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All Dolled Up Pt 3

by EMG

All Dolled Up Pt 3

Chapter 3
Chloe woke up with a grin on her face. Her body was alive with energy. She wanted more than anything to touch herself, to be touched, to be played with... She remembered her dreams. She remembered her talk with Kyle the night before. It was all real.

A small moan was the only sound to escape Chloe’s lips. She wanted to be near Kyle. She needed to be. To hear his voice, to obey him, to finger herself for him, to let him play with her, that was her only desire.

Just as she wondered about that last part, her hand casually caressed one of her breasts, sending a pleasant tingle that erased any worries that might have been there. Even though it seemed so normal, she couldn’t help but feel amazed at the way her life had changed. To think that at one point, accidentally going to the bathroom in “only” a shirt and panties had started all of this, and here she lay totally nude as she had every night recently without a hint of worry or weirdness.

“You’ve come a long way, doll face,” she thought to herself with a smile.

As she stretched, she rolled over to see what time it was. Maybe if it wasn’t too early, she could go down and surprise Kyle.

5:30 a.m.
It was an hour and a half before Kyle’s alarm, before her alarm, would be going off. In spite of that, she couldn’t stand this ache she felt inside to be near him. Without a single thought about what she was doing, Chloe got out of bed and headed for Kyle’s room. Somewhere on the stairs, it occurred to her that she was still nude. She wasn’t sure how she’d be able to get back to her room later, but she’d worry about that then. She’d let Kyle worry about that. Chloe simply had to be with him now.

She slowly and quietly opened the door to Kyle’s room. He was still fast asleep.

Without making a sound, she eased onto his bed. They weren’t touching, but it was as close as Chloe thought she had ever been to him. She quickly went to work. There was a reason that she was here after all. She couldn’t cum before Kyle woke up. However, she would be fingering and chanting every moment until then, and that is just what she did.

“I trust and obey everything you say.”
“I trust and obey everything you say.”
“I trust and obey everything you say.”
“I trust and obey everything you say.”
And as had happened the day before, after just a little while, Chloe’s mind centered on her mantra, and for her there was nothing else.

For Kyle, he didn’t know anything was going on until the alarm went off. He casually rolled over to shut it off, but where his hand hit the alarm as it always did, his arm did not land on the bed. It was something much warmer, familiar. Kyle finished rolling over, and the sight he saw astounded him. Chloe’s blank expression, nude figure, and quiet chanting were familiar, but Kyle wasn’t sure that he would ever get tired of seeing it.

“Chloe, let the words I’m saying push out your mantra, until my words are your only thoughts,” Kyle managed in his still-sleepy frame of mind.

Chloe quickly quieted.

“Good girl. How long have you been here this morning?”

“I came down just after 5:30,” was Chloe’s monotone reply.

“Why did you come down here so early?”

Without a moment’s hesitation, Chloe answered, “I had to be near you. I needed to be near you, to obey you, to let you play with me.”

“Let me play with you?” Kyle repeated.

“I want you to control me,” Chloe continued, “I want to be your doll, and a doll’s purpose is to be played with.”

It was obvious that she had given this some thought last night.

“And how are dolls played with?

“They’re moved, posed, dressed up. You can give them different identities sometimes just by changing their clothes, making them be anything you want or do anything you want.”

A hint of excitement was in Chloe’s voice now. Her fingers still moving in and out of her at a rapid pace.

Kyle asked, “Is that what you want me to do to you?”

“YES!” Chloe exclaimed. Her breathing was heavy. She was ready to cum.

“Then, in a moment when I let bring you out of this state, as soon as you’re fully alert you’ll cum for me,” Kyle’s own breathing was getting more ragged.

“You’ll become alert as I kiss you!” he finished.

And with that he kissed her. It was a desperate, demanding kiss, body against body. Kyle’s hands freely exploring Chloe’s body, releasing the tension that had been building since Chloe had first fingered herself in Kyle’s room.

Then, with a start, Chloe was alert and aware. For a singular moment, she let herself melt into Kyle’s kiss before the waves of pleasure wracked through her body. Her lips parted. A groan, a scream. Neither sure what was really going on. They kept their mouths tightly. It was only as Chloe’s hands began pulling at Kyle’s boxers that Kyle pulled away.

“mmm... Why are you stopping?” she very nearly begged.

“What were you doing?”

“I was... I mean, I thought...” Chloe stumbled, trying to find her words, “The way we were kissing, I just assumed.”

“I know what you were assuming,” Kyle managed. His head was clearing, but he was desperately fighting against his own body and desires.

He continued, “It can’t happen, not today, not this way. It’s not the right time today.”

“The right time? We’re both ready. We both want this,” Chloe said as she pulled back the covers and climbed on top of Kyle. “What possible reason you could have for stopping me? Don’t you want to play with your own, personal doll?”

Grabbing her, Kyle flipped her, and once on top of her, after another brief kiss, he said the only thing he could think of.

“Oh, I do want to play with you, and trust me. I will. You’re just not ready yet. You’re not the perfect doll that you could be, that I want you to be.”

For Kyle, it was merely a playful, harmless remark designed to drive Chloe into even more of a frenzy. He could already feel her squirming beneath her, and she had only just cum moments before.

However for Chloe, Kyle’s word was absolute. She could hear his tone. She could tell that he wanted her to think that he didn’t mean it, but it still resonated with her. She was a doll, and she should be a perfect doll, Kyle’s perfect doll. Then, he would certainly play with her. Still, she decided it was best to respond in kind.

