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All Dolled Up Pt 6

by EMG

All Dolled Up Pt 6

Chapter 6
The next morning was a sad parting for Kyle and Chloe. They had finally found each other, and neither really wanted to let the moment pass. Still, Chloe’s life and family were more important to Kyle, and while Chloe was perfectly happy to give up both, she realized that she couldn’t be a doll full-time. She had to maintain the appearance of Chloe for Kyle’s sake if nothing else, and that was what she would do.

Chloe and Sarah said their goodbyes first. Both had a sense of nervous excitement, but neither was sure what it meant. They hugged, and the hug lingered for just a moment. Then, Sarah moved away and settled down on the couch to give Chloe and Kyle a moment.

With a kiss, Kyle and Chloe said their goodbyes, and Chloe whispered in Kyle’s ear, “Do what you have to with Sarah, but make it count because I’ll expect just as much when I get back.”

There was a shrewd look in her eyes, and Kyle understood it fully. She knew what he had to do, and she accepted it. Then again, she had no choice. She was Kyle’s.

As the door closed after Chloe, Kyle steeled himself. This wasn’t the life he had chosen, but he would meet it with everything he had. If he was right about Sarah’s fantasy, about Sarah’s passion to attain it, the next step would be easy. Then, he would be one step closer to finding his own fantasy. His own fantasy.

He turned with a wicked look in his eye. Sarah was on the couch, and seeing that look, she knew that he held the power now. Her pussy was wet. Her nipples were hard. She had told this man her secret. She had opened herself to him, and he was willing to give her everything she wanted. Now, there was no one else for Kyle to play with, no reason that he shouldn’t do just as she had asked.

In that moment, she knew that even if she wanted to, she already had no hope of denying him. There was no question. Even at this point, she was already his plaything, or at least, she was already willing to be.

He was slowly approaching. Sarah seemed frozen. She wanted to jump on him, kneel before him, run from him, something, but she remained where she had been. Her eyes barely blinked. Her chest barely moved as she breathed.

Kyle reached out for something on the table, but Sarah couldn’t look.

He moved next to her on the couch. He rubbed something against her, cold, metallic.

Sccchhhhnniip. Snip. Snip. Scissors, cutting through her over-sized shirt.

From the end of her left sleeve to her neck.

Then, the other sleeve.

The front of her shirt tumbled down. Her back was the only thing holding her shirt up now, pinned between her and the couch. Quite a bit of cleavage was showing now, but still, Sarah couldn’t move.

Her arousal was intense, but she couldn’t move.

Kyle moved the scissors down, sliding them along Sarah’s legs.

Snip. Snip. And under her shirt, Sarah felt her panties fall away.

She wanted to jump him, to fuck his brains out, right here, right now, but she couldn’t move.

In a slow, intentional pace, Kyle and his scissors began their ascent.

Snip. Snip. From the bottom of the shirt to her navel.

Snip. Snip. From her navel to just below her breasts.

Sarah’s chest heaved as a low moan escaped her lips.

Kyle pulled away. For only a moment, just long enough to set the scissors back on the table. Then, with a final effort from his bare hands, he ripped the Sarah’s shirt open.

Sarah tried to move, to make a noise, but still, she was motionless.

Kyle pulled her forward and pulled her shirt away before throwing it aside. He had assumed that he wouldn’t make it this far, but he was determined. He wouldn’t stop now. He wouldn’t even let on that he was surprised.

He ran a hand over a breast as he tugged on her panties. The stimulation was as maddening as his pace, but she was still.

Slowly, so slowly, her panties slid out from under her.

Every inch rubbing her, until finally, she was nude.

Kyle’s hands roamed freely, and Sarah gladly let him explore. Her neck, her breasts, her pussy. One of his hands lingered.

“You’re nice and wet. You must be going out of your mind with arousal, and yet, there’s a part of you that’s uncertain. A part of you that wants nothing more than to push your pussy into my hand, and another part knows what it will mean if you do.”

Kyle’s fingers circled Sarah’s pussy but never touched it.

“That part that won’t let go. It can’t let go. It can’t stop thinking all of those thoughts, the good and the bad. It’s your mind. It doesn’t understand, does it?”

Sarah shook her head without even noticing that she was moving.

