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The Curse pt 1

by EMG

The Curse pt 1

Robert was excited; he had gotten his first job. He was 17 and had not got the grades to get into university, but had been studying at night school for the last year, be he needed money and had been looking hard. He had been turned down so many time, he had rewritten his resume and re written it time and time again, he had been about to give up. Then he saw it an advert in his local paper for a museum assistant, no formal training needed as all would be provided by the City Museum. Rob had picked up his pen and wrote for the application form.
After about 3 weeks of eternal waiting he had received the form filled it out, stapled his resume to it then posted it the closing date was not for three weeks
The wait was intolerable for Robert and he had convincing himself that he had not got it but after a month had passed a brown envelope came through his parents door and it was addressed to him, he could not stop shaking as he went to the kitchen to open it, he was nervous, should he open it or not would he be disappointed again. After a few moments of self-doubt he opened it slowly and drew out the neatly folded sheet of paper and opened it flat. His heart lept he had got the job, he ran to his mom hugged her and showed her the news. She was pleased for him and tasselled his hair
That was last week, but this was his first day at Work. Robert was a skinny boy for his age and only 5ft 4 inches in height though he did have stunning good looks actually to the point of being pretty his hair was long but neatly tied back in a ponytail. In some ways he had thought this a disadvantage in getting work as when he went for the few interviews he had gotten the people had thought he would not be up to the work at mainly all he could find was manual labour. But here he was now dressed in a suit and looked good he smiled at the mirror and mouthed, this job may change my life…….How prophetic that thought was to prove he would never have guessed.
He arrived at the Museum a large Victorian building that had been extended and modified over the years, it had a mixture of Gothic and Corinthian styles that clashed somewhat Robert thought. He entered the large entrance hall and walked up to the reception
‘I have an appointment to see Mr Baker he told the receptionist. She rang the appropriate number and gestured to some seats and asked him to wait. Mr Baker arrived and shook Roberts hand firmly and instructed him to follow. They walked through the various galleries on the ground floor, there were the usual Natural History sections with various in complete Dinosaur skeletons then in another there was suits of Armour and in another various Costumes. Mr Baker explained each as they walked through and explained the duties he would have to perform, from patrolling to cleaning to meeting and greeting the public, they then moved to the first floor which contained various art items from Abstract to landscapes to sculpture again the cleaning process was explained. The second floor contained various domestic and leisure items from the past of the City. They continued upward to the third floor this was where they had antiquities from Ancient Cultures these rather interested Robert with their Aztec, Inca and Egyptian artefacts which had been donated over the years by the towns wealthy. This floor also contained a large gallery for travelling exhibitions currently showing a history of the city, but a poster on the wall caught Roberts attention in six months there would be an exhibition of artefacts from a recently discovered Egyptian Princess he would be happy to work in here. He was finally taken up to the fifth and final floor this was mainly taken up by offices and a gallery dedicated to a famous local author. They went through a security locked door into the offices Mr Baker led them to the staff room and introduced Robert to the staff having their lunch. One Tom thrust out a hand and welcomed him Tom smiled to himself he was already scheming and thought this new boy may fit the bill.
The next Day he arrived entered the museum via the staff entrance wearing the smart uniform he had been issued with yesterday he was put to work and was very happy.
Six months passed and the day Robert had been looking forward to the most this was the day the Egyptian exhibition would arrive. He had to run around and help bring in packing cases and flight boxes up to the gallery he was helping two other staff bring in a particularly large case and went to open the doors to the Gallery when Tom said ‘no’ this one will not be on public display we have to take it to the annex and the ‘Secret Museum’
‘What’s that’ said Robert
‘You’ll see said’ Tom with a smirk on his face..
They pushed the heavy flight case along the fourth floor over a bridge that connected it to the next building. Then down to the end of the corridor. Tom took out a bunch of keys and unlocked the thick oak double doors, he switched the lights on and Robert looked, his eyes opened in dis-belief and awe he could not believe what he was seeing, Tom Grinned this might be easier then he thought.
What Robert had seen was a room with various statues and cases full of artefacts a layer of dust covering them all they all had one thing in common they were phallic or considered pornographic.