Looking up at him, still held down by him, she put on her best seductive grin.

She replied, “How do you want me?”

Kyle rolled off the bed and moved to the chair near the bed. He seemed to be lost in thought for a moment, and then, seeing his smile, Chloe knew that he had a plan.

“Well, let’s think. What the most common thing that you know of someone doing with a doll?”

“The most common?” Chloe said as she sat up, “I don’t know. I guess little girls playing dress-up with them, posing them, that sort of thing.”

“That’s right,” Kyle answered. “Little girls love to dress up their dolls in all sorts of outfits, and I think I’ll enjoy doing the same with you.”

Chloe was only slightly shocked by his statement, but she was more shocked by her own response.

“Are you telling me that you actually want to put clothes on me?” she asked, glancing from her nude body to Kyle and back again.

“Well, I do enjoy the view, but I don’t want to actually dress you. I’ll just decide what you’ll wear each day. I think you can still dress yourself just fine at this point.”

“I don’t know, Kyle. You are a guy. Are you...”

Chloe trailed off when she saw the look on Kyle’s face. He wasn’t happy.

“Chloe, do you obey me?”

“Yes, of course I do.”

“Do you want to obey me?”

“You know I do, Kyle.”

“Will you trust me to obey anything I command?”

“Anything,” Chloe responded breathlessly.

“And I just told you that I will decide what you’ll wear from now on. Does it matter if you think I’ll do a good job?”

“No, it doesn’t.”

“Why not?”

“I have to, I want to obey you. I don’t care about the rest,” her arousal boiling over.

“Good girl.”

Kyle’s smile returned. He got up from the chair and walked to his nightstand. He pulled a list and a check out and handed them to Chloe.

“That is your rent check for this month. I’m giving it back to you. This,” he continued gesturing at the other piece of paper, “is a list of outfits that I want you to pick up today.”

“Outfits?” Chloe asked as she squirmed, glancing at the list but seeing little more than different types of lingerie.

“Leave it alone, Chloe,” Kyle said as he looked around the room. “Where’s your robe this morning?”

“I needed to be down here so badly that I kind of forgot it.”

“Forgot it? And just how do you think you’re going to get back upstairs without it?”

Chloe blushed.

“Umm... I thought maybe you’d have an idea. I wasn’t really thinking straight when I came down here.”

Kyle let out a laugh.

“I can tell. Let me take a look.”

Kyle pulled on a shirt and shorts, opened the cracked door, walked out, closing the door behind him. Apparently, Chloe hadn’t even managed to get the door closed this morning. He went in the kitchen first. Then, he listened. There wasn’t a sound throughout the house. He went upstairs. Sarah’s door was wide open, but there wasn’t a sign of her. Feeling slightly lucky, Kyle quickly made his way back to his bedroom.

Chloe had a puzzled look on her face as he walked in.

“Didn’t you get my robe?”

“No, it turns out that Sarah is already gone, so I thought that you could just go back up to your room, just as you are. You came down here that way. It seems only fair,” Kyle finished with a mischevious smile.

Chloe expected to feel anger, embarrassment, resentment, but all she felt was another rush of arousal. Kyle was playing with her, making her do things. This wasn’t the way it should be. Chloe knew that, but she couldn’t fight it.

“Fine, but can I make one request?” Chloe said.

“Go ahead.”

“Can I finger myself again when I get back to my room, or do you want me to do it here and now for you?”

“You can finger yourself in your room, but I want to be able to hear it.”

Chloe’s blush deepened, “I don’t think that will be a problem.”

Chloe tried to keep herself from running up the stairs. Again it struck her, she didn’t want to run out of embarrassment or fear of being caught. She wanted to finger herself that badly. She had to cum and soon.

Once Chloe was gone, Kyle began his daily routine, and in no time, he heard a shriek that could only have come from Chloe.

By the time Chloe recovered from her second orgasm of the day and cleaned up for her shopping trip, it was well after 9 a.m. She wandered down to Kyle’s room, but he was already gone. It was no use. She’d just have to wait until this afternoon for more. In the meantime, she had her orders.

Chloe quickly pulled the list out of her purse once again. She began a quick rundown in her mind of the stores that she’d have to visit to find these things. She wondered if Kyle was even sure that she could find these different “outfits.” Most of the descriptions were vague enough that she could probably find something close enough to work, so Chloe headed to the mall.

She spent the whole day shopping, stopping only once in a dressing room to call Kyle and chant and finger herself for him that afternoon. Finally, after a visit to 3 stores’ lingerie sections, a lingerie store, an adult shop, and a costume shop, Chloe had everything on the list. The only item left was a digital camera. To get the one that she wanted, she had to spend a little more than she had left out of her rent check, but she was more than willing to pay it.

By the time she got home, Kyle and Sarah had both been back for a little while, and Kyle was working on supper.

Chloe spent the evening on what she knew would be her next project. Before and after supper, she took out every outfit in her closet. She did photos of her in individual pieces and in all of the combinations that she thought would look good, some that she had never been daring enough to try in public. Still, she wanted Kyle to have every possible combo. She just hoped that he wouldn’t get too creative. A doll loves to be dressed up, but a doll still should look good, to be shown off for its...