“That’s right. It can’t. That’s why you’re just going to put it to sleep. You don’t need your thoughts anymore. What do you need more than anything right now?”

“CUM!” It was a feral cry, but it was the only sound Sarah could make.

“Yes, you want to cum. Your existence is about pleasure now. Your pleasure is tied to my pleasure. Your purpose, the reason for your creation, is my pleasure. No thoughts. Toys don’t think, and your cunt is my toy now.”

Sarah’s hips started to buck against Kyle’s hand, urging him on.

“I see you know it. Your cunt is my toy. You are your cunt. A cunt and a pair of tits. There is no Sarah. You are a toy, my toy. You are a cunt. My cunt. A pleasure machine.”

Sarah moaned, her back arched.

“Leave your past behind now. CUM NOW, MY CUNT!!!” Kyle shouted at the top of his lungs.

The last thought Sarah could muster as her mind shut down was one of utter astonishment. She’d finally found what Chloe had, and she knew with certainty why Chloe had chosen to give herself to him.

Sarah let out a shriek of pleasure and surrender. She body shook and spasmed.

Then, she was limp and silent. Her body slumped into Kyle.

“You ok?” Kyle asked, more than a little concerned.

“Mmmmmmmm,” was the answer he got.

Kyle could feel her begin to move, but she didn’t move away. She pulled him closer, snuggling up against him.

“How do you feel now?”

“Good. Tingly. Little dazed..”

“What’s your name?”

“Sarah,” she answered, in a happy, breathy voice.

Kyle pulled her up, and his hands began to roam once again. Sarah’s body couldn’t help but respond.

“You don’t have a name. You’re a toy. My cunt. Let go and feel it.”

And the cycle began again. Sarah couldn’t resist even if she had wanted to. She came twice more before even her body wouldn’t respond to Kyle’s touch. He told her to get some sleep, as he picked her up and carried her back to his bed.

Two hours later, Sarah felt the bed move and heard a voice,

“What’s your name?”

“Sarah,” was her semi-conscious reply.

She heard a noise and felt something, Kyle’s hands and something else, a vibrator. Kyle began to speak, but Sarah was already lost in the pleasure.

Three hours later, Sarah awakened slightly when she felt the bed move and heard a voice,

“What’s your name?”


“Who are you?”


Even though she couldn’t find an answer, she felt the hands move. She felt the pleasure, and she willingly let herself surrender to it.

Three hours later, she awakened slightly when she felt the bed move and heard a voice,

“What’s your name?”


“Who are you?”

She didn’t know, and she wasn’t sure how to respond.

Then a tingle, pleasure, “Ummm... cunt?”

“My cunt.”

“Your cunt.”

Her hands began to move, touching her body as if for the first time.

“What is my cunt’s purpose in life?” Kyle asked.

“Pleasure, your pleasure.”

“Tell me about my cunt.”

Kyle’s cunt was sure what to say. It didn’t want to say anything, so it didn’t. It cupped its tits and pressed them to Kyle’s face. Then, grabbing his hand, it pushed it to where it belonged. Everything seemed completely natural. This was its purpose.

Kyle was stunned for only a second. He pulled away for only a moment. Sarah’s eyes were empty. There was only lust, desire. Kyle pushed her down as he began removing his clothing. At last, she was ready for the next step. Once he was fully nude, Kyle lay on the bed next to Sarah. She would have to do all the work. She was the toy.

His cunt looked at him. He was lying there waiting on it, on her. It was sure that he wanted the pleasure. His cunt made a move. She could move. She leaned down. Would he like a blowjob first, or had her training been more than enough foreplay for one day.

Sarah tried to think like him, but it was so hard. Her thoughts seemed to slip away from her like trying to hold onto a fistful of sand. She didn’t want to think. It was then that she realized that she wasn’t even a she. She was an it. Kyle’s cunt took over again and leaned its head down to take its owner’s cock in its mouth.

The first touch was gentle, almost tepid, but his cunt’s lust quickly consumed any doubts or fears. It was awkward at first as his cunt kept trying to find the right rhythm, but soon, she had found it and made it her own.

Kyle was determined to hold out on his as long as he could. It was here to pleasure him, and he would make her work for it. However, Kyle’s intentions were useless. His cunt was determined, and even his best efforts were futile. It seemed to grasp almost instantly what his body wanted, and it was willing to do anything that would give him pleasure.

