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Becoming a Baby

by charlesfloyd

Becoming a Baby

I got this idea from a story that is similar in that the mom forced the change.

Chapter one

I left my house in a great mood, It was friday time to go to MRS. Jones
house to babysit. I loved baby sitting for her. She has two kids, a baby boy
one and a half years old, and a girl 5 years old. The girls name is Judy, and
Judy wets her bed. Her mom makes her wear plastic pants anytime shes going to
bed, or to take a nap. It was my job to put her plastic pants on her.
I meet Mrs. Jones at the door, and she quickly left, late as usual. I
went to judys bedroom, to get her ready for her nap. I slid off her
underpants, and replaced them with a pair of plastic pantys. I then tucked
her in bed. Judy didnt seem to notice, but I took a second pair of plastic
pantys and left the room.

Chapter Two

The second I had the plastic pantys in my hand I instamtly got hard, and
headed for the bathroom, I undressed, and pulled the plastic pantys up on
myself. They were tight, which I liked. I liked the feeling of the plastic
against my skin, making me sweat in them. I was putting my pants back on,
when there was a knock at the bathroom door. It was Mrs Jones!!!

Chapter Three

" I know your in there, and I know what youre doing" came the voice of
Mrs Jones from the other side of the door. "Come out now, so we can talk
about this"I was scared and shaking, I came out of the bathroom with my pants
still off wearing only my t shirt and the tight plastic pants. "Sit down, we
need to talk" I did as she said, although I really wanted to get dressed, I
knew the plastic pantys were see thru, and Mrs Jones could see me. " Every
time you babysit I find a pair of Judys plastic pants missing, so I decided
to find out why, and just as I thought It has been you taking them."I was
still shaking, and she knew I was scared. "Do you like wearing them?" I was
to scared to lie, so i squeaked out a yes. "Well Im going to call your mother
right now, and tell her about your underpants prefrence, so she can get you
some of your own" NO DONT, I wanted to say, but I knew it wasnt worth it, she
was going to call no matter what i said. I got dressed and started walking
home, fearing the worst.

Chapter Four

I got home and faced my mother, she told me to take my pants off, and I
did. I was stilll wearing them. SHe sat me down and said "I understand you
like being a little baby dont you?" Again I could only say yes. "Well, you
will be punished for stealing, and then were going shopping, Go up to your
room, and wait for me, and dont bother getting dressed" I went to my room, I
knew what was coming and I knew I had earned it. Sure enough when she came in
my room, she had a paddle in her hand. Without saying a word, I turned around
and bent over the edge of my bed. She whacked me at least twenty times, told
me to get dressed and left. I didnt cry, but It did hurt, I got dressed and
went downstairs.

Chapter Five

We went to a big Medical supply store downtown, and she bought five pairs
of plastic pants, and we left. Next she took me to K-MART and bought plastic
sheets, baby bottles, bibs, and a pacifier. She paid for the baby stuff and
we headed home. On the drive home she said "School ends friday, and starting
saturday morning you are going to become a baby again, and will remain a baby
for all the summer, This is what you wanted so get used to it" GET USED TO
IT, I loved it, I couldnt wait. Friday was three days away, and I didnt think
i could wait that long, but finaly friday came. I went to bed not fully
knowing what to expect in the morning.


I awoke, got out of bed and got dressed, I was just about to go potty, when
my mom came in." I hope you wernt going to the bathroom, babys cant do that"

No, I wasnt I swear it

"Good, now take your clothes back off, youre not a big kid any more"

I did as she said, although i was a little embarrised, it was the first time
i had undressed in front of my mother in years.

"Now come over here"

I went to her, and she put me over her knee, before i could say anything, she
was spanking my bare bottom with her hand, I started to cry, and she kept
smaking me untill, i was in more pain than i had ever been before. She finaly
stoped and said

"Okay here are the rules. If you use the bathroom, you get spanked, if you
change yourself, you get spanked, there will be more, but that should do for

She led me to my bad and had me lay down, she went to my dresser, and pulled
out a ton of stuff, she must have filled my draws in the night, for I had not
seen that stuff in there before.She instucted me to roll over on my tummy,
and then she shoved something in my butt.

"that will make you poop yourpants, and when you do, ill clean you up and
change you, then make you poop again, every day, untill you do it on your

Then she rolled me back over, sliding a diaper under me as she did, then she
grabed a razor, and removed all my pubic hair. Next she rubbed baby oil on
me, powdered me, and pulled the diaper up thru my legs and taped the front to
the back.She slid a pair of plastic pantys on me, and had me sit up. She put
a t-shirt on me, and kissed me.

"There, my babys all dressed"

What no pants?

"No, you wont wear pants again for the rest of the summer"

She said nothing else as she led me downstairs. When we got downstairs, she
led me to the den, which hadent been used in years. She opened the door, and
there was a big crib and a playpen, and a dresser, she explained that she
couldnt find a changing table big enough for me, so we would have to use the
dresser, then she opened each draw and showed me the contents.One had
diapers, another had plastic pants, a third had lotions, and stuff, and the
forth had just a paddle in it.She told me to play untill it was time for
breakfast, and picked me up and put me in the playpen.Then she left the room.

Chapter seven

While i was playing, the thing in my butt did its job, and i had to go
really bad,I got out of the playpen, and went to the door, It was locked, I
couldnt hold it, I had no choice but to let it out in my pants. It filled my
diaper, and i peed at the same time, it felt so strange. By the time my mom
returned I was back in my playpen, She had a plate of bacon and eggs in her
hand. It made me really hungry. She left the room, with the plate on the
dresser, and came back with a bottle of formula," Sorry the eggs are for me,
babys cant eat that here you go" she said handing me the bottle. I sucked on
the bottle, but really wanted the eggs, she left the room, and I forgot to
tell her about my diaper.I called for her, and she came in.

