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Jena: The Hypno Mistress: Kyle

by plasmamaster

Jena: The Hypno Mistress: Kyle

Jena: The Hypno Mistress
By Plasmamaster

Notice: Any names, characters, or people involved in this story are completely fictional, and any relation to any person, living or dead, is coincidental.

Due to the many people who come to me for all kinds of erotic help, I’m often disappointed when sometimes, my work doesn’t always end up as I’d like, however, even if I don’t like it, odds are someone else will. Take the case of ‘Kyle’, a man who clearly wasn’t happy with his body. I don’t like Feminization one bit, men should be men, women should be women. But even then, sometimes, being happy is different from what you want.

So, he explained what his desires were.

“Please help me Jena! I’m tired of being told I’m not good at what I do. I feel stupid because of this male body. I want to change into a woman. I know it’s hard but I don’t want to pay for surgery and I always felt like it would be better to be a woman than a man. Please give me my wish.”

Now, it’s very tough to become something you weren’t born with physically, so I had to tell him straight. “I don’t know if I can do that. But I can change your mind to make you more female sexually.” It may take years for that to happen, however at the very least, he can become more of a woman.

So, I put him into trance. Pretty easy, although his mind felt like wondering a few times. This could take more time then I normally give, but we shall try…

“You’re body is wrong. Your DNA itself is wrong. You want a new body, new DNA, to come out of you. From this point forward, whenever you see any woman’s lingerie, your mind and body will change one part of your DNA for each piece of woman’s lingerie you see. Pending on how long this goes, you can take years, or minutes. Only real life lingerie will matter, nothing over the internet or in pictures. So you will enjoy shopping for lingerie yourself. But the code will change with a mental image that you have for yourself.”

True, this could take a very long time. I hope that it doesn’t take forever however. Perhaps though, I got a good answer 6 months later.

He didn’t change too much at all. His hair was blond, and his chest did get plump, but still a man down stares, but I would know more when I put him back into trance. Also, I could notice he was wearing a pink bra.

“Tell me, what happened these 6 moths.”

Kyle answered me with a somewhat female voice. “I felt the change in my mind on day 4. I went to a porn shop with an arcade, the sleazy ones that most people go to get gay guys to do it with them. Well, I saw this sexy bikini and all of the sudden, I felt something. My mind told me to touch it, and then, I got hot. I didn’t do anything else until 2 days later. I saw more… and then it happened.”

“What happened?” I asked as he was still deep in trance.

“I wanted it. I wanted to wear a bra for the first time. I bought it without shame, not even saying it’s for my girlfriend, which I didn’t have. And then I put it on. My body tingled. And soon, I was craving cocks. I was never gay, but I just felt like it was ‘normal.’

“How was it normal to you?”

Kyle moaned as and touched his chest… just then his voice got more female. “I felt like I had a pussy. It wanted cock… lots of it. A few days later I bought a wig, matching panties, and a slutty outfit like those school girls. It was then that I started changing physically like I am now.”

I took his had as he was about to reach below his hips. “Please, control yourself.” I told him. “Go on.”

“Well, I didn’t want to get an STD so I went on-line to share my needs. Soon I came across a guy who was happy to talk to me. However, we didn’t meet. I did however do some modeling for him, showed him my fine shaved body and newly growing breasts.” It seemed however that Kyle’s voice was getting more female by the second. “Just then, I felt something… happen to me even more.”

“Did your body change again?”

“Not quite. I felt a voice saying ‘Krystal, you’re no longer a man. You’re me!’ And ever since, I started changing more and more physically then ever before. My cock is shrinking now, and I feel my body bringing my balls in them more every day now. I’m changing… and you can start to see them too.”

I of course, had no interest in seeing too much. But was it just me, or did his breasts grow even more? No, I’m not dreaming. “Go on.”

“I can’t fight it anymore. I’m Krystal now. I want to be myself more and more! I’m horny all the time! I want sex now! Oh God!” With that, her body started changing right before my eyes. Her breasts now got bigger, her legs a tad longer, hips widened, and her voice was now sultry enough to melt lead. Her hair grew longer and her face turned into that of a model. “I’m going to talk to him, tell him to come over and fuck me! I want his cock now! I want more cocks! MMM! I must have them!”

I woke her up, her mind no longer thought of itself as Kyle. “Jena, you told me that my body would be hard to change. But you did it. I’m grateful to you so much!”

I was shocked… I never thought the key was what I would have said. Change someone’s DNA until they’re made into this. “You’re welcome.”

Krystal placed a hand on my chest. “Oh, I think I’ve also acquired a tasted for women too!” She said before she kissed me. Don’t get me wrong, I like women hitting on me from time to time, but for this, a client, not so much. I slightly pushed her away to separate us.

“Sorry, I don’t mix business with pleasure.” I told her.

She left, walking like a stripper out the door. ‘What did I do this time?’ I thought to myself.

A few months later, I got a phone call from Krystal. She’s now happy with her boyfriend. They’re having sex every night now and even are willing to invite me to the boyfriend’s birthday party. I must say, I attended for one reason: To see my work in progress. But when I got there…

“Why Hello Jena! Do come in!” Krystal was wearing a black negligee. “Sure you don’t want to be the cake?” Just then his boyfriend came from behind naked, and grabbed her large breasts. “I’m sure that you could enjoy yourself!”

“I’ll pass.” I said with a smile. “But I’m glad to see my work paid off!”

“At least watch what she can do! Oh, I’m Ken by the way!”

Well, at least I can give them that much. “Just a bit.” I walked in and shut the door, locking it behind me.

As Ken sat on the couch, Krystal pulled up her top and tossed it away, her large mounds, now at least Double D sized, then she started licking up and down Ken’s pretty good sized cock, about 6 inches. Not the biggest, but not the worst ether. She held onto the base of the shaft, while licking up and down his dick. Soon it was wet with her licking, enough for her to placed her large mounds on it. Up and down they went, and Ken’s groaning soon became pleasured screams. This took about 7 minutes, but sure enough, she licked what she could, and swallowed what she could.

It was one of the few times, I got to see what happened. I admit, it wasn’t much, but as soon as that was done, I was ready to leave, but not before Krystal gave me their phone number.

Well, another good event, but the problem is that I don’t need to mix business with pleasure at all. I called her, but after a while, we broke contact due to her need to ‘please me.’ But hey, I’ll find someone without having to change their DNA. I wonder, why don’t other hypnosis masters and mistresses think about that? I’ve heard many people wanting to change their gender, but to make their mind turn their DNA into something else would be ideal.

Perhaps, it would be fun to try more of that.


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