Kyle knew that he wouldn’t last much longer. He pushed his cunt away, and with a single look, she knew what its owner wanted. As she climbed on top of Kyle, she gained more and more awareness of what was going on. Straddling him, Sarah hesitated. This was the moment. She knew that after this, there would be no going back. She would be his. Her body was crying out for her to surrender while her mind warned her of all the possibilities. She had to make a choice. She knew that Kyle could see her looks of confusion and worry. She knew it didn’t please him, and somewhere in her mind or in her pussy, she heard a faint voice remind her, “His pleasure is your only purpose.” Knowing that, his cunt knew exactly what it had to do.

The next hour was almost torturous for Kyle. His cunt saw it as its mission to bring Kyle to the utmost heights of pleasure. It had teased, fucked, and touched him every way that he could imagine, and yet it was careful never to push enough so as to bring him to his climax. Ironically, while all this happened, all Kyle could do was lie there and writhe in the pleasure that his toy was providing.

Finally, as both began to tire, Kyle’s cunt began to push for the finish. Its hips movements became faster, even more single-minded. Then, for a moment, neither was thinking. Neither was capable of it. Two bodies pounded against each other until; at last, both found the release that they craved.

Kyle’s cunt rolled off of its owner but stayed close, as they fell asleep side by side.

When Kyle woke up later, she was still asleep. It was hard to think of her as only an object, but he knew that if he didn’t follow through that she, that it, wouldn’t, and everything he had accomplished so far would be for nothing. It was his toy, his plaything.

Kyle spent the next three days in much the same way. Sarah never left Kyle’s room. He continued to strip her of any sense of identity until she lay on the bed the entire day without moving while Kyle was at work. She was nude of course. She hadn’t put anything on since Kyle removed them.

She had no thoughts, no desire to move. She would maintain her body as needed, but it was only for Kyle. It was all for Kyle, her owner. Whatever would please him was what she wanted to do, and being a lifeless, nude, sex toy was certainly what he wanted at the moment.

When Kyle got home, he could tell that she hadn’t moved for over eight hours. He knew that she couldn’t manage that if the girl that she used to be had any awareness at all. It was time to teach her how to live again.

“Stand up and follow me.”

His cunt did as ordered. It trailed him out of his room, through the living room, up the stairs, and into a room. His toy had a vague sense that it had been there before, but since it had never seen anything outside of its owner’s room, that couldn’t have been right. They toy’s owner opened a door.

“Pick out something to wear. Let’s see if your sense of style has changed at all.”

His cunt just stood there.

“Why aren’t you putting on any clothes?” Kyle asked.

“Your cunt is sorry, but it doesn’t know how to wear these things.”

Kyle had to strain to keep from rolling his eyes. He’d tried to give a girl her fantasy again, and again, she’d taken it too far. He couldn’t use the same trick that Sarah had given him for Chloe, but maybe there was something that he could do.

“My toy, I want to teach you something new. You’ve learned the pleasure that you feel when I’m pleased. Now, it’s time for you to use that pleasure to tame the body that you’re in.”

His toy watched him with rapt attention.

“Inside your body,” Kyle continued, “is the mind of a girl. She knows all about clothes, and this knowledge can help you obey him. You have to use the girl’s mind.”

His toy concentrated. It was hard to use a mind that was so unfamiliar. Thoughts, ideas, seemed to pop up whenever she attempted to find the ‘clothes’ her owner wanted.

“Close your eyes. I can almost hear all those thoughts trying to get out. Ignore them. They aren’t important. They don’t exist. My toy control’s its body’s pleasure. Thoughts aren’t pleasurable. You only want to know about clothes. Nothing else brings pleasure right now.”

It did as ordered. At first, the thoughts tried to creep up once again, but as the pleasure faded, the thoughts did as well. Slowly, at first, and then with more certainty, it was able to find the information in the girl’s mind. The new knowledge flooded it with an awareness of what it seeing as well as the pleasure of having obeyed its owner.

His toy slowly moved. It knew the girl’s choice in clothing, but his toy wasn’t that girl. That girl seemed to want to hide her body, hide who she was behind dark, baggy clothing. There were possibilities. Not everything was black, but still, his toy had to choose carefully. It knew that the girl had always worn under-things, but Kyle’s cunt had no such freedom. Its owner would always want fast, easy access. Blouses and skirts were all it would ever be able to own from now on.