Mom, I think i need a change

"What already, well I think ill just leave you in them for now, so you can
get used to it."

she left the room again.She returned at One pm, and told me it was time for
my nap, she changed me, and put me in the crib.I had never taken an afternoon
nap, so when she left, I got out of the crib, and went back to playing.She
must have expected this, because she looked in on me only ten minites later,
when she saw i was up she grabed my arm, pulled me over to the corner of the
room, where her chair was. pulled down my diaper, and got the paddle out of
the dresser, she sat down, put me over her knee, and paddled me twenty times,
and I yelled in pain.She put my diaper back on, put me back in the crib, left
the room,and returned with some, rope. She tied me down in the bed, kissed
me, told me that now i was going to stay in bed all day,and left.I laid in
bed all day. She came in around four, untied me, and had me get up, she
pulled down my diaper, and inserted another suppository in me, she redaipered
me, and gave me a bottle, she put me back in the crib, and tied only my feet
down, so i could hold my bottle with my hands.

Chapter EIGHT

I lied in bed and sucken on my bottle, and started thinking about my
diapers, and being a baby again, it made me hard, and i could feel my penis
pushing my diaper upward.I kept holding my bottle with one hand, and started
rubbing the front of my diaper with the other. It made me feel really good.I
kept sucking and rubbing, untill i actulay fell asleep.
I awoke later, i dont know what time, as ive been cut off to the world,
but it had gotten dark out. I had to poop, and pee really bad, but had
learned to do it in my diaper, so i just let it out, and went back to sleep.
I must have wet again durring the night, because i woke to find i had peed so
much, my diaper leaked, i was wet, as well as my crib. I called for my mom,
and she came in.

"My you certantly have gotten into wetting yourself havent you"

yes, maam

"Well lets get you cleaned up." She picked me up and set me down, and i
walked over to the dresser. I hoped up and sat on the edge, then i layed down
acroos the top. My mom came over and cleaned me up. but didnt put a diaper on

"Youre all messy, you need a bath"

I got up, and went to the bath room, thinking i was going to shower. WRONG

My mother drew a bath, told me to get in, and she wahhed me, all over, paying
close attention to my diaper area. I think she felt a little strange when I
got HARD, but she said nothing and finished bathing me.We returned to my new
baby room, and i got back on the dresser to get my diaper put on. She
diapered me, and then to my suprise said

"Well going by what happened in the tub, im guessing you still like being a


"Good, then come with me"

I did as told, and followed her out of the room, she led me to my old
bedroom, and handed me a trash bag, "Okay, if you want to stay a baby, I want
you to throw out all your old underpants, as you wont need them anymore. This
is your last chance to grow up so you better be sure"

I was sure, I loved being a baby and i threw out all my underpants. "Well if
your that serious, were going to make you a baby. First we have to unpotty
train you, so come with me.

She led me back to my new room, and sat down in the chair. "You have to pee
dont you"


"Bend over then, Im going to spank you untill you pee, I want you to pee
without thinking about it, just like a baby" I bent over her knee, and she
started spanking me, She started with ten whacks acrooss my diapered
backside, the diaper helped, but it still hurt, then she reached down the
front of my diaper, and said "STILL DRY" and proceded to spank me twenty more
times, again she checked my diaper and said "STILL DRY" Twenty more spankings
and then twenty more, I was in such pain i could no longer controll my body,
and after four sets of twenty spankings, i finaly peed in my pants, without
realizing it, i had pooped to. Mom changed me and put me in the play pen. She
left the room.

This continued for about two weeks, wake up get changed, and then left in the
playpen all day. It got to the point where i was just wetting myself by
reflex, and even started wetting in my sleep. My mother was so proud, she had
succesfully reversed my potty training.


I was so scared, this was to be the first time, I was going out of the
house in my new diapers. My mom insisted that we go shopping for clothes for
when school starts again in one month. I knew the diapers bulged in my pants,
and they crinkled when I walked. My mom told me that we were going to buy
cloth diapers so that they wouldnt make noise when I go out. I liked the
sound of that. I still loved wearing the diapers and plastic pants, but didnt
want anyone else to know. While we were shoping at SEARS, i wet my diaper,
and needed a change real bad. My mom didnt want to go all the way to the rest
room, on the other side of the room and one floor up. So she dragged me to
the furniture department, and changed me on one of the beds on display. Right
in front of everyone, and of course everyone was looking at me. But my mother
said nothing and just went about her work. When she was finished i got up,
and we just went right back to shoping. The public humiliation must of had an
effect on me, because there was an extra bulge in the front of my diapers. We
got my new clothes and left the mall. And then we went to the Medical supply
store, the clerk there knew us well now, and showed us all kinds of adult
cloth diapers, some with plastic covers, and some that snap or use velcro.
But i wanted plain old cloth diapers, just like babys use. My mom bought two
dozen, and we left. When we got home, my mom put me in a new cloth diaper,
and my plastic pants, and let me watch tv, this i liked as i hadent watched
tv in over two weeks, getting out of the play room was a real treat. My mom
came in the room and said

"Well, after your little accident at SEARS, im sure your compleatly un
trained now, so you wont be locked in the playroom anymore, you can roam the
house, play with your big kid toys, watch tv, and all your normal stuff, but
you still have to take your nap, and only drink from a bottle. OK?

Yes Mom


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