tight and uncomfortable." April whined.

"No, it is OK. You'll find it will get tighter. I talked to Marlee when I picked up the extra lace and she told me how they work in the refrigerator. Guess what- they work even better if you keep them in the freezer. And that is where that one was, so you better be prepared for it to get tighter. Now go put on one of your nightgowns and join me in the living room." Susan said with authority April went into his bedroom and got a lacy violet long gown out and put it on. He went back and slowly walked into the living room. Susan looked up from her reading and spoke harshly "Get back in there and put on the matching slippers. Why do you think I got all those lovely things for you? There are all matching outfits, now go and be quick about it." April went back and couldn't believe what he found. There on the floor of his closet were high heel slippers of every color and the shortest heel had to be six inches. He found the matching ones and put them on. With slow tentative steps he made his way back to the living room. Susan smiled and said "That's better. Make me a drink and bring it on a tray. Use on of the trays from the kitchen. They are above the refrigerator. With your added height you shouldn't have any trouble reaching it." Then she laughed as he headed for the kitchen. After he brought her drink she told him that he better go to bed as tomorrow was going to be a big day for him. Tuesday morning, April got up at six and started the coffee and went to put on his maids outfit. He put on his make-up and surprised himself on how well he did. He went back into the kitchen and started breakfast. He had bacon and eggs with toast and coffee. He finished and saw it was ten after seven. He started his wife's breakfast and by 7:28 had it done and was on the way to her room to serve it.

"Good morning, Dear, breakfast is served" he said to wake her. She opened her eyes saw the tray and smiled. She looked critically at her feminized husband and was surprised to see how well he looked.

"Get my dark blue pantsuit out and get my blue underwear out to go with it. Also, my blue heels" she instructed him. When he had gotten all the stuff out and laid the clothing at the foot of the side he used to sleep on she told him "Go start my shower, I'll be right in." Entering the bathroom she told April "Put the full skirt on for today, the one with the double flared petticoat. Put the rest of the uniforms in the car, also your maids uniform and the shoes that go with it." On the way to work Susan explained about how he was going to model the outfits ending with the tight pencil skirt. She told him after he was done modeling those to put on his maids uniform and return to the meeting. After the meeting Doris will tell you what to do for the rest of the morning. When they arrived at work Susan headed for her office and April looked for Doris. It was a half hour until the staff meeting and Doris said to April "I don't have anything special for you so I guess you can just help the girls with their work, unless you can think of something."

April answered "I have a software program that I was thinking of putting on the computer system. It would have all the listings with a search and print capability. Then all the agent has to do is fill in the boxes of what they are looking for and any properties that match will come up. I have had it for awhile but never put it on the computer. If it works it could save a lot of time for them." Doris told him to go ahead and put it on the computer after the meeting. At nine everyone was in the conference room and April was sitting in a corner looking downward. Susan started the meeting by telling everyone "Our agents with their red blazers and white skirts or slacks are seen all over town and recognized right away. I have decided it would be a good idea for our support staff to compliment the agents selling, so I have made arrangements with Marlee's for her to carry what we have in mind. Our newest support person, April, wanted you to see what was available so she is going to model some possibilities. April is always looking for something on the side so let's get on with the show. April stand up and show the outfit you are wearing now." April stood and slowly turned so everyone could see the outfit. She heard the murmurs as some of them recognized her. After modeling the outfit she went into Doris's office next door and changed into the A-line skirt and returned. This done she changed into the pencil skirt and the white heels with the higher heel. As she was modeling this out fit

Susan said "April would have been crushed if we didn't let her model the out fits. Now an added bonus, Marlee has agreed to give us a 25% discount on anything we buy there. Not just the work outfits but anything she sells. We will review this arrangement in six months but until then think of it as an added benefit to working here. Now let's give April a hand for her model help." With that all the girls clapped and April returned to Doris's office to change into the maids outfit that he had been instructed to. When he returned to the meeting he stepped just inside the door and waited. Susan saw him and said "I have decided to give a prize or award to the person who is picked to be the 'Employee of the Month.' As I stated before April is always looking for something on the side and I discovered she makes a pretty good maid, so the winner will get her services for a day! How about that? April come up and model your maids outfit." Martin could have sunk through the floor but went up along side his wife's' desk and did a slow turn around. The meeting ended and he returned to Doris's office and put on the pencil skirt and white blouse and started to work installing the new program. After he was working about an hour, Doris came in and asked him how it was going.

