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Lesbian Lovers

by madmedusa

Lesbian Lovers

It was a cold evening as I stepped out of my car and onto the
pavement. The air was crisp and biting as I nervously walked into this
unknown territory. The Basement was a well known Gay club that perked my
interest. I was dressed sharply, tight jeans and a red buttoned up
shirt. My beater was barely peaking up through the few buttons I had
opened. I tried my best to fit the role of confident lesbian on the
prowl. Truth be told, I was a heartbroken girl searching for affection.

I knew I shouldn't be out searching in my heartbroken state, but
forgetting her was all I could think of doing. My eyes slowly adjusted to
the dark atmosphere. When I took a look around the bar and dance floor, I
knew I had come to the right place. Women were everywhere. Everywhere and

I maneuvered my way past couples dancing together, couples drinking
together, couples loving together. My confidence was fading fast as I went
to grab a coke. I've never been in to drinking, tonight was no different.
Lonely or not, I would stay sober.

I sat there for awhile glancing around the room slowly sipping my
drink. I didn't have high standards when I walked in. At this point I would
have settled for anyone. Anyone decided not to approach.

I thought maybe if I got up and danced for awhile I could find
someone to dance with. I left my glass and a tip for the bartender choosing
not to look back at the bar for fear of being tempted to drink something
harder. If I would have looked back I would have noticed you watching.

I moved slowly to the dance floor feeling alone in a sea of
bodies. You left your seat at the bar and moved to get a better view. You
were watching my every move, licking your lips as you saw my hips moving in
time with the music.

I danced alone for awhile, feeling nervous about the way I moved. I
was beginning to feel more and more like the scared lonely girl that I
was. I closed my eyes for a moment, accepting defeat from the night. This
was not my night.

I opened my eyes quickly as I felt hands move to my hips, pulling
me closer. I reached down and held the hands in place not knowing who was
behind me. I slowly turned around and saw you. I was smirking as I scanned
up and down your body. The first thing I noticed were your eyes, dark and
defined with long lashes. Your full lips glistening as the strobe light
flashed over us. Your long hair that was dark. I looked down at your
body, getting excited just from the sight of you. Your flat tummy covered
by a tight black t-shirt made me crave you. I knew then that I wanted you.

You stepped closer to me letting our bodies touch as the song
transitioned into another. The familiar tune of Say It Right by Nelly
Furtado came pulsing through the stereos and straight into our movements.

I placed my hand on the small of your back, holding you closer to
me. You gasped as I touched you, your skin warm to my touch. We danced
through the song, and into the next one. I couldn't distinguish one from
another. All I could focus on was the way you were pressed against me.

You turned around and pressed your ass into my hips. I couldn't
help but gasp as you did so. I had one hand on your stomach as you would
grind into me. I whispered into your ear, "would you like to go somewhere a
little quieter?" You nodded to me, looking at me lustfully. It had been so
long since someone had looked at me that way.

We moved to the back of the bar towards a booth, you still pressed
close to me. I had my arm around you. It wasn't a possessive thing, I just
liked the way you felt against me.

Many women stopped to glance at us. I knew they were looking at
you. I was lucky enough to be next to you. We sat down in a dark section.
We were met by a cocktail waitress before we were settled in. You looked at
me then back to the waitress. "I'll have a sprite please." I was impressed
by the fact that you didn't seem to drink. "I'll take one as well." I
couldn't help but smile at you. Your confidence faltered as a blush slowly
crept up your face. I bit my lip as I introduced myself. "I'm Brittany..." was
all I could manage to pronounce, my words stumbling along at a bumbling

"I'm Alycya, its nice to meet you." You seemed so calm and
collected but I could feel you tremble slightly from excitement. Our drinks
were delivered, breaking the silence that was beginning to form between
us. I wanted to say something interesting, not some cheesy line. I started
to giggle as I thought of that pickup line "nice shoes..?".

You looked at me quizzically as I laughed to myself. "Sorry, I was
trying to think of something to say and the only thing that came to mind
was, `Nice shoes, wanna fuck?'". You grinned and giggled as well. I was
trying hard to regulate my breathing, trying not to look desperate. Of all
of the women in this bar tonight, you came up to me. I wasn't setting my
sights high. I would have taken anyone, up until the moment I laid eyes on

The most gorgeous woman I had ever seen in my life was sitting next
to me. I began to get nervous, thinking you would leave if I couldn't keep
your attention. I had no idea you were thinking the same thing.

We started discussing mindless things like music tastes and things
we liked to do.

I decided to let you know that I as attracted to you. "I'm
a free-lance artist and love cars and you're really attractive"
came from my mouth before I could stop it. You smiled and blushed again.
You said quietly "I like you."

Before I could stop myself, I leaned forward and kissed you. I felt
a spark between us. You moaned into the kiss, leaning forward more. Passion
was rising between us, I could barely contain myself from touching you. My
hand traveled up your thigh, scratching as I moved along. You broke the
kiss to gasp sharply. I wanted you so badly. I had to remind myself that we
were in the back of a gay bar filled to the maximum.

