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All Dolled Up Pt 4

by EMG

All Dolled Up Pt 4

Chapter 4
Hearing her words, Kyle came. Admitting the truth pushed Sarah over the edge at the same time. They came together.

After a few breathless moments, Sarah rolled off of Kyle, and for a while, they both just laid there taking in what had just happened. It was a strange and wonderful thing that made Kyle want to laugh and cry all at the same time. What did Sarah know? What did she want? Why did she just... ?

Sarah rolled back over, her breathing, still heavy.

Seeing Kyle’s expression, she asked, “We need to talk?”

“That might be the understatement of the century,” Kyle finally managed.

He rolled out of bed, pulling on his robe. Sarah got up and put on the long t-shirt that was apparently all that she had worn when she came down here.

“Are you sure that you want to talk in just that?”

“What’s the problem? Everybody else is asleep, and you’ve seen everything,” Sarah responded.

Kyle, still not fully awake, shrugged his shoulders and headed for the kitchen.

“I need some coffee. You?” he asked.

“Sure, I’m feeling good now, but fatigue’s going to hit me hard soon enough.”

Sarah sat down at the table, and Kyle loaded and started up the coffee maker. Then, he sat down across from Sarah.

“So what is it that you know that I did to Chloe?”

“From the beginning? Well, let’s see. I’m not really sure of all the details at the start. Chloe made some risky late night trips to the bathroom. At some point, she started chanting instead, thin walls. I’d guess you had something to do with that.”

Sarah glanced at Kyle who made no move to confirm or deny.

“Then, I heard her cum in your room a day or two later. At first, I wasn’t sure what I had heard, if it was the TV or what, but when you stuck your head out the door, I knew what I heard.”

She looked at Kyle again. He was still maintaining a poker face.

“Let’s see. Not long after that, you two had a minor blowup in your room one night, so that’s the reason I’d guess that she was chanting for you. I heard bits and pieces of it, ‘slave’ and ‘doll.’ Have I mentioned that you might want to look into the thin walls? Well, after that, I was curious. I started watching, hiding outside your door or in closets when you thought I wasn’t home. I know you’ve done some sort of hypnosis thing. That part was cool enough, but when Chloe went all “zombie,” I couldn’t keep my panties dry.”

Sarah looked as if she was ready to go after Kyle again already. He just gave her a strange look.

“So, your turn,” Sarah continued. “What really happened?”

Kyle gave her a quick rundown, as best he could. He told her everything. Even the things that made him look, he told. Just as he was finishing, Sarah laughed and interrupted.

“You haven’t figured this out yet?” she asked.

“Figured out what?”

“I know,” Sarah continued, “you didn’t mean to do it. You’re trying to “fix” her. Why, I have no idea, but I can help you. I just want your word that you’ll help me find my fantasies the same way that you helped Chloe.”

“There’s a few problems with what you’re asking. First, I’m still not really sure HOW I did this to poor Chloe. Second, other than wanting to help Chloe, even if I could, why SHOULD I do this to you? And the biggest one...”

“You’ve got a thing for Chloe,” Sarah interrupted.

Kyle’s mouth just hung open for a moment.

“Well, yes.” Kyle said as he composed himself. “I didn’t intend for this to happen. I even promised the college that I wouldn’t, but it has happened. Now, I just want the chance to tell her, to make this alright.”

“And besides being adorable, I think that’s a wonderful thing. As for how, I think you missed Chloe’s real fantasy. She pulled you into this as much as you pulled her in. She was looking for that special someone, not just someone to control her. Her fantasy, if I had to guess, was for someone to catch her and turn her into that person’s fantasy girl. If you had your fantasy girl in front of you right now, could you resist her? Could you be mean to her? Could you do anything but love her?”

“I – I don’t know. I never...”

“That’s right. You never thought about it because you both were caught up in it. By becoming your fantasy girl, Chloe gained a power over you. She even made you spend more and more time with her, until you both had no choice but to...” She paused and held up her hands. “Sorry, not my place,” Sarah said.

