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A New Life

by davidcortez

A New Life

Corbyn woke up and found himself outside and he thought he might have sleep walked outside but the enviorment wasn't the same as his home in Canada. He soon found that the enviorment wasn't the only thing off. His body wasn't the same either. He was almost dog like but he knew what he was once he saw the tail.

{Oh my God! I'm an eevee!} he shouted but the only thing that came out were vee or ee.

He looked around and saw the sun was just comming up off the horizon and it made the sky a yellowish color. He looked at himself in a puddle near him and saw he was in fact an eevee. This made him cry but he was happy at the same time. He wouldn't have to suffer in his old life any longer but he cried because the only thing he looked forward to in life was his Big Brother and he couldn't get near a computer like he was or people would freak out.

{What am I going to do? I wish my big brother was here...} he cried.

He walked about a bit and a saw a house across the street and noticed it looked very familiar and then it hit him. It was his big brothers house. He knew it was for he saw it on the internet when his big brother gave him the web address and it led to Google Maps. He saw it from road side view. The only thing missing was the blue car even though his brother said they had traded it in for a Hundai. There was no car there at all.

{That's big brother's house!} he shouted. {Wait... where's the car?}

One of the house lights was on and it might be the living room. He saw a cat up on the chair through the window which stared at him. There was a dog laying on the floor near the TV and the chair was rocking. He couldn't see who it was.

{Is that Big Brother?} he asked himself.

He had to hope for the best even though Luck wasn't on his side when he was human it might be better now that he was an eevee. He put his paws up on the window cile and pawed at the window. He then began to call for him.

{Arrik! Arrik! Look out the window!} he shouted.

The only thing that came out were vee's, ee's, and eevee's. The chair stopped it seemed like the person in the chair was listening for something. Corbyn looked at the TV and it showed it was muted. Corbyn then tried again.

{Big Brother! I'm outside... help me!} Corbyn shouted.

The person in the chair looked back and saw corbyn in the window. He had a curious look in his eye and the cat looked partially annoyed that the chair had stopped moving. The dog looked out too and corbyn could hear it growling even through the glass. That scared him a little bit. The dog was much bigger than him and it seemed to not like corbyn at all. Corbyn whined a bit. The man in the chair was undoubtedly his big brother Arrik.

"Shadow! Stop it! I told you not to growl at other animals!" Arrik snapped at the dog, snapped his fingers and pointed back to the TV. "Go lay down! NOW!"

The dog whimpered a bit, went back to the blanket and layed back down as Arrik got up and went to the door. As Arrik opened the door Corbyn hid behind one of the plants, he didn't know why he was so afraid of his big brother but he felt compelled to hide behind the plant. Arrik was now fully out the door and he closed it behind him. Corbyn peeked behind the plant.

"Where are you little guy?" Arrik called out.

Corbyn realized he came out to see him and came from behind the plant. Arrik gasped as he saw Corbyn come from behind the plant. Arrik then knelt down and motioned for Corbyn to come closer. Corbyn slowly came to him. He was unsure of what Arrik would do. As he got close enough Arrik grabbed him. Corbyn struggled a bit scared of the quick motions Arrik to to catch him.

"Shhhhhh. Don't worry little guy I got you. I won't let you fall." Arrik whispered.

Corbyn immediately calmed down and looked up at Arrik who smiled at him. Corbyn smiled back.

{Ok I'm fine now...} Corbyn told himself. "Vee!"

"Well you certainly stick out like a sore thumb don't you..." Arrik said. "Your an Eevee... boy when Corbyn see's you won't he be surprised... if he ever gets back on..."

Corbyn's ear's flatened when he heard that. He wondered how long he had been gone. Arrik noticed this and petted him.

"You really are a real eevee... not an illusion..." Arrik mumbled. "Amazing..."