It was getting hot in there and the only solution I could manage to
think of was to empty the place of two more people. I leaned in closely and
whispered into your ear, "Want to go back to my place?" You licked your
lips and nodded quickly.

I took a hold of your hand and we left the Basement as fast as we
could. There was a line of people waiting to get into the bar. As we exited
a few of them whistled, knowing what was in store for us, what we both
hoped was in store for us.

I got into my car and started it up. Shiny Toy Guns came on
quietly. You bounced in your seat excitedly as you heard the first few
seconds of "You Are The One" We buckled up and I turned the music up
louder. We drove off into the night with thoughts of lust and love in our

It didn't take long to arrive at my apartment. We ran into the
building holding hands. The elevator was taking forever to come down to the
first floor. The light turned on and the chime went off signaling the
arrival of the elevator. We ran in and I pressed the button for the sixth
floor. The doors closed and up we went. As long as I had lived there I had
always cursed the fact that the elevator took forever to get up to my
floor. I didn't curse this time as you pressed me up against the wall. You
held my hands down as you kissed me, exciting me more than I could have
ever imagined. I thought I would explode right there from the attention you
were giving me.

I managed to flip you around so your back was against the wall of
the elevator. I pressed a knee between your legs making you squirm and
moan. I held your hands firmly above your head. I couldn't help but kiss
your neck, your light skin tone had an erotic look when it clashed against
the black outfit your were sporting. My free hand traveled up your tummy.
Before I could get any farther I heard the chime of the elevator signaling
my floor.

We rushed out of the elevator and raced down the hall, chasing
after one another until we arrived at my door. My fingers trembled as I
tried to fit the key in the lock. You took a hold of my hand and steadied
it. I looked over to you, thankful for your strength. You smiled that
tender smile again. I couldn't help but melt.

I opened the door and we stumbled in, drunk on lust. I pulled you
in close to me, our bodies pressed tightly. I walked backwards pulling you
with me to the bedroom. I closed the door and stepped close to you
again. You bit your lip and reached for my buttons. One by one they came
apart. My breathing became harder. I was trembling from the sight of you,
and now you were touching me. I thought I would shake apart.

You slid my red shirt off, sliding it off my shoulders. Your hands
went to my tummy. You looked at me and said "I love tummies". You put your
fingers underneath the hem of the beater and slowly lifted. Your eyes
traveling up the length that you uncovered. For two seconds I was nervous
you wouldn't like me but you kept staring and licking your lips. I finally
had that confidence I was searching for through the night.

You lifted my shirt up and over my head. As my arms came down from
removing it you intercepted them and held them together. "Are you alright
with this?" you asked as a surprised look came across my face. "How did you
know I liked it like that?" was my quick reply, feeling high on
confidence. You smirked and held my hands tighter while you brought your
lips closer to my neck and chest.

I couldn't help the sounds that escaped from my lips caused by the
things you did to me. Biting and sucking tender flesh, kissing and nuzzling
elsewhere. You let go of my hands to reach back and unhook my bra. You got
it off quickly and I was impressed by the speed of it. Soon it sat on the
floor with the clothing pile that was starting to accumulate.

Being completely topless now and feeling alone in this, I took
advantage of your letting go of me to move to your shirt. As I touched your
tummy you moaned and panted. I had found your weakness and I was planning
to take full advantage of it. I kept touching your tummy as I slowly moved
us closer to the bed. Touching with one hand and lifting your shirt with
the other. Your shirt was added to our pile.

Your muscular tummy sparked a wild need inside me. I pushed you
down on to the bed and quickly straddled you. I looked into your dark eyes
and licked my lips as I moved closer to your tummy. At first I kissed my
way up, pausing every few to nip at your skin. As I came to your cute belly
button I let my tongue drag across it, moving from the bottom to the
top. You quivered when I did. I paid close attention to your navel then
continued upward.

I would lick my way up, then find a tender spot to suck on, leaving
little red marks as I did so. I hit the bottom of your bra and licked
across the bottom of it. I reached back to unhook your bra, worried if I
could get it on the first try. I wanted to impress you with anything I
could. I didn't want you to change your mind. I got it on the first try and
sighed relief. You raised an eyebrow. I blushed and went back to your

Your breasts were the perfect size and shape. They had the sexiest
pink nipples I had ever seen. I held one in my hand and let my palm rub
against the nipple as I licked and sucked the other one into my mouth. Your
hips were thrashing about, thrusting against me. Your eyes closed and you
moaned and sighed as I sucked and licked your nipples. I would switch from
one to the other, not wanted to ever stop. Your fingers ran through my hair
and held me there.

I thought then that I was in control of the situation. I settled
in, feeling dominant and cocky. You opened your eyes and looked at me,
smirking again. I didn't see it coming and before I knew it I was flat on
my back; you straddled on top of me. You pinned my hands again and I
squirmed beneath you.