The thought froze in Chloe’s mind. It was true that a doll was a piece of property. It was something that was owned. She’d never known of a doll that wasn’t owned, and she was a doll now. Did that mean that she was owned? That Kyle owned her?

It was a little much to take in, but it all seemed to fit. Kyle’s control. His desire to make her into a perfect doll. Obviously, this was something that he wanted her to discover on her own. What other reason could he have for not mentioning this sooner? He was testing her. She could still remember the passion between them this morning. There was only one way to fully experience that.

As she considered this, she heard a knock at her door. She opened it to find Kyle standing outside.

“What are you doing up here? I thought you didn’t want anyone to know about this!” Chloe said, barely above a whisper.

“Calm down. Sarah’s engrossed in TV, and remember, the guys are away for another 48 hours. We have plenty of privacy to have a little fun.”

Chloe backed up and let Kyle in, closing the door behind him.

“What kind of fun did you have in mind, Kyle?” Chloe asked with a seductive grin, as she sat down on her bed.

Kyle simply wandered around her room. This was the first time he’d had to get a good look at it. It fit Chloe. It seemed like everyone’s idea of how a 20 year-old would decorate her room, but you could tell that it all seemed artificial somehow like it was just a front for something else. It fit how she looked at the moment. She was dressed very casually, but unless he was mistaken, Chloe, at the very least, wasn’t wearing a bra. Then again, maybe it was all just Kyle’s imagination.

“No, we talked about that kind of fun,” Kyle said, finally, “I thought we might dress you up and see what some of your new outfits can do.”

“My new outfits?” Chloe shot Kyle a quizzical look. “What’s so special about skimpy lingerie?”

“Other than I enjoy seeing you in it?”

“Yes, other than that.”

“Well,” Kyle answered, “What happens when you dress up a Barbie doll in her flight attendant’s outfit?”

“Well, she’s a flight attendant then, I guess...”

“That’s right, my Wind-up Barbie.”

Chloe ‘s face went blank as she collapsed back onto the bed, waiting for Kyle to put thoughts into her mind.

“Chloe, get out the black bra and panties with the white lace trim and the pale blue bra and panty set that I had you buy, and lay them on the bed.”

As Chloe rose, someone watching might only think that she was distracted, that her mind was somewhere else, which wouldn’t have been entirely untrue. With a fluid grace that Chloe didn’t normally possess, she glided to the bags that she had stored her purchases in for now.

Once she had laid them out on the bed, she sat back down on the bed.

Kyle picked up the first outfit, the pale blue bra and panty set. It was the first one that came to mind when he started drawing up a list. In a way, it only made sense. Handing it to her, he began going through the script he had been working on in his head all day.

“Chloe, this is your Schoolgirl Barbie outfit. Whenever you hear me and only me say ‘Schoolgirl Barbie,’ you will feel yourself change. If you are alone or with only me, you immediately strip out of whatever you are wearing and change into only this bra and panty set. If we are in this house but not alone, you’ll slip away, put these on under what you’re wearing if possible, and come back. If we are in public or away from your special outfits, you won’t be able to put on your outfit, but you’ll still feel the other changes that I’m going to describe to you in just a moment. Do you understand all this so far?”

“Alone, strip and change into outfit only. Not alone but at home, slip away and change into outfit under my clothes. Away from my outfits, do nothing but change as you’re going to tell me. Yes, I understand.”

Kyle had her go through that a few more times to make sure that it would stick. Then, he continued.

“Now, anytime I say ‘Schoolgirl Barbie,’ whether you are able to put on your outfit or not, your personality will immediately change. Just like when you dress up a Barbie doll. You’ll become Schoolgirl Barbie. Of course, you will be my doll. Your obedience will still be absolute, even more unconditional than it is now, but your focus will be schoolwork. It will excite and arouse you as much as anything does now. Studying, homework, and tests will become your hobbies, your habits, your life’s blood. Does this make sense to you?”

“Yes, I will be your doll.”

“Wonderful, and you’ll stay as my doll, until I say, ‘Playtime’s over, Chloe.’ When you hear me say that, your personality will shift back, and you’ll change back into what you had on before. Again, if people are around you’ll slip away to your room. If you weren’t able to change into your outfit, only your personality will change. Is that clear?”

“Yes, it is.”

“Good girl. As before, you’ll obey everything that I’ve told you, but you won’t remember any of this consciously. Will you obey?”

“Yes, I obey.”

“Then, when I say your name, you’ll begin to think clearly again, and we’ll resume our conversation. So, Chloe, what do you think these outfits are?”

Chloe shook herself a little as her head cleared, and then, she turned to see the outfits that had seemingly appeared out of thin air.

She looked first at the black bra and panty set. It was black lace, with a white frilly trim. It would do little to hide anything.

“I – I’m not sure. I guess that black and white number is probably your twisted version of a maid’s outfit.”

Then her eyes were drawn to the

“This one, though, I really have no idea. It’s sexy but understated. I don’t know. It’s not really meant to be shown off. This outfit would make me... I don’t know.”

Chloe tried to search Kyle’s face for some clue, but he didn’t even blink.

“Tell me,” Chloe continued. “What is this supposed to do?”

“Why don’t I just show you, Schoolgirl Barbie.”

Chloe blinked, as if she was unsure of what she just heard. She stopped to think for just a moment before her hands moved to the t-shirt that she was wearing. She quickly pulled it off. Her jeans hit the floor moments later confirming that she had gone sans-underwear for her little shopping trip.

