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My worst Mistake

by jmaster12

My worst Mistake


On the particular day the whole incident started, I attended class at my local high school like I did everyday. As I already had the reputation of being the laziest- and most intelligent- student in my class, I didn’t pay much attention to the lessons and spent my time looking out of the window.

I did that almost every day and still had good grades, but my daily routine stopped in the 6thperiod after Ms. Newman entered the room. She was an always-well-dressed woman with a long black ponytail. She was in her early thirties and even I had to admit that she was beautiful.

Like most of her lessons, she began that one by looking at me with a stern face, just to remind me to pay attention. I knew she didn’t mean it badly and she just wanted to make me put some effort into school, but some of my classmates had recently begun making jokes about me and how Ms. Laziness was getting what she deserved. Normally I wouldn’t care about it, but my grade really was endangered, so I decided to seek an open conversation with my teacher.

After what felt like an eternity, the class ended. I would get the perfect opportunity now without any disturbances. As the room slowly emptied, I approached Ms. Newman, who was taking out the CD-player she used between lessons to relax a bit.

”Ms. Newman, could I ask you something?“, I asked calmly. At first, she didn‘t seem to have heard me, but then she suddenly turned around.

” You want to know why you have to study harder than your fellow classmates?“ she said without any hesitation.

“Yes,” I said, slightly confused that she already knew my question.

“Well, Claire, you remind me of myself when I was as old as you are now. I was just as lazy as you are and, to be honest, that kind of manner doesn’t bring you any further. You can’t hide yourself behind your current attitude. If you really put some effort into yourself, I‘m sure you could be one of the most beautiful girls in your class and, coupled with your intelligence, I‘m sure you would reach every goal in your life,” she responded.

I was a little bit shocked at what she had said, and even more so at how much she seemed to believe it.

How could she say that? Sure, I was a little bit lazy, but I wasn’t hiding behind my attitude and I never had put any effort into school because I didn‘t have to. Furthermore, what could she say about my style that justified giving me bad grades? Confused and angry, I left the room. The last few classes, I just sat there and stared into the room vapidly until it was time for me to walk home.

When I got home, I just went to my room to relax, but as I opened the door, I had to deal with another problem. My younger brother was sitting in my room and using my PC. I didn’t say anything, but as soon as he became aware of me, he desperately tried to close every site he didn’t want me to look at.

“Hi sis! Were you running? Why are you already here? I was learning a bit and didn‘t expect you!” he said, with panic in his voice and a small bulge in his pants.

“Sure you did, and the only reason you didn’t do that on your PC is because our parents didn’t just block those filthy websites, but accidentally some with high educational content also”, I said sarcastically while he moved slowly towards the door.

“Yeah, that’s it. I’ll see you later, sis”, were his words before the door was finally closed. I was quite relieved to finally be alone. I had nearly reached my bed when I saw that my PC was still on. I just hated it when my brother used my PC. Once it even got viruses because of him.

I decided to run some security software just to be sure, and while I did so, I began to think about my current situation again. This time, though, I wasn’t that angry anymore and quickly came to the only possible solution- that I probably had to give up. I would have to endure her only one year until I graduated anyway.

My thoughts were suddenly interrupted when I saw that the software had finished, so I closed it. Everything seemed ok, although, as I looked at my desktop, I noticed a small icon which seemed to link to a website. My brother had probably made a mistake in his hesitation. I actually didn’t care if my brother, who was only one year younger than me, looked at those websites, because he knew enough ways to get those filthy things without any problems. This time, however, I couldn‘t suppress my curiosity and I clicked on the link.

The site itself looked like any other porn site and the name www.naughtyexstudentgirls.com was nearly enough for me to feel sick. Before I could close the site, however, a video began to play.

It didn’t show much except three half-naked bimbos touching each other. I had already placed the cursor in position to close the website, but then one of the bimbos separated herself from the other two and began to talk towards the web-cam they were obviously using.

“Hey, guys, I’m Candy, your naughty ex-student number one. We are, like, offering a special service for all those cute girls and women out there who are just too stressed to enjoy life or are mean to their boyfriends. For just one hundred dollars, not only will you become more relaxed, you’ll get a free makeover as well!”, she proclaimed in her almost girlish voice. Moments later, the video faded away, showing nothing except an address. I finally closed the site.

I really had to ask myself what idiot would believe in something like that, except of a teenaged boy, although I had to admit that transforming Ms. Newman into a brainless bimbo like those three on the website would settle all my current problems. Annoyed, I decided to shut down my PC and get some rest.

Later that evening, after my family had eaten our meal together, I had to ask my brother about that website, because I really had problems getting it out of my mind. It was just too tempting to be ignored. I simply grabbed him when he was about to go into his room and dragged him into mine.