"Mm girlie, I can't wait to touch you" you whispered to me. I could
feel my excitement flowing. You bent down and kissed each nipple. I wasn't
confident of my breasts. You seemed to like them despite what I thought of myself.
You'd lick and suck on them,flicking your long tongue against them. You made a show
of it, making sure I was watching. I couldn't stop watching even if I wanted to.

You reached down behind you, unbuttoning my jeans and sliding the
zipper down slowly, taking your time. The very sound of it drove me
crazy. I wiggled my hips and tried to get a feel of you. You giggled as I
did. You laid down next to me and ran your fingers down from my neck to the
top of my boxers. You let your hand slide underneath them. You grinned as
you felt my hairless pussy. "I love girls that are shaved."

You reached lower and teased my outer lips, just feeling slightly,
my hips rose up to me you. You pulled your hand away. "Be a good girlie for
me or else you won't get any candy." I nodded my head, "I'll be a good
girl.. I promise". I swallowed hard, trying not to raise my hips up. Your
hand reached down again and you felt my wetness and exclaimed, "Holy shit
girlie! You're flooding. Was this all from me?" I nodded, blushing a deep
shade. "It started when you were dancing with me, I.. I.. Um.. " came out
of me. I starting mixing up words and became a little incoherent as your
fingers trailed up to my clit, cutting me off before I could
continue. "It's so slick and smooth" you gasped as you felt me again, "I
need it". I thought to myself, "You need it? I'm on the verge of a giant
orgasm". I could feel it building.

You pressed yourself against me as you continued to rub my clit. It
felt so good, I never wanted it to stop. My breathing became harder and my
moans were louder. You pressed my head into your shoulder and I bit down as
a fierce orgasm rushed through me. My toes curled, my body shook, and my
pussy contracted as it hit me.

When I opened my eyes up again, I saw you looking down at me,
smiling sweetly. You brushed the hair from my eyes and kissed me softly. I
was hit with a feeling in my stomach. Was that butterflies in there? The
way you looked at me made me feel special. I wondered if you were special,
if you could be to me. You rested your head on my chest and rubbed my tummy
a bit. When I regained the strength to move again I knew I needed you. I
understood what you meant when you told me you need it. I wanted to feel
you squirming beneath me. I wanted you to moan for me, to shake for me, to
be with me. I wanted to make you feel as good as you made me feel.

I turned you slightly so you were on your back. I leaned over you
and sucked on your nipples again. I'd take one into my mouth, then quickly
switch to the other one. All the while my hand traveled up and down your
tummy. I couldn't get enough of it. My hand reached down to your pants,
unbuttoning them slowly, pulling the zipper down, taking my time with
this. I wanted you to rise against me. I wasn't disappointed.

I reached down to your panties, feeling how soft they were. You
wiggled your hips as I pulled your pants down your thighs and past your
calves. I loved the way your legs looked. They were so sexy. I ran my hands
up and down them after I took your pants off. Your panties were gray and
small, fitting you well. I licked my lips as I touched them. I found a wet
spot on the outside. I grinned and looked to you. You glanced back with a
look saying `I don't know what happened'. I grinned even bigger. You were
so cute. I slid back up next to you. My hand went down your tummy again;
this time not stopping at your panties. I felt the smoothness as I came
closer, loving the fact you were shaved as well. I slid my fingers down and
reached your warmth.

I wasn't disappointed. I smirked, "And you said I was wet...". You
blushed and turned your head to the side, biting your lip. I let my fingers
explore the outside, teasing a bit then pushing in further. It was slick
and smooth to my touch. I felt from the bottom up to your clit. It was so
hard, I licked my lips, getting excited just from touching you. My finger
settled just above your clit, rubbing in circles. You grabbed me and dug
your nails into me. I knew it wouldn't take long to make you finish. I kept
rubbing in circles slowly. You reached down and took my hand, moving it
faster. I love it when a girl knows what she wants and isn't afraid to take

We moved at your pace, my hand moving every way you wanted it to. I
made circles and straight lines over your clit. Your hand hold me close to
you gripped hard, nails digging in deeply. I gasped and you moaned louder.
You would pant, then hold your breath again, only to repeat that, faster
and faster. I felt it coming close. I whispered into your ear, "Cum for
me." It was timed just right. You exploded beneath me. You shook and moaned
out loud. I could feel a surge of wetness escape. You held my hand there as
you came down from it.

When you let go of my hand, I moved it up to your tummy again. We
rested there both feeling very content. I listened to your heart beat. You
kept me pressed to your chest. I sighed heavily and hoped you would stay
the night. "It would be cool if you stayed tonight.. I have some extra
shirts you could wear." You smiled again.

"Can we just sleep naked, I love the way you feel pressed to me." I nodded
and smiled to myself. We drifted off to sleep, holding each other tightly


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