It took her only a moment to pull on the bra and slide the panties up her legs. Then, she was all at once herself again, only somehow different.

Chloe began to speak as she looked down at herself, “What just happened?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean that I was just dressed, and then a second later, I’m in this. I also have the strangest urge to study, but thinking about studying is turning me on for some reason... Would you have anything to do with that?”

“Oh, I don’t,” Kyle smirked. “I might have a few tricks up my sleeve. Besides, I figured the first outfit should be as beneficial for you as it was a turn on for both of us. Don’t you agree? And you were wrong. I think I’ll enjoy seeing you study like this. Now, any work that you need to do for a little while to enjoy this?”

Chloe stuck her tongue out at Kyle.

“Well, I had a paper that I have been putting off. I was planning to do it next weekend, but I feel like I really should go ahead and put a little work into it now. Do you mind?”

“Not at all,” Kyle replied. “I’ll come back in an hour, and then, we can try that other outfit that you have out, sound good?”

But Chloe had already turned to dig into her pile of books to find the assignment. Before Kyle was out the door, Chloe was reading, writing notes on what she was reading, and casually fondling a breast, all at the same time. It was a most unique sight.

Kyle went and checked on Sarah, went to his room, and watched some TV on his own set. It was hard to wait, but Kyle wanted to let Chloe enjoy this first taste.

It was an hour of pure bliss for Chloe. She felt everything click in her mind. In one hour, she made more progress on that paper than she ever had on any other in the same amount of time. It wasn’t just about the ease of doing the work. It was the way that it made her feel. She felt as if she were showing off somehow. It wasn’t just that she was doing homework in lingerie. It was something else something about doing the work that made her feel... Was it even possible to feel such an extreme arousal but not need to cum? to feel so sexy but with no need to flaunt it, as if it weren’t that important? to feel more comfortable with herself with who she was than ever before? All at the same time? It was this strange and seemingly impossible mix of feelings that were driving Chloe.

Where her punishment seemed to last for an eternity, an hour passed before Chloe was ready for it to end. She wanted more, but she couldn’t deny the knock at her door.

She cracked the door and peeked out. It was Kyle. More than ever before, Chloe was aware of him, of his presence. He seemed different somehow. It wasn’t his appearance, or the way that he carried himself. Chloe quickly realized that it wasn’t him. It was the way that she was seeing him. He was her owner. She was his. Chloe was unimportant. She didn’t exist right now. Schoolgirl Barbie did, and she was Kyle’s, his property, his doll. Of course, this little revelation did nothing to help her arousal. Though, she was still in control. She would only cum if Kyle wanted her to. Chloe’s needs and desires were fading.

Kyle could see something in Chloe’s eyes, but it was hard to make out. He could tell from the points pressing against her bra that she was aroused, and from the papers strewn out on her desk, he could tell that she had been hard at work at the same time. It seemed that her first outfit was a success.

“Well, it looks like you’ve enjoyed the past hour, Chloe.”

It felt strange to hear Kyle say her name while she was in her outfit. Was it really her name? It seemed wrong somehow.

“I very much did. I’ve gotten too far behind in my studies, and I really need to catch up.”

“Well, that will have to wait. Playtime’s over, Chloe.”

Chloe responded more quickly this time, barely pausing before standing up and removing her lingerie, and in no time, the clothes that she had been wearing were back on. Chloe could only stand there in shocked as everything seemed to flood back to her. It was only now that she was herself that... no, that wasn’t right. Schoolgirl Barbie had seemed as much herself as Chloe did, even more real in some ways. It was only now that she was “Chloe” again that her arousal began to overwhelm her, and as her arousal surfaced, the questions that she had been thinking about all day surfaced in her mind as well.

“Um, Kyle? What just happened? How did you...?”

And so Kyle gave a brief summary of how her mantra had affected her. He didn’t tell her everything, but he told her what he thought she should hear. He wasn’t completely sure how she’d react, but he knew that he’d pushed too far to just pass it off as her fantasy anymore.

Chloe didn’t seem angry or even really shocked. She was smiling and maybe just a little shocked.

“Hypnosis. Wow. I mean I‘ve been curious about it before, but I didn’t think it would work like this. I don’t even remember it happening.”

She could see Kyle was having a hard time understanding what she was trying to get across, so she continued, “I did enjoy this Kyle. It’s just a lot to take in. That you could make me into the doll that I want to be, really make me think and act that way. It just takes a second, but the obedience, how this all started, that wasn’t... was it?”

“No, Chloe. That was just the chanting. You know everything that happened up until just after your punishment. Then, I only tweaked things to help along the process, help you enjoy it more, give you something more to obey than just fingering yourself.”

“Wow,” Chloe sat down on the bed and laid back. “You do know that I could start fingering and chanting right now and cum. Hmph. I probably wouldn’t even have to finger myself or chant. A word from you, and I could cum right now, couldn’t I?”

“I suppose if you were obedient enough that it would work.”

“I am obedient. I’m completely obedient. I’m yours. You’re my... owner.”

Saying it was freeing for Chloe as if she’d finally spoken aloud something that both knew but were afraid to voice.

It was Kyle’s turn to be shocked. He found the chair at her desk to sit in. If he kept standing, he feared that he would collapse. What Chloe had just said, it was something that he had thought about, planned on working toward in some future that didn’t seem all that real until now, but for her to accept it so easily... Kyle felt the rush of control, and he couldn’t deny that he liked it. Everything seemed to be working out even better than he’d hoped.

