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the Hypnodad part 2

by obedientsissy

the Hypnodad part 2

I am an average 21 year old man. Except that I have a secret. I was always into hypnosis ever since I was a boy when I saw a live hypnotist. So I practiced and practiced until I could put my sister into a trance in 2 seconds. I am now a professional hypnotist that performs nationwide. I was real popular a year ago. My sales have gone down 67% since then and I was running out of money. So I had an idea....
I ran through the mall as fast as I could and ran up the stage. As I told everybody to be seated, I looked throughout the croud. Who would be first? The I saw a man walk in at the last minute. This will show him to be late. After I threw a fast acting smoke ball at the ground, I ran by the man. The man looked up but before he could react I put the man in a state of non-hypno awareness and told him to act a cat. The man started to lick himself and purr. I laughed to myself at how I am still amazed at how I can do that. He had a horrified look on his face when he saw he had know control. I told the man to stop. He looked at him and try to say something but I muted the man. I looked at a woman sitting behind him. She was fairly large. I tapped the woman on the forehead and told her to share her filth with the man. I thought it would be funny until I saw his face afterward. He looked like he was going to throw up. I then had a good idea when I remembered the box I stole and then found out it was a box full of adult baby costumes. I told the woman to stop and tapped the man on the head and told him to act like a little baby. He started crying and I saw he also soiled his pants. I pulled a diaper and pacifier from the box and told the lady to be his mommy. It was funny as hell. She diapered him and I put the pacifier in his mouth. She sat there rocking him. I ran back on stage and looked at the audience laughing. " I wouldnt be laughing for long." I thought as I pulled out my cd player. I put in an instant trance white noise cd and pressed play. I told every one to act like a baby. Everyone in the audience started crying and pissing and shitting their pants. I laughed as I went up to each and every person to collect their wallets and purses. The man was my last person to take from and I noticed he had the ladies nipple in his mouth sucking. I took his wallet and left before security did their rounds.
I retreated back to an old warehouse I keep as a hideout till the autorities let the whole thing blow over. It was an old warehouse that made baby furniture. I liked to mess around and refigure the cribs to make them large enough for an adult and I even have an adult sized baby bouncer! As I watched tv that night and going through all the wallets as I came to the last one I recognized whose it was. It the man who I hypnotized first. On a business card I saw where he lived. I had a devious little idea.....
I went to the mans house and knocked on his door. As he opened it I tapped his forehead and bound him mentally. He thought he was actually tied up. I also sealed his mouth. He was freaking out. I put him in the back of my white van. He didnt know where we where going. Not that it mattered because I didnt plan on letting him go. I am going to make him my little baby girl. My wife died 2 years ago when I was 19. We married in high school because she got pregnant with another man and I dedicated to taking care of her. She died with a miscarriage and I was heartbroken. I had lost my baby girl and my wife. So I had always looked to adopt but I was a criminal now so that would be impossible. So I am going to straighten this man up and teach him to be a good little sissy girl.
We got to the warehouse and I pulled him out of the back of the van. He was pissed! I released him from his imaginary bonds and told him to be a good baby as I tapped his head. He instantly started to goo and gaa. Then he started to reek of shit. I smiled and said " I am going to keep you. " He had a horrified look on his face as he began to cry.
After I got him situated in his own crib with butterflies on it I locked the top of it. He looked at me and pleaded and tried to talk but all that came out were baby murmur and whines. I unlatched it to tie his hands and feet to the crib and tapped his forehead and told him " Release." He started to talk normally and pleaded me to let him go. I just stuck the pacifier in his mouth and tied around his head. He gurgled through the pacifier trying to talk. I turned out the light and turned on a winnie the pooh night light and shut the office door.
The next morning I came in and he was waiting there patiently. He was trying to close his legs to but the restraints help them in place. I unlocked the top of the crib and took out the pacifier. He started to plead to let him go to the restroom. I said ok and pulled a needle out and inserted a muscle relaxer into his bladder and anus. He started to cry and I stuck the pacifier back in and about ten seconds later his pants were soaked and stinky.
I inserted the muscle relaxer into his arms and legs and undid the restraints. I picked him up. He was suprisingly light. I cradled him and put him on a padded table. I locked him in restraints. I cut his clothes of with scissors and cleaned him up. I then put baby powder and diaperine on his penis and balls and ass. I thought about running to the store and buying suppositories but I had a better plan.
I put a diaper on him and put a onesie from an online store on him. It was pick with flowers on it. I took him to another one of the warehouses many offices and sat him on the couch. I tapped him on the head and put him in a weak trance. What I was about to do was going to need him in a very deep trance. So I began to put him into a very deep trance. I took me about 20 minutes. I then started to say to his sub-conscious " You are completely incontinent and there is no way you can regain continence. You will aways eat like a baby and you will always have an instict to cry when you are hungry. You will talk like a baby and walk like a baby. Actually you wont walk at all. You will forget how to walk. On the count of three you will wake. 1....2....3 wake up my little baby. He woke up and looked at me he had all his limbs back and he stood up. But as soon as he tried to take one step he fell and started crying. It worked!

"Wat dwid wou dwo to mwe?" I started to laugh as he tried and tried again to walk and talk. And then out of the blue he started to cry. " AWW... Is baby jessica hungry?" I went to the desk an pulled out some prunes and baby food and a bottle of milk. I put a bib on him and started to feed him. He got the food all over his face and acciedentally spit some milk out. I then burped him and laid him down for a nap. I had big planns for this baby girl I thought as I pulled a little sheet of paper out of my pocket and I read it. It said
Nanny Tiffany
Bondage, ABDL, Sissification, and Obedience Teacher
The best to teach your Adult sissy!!
I looked over at the sleeping oversized sissy. I definetiley got big planns for your little baby girl ruffled butt. I walk over to the desk and watch the baby girl drool all over her face. I laughed and laid back satisfied with what I had accomplished.


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