Once it picked out what to wear, it was able to slip into its clothes without any further problems. It didn’t feel right to wear ‘clothing.’ It had never worn clothing before. Hiding itself from its owner like this wasn’t something that his cunt would ever do willingly, but if it was pleasing to its owner, that was enough.

Meanwhile, Kyle was standing back in awe of himself and of Sarah. In just a few moments, a few words from him had changed the way that she used her mind. She could access any memories, any knowledge that he wanted her to use, but she was still nothing but his toy. Like a schoolboy with a new toy, Kyle had to push, just to see how much he could do with her, with it.

“Very nice, my toy. My cunt can use the girl’s mind, but can it tame the girl? Just as my toy did when it found out about clothing, let the girl out, but use the pleasure that you control to control the girl. Make her obedient to the pleasure, to my toy, to the girl’s cunt, and by extension to me. Close your eyes.”

Kyle’s cunt did as ordered. It closed its eyes and focused. As before, thoughts tried to slowly creep in. This time, though, it didn’t resist them. It let the thoughts begin to flow freely again. Memories, experience, desires, fantasies, ideas, hopes, and even fears began to awaken in the girl’s mind, in her mind.

She was Sarah. She was a boarder here. She wasn’t really a toy... Something felt wrong. The pleasure was gone. There was an ache inside her to get it back, but she wasn’t a toy. It all had to be her playing along... A tear began to trickle down her cheek. She was in agony. She’d do anything to make it stop, even be a toy. She’d admit that she was really a toy.

A hint of pleasure.

She was Sarah. She was a toy, Kyle’s toy.


Sarah opened her eyes, as if for the first time. She saw Kyle. Lust. Desire. She wanted to touch him, to kiss him... He’d given her everything she wanted. She was his toy now. She’d fuck anyone that he wanted her to. She’d do whatever would please him. Kyle was smiling, standing there watching her. He’d planned all of this, and now, just as with Chloe, he had exactly what he wanted.

Of course, Kyle would say that this was all her, that it was all luck and chance. His act with Chloe, making everyone think that it was out of control. No, it was all to draw her in, to pull her to this moment. He let her think that she’d helped him, when he was just using it to get to her fantasy, to get to her. He’d won, of course, and she was another of his prizes. All that was left was to give herself to him, finally and fully.

Kyle was a little worried at first, as he saw the distress on Sarah’s face, but that changed as soon as she opened her eyes. Sarah had taken the little encouragement that he had given and completely transformed herself. She’d never again go back to the mysterious loner that moved in barely four months ago.

Sarah moved toward Kyle. A look of blazing lust was on her face, but Kyle could also see something else. It was something that worried him even more than the blank and empty looks that he had seen with Chloe. It was something that could threaten not only his own fantasies, but it could destroy Sarah’s and Chloe’s fantasies as well, if left unchecked.

Kyle held up a hand, and Sarah stopped barely a foot away. She could smell him. She could remember his touch, and she longed to feel it again. Still, she could see that there was something wrong. Kyle was worried, but how could he be? How could he worry when he just won his prize? He’d just won her.

“Sarah, who am I?”

“You’re Kyle, my owner.”

“And what are you?”

“Your toy, your sex toy.”

“And how do you feel about me?”

Sarah was silent for a moment. Feelings had begun to well up inside her, and she hadn’t even realized it. She knew what the problem was now.

“I’m sorry, Kyle. I lost myself for a moment. I know you’re with Chloe, and I’d never even think of stealing you away from her. You chose her, and she chose you. Even in spite of that, I can’t help feeling this way because you’ve given me so much. Is that ok?”

“To have your devotion and loyalty? I’d expect nothing less from a toy,” Kyle answered, with a smile.

Sarah knew that it was all ok. She was still no longer. She ran up to Kyle and hugged him. Then, they were kissing. Kyle’s hands were already on the buttons of the blouse that she had put on, and in no time at all, they were naked and back in bed, only in Sarah’s bed, instead of Kyle’s.