“You’re getting better. There was almost no evidence left,” I said with a smile.

“I don’t know what you mean”, my brother responded, his face as red as a tomato.

“ I mean www.naughtyexstudentgirls.com. Just tell me how you found out about that website and please make it short,” I said, while looking into his eyes sternly. His face immediately became even redder and I didn’t expect him to answer me properly after that.

“Johnny told me about it. He said something about an incident at a college and that those three woman quickly became rather famous after it”, he said quietly, his eyes looking at the floor.

“Johnny Thompson, that idiotic friend of yours. If I were you, I wouldn’t believe anything he says,” I responded sharply.

“If you don’t believe it, you can just google it”, he said, just before he got away.

After he had left, I couldn’t deny that asking my brother was really a pretty dumb idea in the first place. However, it was a little bit too late for that and I was quite ashamed about it. I decided it was best to sleep on it or, even better, to forget it completely.

Unfortunately, that seemed to be harder than I imagined, as I couldn’t fall asleep. I couldn’t believe how much that day stressed me, and after another hour I was even willing to turn on my PC once again.

Even though I had my doubts, I discovered that not only a few websites were to be found, it was actually more than I could count. I also discovered that Johnny didn’t tell my brother a lie, although he didn’t inform him properly either.

I searched through several websites and, after a short time, I found an article that seemed serious enough to be trusted, or, at least, most parts of it.

According to the article, a dean wanted to revive his college’s old tradition of various sports to make the almost dead college what it had been before the previous dean decided to cancel that tradition. Unfortunaly, his plan had several problems and the press didn’t have anything better to do than publish these as soon as possible. The selection of cheerleaders was a problem as, due to a lack of qualified players, there was no team they could cheer for. Immediately the local press branded the dean a pervert, and so did many of the students. Despite this pressure, the dean continued his work until more and more of the female students, beginning with the cheerleaders, began to fail their exams. He finally had to resign from his position. The new dean immediately tried to stop that process and expelled every failing student, although the article suggested that it may have been way too late.

Even though I had the information I needed, I decided to look at that filthy website once more. My common sense said that it was pointless, but I really wanted to believe that I could get rid of Ms. Newman that easily. I quickly wrote down the address from the video, which was located in a neighboring city. The money I had saved from my most recent birthday would be more than enough to pay for a cab, as well as anything those bimbos would charge me for what I wanted from them. I shut down my PC and tried to get some sleep, knowing the next day would be quite exhausting.

I woke up the next morning and began to collect everything I would need. I quickly became aware of something I had forgotten, however. I couldn’t call a taxi without making my parents curious. I thought for more than half an hour before I had a good solution. I just had to tell them that I was going into the huge mall of the next city to buy some new clothes. They always wanted me to buy more feminine clothes and I didn’t have school, though I wasn’t sure if they would believe me. Luckily, they did.

One hour later the cab stood in front of my house. I entered the cab, gave the address to the driver and was finally on my way.

I hadn’t been in this neighboring city for quite a while, and after just a few minutes, I remembered why. Even though I didn’t see many woman who looked like those on that website, almost all of the women were wearing rather revealing clothes. I thought that maybe that college incident had damaged more than just the college itself. I had already decided to buy some clothes just to make sure my parents didn’t get suspicious, but after taking some more looks around the streets, I decided to buy the clothes in my hometown instead. After a while, the cab stopped and I knew that I finally had reached my destination.

The house itself looked rather normal; at least, as normal as the rest of the city did. After I knocked on the door, I had to wait nearly three minutes for someone to open the door. At first, I couldn’t see who it was, as the only thing I could see were two huge breasts right in front of my face. I took one step back to see the person’s face, although I had already guessed her to be one of those bimbos from the website. It was rather difficult for me to tell them apart, but I thought I remembered her name to be Nici. A pretty dumb name, in my opinion.

“Hello, miss. Would you be so kind as to tell me if this is the right place?”, I said, holding the paper I had used to write down the address in Nici’s face.

“You’re like sooooo right here,” said the scantily-clad bimbo, dragging me inside.

Although the outside looked normal, the inside was quite the opposite. It reminded me of the background in some porn movies. Also, a lot of things were pink or fluffy. Nici led me to what seemed to be the living room and asked me to take a seat on the sofa. I wasn’t sure what would happen as Nici left the room and me all by myself.

After a few minutes, she came back; this time, with another woman who she introduced as Candy. They sat down next to me and stared at me, something I began to do as well, as Candy wore even less clothing than Nici. Candy was completely topless.

