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Mistress Diary

by justme11

Mistress Diary

April 1st 2009

I've had an epiophmy today, a friend of mine introduced me to a great new idea(at least for me). I've always been open-minded and have heard about this lifestyle but until today have never experienced it. My friend and her husband have been into it for a while something I did not know. She wears the pants in the household, we dominated her husband together. Made him serve us hand and foot, spanked him, whipped him etc etc etc. I enjoyed it.

April 16th

Attended my first, what they call a munch with my friend and her husband/slave. The more I learn of ths, the more I think it's for me.


Began searching for my own slave, this should be fun.

Later entry

Uggghhh what's with all these Masters wanting to convert me? What's with them wanting me to convert them?


I think I'm gonna start a drinking game, everytime I get a message that's copy/paste or a penis shot I take a drink.


Seem to have found someone who seems very interesting, in his profile he mentions he was into somthing that he wasn't sure how to approach. I was intrigued and replied, we got along pretty good.

I think I finally found my slave.


We finally met today, he's great. Met on a social level, just a coffee.


Got together with him for the first time as domme. He had little experience, I had some. It was awkward, but it worked. We decided to get together each week.

September 1st

After a couple of months he's finally done it, he's signed a contract and is now officially my slave.

He was a bit hesitant to talk about the thing he mentioned in his profile because he thought I would find it or him weird. He was interested in hypnosis and mind control. I found it kinda silly at first but as he told me more the thought intrigued me more and more.

Sept 10

Been checking out a few websites on hypnosis. Very interesting. Though still skeptical.

Set 14

Saw a demonstration, asked a few questions, learned how to make my own stuff. I'm a quick learner so it was easy for me too.

October 3rd

My slave is somewhat cautious, what I created was crude but pretty strong. It would bind him to me and make him my little puppet basically. He was not sure if he wanted to take such a big step. I didn't think it would be right to force him so I let it be for now. Though I told him I was very disappointed and punished him for not saying yes.

October 22

Been working on my file, refining it. Have also been experimenting with other files we have found on other sites. While there are some that could have the same effect(and are probably better than mine) mine has a personal touch to it. I gotta say, it's quite amusing. Did a file that turned into a cat for a while. That was quite cute. He also now lives on the floor, no furniture for him anymore.

Novemer 22

Still no change. I'm beginning to wonder. I guess I could order him too, and if it was anyone else I might. But he is special.

December 25th

Merry Christmas, as it turns out he only put it off because he wanted it to be his Christmas gift to me. He listened to it the night before and is now under my control. I say jump, he jumps. I say slap yourself, he slaps himself. Hey, this is what both of use like, I've always been more into control and humiliation and so was he so it works out quite nicely.

January 10th

Been busy lately. I've decided to expand my "stable" I guess you can say. Created seperate files for others to enjoy and if they like also become my hypnoslave. My first one is of course my main and only and comes first. But it's still alot of fun to do this with both men and women.

My only question I have left is:

Why didn't I ever do this before?

It seems so naturalJanuary 17th

Was approached by someone online who tried to take me over. That’s really really scary idea that someone would try to that. I talked to a friend and they said this person is known to try and that I must be pretty strong to resist.

We sure live in a strange world.

January 20

My files have become quite popular. I’m quite shocked. I didn’t think they were that good.


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