“Your owner. How did you come up with that?” Kyle asked cautiously.

“It came to me when I was working on this.”

Chloe went over and retrieved the memory card from her new camera.

“I knew this was the reason you had me get this. You wanted a record of all my outfits so you could pick them out. You want to control what I wear, and I will admit that I want that too. I was thinking about how a doll loves to be dressed up and shown off. Shown off for its owner. A doll is just property. It’s owned, and if I’m a doll, if I’m your doll, then you own me, don’t you?”

Kyle took the memory card in his hand, unsure of what to do next, as she leaned back again on her bed, displaying herself for her owner.

“Is this all of your outfits, lingerie included?”

“Well, most of my underwear now wouldn’t be considered lingerie, but I put a photo of at least one of even the plain ones that all look the same. I did some combinations to help you out,” not wanting to make Kyle mad, she quickly continued, “but you don’t have to use them. I just wanted to give you some options so that I could look my best for you.”

“Well, I appreciate that Chloe, but if I decided to send you out in a horrible outfit or just in your bra and panties?”

“I’d obey without question.”

“Is there anything you wouldn’t do for me now?”

“No, I know that you said I would always have a choice, but I’ve made my choice. I’m your doll. You own me. Anything you want me to do has to be right.”

Kyle smiled. This would be fun.

“Good girl, and are you ready for your next outfit?”

“Oh, yes! I forgot. Is it a maid’s outfit? Will I have a cute little French accent?”

“Maid, yes. Accent, no. That was just never my thing. Besides, do you even speak any French?”

“No, I took it in high school, but I might remember how to say ‘1, 2, 3’ if you really wanted me to.”

“Then, we will definitely do without the accent, my Wind-up Barbie.”

Chloe’s arms went limp, and she dropped back flat on the bed.

“Chloe, pick up your new Maid Barbie outfit.” She reached back and held it in her hand, resting it on her stomach.

“Good girl, anytime you hear me and only me say ‘Maid Barbie,’ you will change into this outfit. The same rules will apply for putting on your outfit as did with your student outfit, do you remember those?”

“Yes, I remember. I will follow the rules.”

“Very good. The difference will be in your personality. The student doll cared only about studying, about schoolwork. Maid Barbie cares only about serving. She is my servant and is completely submissive to me. Cooking, cleaning, housework, and absolute obedience are her desires, her turn-ons. All of this will be second-nature for Maid Barbie, do you understand?”

“Yes, I do.”

As before, Kyle repeated each set of commands a few times to make sure they would stick.

“And just as with your student outfit, when I say ‘Playtime’s over, Chloe,’ you’ll change back into your previous outfit and back into Chloe. In just a moment, I’ll say your name again, and you’ll start thinking normally again. This time, however, while you won’t remember anything that’s happened, you’ll know that something did, something you can’t remember.”

“Alright, Chloe,” Kyle continued, “do you want to try your maid outfit now?”

This time Chloe seemed to take an extra second to come back to herself.

“Hmm?” she mumbled. “Did you just? Something happened.”

Kyle just smiled.

“Oh right, my outfit. Yes, I want to try it out. Do I just put it on or do you?” she said with a hopeful grin.

Kyle laughed, “You do, Maid Barbie.”

Instantly, Chloe stood up. She pulled her clothes off, put on the lingerie. This time, though, once her outfit was on, she barely felt like Chloe anymore. She barely felt like a person. She was a servant. She was a doll. Without a word, Maid Barbie kneeled.

“Chloe, look at your room. Is it clean?”

Maid Barbie was curious at her Owner’s words. She was certain that he was speaking to her, but the name seemed unfamiliar. Still, if that is what her Owner wished to call her, she had no choice but to allow it.

“No, Sir. This room is very messy. I haven’t done a good enough job keeping it clean.”

“I’m going to leave and give you an hour to work on it. If you manage to finish before the hour’s up, there’s an assignment on that desk. It’s a paper of some kind. Do what you can to work on it. Do you have any questions about your orders?”

“None, Sir. I will obey.”

“Good girl, then I’ll be back in an hour,” Kyle said as he left the room once again.

Maid Barbie was much different than Student Barbie. Maid Barbie was professional, detached. Where Student Barbie had found bliss in her work, Maid Barbie’s purpose was to serve. Pleasure didn’t matter. She could feel it. A part of her did even enjoy it, but it was irrelevant. Only obedience mattered.

Maid Barbie quickly set out to accomplish her task. It wouldn’t be fair to say the room was messy. It was simply cluttered, lived in. A small amount of picking up and some organizing made the room seem much cleaner. Maid Barbie dug through the closet until she found an old shirt. It was in such a condition that she was sure that this room’s occupant wouldn’t mind. She set to work dusting and doing a final cleaning. Then, she looked at the assignment that her Owner had charged her with working on next. Even here, there was a little clutter. Maid Barbie organized the notes better, made an outline of the important points that the paper should cover, even managed to get a little over a page typed before she heard a knock on the door.

Maid Barbie knew that no one but her Owner should see her in this outfit, so she carefully peeked out the door as she opened it to make sure that it was only him. After assuring herself that it was, she allowed her Owner inside. As soon as he stepped inside, Maid Barbie resumed her kneeling position.