“No you’re right. That makes perfect sense, and yet, I never saw it.”

“Chloe had you focused on her. I don’t even think she had this all planned out. It was just some weird instinct for her. That should at least explain the how. As for the why, that’s a long story.”

Kyle looked up at the clock, 2:30 a.m.

“Well, I’d say we have time,” he said.

At that moment, they heard a noise. Sarah looked slightly panicked, but Kyle was unfazed. They both glanced back to see Chloe, completely nude. She was slowly, deliberately walking to Kyle’s room. She had a vacant look, and she was mumbling to herself.

Kyle just shook his head.

“To think, when she started doing that, it was because she needed to be near me.”

Sarah reached across the table and gave Kyle’s hand an encouraging squeeze. Kyle just gave her a curious, and slightly bemused, look.

“So back to you,” Kyle went on. “You had a story to tell?”

“As a matter of fact...” Sarah replied, and she began her story.

It wasn’t a tragedy. There was no evil step-mother or step-father. Sarah had a good family and a good life. She was surrounded by people who cared about her from the day that she was born. As an only child, she was probably more spoiled than she should have been, but if her parents had any faults, it was only that they loved her too much.

Sarah grew up in a very ordinary town, in a somewhat ordinary home. Her parents made a good living. They also enjoyed a certain lifestyle. Her parents were nearly always able to give Sarah whatever she wanted; all she had to do was ask. They didn't keep a lot of money saved up that way, but to them, keeping themselves and Sarah happy was worth more than all the money in the bank. Sarah had a very happy childhood. She loved to play dress-up. Sarah played with dolls and read books, but even as much as her parents tried, sports never interested her. She would much rather curl up with her latest book.

Of course, living the life that she did, her family got the reputation of having money. People assumed that Sarah could afford anything. Also, as she matured, it was apparent that her mother’s good looks had been passed on as well. Her deep black hair and tan skin came from her mother’s Native American heritage. It quickly resulted in another type of reputation.

Even at an early age, the boys began to notice. Sarah could have had any guy she wanted. Sadly, she quickly realized that they only liked her for one reason, her body. Her parents made her wait until she was 15 to have her first real date. Her boyfriend at the time was 16 and able to drive. She should have known better, but she wanted so badly to believe he was different.

She vowed never to let one of them touch her, and she began to withdraw. Still, it didn’t stop the rumor mill. The boys quickly began to trade stories about fictitious times spent with her, and much too quickly, Sarah got a reputation that she didn’t deserve at all. She tried to retreat back to her friends. She would invite them over, but whatever she did, it never seemed to be enough for them. They all wanted things. If she was invited out to the movies, the people who invited her expected her to pay for everyone. It wasn't fair, and she began to pull away, even from her so-called friends.

School was a nightmare. She had guys that wanted sex and girls that wanted money or things. No one was interested in truly being her friend. She was nothing to them, a sex doll or an ATM, not a person. She turned into a complete loner. She trusted in no one, always assuming that everyone had their own agenda, and in that small town, she wasn't entirely wrong.

She couldn't trust anyone, and that meant that she couldn't care about them. She swore off anything to do with sex. She saw it as something as evil as the guys who talked about it so much. No one had ever touched her, and she had never touched herself. For that matter, she vowed that she never would. Graduation day couldn't come soon enough. There was no tearful goodbye. No, for her, it was the happiest night of her life. As soon as she could that summer, she left that town and headed to college.

She had always secretly hoped that college would be different. She wished that someone would notice her, notice that she really didn't want to be the loner that she had become. There were days that she felt as if she was screaming out for help mentally, but no one noticed. She was alone.

Nothing had been able to penetrate her solitude. Even when she moved into Kyle's home, she didn't feel as if she was really a part of anything. It was a place to stay, a place that was away from campus, away from people. She would spend every moment she could in the privacy of her room, at least until she discovered Chloe's secret.

