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Rachel's Dreams

by EMG

Rachel's Dreams

Rachel’s Dreams

Rachel sat there in the lounge reading her book, the background music was vary calming, Rachel had done so for ever since her partner, had told her it would calm her down, that was 6 years ago now. He had been right the weird and disturbing nightmares she had been having had all but stopped now but not completely. To Rachel these dreams were very disturbing and made no sense at all. She had discussed them with Peter and he had said don’t worry I can help you. Her Husband you see was a famous stage hypnotist, who also liked to study the profession more deeply, he was forever looking up things on the internet and downloading others Rachel had seen him doing this but left him to it, it was all too complicated for her to understand, she just wanted to be a good housewife and a lover to Peter and had no other desires and all in all things were fine except the nightmares.
Rachel placed the book she was reading on the coffee table and starched looked at the clock on the large and ornate mantelpiece it was eleven and time for bed, Peter was out doing another show but had left her with an mp3 to listen to as he always did as she rested.. She undressed put on her baby pink nightdress and climbed into the big and expansive double bed, she gave out a slight yawn put the headphones on, turned out the bedside light and listened to the voice on themp3 player telling her to relax and focus on a spot on the ceiling, the next thing she remembered was waking feeling relaxed, she had not had the nightmares at all now for two whole weeks, this made her even happier Peter was sat at the table reading the paper, she happily went about cooking breakfast for them both, keeping Peter happy was what she liked doing the most. Peter smiled inwardly and thought ‘about another two months of this and she will never remember a single thing about her past. The past she would remember was the one placed in her head a completely factious past of growing up as a girl in a happy household and wanting to be the perfect maid and lover, she would never ever question what he did she would just do his will in the obedient way he had instructed her subconscious to do.
After the two months had passed Peter put Rachel through a few tests to see that she was ready for the next phase she was more than ready He opened the spare doom door, it’s rusty hinges creaked a little as the door was seldom opened these days Inside the room, that had last been let to a young clad who was starting out at College the room was occupied by his belongings from his Ruck sack to his laptop and all those other things a 16 year old boy carried. Peter looked at the lap top opened it but the battery was dead he picked it up and took it to the Den well away from Rachels prying eyes, she must never know of this boys existence otherwise all his work could become unravelled. The rest he threw into four black backs took them out into the yard and burnt them this made Peter feel good. Next he stripped the room of all of its furniture except the mattress and duvet which he placed on the floor. Over the next few days while Rachel was out Peter affixed a large metal hoop to the wall next to the mattress and placed a wire mesh over the windows (bars would be far too obvious he thought. The work took him about a week to complete the final thing was to change the lock from tomorrow this would be Rachel’s room, Connie, his ‘assistant’ would be moved on to one of the men at ‘the club’ he attended out of town, she would serve well she was so charming and obedient. Rachel was ready to replace her, this meant it was time to let out a room again.
That night Peter suggested they play a role play game Rachel loved thes Peter was so good of thinking them up Peter had ensured she would be willing through another mp3 He had her strip naked made love to her and then proceeded to place a large bulky diaper around her, he next dressed her in an oversized onsy and placed giant baby mittens on her hands once finished he placed the headphones on her head for her and they drifted off in their own directions
The next day Peter showed Rachel the room she smiled sweetly he told her that it was hers and her eyes opened wide she opened her mouth to say something but befor she could speak Peter had forced a phallic shaped gag into her mouth, it was not big and sat in the mouth comfortably but it stopped her from making a sound, it was also hollow which would allow Peter to feed her until he was satisfied she would stay absolutely quiet, this would require further hypnosis Rachel just stood there shocked at what was going on. Next Peter placed a posture collar round her neck it had a large D ring to which was attached a chain, This would be attached to the metal hoop until Rachel learnt the next step in obedience, he hoped she would do it quicker than Connie as he did not really want Rachel deprived but here she would have to stay while he started his next project it was for her own good he convinced ghimself Peter had been a loving Partner to Rachel and would be again soon, but for now she had to be out the way and totally silent