He answered "Fine, I am just about done installing the program and I am just about ready to start entering the listings."

"All of them?" Doris asked.

"Yes and that is going to take a while, at least two full days and probably part of the third, if my guess is right. Too bad I am only working here half days, it will take me until some time next week, but I don't mind. Susan wants me to do some things at home in the afternoons." April answered in a meek tone.

Doris told him she would talk to Susan and see what she could do. She headed for Susan's' office and told her that April was busy on a project and it would probably take until next week what with him only working mornings. Susan told her if she wanted him for full days she could have him. Doris said thanks and got up to leave, as she was leaving Susan told her to send April in to see her. April entered the office and Susan said

"Well, April, Doris tells me she can use you all day for awhile. I told her it was OK. Now, I expect you to do your maid thing when we get home. You will do all the wash, cleaning and ironing when we get home. No shirking, either. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I understand" April quietly answered.

"OK, then get back to work. Do you have money for lunch?" Susan asked.

"No, I hadn't even thought about that. I'll skip lunch. I could stand to lose a few pounds anyway." April answered.

"No, you have to keep up your strength and you may need the rest of the lunch hour. Here's twenty dollars and it is going to come out of your pay and with the minimum wage I am going to pay you, you won't have much left." Susan told him.

"You see I pay what you are worth and until I see what that is you get minimum secretary's' pay." April left and went back to his project. At noon he accompanied Doris to a small eatery that catered to secretary's and office workers with low prices and not a lot of extras. After lunch April stayed busy until quitting time and was surprised at how fast the time had passed. On the way home Susan informed him that she thought the windows all needed cleaning when they got home. She got supper for them at a drive-through fast food place and headed home. When they got there Susan allowed him to eat what she had gotten for him then told him to get busy on the windows. It was dark when he finished and he was tired. Susan told him to take a shower, shave and get into his bed clothes and join her in the living room.

When he entered the living room Susan said "I don't know what kind of deal you work on Doris but you better have something to show by the end of the week or there is going to be big trouble!" Wednesday was a repeat of Tuesday, except when they got home he had to do the wash and scrub the kitchen and bathroom floors on his hands and knees. As he was doing the bathroom Susan appeared, looked at him and said "You look real good like that, maybe I can find some other things for you to do like that. The floors at the office could use your attention. Maybe this week-end you could scrub and wax them." Thursday right after lunch he had entered the last of the properties for sale. He tried a test run and it even surprised him. It was an excellent program and worth every penny he had paid for it. He got Doris and had her sit while he demonstrated the program. She was impressed with it and tried it herself.

She said "Now is this on all the computer here? Can anyone use it? Is it really that simple for everyone?"

"Yes to all your questions" April answered proudly.

Just then Carolyn the most senior agent entered the office and asked Doris for some listings to show a client. Doris entered what type of home she was looking for and a menu came up with ten listings. April showed her where the print button was and Doris hit it. The printer started and in minutes they had the sheets for all ten listings.

Carolyn was amazed at the speed in which she had her information and Doris said to her "You are the first to get information from our new system, set up and put together by April here."

Carolyn smiled at Doris and bent forward and gave April a kiss on the cheek saying "Keep up the good work. If you continue like this we will be first in everything. How hard is it to use the program?"

Doris responded "It is really simple. I'll show each of you how to use it when you have time and let you practice with it. Maybe tomorrow after the meeting, if you have time."

"I'll make time." Was Carolyns reply.