In Chloe, she found a kindred spirit. Here was a girl that was doing her best to have the guys notice her. They were exact opposites and yet exactly the same. Sarah couldn't help but try to find out more about it. So many times, she stood outside Chloe's door, wanting to knock and talk about it all, but she didn't.

Then she heard Chloe cum that day in Kyle's room. He had noticed her. He had discovered her secret.

The stray thought rushed through her head, "Can he discover mine?"

At the time, she brushed it off, but as she saw what was happening to Chloe, she wanted what Chloe had found more and more.

She began feeling desires and feeling that she had so long ago pushed away, so that by the time that fateful night rolled around, Sarah wanted to be like Chloe, a mindless drone, an obedient slave-girl. Life would be so much more simple, and to have someone like Kyle to obey, to have sex with.

That night Sarah couldn't sleep. She could feel him pulling her, like a moth to a flame. She tried to fight it. She pulled off her panties in a futile attempt at self-pleasure, but that wasn't enough anymore. She didn't even take time to put her panties back on. In just her long t-shirt, she slipped down to Kyle's room. She opened the door and stood there for the longest. She couldn't move. If she took a step forward, she'd fuck him. If she took a step back, she would run back to her room and be lost forever to her self-imposed solitude. She had a choice to make, one that she feared that she couldn't make on her own.

Kyle rolled over on his back, mumbling something. Sarah heard Chloe's name. She took a step closer to try and tell what he was saying, then another step. She wasn't sure if she had decided or what exactly had happened, but she was in Kyle's room now.

And Kyle knew everything that followed.

Kyle finished his cup of coffee and leaned back in his chair.

“That’s some story. I just have trouble picturing you as some spoiled little girl.”

“Would it help if I said I even had the cute, frilly, pink dress?”

“Help what? My disbelief or my growing list of...”

Sarah smirked and interrupted, “The way you’re sitting, I can see what’s growing.”

Kyle shifted, uncomfortably, “Exactly at what point did I trade mysterious Sarah for smartass Sarah?”

Sarah stuck out her tongue, “Two for one sale. Sorry, no returns, refunds, or exchanges. No, seriously, I’m not always like this. The sex is wearing off, and the caffeine is kicking in. You’re lucky that I’m still coherent.”

“Hmm... I don’t know. I think it’s something else, but we’ll get to that later. Right now, the only thing I want to talk about is Chloe. You said that you know how to fix my problem.”

“I also said that I don’t know why you think it’s a problem, but yes, I can help.”

“Well, staying out of jail, keeping the guys from moving out, and this weird recurring nightmare of Chloe’s dad chasing me with dull, rusty, hedge clippers might be a few reasons that I could see it as a problem.”

Sarah rolled her eyes, “Fine go in there and cover her up. She’ll be a little shocked when she wakes up. I’ve got to go get something.”

Kyle told Chloe to stop fingering herself. He pulled a sheet up over her body, and he waited for Sarah to return. When she did, it wasn’t immediately obvious that she had anything new.

“So what’s the big surprise?”

“This,” Sarah said, holding out her hand.

It was a ring. Kyle had seen Chloe wear it several times before. The ring itself was mad of a dark stone that went all the way around the band, which was trimmed with gold. “Chloe” was engraved into the stone, in gold letters.

Kyle raised an eyebrow, “How is this going to help?”

“It will, but you’re going to have to let me give Chloe a couple of suggestions. Can you do that?”

“I suppose.”

Sarah held out her hand, as if to shake Kyle’s, “So, do we have a deal?”

“A deal? Oh, right, your fantasy. I don’t think you really know what you’re asking, but I’ll help you. Still, you’re going to have to wait until after Christmas.”

Kyle shook Sarah’s hand.

“Ok, not my first choice, but I understand.”

Kyle turned back to Chloe. He paused for only a moment before he began speaking.