“Ok, playtime’s over, Chloe.”

Chloe stood up and slipped out of her lingerie. She really just wanted to stay nude, but she couldn’t fight the urge to get redressed as she had been before the change. After she had dressed, she caught herself almost resuming the kneeling position. Maid Barbie’s personality, her submission, the absolute acceptance of her dollness, was something that lingered with Chloe. She could still feel it trying to push away the phony personality that had taken over. She slightly staggered before she finally sat down on the bed.

“So how did you enjoy that one?” Kyle asked. He could tell that she was still a little out of it, but it was probably just doing both outfits in the same night. He guessed that he would need to space them out a little more. Of course, he’d just play with these two for now. He’d give her some time to adjust before he did anymore.

“It was... intense. Her obedience was amazing. I just thought I was obedient, and she really seemed to get the whole doll thing in a way that I haven’t, even in a way that the student didn’t seem to.”

Kyle was interested in her answer, so he pushed a little more, “So would you say this one was your favorite?”

“My favorite? I don’t know. The student’s focus was incredible. I definitely want to be her again, and she felt pleasure in a way that the maid can’t, but like I said, the maid’s intensity felt like it could just swallow me up. I still feel a little off somehow.”

“I’m sure it’s just going to take some getting used to, Chloe. Though, why are you talking about being dressed up in the outfits as if they were different people?”

“I’m not really sure. They just didn’t feel like me. When you called me Chloe after I had the maid outfit on, it just didn’t seem right. I wasn’t Chloe. I was Maid Barbie. I really don’t even know where that name came from, unless you had something to do with it. It was odd.”

Kyle wasn’t sure what to make of that last part, but it didn’t matter. She was coming along nicely, and he’d enjoy playing with her new outfits. Chloe’s grades would improve along with keeping her area of the house nice and tidy and improving her cooking skills. The next couple of months would be enjoyable.

Next, Kyle had Chloe strip and finger herself for him while she chanted as usual. As she did, Kyle looked through her closet. He pulled out a sundress. Chloe knew that it would be too cold to be out for long in that, but she hoped that maybe he would keep her busy indoors. The possibilities of how he might keep her busy and the memories of what had happened that night, pushed Chloe over the edge. Kyle was about to leave when he told her that she wasn’t allowed to wear anything else until the next day. She was about to ask about going to the bathroom to clean up, but Kyle was already walking out the door. She didn’t stop him. Instead, she stuck her head out of the door, and not seeing anyone made a run for the bathroom.

The rest of the weekend was very enjoyable for both of them. Chloe practically begged Kyle to let her spend the remainder of their long weekend in one or the other of her outfits. Kyle let her spend most of Saturday as Student Barbie. She finished up all the outstanding assignments she had, made study guides for each class, and spent an hour highlighting important passages in three of her books. Kyle changed her back before supper. He had smuggled a little lunch up to her, so she could stay in only her bra and panty set and stay focused on her work.

Chloe’s evening after that was rather dull in comparison. She sat watching TV while her mind was really fixated on becoming a better doll. To Chloe, she was quickly becoming the act. She was playing at being a girl, but she knew that she was only a doll. Dolls didn’t have personalities like Chloe did. Dolls didn’t make decisions. Dolls were played with.

The next day proved this all the more. Sarah disappeared again, as she seemed to do more and more recently, but Kyle and Chloe didn’t care. Maid Barbie got to come out and play again. She cleaned the whole house this time. Her Owner had her put on something over her own uniform when she wasn’t in his office, his bedroom, or that bedroom she had cleaned the other night. Then, as soon as her Owner could after one of this residence’s occupants returned, Kyle brought back Chloe, but as before, it was all the more evident that Chloe shouldn’t exist. Chloe had a real girl’s personality, but she knew that she was only a doll.

She thought back to her mantra. Kyle said that repeating it had conditioned her, made her want to obey. She couldn’t change the mantra Kyle gave her, but she could add one of her own for when Kyle wasn’t around. She didn’t want him to see how hard it was for her to become his perfect doll. She didn’t want him to know how undoll-like her own, stupid personality was. She thought it through, and the only mantra that seemed to fit was the one that she chose.

After that, at almost any time, you could hear Chloe mumbling, “Not a girl, just a doll.”

Each night, Kyle would pick out Chloe’s clothes for the next day. Since everyone was back, Kyle never made it back up to Chloe’s room, but thanks to the pictures that Chloe had taken, he had more than enough to work with.

Each morning, when Chloe finished chanting, she would beg Kyle to let her be Schoolgirl Barbie for the day. Classes were easier, and she felt more attentive, more comfortable in class as Schoolgirl Barbie. Kyle was a little hesitant at first but decided that this was the point of giving her that outfit in the first place. He allowed it, and Schoolgirl Barbie’s grades soared far above what Chloe had been able to do.

At the house, Kyle had managed to tell everyone that Chloe needed extra money, so she had agreed to do some housework in exchange for a break on the rent. Kyle didn’t give Chloe a break on the rent, but it gave Chloe an excuse to be Maid Barbie around the house. Within one week, Chloe had already begun spending most of her time as a doll, not as Chloe, and this was just the way she wanted it.

Kyle was having the time of his life being in charge, playing with Chloe. It was a dream come true, but the dream was starting to slip away.