The chain that secured her was then thread through a pair of wrist cuffs and ankle cuff be for he attached it this gave Rachel a small amount of movement but she could not venture far from the mattress he would come in once a day to change her. She may have to stay here for a year so he would have to figure out a way of exercising her this was not a punishment you see but just satisfied another side of him, she had been the first to go all the way, she looked perfect and acted perfect, it seemed a shame to have her locked away but he needed to try the experiment again 6 years was too long he needed to get it down to about two and a half maximum.
He went back into the Den and switched on his computer, searched out the file he was looking for and opened it, it was titled Rachel’s Dreams he sat in the bit leather office chair fingers pented as the audio file started
It started with Peter talking to a teenage boy called Rick who had taken the room he had advertised Rick told him he had been grateful for a room so early in the Summer it would be four months until College started (He would never make it) on the recording the talked small talk then Peter got onto the subject of hypnosis Rick never believed he would succumb
Peter gave a wry smile as he thought of the youth who had turned up he had been visually perfect for his plan 5ft 2 tall, with piercing blue eyes almost too perfect skin for a boy of that age collar length blond hair and a thin body
Peter had decided at that first meeting he was the one, they shook hands and Peter had shown him to his room While Rick had unpacked Peter went to the Den and prepared for the experiment, he composed the music file that would be played whenever Rick was alone it had a subliminal telling Rick he wanted to be a girl, wanted it so desperately that he would end up pleading with Peter help him get SRS this had been put in a play list that would demand obedience from him and the desire to start cross dressing whenever in the house This initial file he then had played in Ricks room on a timed loop He would have it playing in the lounge whenever he was not there too
The file moved on a few days Peter and Rick were now sharing drinks (Drinks that Peter had been secretly lacing with high dose female hormones- but Peter knew for them to work properly he would have to persuade Rick to accept the pills and injection this necessitated another file this was going to take longer then he thought) Peter was fishing for a weakness he could use, it looked like one of those could be the drink itself as Rick opened up.
He told Peter that he had been teased all his life being called a faggot and a girl then after a few more Rick admitted to Peter that he thought he would be better off as a girl, that was all Peter needed, it was a sign the subliminal’s were working their magic Peter suggested to Rick he could put him under hypnosis and banish the feeling Rick laughed and said no way you won’t do it.
Peter smiled and said ‘you won’t mind me trying then will you’ in a playful voice
Rick agreed in a giggling voice what harm could it possibly do…….what harm indeed
The next section of the file was Peter putting Rick under, he went like a charm but far from removing Ricks girly thoughts Peter added triggers and enhancers
Peter sat there and thought the initial phase took longer than I expected, he listened on
Not a lot happened on the files until it got to the one listed mid-July then things got more interesting.
Peter was talking to Rick about a dream the lad had had. in the dream that Rick described he had seen himself as a woman with waist length hair and Double D breasts Peter looked at the lad, by now his hair was just starting to reach his collar bone and the faintest of a pair of mounds were appearing under his tight fitting T Shirt, due to further hypnosis Rick was totally unaware of these changes
By August Rick was having the dream daily he had also taken to wearing full make up which Peter would complement him on. Towards the end of the month Peter tried an experiment he had figured out ricks size and bought him a nice summer dress matching jewellery and High heel shoes and placed it in the wardrobe he had placed panties and hoes in the draws too removing Ricks pants and socks
A few days later he had caught Rick shaving off all his body hair off Rick had not even mentioned his underwear was missing When Rick came into the breakfast room that morning he had on all the clothes that had been left for him
On the recording he heard them discuss the way he now looked and Peter had said he was happy to help him if that is what Rick wanted
By the time Peter got to the September file Ricks dreams were getting more sexual in nature his hair was now shoulder length and the mounds were starting to look like breasts
As September rolled into October Peter had persuaded Rick to stay on and forget college, he told him he was good company Connie a previous project had reached a stage where she could be used as an assistant in his act but she was a Transvestite he wanted to create the nearest thing to a real woman from a boy