“Chloe, listen to me. Sarah is here tonight, and she is going to give you a few suggestions in just a moment. You will listen and fully take in any suggestion that she gives you, and when she’s done, I’ll talk to you again. I’ll let you know whether or not to obey. For now, just listen to Sarah.”

He turned back to Sarah, “Sorry, I have to take some sort of precautions.”

“I understand, I think,” she replied, while giving Kyle a slightly suspicious look.

She stepped up next to Chloe.

“Chloe, look at the ring I’m holding in my hand.”

Chloe’s vacant eyes focused on the ring.

“This is a special ring. It contains a special personality. There is a girl’s personality trapped in this ring, and when I put it on you, you’ll be putting on your last doll outfit. You’ll act as a girl, as Chloe. Since the ring is so close, maybe you already recognize the name. Maybe you can even tell a few memories have already seeped into your doll mind, but once the ring is on, you’ll be Chloe forever. When Kyle puts this ring on who will you be?”

“I’ll be my doll personality, Chloe,” Chloe blanked repeated.

Sarah stepped back, smiling at Kyle, as she handed him Chloe’s ring. Kyle kneeled beside the bed.

“Chloe, I’m going to put this ring on your finger in a moment, but this won’t be the last doll outfit you ever put on. This ring will hold ‘Chloe.’ She is more real than any other personality you have as a doll, but she is still tied to the ring. Do you understand this?”


“But this is a special outfit. You will always be Chloe unless I tell you, ‘Chloe, take off your ring,’ I remove it, or unless you specifically take off your ring to end your Chloe personality until I have you put it back on. This is the only personality that you can remove, but no one else can remove it. If you are forced to take off your ring, if someone removes it, if you remove it for any other reason than to stop being Chloe, or if it simply falls off for some reason, it will have no effect on you. Is all that clear?”

“Yes, it’s clear.”

“Good girl.”

And with that, Kyle reached out for Chloe’s right hand. Picking it up, he slid the ring on her finger, stood up and took a step back.

For a moment, it seemed as though nothing happened, and then, she blinked. Her head moved. Her eyes searched until they found Kyle’s and then Sarah’s. Chloe blushed.

“Hi.” It was the only thing Chloe could say.

Sarah patted Kyle on the back, and started for the door.

“We’ll talk in a few minutes. First, I think you two need some time together.”

At that, Chloe’s blush seemed to deepen, if that were possible.

Even after Kyle and Chloe had some privacy, they simply sat there smiling at each other for a minute. Finally, Chloe was the first to speak.

“Kyle, I’m sorry that I’ve caused you so much trouble. I just wanted to be the perfect doll for you so badly. I was convinced that was how to get you to...” she trailed off.

“I can’t believe you thought that. Why?”

“You said it. That day we almost...”

Kyle went silent and looked away. He had said it, but he didn’t mean it like that. He looked back at her. Her eyes were still fixed on him. She was so open to anything he said. Should he even attempt to keep going? Regardless, he had intentionally changed Sarah’s suggestion. He made sure that Chloe was still a doll, still his doll. He knew that he wanted this as much as she did.

“You should have known that I didn’t mean it like that. What did I tell you about thinking when you should ask?”

“That I shouldn’t do it?”

“That’s right. I’d punish you, but I think smoothing things over with your parents will be punishment enough, don’t you?”

“My parents!” Chloe sat straight up in bed. The sheet fell away revealing her body once again.

“They think I’m...” she continued, “That we’re... How am I going to explain that I’m dating a guy that is ten years older than I am?”

She suddenly froze and hesitantly looked toward Kyle.

Kyle smiled, “Dating is good.”

“Or you could tell them what’s really going on,” he added as he laid down on the bed and pulled Chloe close.

That finally got at least a nervous laugh from Chloe.

“Yeah, I can hear it now. ‘Hi, mom. I wanted you to know that I’m not really dating my landlord. I’m actually his real-life Barbie doll.’ I’d be dragged kicking and screaming to a truck by the men in the white coats.”

They both laughed as Kyle held her.