Tom seeing the boy redden as he starred said this is where we store items we would not get away with displaying in public, all large museums have such a room, Academics will visit this room to do research from time to time but otherwise it remains closed and permission is needed to enter it. Most people do not even know it exists.
This amazed but bemused Robert.
The three men unloaded the contents from the large case all were phallic the small items out of these were placed in a case and The third guy placed information sheets in the case Robert read, it contained a translation from a hieroglyphs found at the ‘dig’ it claimed that they were the male sexual organs from men who had suffered a curse on the tomb as Robert was about to read on Tom put his hand on the sheet and laughed you know what happened don’t you he said.
‘No’ said Robert ‘you covered the sheet up before I got to that bit’.
Well if you touch the mummy we have not yet unpacked you will slowly turn into the princess and she will live again
Both men laughed at the absurdity of this, but unbeknown to Robert Tom had known these items were arriving and had plans for Robert. He would be Toms given time and a bit of help from his hobby and a few special contacts, he was just right and will earn me a fortune, it will be worth the initial outlay.
Next they transported the biggest case to a ‘prep’ room there they unpacked the mummy from its protected cocoon designed to stop travel damage and placed it in an a alarmed display case. This they wheeled back out and in to the Gallery where it would be on show
They were very busy over the next few days and Tom had invited Robert for a drink at his house ‘to relax’ each evening Robert enjoyed these visits and felt he could trust Tom implicitly. This is just what Tom had wanted and had hoped. This might be easier then he thought, Robert had unknowingly had triggers placed in his subconscious by Tom who had put Robert in a trance remarkably easily with his calming but authoritive voice. These triggers would make Robert believe he needed to visit Tom Daily and do what he was told. Another would have Robert believing that he was coming under the Egyptian curse once he touched the mummy Tom was scheming a way to make this happen as they drank and chatted. This curse did not really exist of course Tom had used it as part of his opening piece of Hypnotism and Robert was succumbing to his wiles with remarkable ease.
Over the next few weeks Tom and Robert would go to Toms place drink and chat. Roberts drink from the outset had been laced with a mild sedative that would help him be compliant but unaware of the commands Tom was placing in his head. These commands told him he would do anything that Tom instructed without question. Tom tried various test to check how obedient Robert was becoming and the progress pleased him no end.
Tom kept this up for two months but was careful to make sure things were normal at work between the two of them, he could not bring any suspicions on himself this time, he had nearly got caught with his last attempt when his victim began to suspect Tom was up to something. But this kid was so green and naive he was like putty in his hands
Tom made his next move one Friday after a particularly hard day at work. He invited Robert to join him for their drink then suggested Robert stay overnight Robert agreed Tom got him to phone his parents and tell them he was staying at a friends for the weekend and would be home Monday after work, His mother was worried at first but Robert persuaded her he would be fine.
They talked into the night but Robert could never remember what about. It was like this after each of these visits to Toms and it irked him a bit. He told Tom this and tom told him not to worry it was generally just small talk and Robert compliantly obeyed. Over that evening Tom implanted another trigger into Roberts head. This one would make Robert feel relaxed and happy every time Tom either gave him tablets or injections of Female hormones. This Robert allowed Tom to do from the Sunday without question.
Tom knew he had only limited time to start the next phase, the exhibition was to end at the end of the year and things had to be in place well before then as the effects of the hormone will be starting to show quite visibly by then.
Tom got his opportunity later that week when they had to do some work in the Egyptian exhibition. As they worked changing the lighting effects for a filming session Tom uttered a command line quietly Robert briefly paused, to the casual onlooker it would have been imperceptible but Tom was looking for it and knew his Trigger had taken hold.