The next week was spent refining Sarah’s training. There was a lot of sex. It was so much that it became completely casual, but at least for Sarah, it never lost its passion. The moment was quickly passing, and she was hanging on to every moment. Chloe would be back soon, and everything would change, again.

Sarah knew that Kyle wouldn’t choose her over Chloe. She’d never even thought about it. Though, she hoped that Kyle would at least still play with her sometimes. However, she knew that Kyle would only do that with Chloe’s approval. Of course, Chloe had given him permission for this, so naturally that meant that she should go along with everything that followed, but there were no guarantees. This all meant that she’d have to please Chloe as much as she pleased Kyle to make sure that she’d have no problems with Kyle keeping her.

The thought of pleasing a woman sent a shiver down her spine. Thinking of doing that to please Kyle was almost making her mouth water in anticipation. Even though she’d never done it, suddenly, she wanted nothing more that to please a woman for Kyle, to please Chloe, because she knew that Kyle’s true pleasure would always be found in her.

The days continued to tick by, and Sarah began to work more and more feverously to earn Kyle’s approval, to earn a chance to ask him the thing that was constantly on her mind now. Finally, after a long bout of sex the night before Chloe was to return, Sarah summoned the courage to ask him.


“Yeah, Sarah?”

“... well... wait, is it all right that I still call you Kyle? I am just your toy.”

“We’ll talk about it later. Is that all?”

“No, it’s just... you know that I want to please you more than anything, right?”

“Of course, you do remember that I made you that way, don’t you?”

“Oh... yeah, I just wanted to ask you something, but I didn’t want you to take it the wrong way. I know that things are still a little weird for you. I can feel it when... Well, it’s just never been as good as the night you were dreaming about Chloe.”

Kyle rolled over and looked at Sarah.

“Sarah, I’m tired. Say it. Now.”

It all came out in a rush.

“Can I greet Chloe when she comes home, please her the way I’ve pleased you so that she’ll know that I’m as much her toy as yours?”

“You want to?”

“No, but I think you’d want me to, to prove that Chloe’s still yours, and that I’m just...”

Tears began to well up. She knew it was pleasing to Kyle, but admitting it was just so hard on Sarah, if not on his toy. Even the pleasure she felt couldn’t outweigh it all. As she began to look down, Kyle reached out, cupping her chin and pulling her eyes back up to meet his.

“That you’re my toy, not my girlfriend, even though you’re almost as pleasurable. If I’d found you first, who knows...”

Sarah quickly wiped away the tears.

“If only...” she said, pulling herself together.

She smiled, taking some comfort in the look that would be on Chloe’s face if he gave her permission.

“So can I?”

“Can you?”

“Can I please Chloe as soon as she gets home?”

“And that will please me how?”

“You’ll see the pleasure that she’s feeling, which will please you. She’ll know that I’m not a threat, which will please you. That’s not even mentioning that fact that you’re a guy, so two girls going at it in front of you”

Kyle interrupted her.

“It will please me. I got it. I might have made you a little too single-minded.”

Sarah gave Kyle a playful smile as she got out of bed.

“Well, I think I’d better get used to sleeping in my own room again, so I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Thanks for taking this so well Sarah, and in advance, thanks for tomorrow, in case I don’t get a chance to tell you.”

Sarah turned as she was walking out the door, giving Kyle his last view of her naked form, at least for tonight, as she said, “You’re welcome.”

The next day was Saturday, and Kyle and Sarah spent the morning cleaning as much as they could. Then, when the cleaning was done, Kyle sat in a recliner reading the paper, and Sarah was curled up on the couch, nude, of course, reading a book. It was hard for either to concentrate, though. The anticipation in the air was palpable.

Finally, they heard a noise at the door. A key turning, the handle moving. The door was opening. Sarah jumped from her seat, practically running for the door. Kyle laughed and jumped from his seat as well. He wasn’t sure what was about to happen, but he knew that he and Chloe both would enjoy it, all because of Sarah.

Chloe gingerly stepped through the door. She wasn’t sure what she would find here, and she was almost scared of what it would be.

What she wasn’t expected was to see a dark-haired mass of nudity rushing her just moments after she closed the door. What was Sarah doing?