Chloe turned toward Kyle, “I know this is going to sound really odd, but I missed you. I know I wasn’t really gone, but...”

Kyle put a finger to Chloe’s lips, “but the part of you that mattered was. I missed you too.”

They kissed. It was as passionate a kiss as they had shared, but there was no hint that anything more would happen. There were other things to take care of first. After too short a time, Kyle pulled away from the kiss. Reluctantly, he got out of bed.

“I still have some things to settle with Sarah. You stay here and get some sleep. We’ve got to figure out something to tell the guys.”

Chloe yawned and said, “Ok, I will. Tell Sarah that I really appreciate what she did, whatever the reason.”

Kyle winced, “You know?”

“That she had you over a barrel and used it to make you make some kind of deal? Yeah, I knew everything that was going on. I just was a doll, though. It wasn’t important.”

“And you’re ok with it?”

“After that kiss, I’m ok with anything.”

“I’ll have to remember that,” and with that, Kyle walked out of his room and back to the kitchen where Sarah was waiting.

“So how are the lovebirds?” Sarah remarked almost before Kyle was even through the kitchen door.

“We’re good,” was all the reply Kyle gave.

“And is Chloe going to be ok with you helping me? Or are you backing out?”

“First, she said to thank you for what you did. Second, I never back out when I give my word... Well, except with the college and Chloe... unique situation. She’s fine with it.”

“Hmm... if you say so.”

“I do, but now, I have a question. How in the world did you come up with that? I’ve been trying for months to do just that, and yet, it never occurred to me.”

“You’re going to laugh. It was Saturday morning cartoons. I babysat some when I was younger. I caught an episode of this cartoon. The good guys saved their leader by using the spell he was under instead of fighting it. When I realized what happened to Chloe, I knew it was the same thing. Not magic, obviously, but you get the idea.”

“That’s amazing.”

“Thank you. I just hope you’ll be that amazing when we start working on my fantasy.”

“About that, do you really know what your fantasy is? I mean, obviously, Chloe had no idea about hers, and after everything that’s happened tonight, I think I know what you really want. I don’t know that you do, though. Do you?”

This shook Sarah a little. Her look and her tone of voice seemed to get a little more passive.

“Not really, I guess. I was hoping for something sort of like Chloe. Isn’t that it?”

“Not by a long shot, but that’s for later,” Kyle answered. “What are we going to do about the guys? Do you have any idea how to keep them from moving out?”

“You don’t need to. Trust me. They’ll keep their mouths shut if you’ll let them out of the lease. Just let them go. It’ll be fine.”

Sarah stood up, “I’ve got to get back to bed. I need a little sleep at least before we meet.”

Kyle held up a hand, “Stop. I think first, you’re going to give me that shirt.”

“My shirt?”

“You said that you’ve been watching, so you know that I’ve done this to Chloe. Did you expect any different?”

Sarah’s fingers toyed with the bottom of her shirt, “No, I just didn’t expect this right now.”

“Well, that’s the fun of it.”

“Ok, I’ll take it off, if you’ll answer a question.”

“Deal, but you’ll take it off now, then ask your question, and hand it to me when I answer it,” Kyle replied.

“Fine,” Sarah said as she pulled the shirt over her head.

And just like that, Kyle was staring at her nude form once again.

“Why did you change my suggestion? If you were really trying to ‘fix’ her, why didn’t you let her be Chloe again forever? It seems like you’re playing a dangerous game.”

“Well, if you had your fantasy girl in front of you, would you give it up completely? Could you give it up completely?”

“So she’s worth the risk?”

“Without question. Now, hand over the shirt.”

Unwillingly, Sarah handed Kyle the shirt. As she did, she thought that Kyle looked different to her somehow. He wasn’t the same guy that she had been watching all these weeks. He seemed... more powerful in some way.

With every step she took as she headed for her room, she was acutely aware that she was naked that the guys might see her. She struggled with herself to keep from running to her room. She was afraid, but she wanted to savor this, how this began. She suddenly had a much deeper appreciation for those late night trips that Chloe had taken. This was hot!

