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Valentines Day Chocolates

by carsh

Valentines Day Chocolates

A few days late but here's a Valentines Day story.......

Reading the text he got from his girlfriend Dan could tell she was annoyed. It simple said, "where are you!"

“What's wrong?” he sent in reply.

“You know it's Valentines Day right?” Came a response.

Jane, his girlfriend, takes special date where there is the possibility of gifts very seriously. “Of course I do,” he sent a last reply back and quickly went looking for a gift.

“Yeah right whatever,” was all the response he got from her.

He walked into the first shop he came across which looked to be selling suitable gifts. He looked around but didn't really know what to get. He suddenly heard a voice behind him, “I suppose your looking for a Valentines gift for an annoyed girlfriend.”

“I sure am.” He said looking back.

“How about these.” The guy, who most likely worked here, said revealing a heart shaped box of chocolates.

“A box of chocolate? Isn't that a bit rubbish?”

“Oh but these are special, believe me you won't be disappointed, and there are cheap too, yours for only 15 pounds.”

“Ok, ok, I might as well.”

“Great.” They both walked towards the counter.

“That will be 15 pounds then please.”

Dan quickly got back to his girlfriends home and knocked on the door. “So have you came prepared with an excuse, or did you get a last minute gift hoping for forgiveness.” She said after opening the door.

“You going to let me in?”

She sighed. “Fine,” and let Dan in.

“I got you these.” He said as he displayed the box of chocolates.

“Chocolates? Is that it? I knew you forgot.”

“No, I didn't and these are special chocolates.” He handed her the box.

“They look like ordinary, cheap Valentines Day chocolates to me,” she said looking inside.

“Believe me, you won't be disappointed.” He said repeating the words of the guy from the store.

She walked into the living room and he followed. “I don't care, this is suppose to be a special day of love.”

“You could at least try them, and what is it that you got me.”

“My parents having been away all weekend so you figure it out idiot. No point now anyway, you seem to not really care about today.” She first picked out a Strawberry delight, which was a chocolate filled with strawberry flavoured pink cream, her usually favourite in other chocolate selection boxes.

“Well I'm sorry if you're annoyed with me,” he said, but his eyes widened when he notice Janes hair changing from brown to blonde

“You better be sorry but at least this has some of my, like, favourite chocolates.” You could hear how her voiced changed as the annoyance flooded from it and replaced with a more giggly girly tone. “Ooooooo I'm gonna have this one next.” Dan just looked on, he couldn't believe the changes. Her skin looked so soft and smooth, free of imperfection as if she was a doll. She also now had big sexy red lips and watching her eat a chocolate had never been so sexy.

She then looked up with a smile. “Is there anything I can, like, do for you master?

he just looked at her. "What?"

“Please master I'm, like, so totally horny.”

He wasn't sure what was going on. He looked down at the box of chocolates. He picked up a sheet from inside which had diagrams of the chocolates with little description underneath. Turning the sheet over he noticed the descriptions were different. He quickly read through the ones she ate. Under the strawberry dream it said 'This will turn you into a ditzy, horny bimbo.' The other one she ate was a hazel swirl which had the description 'This will make you a slave to the first person you see.' he also noticed another important detail stating 'effects last one hour however eating all three of the same type of chocolate will make the resulting effects permanent - keep well refrigerated.'

He didn't quite believe it, but looking back over at her he could see she had succumbed to her horny thoughts and was masturbating frantically. "Stop masturbating," he said and instantly she did.

“Eat this, it will make you even sexier.” He said handing over a chocolate called milky white. This was to test if the described effects happened to help convince himself that all this was really happening.

She ate it and seconds later the effects started. “My boobs, like, feel all tingly.” her breasts started to expand and grow bigger and bigger until the reach E cups. “Wowwie! My boobs are, like, all big and sexy now, like, thank you master,” and she leaped in to give her master a big kiss and hug.

“Holy crap this is really real.” He thought to himself as he started getting ideas on what to do next.

“Like, don't you just totally love my big boobies.” Well he was enjoying looking at them squashed underneath her shirt. He noticed wet patched beginning to develop around her nipples through them.

“Looks like someone needs milking,” he joked.

she just giggle.

“I think its time I got my Valentines Day present,” He said.

“Are we, like, gonna have sex master?” she said happily.

“You're not as dumb as you look. Yes, we are and after I've had my fun you can eat some more of these chocolates.”


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