She left to meet her client. Doris turned to April and said "You have really done a great job. I'll recommend to Susan that she give you a raise. You are really a very nice woman, but why didn't you stand up to Susan when all this happened?"

April responded "I thought about telling her to go to hell, then I realized I do love her and want her to keep me. I want tell you that I appreciate how nice you have been to me through all of this."

Doris said "It isn't hard, you are very sweet and nice as a woman, in a way I like you better this way than as Martin. I know it has to be hard on you but you are more feminine than some of the other staff and show more feeling than I expected from you."

Martin got tears in his eyes and got a tissue and wiped them saying softly "Thank you"

Susan showed up and said it was time to go home. Doris told her that she didn't need April tomorrow afternoon if Susan had some other use for her. Susan thanked her and headed out. When they arrived home and had eaten their evening meal Susan told April the kitchen floor needed scrubbing again.

She said "Get the pail ready, I'll get a rag." She returned with a new pair of Martins jockey shorts, cut the elastic from them handed them to him and said "At least we'll get some use from these. They make good scrub and cleaning rags." Martin started to do the floor. Friday morning when Susan arrived at work Doris met her and took her into her office.

Susan sat across from Doris's desk and Doris said "I was here until 7:30 last night going over the program April put on our computer and I want to show you it. You aren't going to believe what it all does!" Doris showed Susan all about the program and finished up minutes before the staff meeting. Together they decided to announce the program at the meeting and Susan said she would allow Doris to instruct the agents and support people according to her schedule. The meeting went like a piece of cake and everyone wanted to learn the program immediately. Doris took them all over to the computer and did a demonstration of the program. Then she told them to break into groups of two or three and try it on the other computers there. If there were any questions either her or April would answer them. Two hours later everyone was familiar with the program and its uses and still oohing and aahing over it. Susan had observed with delight all the happenings. At noon Susan told April to get her things as they were going home. Quietly she told Doris to close up at quitting time as she would not be back that afternoon. When they got home Susan told April to take a shower with her breasts off and then come to her bedroom after she had dried off. April showered and headed for his wife's bedroom.

When he entered Susan said " Its been quite a week. I need a little diversion and relaxation. You have been really good this week and accepted your punishment well. Now, there is something I need from you and I need it now. I need Martin to make love like we used to do. Martin smiled and took Susan in his arms and started kissing her and massaging her breasts. They made deep passionate love on the bed and were laying in the afterglow. Susan whispered "I love you. You can go back to being Martin now, but don't forget I expect you to stay true to me and our marriage vows. There will be no next time. What do you have to say, Martin.

Martin answered "I love you, there will not be a next time. You are the one I love and I should not have out that love in jeopardy in any way, shape or form. I am really sorry I hurt you. You know by Wednesday I was kind of enjoying being April and Thursday Carolyn showed me more care than she has ever shown me before. It was like an acceptance. Are you saying no more April?"

"What I am saying is I love you and the punishment is over. April can be gone as far as I am concerned."

"What about the reward of a day of Aprils services to the employee of the month?" Martin asked.

"I'll hire one of the maid services as a substitute" Susan answered.

"Well, YOU DID tell them the services of April" Martin countered.

"Are you saying you want to continue being April?" Susan asked.

"Well, I was more relaxed after being April for a while and the staff treated me actually better than when I was Martin. I really kind of enjoyed the warm remarks about the program and the thanks from the staff. I wouldn't mind remaining April for a while if I don't have to wear that corset and those extremely high heels." Martin laughingly responded.

"As long as you are Martin when I want you to be Martin, I don't care. As far as those papers go I never did anything with them. You are still a partner in the firm and you still have all your bank accounts, but in the future look at what you are signing, OK?" Susan said. They embraced and kissed some more and then Susan said "Get on one of your dresses and heels. I am going shopping with my new girlfriend, April. We might as well use that 25% discount Marlee is giving us. We can can get you new shoes, dresses and whatever else catches your eye. In clothes, that is."


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