Kyle and Sarah made it to bed without incident. In a few hours, Sarah snuck some clothes down to Kyle’s room for Chloe, and in no time, Kyle, Chloe, Sarah, Sam, and Mark were sitting around the table.

Mark and Sam seemed stunned at Chloe. They were in disbelief. They wanted answers, answers that Kyle refused to give. It was a heated argument at first. Sarah and Chloe said nothing. They just sat watching. At last, Sam and Mark seemed to realize that Kyle wasn’t going to give in.

“So what do you want from us?” Sam asked Kyle.

“Your silence. Whatever you think you know, I doubt that it’s right, but it could still cause problems for me with a lot of people whether true or not.”

“And we just keep living here like nothing’s happening? No way! You let us out of the lease, or we’ll start causing all the problems we can!” Mark chimed in.

“There’s no way to convince you to stay?”

“Kyle, that should have been a foregone conclusion already.”

It wasn’t Sam or Mark that spoke. It was Sarah, but she didn’t sound the same. Something was different. Kyle smiled. He was right.

“Fine,” he finally replied, “I’ll let you out of your leases on the condition that you keep quiet. What’s going on between Chloe and me isn’t anyone’s business.”

“I hadn’t ever met Chloe before I moved in here, so that’s fine by me,” said Sam.

“Me too,” added Mark.

Sarah spoke up again, “So we all agree then. We’ll pack and be gone by tonight.”

“Tonight?” Mark asked. “I’m already packed, so’s Sam.”

“Ok, you can leave now, and Sarah has until tonight to decide, fair enough?”

Chloe looked somewhat confused at that statement, but Sam and Mark were smiling at last.

Sam shook Kyle’s hand.

“You’ve got my word, bud. I won’t say a thing, so enjoy... well, enjoy whatever, ok?”

Kyle smiled, “We will what isn’t actually happening.”

Chloe rolled her eyes.

And just like that, Sam and Mark walked out. In only a few minutes, they were gone, and Sarah, Chloe, and Kyle were back at the table.

“So now what?” Kyle asked. “I’ve gotten really used to have that extra income, and there isn’t any way to get new tenants at this point. Everyone’s already got a place, and now, they’re leaving for break.”

This time, it was Chloe and Sarah’s turn to laugh. Sarah was the first to speak.

“Didn’t I tell you that this would be fine? I’ve got a plan,” she said. “I’ve known that the guys weren’t going to last since Thanksgiving. I’ve been talking to this freshman in one of my classes. Nothing too overt, but I do know that she’s unhappy where she is. I don’t really know what her fantasy is, but I do know that she’d be interested in a place to explore it.”

Chloe spoke up, “And how many times have I mentioned Elizabeth during our dinners? One of my roommates that was so comfortable with her body? We’re still friends, and she’s been trying to get out of the dorm all year. I was being nice and told her I’d tell her if a place came open here. I just never actually expected to do it.”

“So basically,” Kyle said, “You two have this all covered. Fine. Make sure they understand what’s going on here. You don’t have to give them all the details, just enough to get the point across. Then, it’s up to them, ok?”

“Sure.” They both answered.

“Good, then I’ll... hmm... nothing for me to do. Why do you keep me around again?”

Chloe straddled Kyle’s lap, “You own the place, and you own me. I’m sure we’ll think of something.”

They kissed. Sarah rolled her eyes.

“Get a room!” Sarah smiled.

“Maybe we will!” Chloe came back.


“Slut! I saw Kyle come back with your shirt!”

They were both on the edge of laughter. Kyle would have said something to stop them. He knew they weren’t mad, though, and it was more fun to watch.

“Yeah, well, I fucked him!”

Chloe was caught off guard for only a moment, “You did?”

“Yeah, what are you going to do about it?”

Chloe turned and looked at Kyle. She smiled. She flipped her hair back, and with a completely straight face said, “Whatever he wants.”