Kyle first noticed problems a couple of weeks later on Friday evening. He had given Maid Barbie orders to do everyone’s laundry for the week. He hadn’t thought anything of it until Mark went in with a shirt that hadn’t made it into his dirty clothes basket. He called Chloe’s name three times, finally tapping her on the shoulder before she turned around. According to Mark, she wasn’t friendly when she finally did. In fact, she acted as if she didn’t even know him. Over the weekend, he got similar complaints from Sarah and Sam of Chloe seeming distant, though it seemed a stretch to Kyle for Sarah to complain that anyone was distant.

Kyle finally decided that Chloe must have spent a little too much time as a doll that week. Afraid that he might actually be causing a problem, he changed her back to Chloe. Only, she still seemed different. She wasn’t the same happy girl that moved in.

For the next two weeks, Chloe pleaded with Kyle to let her wear her outfits again, but he wouldn’t allow it. Chloe saw it as a punishment for not being good enough as a doll. She redoubled her efforts on her own secret mantra. She consciously began pushing her “real” personality further and further away. She became more withdrawn at home. She said very little to anyone except Kyle. Chloe seemed to constantly look to him for direction.

Kyle did keep picking out her clothes each night, and Chloe continued fingering and chanting for Kyle three times a day, but even that seemed to be more routine than the flirtatious, semi-seductive performance that she had done for Kyle before. She did manage to go to her classes even if her attention seemed to be elsewhere.

During the third week, with Thanksgiving quickly approaching, she went to her Monday and Tuesday classes, but by Wednesday, she was nearly unresponsive. She just sat in her room, waiting for orders, waiting to be played with.

Wednesday evening, Kyle went to Chloe’s room to try to talk to her. He was beginning to get worried. He knew everyone would know that he went to her room. He just hoped that they would see a concerned landlord, not a... What was he? A concerned owner looking after his property? Or something more?

He knocked on the door. No response.

Kyle opened the door and went in. Whatever he had been expecting, it wasn’t what he found. Chloe was sitting on her bed facing the door, nude, legs spread wide, and a smile on her face. Everything about her was normal except her eyes. Her eyes seemed empty.


No response. She just sat there with that smile still on her face.

“Can you hear me?”

“Yes, Sir,” Chloe replied.

“Why didn’t you say anything when I said your name?”

“You said my name, Sir?”

“Didn’t you hear me say ‘Chloe’?”

“That’s my name?”

“What did you think it was?” Kyle asked, getting more worried by the second.

“I didn’t know that I have a name, Sir. I’m not a girl, just a doll. Chloe is a girl’s name.”

Kyle was finally starting to see what was happening.

“Wind-up Barbie. What are you thinking, Chloe?”

“Nothing, Sir.”

“And when you’re like this, you can’t think, you only listen and obey, don’t you?”

“Yes, Sir. I listen and obey.”

“In just a moment, I’m going to say your name. I’m going to say ‘Chloe.’ When I do, you’re going to seel yourself become Chloe again, just as you’ve always been. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Chloe, are you feeling a little more like yourself now?”

“Kyle? What’s going on? I was...”

Kyle was overjoyed as she seemed to be coming out it, but just as she seemed to awaken from whatever was happening to her, it was as if she remembered something. Whatever she remembered, a moment later, her voice trailed off, her eyes dimmed and were as empty as before.


Chloe just sat there as her smile slowly returned.

“Chloe!!” Kyle said a bit too loudly.

He shook her. He couldn’t seem to get any kind of response.

Something had happened. Something had gone wrong. Kyle knew that somehow this was his fault. In trying to live out his own fantasies, he had taken something from Chloe, something that no one should ever be allowed to take. She was a doll now. The girl that she had been seemed to be gone. Was it gone forever?

Kyle knew that he had to buy himself some time to fix this. He knew that this could be fixed. It wasn’t magic, just conditioning, hypnosis. He had meddled with her mind. He could fix it. Until then, he had to at least keep Chloe on her normal routine.

“Student Barbie. Put on your outfit and understand that you will respond to the name Chloe.”

The doll nodded and got up to retrieve her outfit. As she put it on, Student Barbie realized to her shame that she had missed classes today. The smile left her face.

“Is that better, Chloe?”

“Well, I missed classes today which is unacceptable, and I have work to do for tomorrow, Sir. Still,” she leaned over and kissed him on the cheek, “thank you for deciding to play with me. Is there anything you want before I start on my homework and studying?”

“Yeah, Sarah and the guys are a little worried about you. Dinner’s in a few minutes. Do you feel up to eating down there?”

“Anything for you, Sir. Um... Who are Sarah and the guys? Are they some more of your dolls?”

Kyle rolled his eyes. He hoped this would be enough.

“They live here. Be friendly. And no calling me ‘Sir’ in front of other people. Got it?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Someone will let you know when it’s time to eat. And what name do you go by?”


“That’s going to have to do. Ok, get to work.”

And with that Chloe sat down at her desk and started pulling out books, paper, and pencils. Kyle couldn’t shake this guilt that he was feeling. He tried to stay with the fact that he was sure that there was a way to fix this, but it wasn’t that she was broken. It was that he had done this to...

He had done this to... He couldn’t find the words, or maybe, he just couldn’t accept the words that were trying to come out. He looked back at Chloe as she sat there working away.

Dinner that night went well, but Chloe was so much more dependent on Kyle.

