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Sex Study: Week 2--Falling into the Circle

by curiousguy92

Sex Study: Week 2--Falling into the Circle

Monday afternoon I went to the gym to work on my arms. They were about 16 inches and my triceps had awesome definition. When I flexed you could see the horseshoe shape. I had a great body and I was really proud of it. The only thing was, I kept thinking about Jack and comparing my body to his. Whenever my mind would wander, I would see his strong arms and massive chest. All I could think about was how much I wanted those muscles. I mean, I worked out regularly anyway, but after last week with the sex study starting it just seemed like I was that much more focused. The absolute weirdest thing about it was that whenever I worked out now, my dick--I mean, my cock--would get really hard. I couldn't jack off though, because I had to save it for the study. As annoying as it was not being able to jack off, those mp3's they were having me listen to were definitely making me cum harder than ever before.

Tuesday night I went back to the medical building. Jack was waiting for me when I arrived, and he led me straight to the same little room with the loveseat that I had been in last week. I started stripping and Jack chuckled.

"I see you're eager to get started," Jack said, crossing his arms over his massive chest. "Before you do, I have to explain this week's procedure because it's going to be a little bit different than last week. We reviewed your results from week 1 and we think you're making really good progress, but this week we'd like to observe you directly."

"Wait. You want to sit in here and watch me jack off? I don't know about that. It sounds kinda gay."

"Well, Jordan, you did sign off on moderately homo-erotic situations, remember? Besides, this is just going to be me observing you in the laboratory setting. I'll be recording things in my notes, but other than that, nothing will be happening besides you jerking your cock."

That didn't sound too bad. He was just going to be sitting there watching me, and I probably wouldn't even notice he was there once I started stroking my cock. If it was just me jacking off with Jack sitting there not saying anything, I guess it wasn't that gay.

I agreed to the new terms, and Jack gave me the mp3 player so I could listen to track 2. I finished stripping down and went over to the loveseat and started stroking. The music didn't sound too different from track 1, but I wasn't going to complain since I was finally being allowed to jack off. After the first few strokes I got lost in the feelings and didn't even notice Jack was there. It only took about 20 minutes and I was shooting thick ropes of cum all over my abs.

"Very nice," Jack said, shocking me out of my post-orgasmic bliss. I was a little embarrassed that Jack had just watched me cum all over myself, but that passed in a matter of seconds. "Why don't you go clean yourself up, and then we can talk."

When I got out of the shower, Jack was sitting there on the loveseat waiting for me. After getting my pants on I went over and joined him.

"That was a really hot cumshot Jordan. I can tell the audiotracks are having the desired effects. I definitely think my being in here to observe is good for the study. Can I expect to see you back on Thursday?"

I nodded vigorously and left the facility.

Thursday went the same as Tuesday, but this time when I came it was even more intense than the last time. I had no idea what was in those mp3's, but somehow they were making my orgasms almost twice as intense every time. I wasn't about to tell jack this, but when I jacked off I thought about his muscles, and it secretly excited me that he sat there watching me shoot cum all over my abs.

When I got there on Saturday, Jack was waiting again, but this time he wasn't wearing a labcoat, or even a suit. He was in workout clothes like he had just come from the gym. His tanktop stretched tightly over his huge pecs, and his shorts showed off his powerful quads.

"Sorry for my unprofessional appearance, Jordan. I go to the gym every Saturday, but y workout partner was late today. I didn't have time to shower or change afterward. I hope that's not a problem."

"N-no," I stuttered. "That's fine."

"Good. There's something else I want to ask you too. I haven't been getting any lately, if you catch my drift, and I was hoping you wouldn't mind if I masturbated with you. I don't want you to be uncomfortable, but I've been really horny lately and watching you jack off this week has made me a little bit jealous. Would it be ok with you if we had a little circle jerk?"

I didn’t know what to say. I wasn't too excited about jacking off with another guy, but I felt bad for Jack not getting to have sex, especially with a hot body like that. I mean, we wouldn't be touching each other, so what harm would it do if I let him jack off by me?

"Yeah, that'd be fine. I don't want to make you suffer. Go ahead and jack off with me."

Then we both started stripping and I got to see Jack in all his glory. His muscles were even more impressive when they weren't covered up by clothes. His abs were cut so deep it looked like they had been placed individually, and when he pulled down his shorts I couldn't help but stare at the bulge in his jockstrap.

"Holy shit! How big are you?"

Jack laughed. "10 inches. I've gotten some nice lays with this baby, but I just haven't had time lately."

I shook myself and we both sat down to stroke our meat. I had my earbuds in listening to track 2, but I could still hear Jack making sounds over the audiotrack. I had my eyes closed, but I could picture him running his hand up and down that throbbing cock without even having to really look. I shot my huge cumload all over myself, and then I heard Jack shout "Fuck!" as he shot his own sizeable cumwad into the canyon between his abs.

"Whoo. Thanks, buddy! I needed that. If you don't mind, maybe I'll join you from now on. How does that sound?

For some reason it sounded really hot, but I didn't want to tell him that.

"That sounds cool. Circle jerking was actually a lot more fun than I thought it'd be."

"Awesome. Why don't you go take a shower and I'll see you Tuesday."

When I left the stall Jack was gone, but my $2000 was sitting on the loveseat. I don't know why, but I was a little disappointed that he wasn't there to say goodbye to me.


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