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The Glasses

by Lryuzaki

The Glasses

For the past several months, i have been working on a project i had called, subliminal etching. The idea was based on the fact that people who ware glasses are constantly seeing the world through theif lenses. So if subliminal commands could be burned into the glass the subjects would be exposed to them more or less their entire day, every day, leading to deep effective programming.

Unfortuantely all of my early experiments had been failures. Eather my customrers complained of something on their glasses, or they didn't react to the programming an embedded command phrases at all. So when my last appointment of the day came by for her check-up, I had little hope of success. She had only gottten the glasses a week and a half agi and my reasearch showed that it could take several mothes before the effect would even start to take hold.

I wasn't even going to bother triggering her, but i figured why not?

"Oh, and Lisa, I don't suppose you see the, Spiral of Light do you?"

She didn't respond so i Just shrugged and continued to fiddle around the place trying to clean up before i went home. So imagine my surprise when I turned around to find her sitting in the chair, with herself on display as I had programmed. When she spoke, there wasn't an ounce of emotion in her voice.

"How may these slutty holes service you master?"

Needless to say, this pair I considered a huge success.


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