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deep hypnosis

by muscleluvr

deep hypnosis

The phone rings.

I pick it up. "Hello."

"Sleep now and submit, boy!"

Without preamble, without warning, without apology, without even saying hello, he gives the magic trigger phrase. I give a small gasp of pleasure as I feel myself drawn down into that special place. My eyes flutter in surprise and sink closed. An intense feeling of relaxation and satisfaction fill my being. When my eyes open again there is a sensual glint to them that wasn't there before.

"Speak, my Master. Your servant is listening," I answer, as I have been programmed to do, so that he will know I am in deep trance, ready to obey.

"Good boy. I am calling from my cell phone, on my way to your place. I will be there in 15 minutes. You will have my place of honor ready and open the front door of your building to me without hesitation. Do you understand?"

"Yes Master," I reply.

"Good. When you wake hear the click of me hanging up, you will awake, and have no memory of this conversation. You will assume that there was a wrong number and the other person hung up on you. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir," I reply.

There is a sharp click in my ear. I blink. "Hello," I say pleasantly, "Hello?"

Nothing but dead air. How odd. Oh well, someone must have realized they had the wrong number and hung up. I hate when people do that. How rude!

Oh well. I hang up and putter around my modest apartment and tidy up a lit tle. Without really thinking about it, I make the sofa bed up, tidying the down comforter on it and piling pillows at the head, in a neat, comfortable fashion.

The phone rings again, this time with two short rings, signifying someone is at the front door. I jump a little, the electronic ring sounding like a scream in the peaceful silence.


"Open up, boy, it's me," comes the curt request.

"Of course, sir, what a nice surprise," I answer, and press the button to let him in.

As I wait for him to get to my apartment door, a mixed feeling of nervous excitement and trepidation rise in my breast, the kind of feeling you get when the doctor is about to call your name to announce the results of a unpleasant blood test.

The knock on the door comes all too soon. I answer the door. He fills the doorway, a handsome man with blond hair and compelling blue eyes. He has a barrel chest and thick biceps. I know he is 55 years old but his face is youthful; you would swear by loo king at him that he was 30.

"Good evening, sir. What brings you..."

Without a word, he places one large hand on my chest and forcefully but not roughly pushes me backward into the apartment. He kicks the door closed behind him.

He backs me up against the wall, wraps one arm around me with his hand resting lightly on the back of my head, holding it in place.

Again, without preamble, without hesitation, without any unnecessary, irritating warnings of "I'm going to hypnotize you now", he fixes me with a steady, electric stare. "Look deep into my eyes, boy. Look deep, and get lost in the blue depths. Look deeper, deeper, drown in them and Sleep now, and submit. Sleep now and submit." With his free hand he gives my nipple a squeeze to seal the deal.

A wave of pleasure roars through my body and I am lost. My body sags against his supporting arm as I respond to the familiar trigger phrase. A small smile curves his lips as he draws me closer to him and deepens my trance. His m eaty hand supports my head and he leans over closer to my face, closer to my receptive ears in a cheesy Svengali pose. I feel his warm breath on my face and realize this but I don't care. I love it.

"Sleep deeper now boy, as I count back from 10. With every number, you go 10x deeper as you are now. The deeper you go, the more resistance you give up, the more control you give up to me. When I reach 0, you will be in a deep, deep sleep, and you will obey me without question. Understand?"

"Yes, master."

"10 - 9 - 8- 7----"

He does this every time, deepening me to new depths of submission, re-enforcing his hypnotic commands and control. I love it.

"--3 - 2 - 1 - 0. Whenever I and only I say, Sleep now, and submit you will instantly fall this deeply in trance, ready to obey me completely, ready to be whatever I want you to be, without question, without hesitation. Repeat this and know this is true."

"Whenever you and only you, say "Sleep now and submit", I will come this d eeply down into trance and be ready to obey you completely, be ready to be anything you wish me to be, without question, without hesitation, Master." I repeat obediently.

"Give me a kiss, my sensual slave. Welcome your Master." he commands.

My eyes open, the sexy glint shining in them, once again. My arms, hanging totally limp up until this time, reach up and wrap around him, one of them cupping the back of this head, running my fingers though his short hair as I do so. I draw his head to mine, murmuring, "Welcome, my master. My home is yours."

I place my lips to his, swirling my tongue on his bottom lip and he opens for me at once. His tongue is large and soft and fills my mouth. I suck it, duel with it, push it back with my own and then let it gain entrance to me once again.

He gives a groan of pleasure, and with one arm still supporting my back, he uses the other to pick me up under my knees. Still kissing passionately, he carries me into the living room and places me on the sofa bed, where we kiss for another few minutes.

Finally, he lifts up, his eyes still fogged with lust and passion. I stare back with heavy lidded eyes and smile sensually. I am totally under his power, ready to obey his commands, and yet, and yet in a way, I have control, in a way, he is my slave too. The thought fills me with erotic heat.

"Uniform," he says.

"Yes master," I reply, "At once, sir."

I get up and go into my bedroom, shedding clothes as I go. By the time I am at my bureau, I am naked. I reach into a drawer and pull out a pair of spandex/cotton red boxers with the dark stains of cum on them. I pull them on, feeling them hug my bubble butt and loins, fitting to my trim form completely. The dark stains of past cumming are a symbol of his total dominance over me and I feel totally subservient in them.

The smooth feel of them also makes me incredibly horny and my dick hardens immediately.