“I guess I know what you want from us. You want to give your life a new direction,” Candy said, giggling.

“Actually, no. I’m here to ask you for something,” I responded quickly, not wanting to make them think anything mistakenly. In the worst case, they would change me without asking me first and that was what I wanted to prevent. Candy seemed to be surprised, while Nici just seemed to have eyes for Candy and didn’t pay any attention to me or what I said.

“I wonder what that could be,” Candy responded after a few seconds.

“There’s a teacher I’m having problems with and, after I saw your website, I was hoping that you could help me,” I said calmly.

Candy seemed even more surprised, but she quickly began to smile. She stood and jiggled to a safe that was just a few meters from where we were sitting. She then took a CD from the safe.

“If she hears the music on this, she won’t be a problem anymore”, said Candy, giving me the CD.

I was confused. How could a CD help me, I asked myself. While I was trying to figure it out, however, Candy sent Nici out of the room, then turned to me and began to speak again.

“If any woman, you included, hears the music, she will begin to change. She will become dumber, sexier and hornier every second that passes, even more than Me or Nici. She will probably look more like Sharon, though there‘s a lot of variations. Some women’s hair color changes, and others take on more cheerful personalities. A few even begin to forget whole parts of their previous lives. I think that’s all the information you need right now,” she said, staring into my eyes.

I didn’t understand what she meant at first, but then I heard someone entering the room. It was Nici, who was leading Sharon- the last one of the three woman from the video- into the room.

I hadn’t seen Sharon’s whole body in the video, so I was quite shocked by what I saw. Her hair was almost white and the rest of her body was even bigger than Candy’s in terms of breasts, lips and butt. Sharon approached and immediately hugged me, something I surely didn’t want as I was slightly claustrophobic. Fortunately, Nici immediately freed me, although Sharon didn’t seem to understand why.

“Hi there, cutie! I’m Sharon. I’m like soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy to meet you! We’re gonna have lots of fun, and soon you’ll have boobies as wobbly and chubbly and jiggly as mine!” said Sharon, looking at me with vapid eyes. Luckily, Nici led Sharon a few steps away and explained to her that I wasn’t going to become one of her friends. Sharon sure looked sad.

Now that I understood what Ms. Newman would become, my will to do it was even stronger than before. Since I had obtained what I had come for, I decided it was time to leave, especially after I heard Nici saying she wanted to lube Sharon’s butt because some studs would be coming over for a little bit of fun. I really didn’t want to experience that fun. Luckily, Candy then led me to the front door. She stopped me, however, as I was walking out.

“You impressed me, so I’m also going to tell you this. The effect of the music can’t be stopped, just slowed down, just slightly weakened. If you really don’t want to become like Sharon, then be sure not to listen to that music, not even for one second. I also want to give you this card, just in case you do listen to it”, said Candy, slipping her fingers between her huge F-cups and pulling out a small card.

I accepted the card and proceeded towards the cab, stuffing the card into one of my pockets without looking at it. I entered the cab, happy that I had told the driver to wait, and smiled at my success. It wasn’t until later that it occurred to me that Candy hadn’t charged me anything, or even asked me my name, but even then, I assumed it was like Candy had said…I had impressed her.

On my way back, I stared at the CD. I didn’t have any idea how I could get Ms. Newman to listen to it without doing so myself or endangering others. When the cab was near the mall of my home city, however, I finally came up with the perfect idea. I already had to buy some clothes because of the lie I had told my parents, so I could simply buy some clothes that Ms. Newman would like, wear them, and then give her the CD as some sort of gift for helping me. I just had to play along for a few days, playing a the intelligent fashion victim she probably wanted me to be.

I went to the mall and bought all the clothes I would need. I even went to a salon and got myself a complete make-over. Finally, exhausted, I went home and tried to get as much rest as I could.

I spent the whole day posing in front of a mirror, mimicking Ms. Newman’s attitude the best I could. I thought it could be useful. I even tied my hair into the same ponytail as Ms. Newman’s. I was really happy that I only had to act like this for a short time.

On Monday morning, I got up earlier as than I normally did, as my styling now needed more time and I wanted it to be perfect. I decided to wear a red top and a matching knee-length skirt. I had to admit that I felt quite comfortable in this clothing, although not as comfortable as I felt in my usual sweater and jeans. After looking at my chest, however, I remembered the reason why I preferred sweaters. Since puberty, my breasts had been the largest in my class. The end result were my small D-cups, which were the reasons that boys mostly stared at them and not my face. Those idiots. Satisfied with how I looked, I grabbed my books and the CD, stuffed them into my bag and went to school.