Arrik held corbyn in one arm while feeling him with his free hand to check every part of him. As Arrik went over Corbyn's head Corbyn murred under the touch and Arrik continued to Corbyn's front paws. Corbyn felt Arrik's hand through his new pads which were incredibly sensitive. Arrik then continued to Corbyn's stomach and Corbyn felt a wonderful feeling while Arrik was basically petting him there. Corbyn then realized he loved to have his belly rubbed. Arrik then continued to corbyn's back paws. Corbyn found that his back paws were about as, or even more so, than his front paws. Corbyn loved the petting he was getting but Arrik was actually checking to see how real Corbyn was. Arrik then continued to Corbyn's tail and Corbyn gasped at how great the pleasure was from Arrik petting his Tail.

"Your a real eevee... this is rather strange... eevee's are not suppose to exist..." Arrik said.

{He doesn't beleive I exist...} Corbyn said as he ears flatened.

"And yet... your right here... in my arms..." Arrik said

{Oh?} Corbyn said as his ears lifted up.

Arrik the took him into the house where the dog proceeded to growl at Corbyn some more which made Corbyn whine in fear. Arrik then gave the dog a look and the dog began to whine and layed it's head back down. Arrik petted Corbyn and Corbyn calmed back down. As Arrik sat back down into the chair the cat laying on the top of it came down to the arm rest and looked at Corbyn. Corbyn looked back at the cat. The cat then took a position on Arrik's legs next to Corbyn and rubbed on Corbyn.

"Aw. You like him huh kitten... good girl..." Arrik petted Kitten.

Kitten began to purr as she was petted and rubbed Corbyn some more. Arrik was right. Kitten liked him and didn't mind his presence on Arrik's lap. Kitten then began to lick and clean Corbyn. Corbyn murred from the cleaning.

"Aw... Your lucky little eevee. Kitten usually doesn't like other animals." Arrik said.

Corbyn saw the laptop at the side open in Word Pad. Arrik had been writing on his Famous stories again which usually had weird and unexpected twists that came out of no where. Corbyn went over and began to type on it.

{I have to let big brother know it's me!} Corbyn thought.

Corbyn typed c.o.r.b when Arrik stopped him and looked at the screen.

"What are you doing little guy? Trying to type on my laptop?" Arrik then saw the letters and giggled. "Trying to type a message huh?"

Corbyn whined a bit and tried to finish the message by typing y and n. Arrik then looked at the word Corbyn had typed out.

"C.o.r.b.y.n? Corbyn? CORBYN!" Arrik looked at Corbyn who was on his lap looking up at him.

{That's right big bro!} Corbyn nodded.

"Oh my god! Corbyn! Is that really you little bro?!" Arrik freaked out.

"VEE!" Corbyn nodded.

Arrik picked Corbyn up and hugged him. Corbyn murred and licked Arrik's face.

"Corbyn! I'm so glad your safe! You hadn't gotten on for 2 days!" Arrik teared up.

Corbyn saw the tears and pawed at them.

{Don't cry big brother... I'm still here...} Corbyn said. {Two days...}

Corbyn had been out for two days. No wonder Arrik was worried about him. Corbyn continued to paw at the tears till Arrik began to wipe them himself.

"Thank you Corbyn... That was sweet..." Arrik hugged him.

Corbyn nuzzled his big brother. Arrik held corbyn with one hand on his lower body and his hand was on corbyn's stomach. His other hand was on Corbyn's head with the arm holding the top part of Corbyn's body. When their foreheads touched they felt a powerful shock but it didn't hurt, just surprised them.

"What was that?!" Arrik jumpped.

"I dunno." Corbyn said and he nuzzled Arrik again.

"Corbyn?" Arrik looked down at him.

"Yeah bro?" Corbyn looked up.

"Your talking!" Arrik shouted.

"I am?" Corbyn asked. Then it hit him like a train would a car. "I am!"

After about 2 days Arrik's mother came home and found it weird that her son took in another animal but once she found out he could talk she began to settle. Kitten took care of guarding Corbyn when Arrik wasn't there and Corbyn learned to understand Kitten and Shadow. Eventually Shadow began to tolerate Corbyn and it all settled to crawl eventually and life went on as normal though Arrik had to keep his brother Justin from pestering poor corbyn with air tanks and scaring him with loud sounds. Eventually life went on as normal from their family with a talking eevee till one day the door bell rang.


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