When the room was empty he engineered a situation that had him tell Robert that they needed to check the alarms in the case. He instructed Robert on how to do the test but Robert could not do it with touching the Mummy which was close to the edges of the display case it could only be entered by opening a hatch and reaching in and leaning across the mummy. Tom told Robert he would have to lean further inside to do the test. Robert did this did the test and he gave Tom thumbs up. As he withdrew he looked at the mummy it was incredible something so old was here next to him, he wanted to touch it Tom saw this and gave him a nudge. He slipped his latex handling glove off (surely no one would notice one little touch he thought and ran his bare hand across the breast area of the mummy. He then replaced his glove checked the other environmental equipment and left they locked the hatch Tom had a broad smile in place, well done fella he said, those alarms are tricky to get at, but I saw your sly touch, but you know you will be cursed now. Robert had forgotten the curse, looked back at the mummy and grinned, but Tom knew another trigger had taken hold.. As he exited the Gallery Robert suddenly felt a tingling in his hand he had not noticed it before and it seemed to be spreading. It was only then that he remembered the full effects of the curse as told to him by Tom
Robert was panicking inside, the tingling was spreading further up his arm, he confided in Tom about this effect. Tom joked ’Now you are in trouble’ but on seeing Roberts face told him that what he had been told was a joke This was actually another trigger that would enhance Roberts belief that he was cursed
Robert sat quietly in his bedroom that evening. Despite Tom’s words he was convinced by the curse and it was festering inside him. The next morning Robert looked in the mirror and decided not to put his hair in a pony tail that day, he looked hard in the mirror and thought his skin looked a little softer than usual he still had the tingling but it was all over his body now. He dressed had breakfast, his mom commented on the fact he had not tied his hair as usual and he said he fancied a change. She said they may not like it like that at work as it hung down on his shoulders, he had not even noticed it had grown that long until now thanks to Tom’s hypnosis.
His mum was right Mr Baker told him to tidy his hair so he put it back in a ponytail but a high one this time. Tom told him he looked good with it untied and should leave it that way after work.
Though work routines carried on as normal over the next few weeks outside life didn’t for Robert. Out of work he wore his hair loose over his shoulders as he had been asked to do had started to shave his eye brows thin like a woman (another of Toms triggers) Tom was pleased by this.
Tom decided to make his next move and on one stay over suggested that Robert should move in with him and Robert agreed he had just had his eighteenth birthday so his parents could no longer stop him as he was an adult. He suggested he go home and get his stuff Tom said no, have a completely new life he said And boy was Robert to have a new life They sat and drank and talked until it was time for bed Robert headed for the spare room as he had on previous stay overs but Tom said no he was to share the same bed as him Robert was bemused made to protest but tom quietly dismissed him
He led Robert to the bedroom by the hand and told him all would be fine He undressed the lad and took away his clothes to be laundered He returned to the room and eyed the boy over, he had developed two mounds where his chest was and his hips were widening He told Robert he was going to be very sexy which left the boy confused but he did not say anything as the obedience trigger had again been activated,
Tom ran his hands over Roberts body it was un-naturally smooth for an eighteen year old boy it felt good, Tom led him to the bed where his night clothes had been neatly placed on the bed Tom told Robert to dress and he complied he put on the sheer pink baby doll top and panties without question, they felt good on his skin Tom then gave him a second dose of hormones this would continue from now on
Tom had learnt from their past conversations that Robert was a virgin still, that would be put right tonight and Tom was going to enjoy popping this cherry he thought
Tom liked his lady boys and this one would be stunning once complete and will be all mine a total slave to my whims, but Tom was also to get more than he bargained for.
He smiled and genially caressed Robert. Robert felt a new tingle in his body and it felt good, he reciprocated and before long the two were rolling around the bed Robert had never felt more alive he then had a a desire a deep deep desire he wanted Tom inside him he had dreamt of this ever since they met, but he had never considered himself gay or anything (More of Toms work) and it was about to happen. Tom pushed Roberts head down to his throbbing engorge member Robert took it in his mouth and it felt good he sucked up and down on it, it was making him choke but some instinct was making him take it deeper, it tasted good. Just at this moment Tom stopped him, led him on his back and lifted his legs up to his chest pulling a leg of the panties aside he offered himself up to Roberts anal crack the cock pushed and prodded as Tom placed some lubrication on the crack it felt cold to Robert then the rest on his member. Robert felt a sudden sharp pain but Tom reassured him and told him to relax. Tom pushed the lad was very tight and it felt good before long he was in and pumping like a machine. After a while they separated panting. Robert felt a burning travelling through his body and he felt alive He turned to turned to Tom and said hey, ‘that was great, I have never felt more alive I loved every minute of it.. This comment was just what Tom wanted to hear he looked at Robert and saw a fire in his eyes, indeed he was ‘alive’ the two of them just lay there entwined until they fell asleep.


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