She never even got her name out. Their lips were locked. Chloe attempted to pull away at first, but Sarah held her fast. Finally, she surrendered to it, and it was.. well, not bad at all. It wasn’t Kyle, but Sarah was trying harder than he ever had to. Then, he was there. Chloe could see him, and this made her kiss Sarah back even more passionately. Oddly, there wasn’t a part of her that wanted to push Sarah away anymore. There was only the part that was worried at how much she enjoyed doing this in front of Kyle. The rest of her mind was focused on how good it felt to be home.

Finally, their lips parted, but as they separated, Sarah’s hands moved for Chloe’s clothes. Chloe momentarily panicked and slapped her hands away, backing up against the door. Then, she looked back to Kyle. He was nodding. What was he saying?

Then it came to her. He wanted this, but he was giving her a way out. He had already given it to her, but did she want to take it?

To give up who she was to try and deny that anything had changed or to embrace the new life that she was a part of? There wasn’t a doubt in her mind. Before Sarah’s hands could even make their way to the bottom of her shirt, Chloe’s hands had already started to pull it off.

If what Kyle had said before she left was true, Sarah was a toy now, a toy that Kyle was letting her play with. He wouldn’t do that if he’d changed his mind. Sarah would be playing with her. No, he was doing this to show her that Sarah was her toy as well. It also had to be an amazing visual for Kyle.

And it was. Kyle was amazed as he watched Chloe’s shirt come off. He was even more amazed that there was nothing underneath it. It seemed that she was anxious to have some fun when she got home as well. Chloe and Sarah both worked to pull off Chloe’s pants as quickly as possible without knocking her over. It was a very humorous site even if it there was nothing but lust in each of their eyes.

Finally, Kyle thought it was time to move this out of the doorway, so he walked up behind Sarah, reached around her, and pulled Chloe’s ring off of her finger. It took Chloe only a moment to realize why everything around her seemed to be fading. Then, she realized, and her face and mind went blank. This didn’t even faze Sarah though. She kept kissing, rubbing, and touching everywhere she could.

That is until Kyle whispered, “Help me take her to the kitchen.”

Sarah stopped. Her lust was still raging, but obeying was more important at the moment.

With each of the pulling her along by a hand, Chloe allowed herself to follow them to the kitchen. Kyle pulled a chair away from the table and backed it up to a corner. Then carefully, he and Sarah sat Chloe down in it.

Then, Kyle’s hands were on Sarah’s shoulders. He was pushing her down, so she knelt. She could feel him pulling on her, so she made her way, on her knees, following his lead. When he stopped, her face was only inches from Chloe’s pussy. Unless Sarah moved, there was no way for Chloe to get up without pushing her pussy in Sarah’s face.

Once she was in place, Kyle slipped the ring back on Chloe’s finger.

“Chloe, I wanted you to choose. You willingly stripped when you came inside, but do you want to play with our new toy like this? Or do you want me to play with her alone and then her and you together when you’re one of your other personalities?”

It was hard for Chloe to think like this. She was aroused. She wanted to jump Kyle, but she couldn’t. Sarah was in the way, and she could feel Sarah’s breath on her pussy.

She tried harder. Kyle wanted an answer, and he was right to ask. What did she want? She’d known from the moment that she left that this would happen eventually, but she never had taken the time to really think about it. Now, she couldn’t do anything but think about it.

Slipping the ring off of her finger would give everyone what they wanted, right? Kyle would have a mindless doll and a sex toy going at it, and that was what he wanted, wasn’t it? No, it wasn’t. The reason he had trained Sarah was because of a deal he had made to get her back. He wanted her as much as she wanted him.

This was a part of his life now, and he had every right to wonder what part of his life that she wanted to be involved in. He cared for her, and she was his prized possession. In that moment, for the first time, Chloe was sure that she had already fallen in love with him, which only left one option.

Chloe didn’t give Kyle an answer. Her actions spoke much louder. With a loud moan, she pushed Sarah’s face straight into her waiting, wet pussy.

To Be Continued...


Re: All Dolled Up Pt 6 - Hentairo

I'm loving the whole story, particularly the fact that these women are doing this completely of their own volition. The downside on this chapter, though, is that I personally am not turned on by a person being treated like an object. I know that Kyle's treating Sarah better than just an inanimate toy, but the total objectification is a little too far for my tastes.

That said, I'd love to see a side-story of what happened to Chloe while she was at her parents.

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