I return to the living room to find Master ensconced in his plac e of honor, against the cushions in the middle of the sofa bed. He is gloriously naked. The lamp has been turned down to half-light amid his bronze tan seems to glow in the near dark. The sheen reflects off his thick biceps, his perfect chest, his six pack abs, and his thick legs. His 9" cock is 7" thick, uncut and is completely hard.

It is all I can do to not throw myself onto the bed and devour him in an orgy of muscle worship but somehow my body restrains itself and walks to the end of the bed and assumes a military pose: back straight, arms stuck straight at my sides, toes pointed in a V formation. My eyes fix on a spot straight ahead and I find I cannot move from this position, as if my body was suddenly coated in cement and left to dry.

"Ready and reporting for duty," my mouth says.

"At ease," Master says, looking me up and down.

My arms are released and I hold them behind my back. I also discover I can look where I choose, so I look down at Master who is looking a t my body which is about half built as his but my arms are defined, my legs huge and my tummy flat and beginning to show signs of a six pack.

Very nice," he says, "Are you still working out three times a week?"

"Yes, Master."

"From this point on you will work out four times a week. Your body can take it now. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master. Four times a week," I reply.

"Come to me!" he commands, opening his arms.

At last! I fall into his arms, and again we kiss, deeply and completely. I work my way down his beautiful body, past those pecs, down his abs, until I reach that monster of a dick. I open wide and take it all in. My hands roam all over his body delaying at his nipples, then his biceps. He gives them a flex, knowing how this turns me on.

"You are completely focussed on my cock," Master says, "You will not stop sucking it. In fact you will find that you cannot stop sucking it. And when you wake up, you will find this is also true, understand? Until I give you permission, you will be unable to stop sucking my cock."

I grunt my assention, as it is impossible to speak with a 9" cock filling up your mouth.

"Wake up, boy!"

I groan a little in disappointment, as the cobwebs of normalcy return to my mind. I give a grunt of protest and discover I can do little else with my mouth fucking his huge cock.

I attempt to take the cock out of my mouth to request to be put back under but discover I can only pull out a certain amount before sinking back down. I'm trapped! I move pleading eyes toward Master's face but he only looks back with satisfaction and ruffles my hair.

I suck and struggle and suck some more. The struggle, the fact I cannot stop turns me on incredibly and only sends me into frenzies of passion when I do. I struggle a lot.

He makes me suck his cock for an hour before giving me a break.

I settle onto the bed on my back with a sigh of relief, my jaws sore.

"Sleep now and submit!" and I do. When I wake, I am spread across the sofa bed, spread-eagled and unable to move even though I can see no ropes.

Slowly, Master strips me of my red shorts. My legs briefly come together but spring apart again as soon as the shorts are free and are immobilized once again. My breath catches in my throat as I realize that I am at his total mercy, trapped by the confines of my own mind. What devious plans does he have in mind for me now? What is he going to do?

I ask him and then add, "You'll never get away with this, you know." I struggle fruitlessly.

Meanwhile Master has gotten up and retrieved something from his jacket pocket. It is a black leather mask, like Zorro's or Robin's.

He puts it on and says, "Oh, I wouldn't be so sure of that." He runs his index finger lightly up my dick which has been hard and throbbing and ready ever since he walked in the door, "You shouldn't be so cocky," he quips, then kisses me hard.

I gasp, kiss him back and take a long drag of the heady smell of leather that totally turns me on, making me kiss him more, harder, never wanting to stop.

Master has begun lightly stroking my cock, slowly, gently at first then harder and a little faster. His mouth moves down to my nipples, then down to my cock. Then both hands play with my nips. I moan like a cheap whore, unable to stop myself. The sensations are indescribable.

Just when I think I am at my peak, just as I think I can't hold back any longer, Master slows his sucking, smiling at my distress, as I slowly cool down.

"What are you doing!?"

"Anything I want," he answers with a wicked smile. The smile, the way he looks with the mask on, the knowing that he has complete power over me are a lethal combination. And I love him for it.

He takes his time. He doesn't rush. He brings me to the edge and back three times. I don't know how long this takes but it has been long past sundown. The whole time, he watches me struggle in my hypno bonds, pant like a dog, moan like a whore, and be totally unable t o stop him. The whole time he has been gloriously hard.

Several times during those three times he straddles my chest and fucks my mouth with his cock. Unable to move, I just look up into his beautiful, masked face and swirl my tongue around, deep throat him, revel in his sexual heat.

Finally, he lets out a mighty groan and pumps his seed into me. I swallow every drop.

Then he goes down on me again, and this time there is no stopping.

When my orgasm hits, it's devastating. Wave after wave of pleasure that is almost pain hits. As I close my eyes, I can feel a shot hit my forehead, my chin, my chest, and my stomach. And even after the excretion, aftershock after aftershock rocks through the very fibre of my being. At last, still shuddering a little, I open my eyes.

"Release!" he says, and suddenly I'm free.

Master takes off the mask and gets a cloth to clean me up which he does with the tenderest of care.

When he is done, before I can move a muscle, he leans over me agai n.

"Sleep now, and submit. Grow heavy, heavier, as my body leans upon you. As my heavy body leans over you, your body grows heavy as well. You are tired, tired and heavy and you must sleep, sleep deep now, sleep deep and natural as my heavy body leans across you. Sleep...sleep...sleep...

I feel myself drift away and down into darkness, with Master behind me, our bodies spooned.

But in the morning when I wake up, he is gone. The only evidence that he was ever there are my memories and a single red rose on the pillow beside me.


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