I thought it would be exhausting to pay attention all day, but, interestingly, it wasn’t and soon only the math lesson was left. As usual, Ms. Newman began her lesson by staring at me sternly, although, this time, her face softened after she saw my new clothes. Phase 1 of my plan was a success.

I smiled as much as I could, even though I had begun to feel angry again the moment I saw her face. Luckily, the lesson ended earlier than usual because Ms. Newman wanted to speak with me in private.

“I’m really surprised, Claire. I really thought you would be angry with me, or worse,” Ms. Newman said happily. I really wanted to hit her in the face at that point.

“To be honest, I really was angry at first, but then I calmed down and thought about it. I realized that you were right. I was really foolish and I‘m really glad you helped me,” I said, trying to not sound fake. Ms. Newman didn’t reply; she just looked at me proudly. That was when I took the CD I was holding behind my back and gave it to her. She looked surprised, but took it anyway. Because I really didn’t want her to play the CD in my presence, I explained that I had a lot of homework and quickly left the room. I knew she would listen to it and the only thing I had to do was wait.

The remainder of the day I spent with some friends, after, of course, I had changed my clothes. As a matter of fact, even they said I looked strange in the new clothes.

With Monday going just as I had planned, I couldn’t wait for school to begin Tuesday morning. Luckily, my first lesson was math.

The first period started, but Ms. Newman was nowhere to be seen. Everyone stared at the door. It was nearly thirty minutes before the door finally opened, although the woman who entered the classroom wasn’t the same beautiful teacher everyone expected. Her face still looked the same, but her lips were twice as big and she was wearing a lot of make-up. Furthermore, her breasts- or boobies, as she probably called them by now- had grown more than three cup-sizes, and the red tube top she wore didn’t do anything to hide them. Together with her wide hips and small waist, she looked almost like Sharon. With a big grin, our new teacher began making her way towards the chalkboard. Although I couldn’t see it from my seat, I was pretty sure her short red skirt didn’t hide her probably naked butt.

After the sound of her heels had stopped and she stood in front of the class, Ms. Newman’s smile grew even wider. I anxiously hoped she would say something dumb, but instead she looked at everyone in front of her and began to lightly press her breasts together, while her unchanged long black ponytail fell right between them. I didn’t know what cup-size her breasts were by then, but I guessed they were at least F-cups. No one dared to say anything until Ms. Newman finally opened her mouth.

“Hi there, guys and gals! I’m sooooo sorry for coming late, but I just had to make myself pretty for school. Now, I’m finally here and I’m sure you’re eager to let me teach you some stuff!” she said happily. However, she couldn’t seem to remember what she used to teach. Openly confused about her sudden loss of memories, Ms. Newman began to look around again, but she seemed to have forgotten our names, too.

“Ms. Newman, you’re a math teacher and the exercises are still on the board,” I said, to quicken things up a bit.

“Thank you, but you all can call me Stacey if you want,” Stacey replied, her breasts jiggling slightly. I had hoped something funny would happen and I was lucky. Just after Stacey had thanked me, she turned to the board, but her large boobs comically erased the chalk away. Even better was that she didn’t seem to be able to do math anymore, or, at least, not math involving more than one digit.

“Like, math is really hard. It’s no fun either. I think we will just learn something about boobies instead,” Stacey said, a bored expression on her face. After that statement, some of the girls had had enough and left the room, which made the fulfillment of my plan way easier. It wouldn’t take them long to inform the principal about Stacey and her new kind of education.

Five minutes later, the door opened again and the girls who had left the class reappeared, but, just like I had predicted, they were not alone. The principal’s face was completely red, but surely not out of embarrassment. He immediately dismissed the class, but I couldn’t help myself and I stopped right outside the door. Unfortunately, I still had problems understanding much of what he said. At first, it sounded as if the principal wanted to scold her directly in the classroom, but then his voice softened and he told her to come to his office in the next ten minutes. Then he asked if she was feeling alright or if she felt ill, although I didn’t know of any illness that turned a woman into a bimbo.

After the principal left the classroom, I rushed back in, because I wanted to know why he had left so early. Stacey still stood in front of the chalkboard and looked dazedly into the empty classroom.

“May I ask why the principal left so quickly?” I said.

“He didn’t say anything about my boobies. But my boobies are nice!” Stacey replied sadly, and, as it seemed that was also the only thing she would care about, I just had to live with the information I had.

“Then you have to make him say something about your boobies,” I said, because I knew the principal couldn’t remain calm if she did. I supposed he would send her home, at least for now. However, it seemed likely that if that happened, he would have to fire her sooner or later.