Kyle had to walk her through each day. Every morning, Kyle would change her into Student Barbie. He would send her to school with as many direct orders as he could. She would respond to the name Chloe. She would follow the schedule in her backpack. She would participate a little in every class. She would go nowhere but to her classes and the bathroom as needed. She wouldn’t talk to anyone or go with anyone outside of class. When her classes were done for the day, she was to come straight back to the house.

Kyle began keeping a list. It didn’t take long for it to become a very long list.

So it was no surprise that Kyle had very little to be thankful for at Thanksgiving. He should have had plenty. Life had been so good. It was even better once the college kids moved in. Out of nowhere, the memory of meeting Chloe came to mind. It wasn’t anything special. He hadn’t realized what she would mean to him. Even when he caught her that night, when he toyed with her the next day, he had no idea what would happen. Then, she was a part of his life. For a few glorious weeks, everything had been even better, but Kyle’s own fantasy was ruining it all.

Thanksgiving morning wasn’t spent in preparation for the big house dinner that they had all planned. It was spent with Chloe in his room working, once again, to fix his mistake. He spent a couple of hours trying different combinations of commands, hypnotic suggestions, mantras, but nothing seemed to work. Finally, knowing that he needed to get started on the meal, Kyle called out Maid Barbie, and they set their efforts to the task at hand.

Dinner was obvious. Kyle had been so distraught from another failed attempt to bring Chloe back, that he had barely taken the time to have Chloe respond to her own name as Maid Barbie. She was distant, and more than once, she made a move to kneel next to Kyle. He tried to downplay it, but it was plain to everyone that something was going on. They knew that Kyle had done something. They could see the guilt on his face, but Kyle was the only one who truly understood the depth of his guilt.

“Still,” he thought, “at least the secret is out now. I don’t have to pretend anymore.”

And he didn’t. Kyle still went about his own daily routine, and he made sure that Chloe’s class attendance and grades didn’t falter in the slightest. Every minute that wasn’t spent keeping their own lives from falling apart, though, was spent in Kyle’s room. From the moment Thanksgiving dinner ended, Kyle had a singular mission. He was going to bring back Chloe. He was going to fix his mistake, whatever it took.

Whatever it took... He was beginning to come to grips with that. He knew how this was likely to end. He knew that Sarah, Sam, and Mark knew that something was up. It was only a matter of time before they started to nose around and find out what the problem was, and if they did, they would most likely call the police. That had no chance of ending well for Kyle. He’d lose everything, including Chloe. Still, with some counseling, going back to her family, to her home, she might recover from whatever was happening to her. Kyle was beginning to approach panic as the holiday break neared.

He couldn’t send Chloe home. Not like she was now. He did the only thing he could. Maid Barbie made the call home. Because of Kyle’s orders, she was even more detached than normal. It was a shock to her parents. She told them that there was a guy, a new romance and that she would spend Christmas with him.

It had been a dream of Kyle’s lately, mixing in with all the nightmares that seemed to becoming more real by the day. It was insane to think about now, but it did make for a believable lie. He could only hope that when all of this was over that he would be able to make it up to her somehow and that she would be able to make it up to her parents.

On and on, idea after idea, everything he tried, nothing worked. Chloe seemed to be lost in this. Finally, the guys called him on it. Chloe was lying naked on his bed when he heard the knock on his door. He had her slip into his closet. He would have felt bad, but as usual, it seemed that Chloe wasn’t really aware that she was in his room. Being in his closet wouldn’t bother her.

He opened the door. Mark spoke first.

“Kyle, where’s Chloe?”

Trying to avoid any direct answers, Kyle replied, “Why do you want to know?”

“We both already know. We want to know why,” Mark interjected.

“Is this going to be a problem?” Kyle asked, still trying to evade.

“We think that it already is. We’re leaving tomorrow for break. Tomorrow morning all three of us want to sit down to talk about this. We’re not sure that we’re going to be living here next term,” Mark replied.

“Tomorrow morning,” Mark continued, “you had better have some good answers. Otherwise, us moving out may be the least of your worries.”

With that, they both turned around and walked away. Kyle sat down on his bed. He was moments away from a breakdown. There was a noise. Was it from the closet? No, it was outside his door. There was a shadow. Then, it was gone without a sound. Or was it even ever really there?

Kyle knew that it was all over. He sent Chloe back to her room, and he turned in early. Tomorrow would be a long enough day. He didn’t need to start off the day tired.

However, sleep didn’t come easy, and once it did, unsettling dreams filled his thoughts.

Jail time.

Chloe’s blank smile.

Chloe with a wind-up key in her back.

The vicious glares from Chloe’s parents.

Gone were the happy dreams of control and fantasy. Kyle was left with only nightmares.

Even the one where he was fucking a mindless Chloe brought him only physical pleasure, but it seemed so real. He could feel her body heat. He could almost hear her moans of pleasure. The arousal was building inside him. It was so real. Kyle’s eyes shot open.

It was real, but as he looked up, it wasn’t Chloe’s lovely brown hair and hazel eyes he saw. It was someone else. Someone he knew, but he still wasn’t entirely awake.

Finally, he saw her. Then, he came. His orgasm seemed to push her over the edge. She pulled him into a passionate kiss until the pleasure subsided. She sat back up giving Kyle a full view of the naked beauty before him.

Kyle was too stunned to speak.

Sarah finally leaned back down and whispered in Kyle’s ear.

“I know what you’re doing to Chloe, and I want you to do the same to me.”


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