And she stood and walked out of the room.

Sarah just stood there. Then, she let out a small moan, but still, she didn’t move.

“No comeback?” Kyle asked.

“It’s all I can do right now, not to cum. Forget comebacks. Saying that, and she meant it. God!”

Sarah was shaking.

Kyle got up and walked over to her.

He leaned over and whispered in her ear, “Cum for me.”

Sarah’s knees buckled. She screamed. She fell to the floor, and she came. She came for Kyle.

After that very strange morning, the next week passed in relative normalcy. Chloe had to get her life back on track. She reconnected with friends. She made up with her parents, explaining as much as she could. She promised them that she would find time to visit after Christmas, and she spent time gathering presents for Christmas that was rapidly approaching. She even picked out her own outfits, something that she hadn’t done in months. Kyle worked and did his best to keep his mind off of Chloe and Sarah. Meanwhile, Sarah blossomed. It was as if she just started living at the house. She was full of life and so talkative that Kyle and Chloe had to retreat to his bedroom to have any time alone. It all seemed too good to be true.

And for Chloe, it was.

Everyone seemed happy, and while she did enjoy living again, she could shake a single truth that kept coming to mind.

She was Kyle’s doll.

She shouldn’t be walking around like this, having a life. She knew that it pleased Kyle, and that was the only thing that made it bearable. It wasn’t enough, though. Being a doll was a part of her now, a part that she couldn’t deny. She wanted to say something to Kyle. She wanted to scream it out, but when they were alone, he was too content, too happy with the normal relationship that they had started, to bother with her problems. She just couldn’t bring herself to say the words, and when they were with Sarah, it was nearly impossible to get a word in edgewise. She had to find a way to tell him.

The chance didn’t come around until Christmas Eve. Chloe had struggled all week coming up with ideas and rushing around to buy Christmas presents. She even got one for Sarah, but for Kyle, it wasn’t a struggle. She had known the whole week what she wanted his Christmas present to be. It was a moment that she looked forward to all week.

Early that afternoon, she stopped by her room to get one of her outfits. Next, she went to Kyle’s room, wrote a note, slowly stripped, and lay down on the bed. She put the note and outfit on top of her. Then, looking up at her hand, she hesitated. Slowly, she slipped the ring from her hand. Even though she knew it was all in her head, she could almost feel Chloe’s personality being pulled back to the ring as it was removed.

Her mind quieted until there were no thoughts. Her eyes were vacant. Her hand still held the ring as both of her hands fell. She was a doll. She was a doll waiting to be played with. Time was irrelevant. She didn’t notice that an hour had passed. Then two. She heard when Sarah called, but she didn’t answer. She couldn’t answer. Chloe didn’t even pay attention when Sarah stuck her head in the door. Sarah just smiled and left.

It was another two hours before Kyle came home. As he walked into his room, he was shocked at what he saw. He was almost worried until he saw the note. He picked it up and smiled as he read it.

I hope seeing me like this didn’t shock you too much, but I’m ready. All week, I’ve felt as if I was living a lie. Everyone sees me, and they think they know me, but I’m not really Chloe anymore. I’m your doll. I know that deep down, and honestly, I don’t want to be anything else. I trust you, and I’ll do anything I can to please you. I had no doubt about what I wanted to get you for Christmas.

Merry Christmas! Enjoy Maid Barbie, please. Let me be the doll that we both know that I am.

Here was Kyle’s fantasy girl, sitting right in front of him, someone that freely gave herself to him. All of the misgivings that Kyle had before came flooding back. Could he really do this? What kind of person would it make him? Would it pull Chloe away again? However, above all the doubts and worries, a single memory seemed to give Kyle his answer.

“If you had your fantasy girl in front of you right now, could you resist her?”

There was a reason that he hadn’t ended this, and there was a reason that Chloe had done this without any prompting. Kyle knew what he would do.

“Maid Barbie,” was Kyle’s reply.


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