Peter skipped the next few files he knew they contained vary much the same except Rick had bought clothes and Jewellery for himself as he became totally confident in his cross dressing
The next file Peter selected was about eighteen months later Rick had very little masculine left about him, there were the obvious bits below of course but little else, he was cursing having to shave and had been looking into electrolysis, the dreams of being a woman and somewhat transformed, he was now dreaming about a past as a girl then a woman even in his waking hours he never really thought of himself as being a man he knew he was but it seemed to be receding from his whole being.
Peter opened a file marked 2 years by now Rick had changed his name to Rachel and was desperate to lose the last vestige of manliness she had, they had gone to a private clinic together and she was told she would have to undergo a year of psychiatric testing before she would be accepted for SRS. On the file you could hear the two of them arguing Rachel was distraught she did not want to wait a year. Peter told her he would compile her a calming file (the one she was still listening to 4 years later) her dreams were more vivid now and she had had some piercings to her ears and naval.
Peter scrolled on to 3 years Rachel was talking excitedly she had been approved for surgery and her shrink had also organised voice training for her, soon she would be a woman (well as much of one as she could be) Peter paused the audio and went to check on Rachel she was a little distressed at her situation but otherwise fine, he placed some headphones on her head and started the mp3 player he had taken in with him, this file would calm her down and get her to accept her situation, he changed her diaper (which she had soiled gave her a drink of water via a straw and some soup, he tousled her hair and told her that with continuous listening she should be able to have the shackle removed after a week and would be allowed regular periods of time without the gag, the diapers onsy and mittens would remain (though she would be allowed the mittens off for a short period a day to stop her hands and fingers seizing up) Peter spoke to her sweetly and reassured her again she was still his lover
He turned out the light shut the door and returned to the Den
He listened to the file Year 4 by now Rachel had undergone several operations one had been a bit hard on her but now was a woman in every way she could be She had even moved into the same bedroom as Peter and they were having a relationship both were very happy Peter wanted more he wanted her to totally forget her entire past and be his for ever so he began writing a file to aid this.
On this file she had been telling him she was having nightmares so he had asked her to describe them so she did. In the dreams she saw herself a boy named Rick who had come here to go to college but from their things had gone a bit blurred, in some she had seen herself being teased as Rick, Peter had comforted her and assured her that they were just that, nightmare and nothing more. He recounted the fictional past he had created to heer and suggested she should listen to another file, the one she would listen too for the next four years this would reinforce the back history created for her and wipe her mind of her ‘real’ past
As Peter skipped through the files he could tell by the discussions they were having that his altering of hrr mind was happening apace and the nightmares were getting less frequent.
He then highlighted the files and pressed incinerate A secure file deletion software tool stirred into life and destroyed everything he had requested, He wrote a small comment on his personnel organise for that day
Rachel a complete success and gave it 5 stars
Over the next few months the cycle had started again Peter had advertised in the local paper and on student noticeboards that he had cheap rooms to let all he required was that the person be a boy aged sixteen to seventeen and that that person would be prepared to help him with his research
He had as usual had several replies had invited each to meet him so he could vet them. They had to come from as far away as he possible so they were less likely to be noticed as ‘missing’ and be pretty and if possible slightly effeminate to start with
One named Peter had caught his attention and he had been selected As with Rachel he was given a slow alimentation to his situation to start with but then Peter had upped the ante Peter it turned out was more malleable then Rick had been in the beginning and the conversion to Petra was well on target
Rachel had been released from her confinement she was now 100% under his control, she would do anything from plain sex to mild bondage or play adult baby for him but it is what he had in mid for her and Petra (when ready) that occupied his mind now and he licked his lips


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