Happy that one of her students was concerned about the failing attention her boobies were getting, Stacy began to smile again and, unfortunately, she also began to hug me like Sharon had done the Saturday before. After my nearly desperate struggle to escape her hug- which only succeeded because Stacey had left the room- I slowly went back to my place and waited for my next class. However, I had the feeling that I had forgotten to do something important.

The next twenty minutes were lost, as I couldn’t concentrate on the lesson because I really wanted to know what Stacy was doing. Then the speakers came on and the whole school could hear what would become my worst mistake.

At first, only some muffled voices could be heard, but I soon realized that one of the voices was Stacey and the other voice surely was the principal, who sounded like he was getting the same treatment I had gotten some minutes ago. The principal likely was now buried in Stacy’s giant cleavage. I couldn’t stop smiling at first. Then, after a couple seconds, my smile quickly faded.

“Like, I said you would like my boobies, Mr. principal, and now let me play some music to relax. Then we’ll have some fun,” Stacey said through the speakers and, unfortunately, I realized that I had forgotten to get back the CD. I quickly looked at the confused faces of my female classmates and knew I wouldn’t see them again like that. Then a loud click was heard from the speaker and a even louder monotone music began to play…

The next few hours seemed like a bad dream. Of course Stacy had played the CD I’ve given to her, and not only my female classmates listened to it, but also any girl or woman inside the school. I don’t know why, but although my body looked already like Stacy or any other woman in school, my mind still worked like before I heard the music, or at least, as much as I could remember.The only thing I really thought about was how much I missed my sweater and jeans, however, because my top had ripped an hour earlier and the skirt wouldn’t last much longer.

The other students had left the classroom after the girls became way to horny to resist the guys masculinity. I saw some of the guys walking through the hallway either seeking a bimbo or fleeing from one. If I had just remembered to take the CD, none of this would have happened, but, as Candy said, it was already to late. I would end just like the others, a giggling, half-nude, huge-breasted, wide-hipped bimbo with thick lips. The worst part was that I began to stop worrying about that and was simply happy that my still blonde hair grew past my butt.

I tried to relax and when I almost succeeded, I heard someone enter the classroom. I vaguely remembered him to be one of my classmates, although I couldn’t remember his name. He still had all his clothes on and was probably one of the guys who hadn’t had sex with the mass of bimbos. He did not seem to notice my presence.

Although he looked pretty average to me, every second he stood there it became harder to resist the urge to pin him to the ground and join the bimbos. I decided to slowly walk to him. Although my new boobies nearly made me fall over, he still didn’t notice me.

“Hi there! Why are you hiding yourself?” I said with my new girlish voice. Once he had turned around, I could see his confused face and his hardened dick. It was just too much for me and I began to press him against the wall. With sad eyes, he pushed my boobies back and looked me straight into the eyes.

“Even you, Claire? I really hoped at least you didn’t change like all the others did. I even came all the way back here after the other girls dragged me away, just for you,” he said sorrowfully.

I knew I should have been pleased that someone liked, maybe even loved, me enough to withstand any of the temptations, but I felt angry because he had pushed me back. It was just too much for me. Not only was it my fault that the whole school looked like an orgy because I was to stubborn to change myself, but also I stood in front of a boy who really seemed to like me and I couldn‘t even remember his name. Even now, as he just called the name Claire over and over again while looking at me with his sorrowful eyes, I couldn‘t remember him. I just wished my life wouldn’t be so confusing anymore. I just wanted to be like all the other girls were.

Then, suddenly, my head began to ache and new thoughts began to spread through my mind. I was already like all the other girls at school. I had big boobies, a sweet ass and perfect lips and the only thing I had to stop was thinking so much.

The guy in front of me then began to say something about doctors and help. I just wished he would look at my boobies instead and began to smile. It would sure make him happy!

Then he began to talk about that Claire again, just when I began to rub my boobies against his body. How mean! It really was not nice to call the name of another girl while a real hottie was standing right in front of him. I quickly approached him and pressed my thick lips directly onto his. Then, while we were still kissing, I slowly pushed him to the ground, though, at first, he didn’t seem too happy about it.

“What are you doing, Claire? We should stand up again and run to a doctor. I promise you, he won‘t do anything you don‘t like. He‘ll just try to help you,” he said, while I was opening his zipper. He sure had a big cock to play with, but he looked like he needed some sort of answer before I could do so. I didn’t really understand what he wanted and thinking too long gave me a headache, so I just said the first thing that came to my mind.

“My boobies are like wobbly and chubbly and jiggly and you will really really love them,” I said happily. It didn’t seem to make him happy, but as soon as I smothered his cock with my boobies, his face seemed to become a little happier and naughtier.

I was sure to make him forget that Claire before the foreplay had even ended…


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