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Lesbian Dominatrix

by madmedusa

Lesbian Dominatrix

It was yet another warm summer day, the sun was pounding down in full force and everything seemed sluggish. Brittany was at home, and she was extremely bored, so she decided to call her best friend Blondangel to find out if she was free that day, and fortunately it turned out that she was. After a few minutes conversation they decided to meet up at the movie theater later that afternoon, and then go sleep over at Blondangel’s house, since it was close to the theater. Brittany was overjoyed, not only did she have something to do, but she was also meeting up the person she wanted to see most in the world; Blondangel. Brittany’s whole summer had been spent searching for new excuses to meet up with her. It was excruciating for Brittany not to be able see her as often as she would have wanted, for she felt a powerfully immense physical pull towards Blondangel. Brittany had been severely infatuated with her best friend for as long as she could remember, and it didn’t show signs of stopping. Brittany was pretty sure that Blondangel thought of their relationship as purely platonic, so she was not going to let herself get hurt by getting her hopes up. Everyday she reminded herself that Blondangel liked her as a friend, and nothing more. Anyway, it was obvious that Blondangel was completely straight. Brittany had spent so much energy fighting her feelings… It was just too frustrating being in love with your best friend. But Blondangel’s toned curvy body and her creamy white skin held Brittany in a constant lock from which she could not escape. Every time Blondangel touched her, a wave of pleasure rushed through Brittany’s body. Brittany wanted her so badly, every day, every minute, every second… And Blondangel had no idea. Brittany thought it best for things to stay that way, because the worst thing that could happen would be if Blondangel started avoiding her if she knew Brittany was gay, and totally head over heals for her. Then Brittany would have absolutely no chance to enjoy the presence of her “friend”.
When Brittany walked up to the movie theater she saw Blondangel already standing outside the doors, a hand on her hip, and a bored expression on her face. She had smoky black eye makeup on, which made her blue eyes even more piercing, pale beige skin and luscious dark hair… She looked so beautiful. Much to Brittany’s satisfaction, they hugged when she had reached Blondangel. After a bit of chatting, and having bought the tickets, they sat down in the theater, and it didn’t take long for the lights to dim. They sat side by side, both waiting anxiously for the movie to begin. As the movie started, Brittany found herself occasionally glimpsing at her friend… God she looked good. Blondangel caught her stare, and Brittany quickly looked down in embarrassment, pretending that her clasped hands were suddenly extremely interesting. Brittany felt something touch her arm and she flinched in surprise. She looked over and saw her friend smiling at her, and at the same time softly running her fingers up and down her arm. Brittany was confused, but did not, by all means, have any intentions of stopping Blondangel. She felt herself get hot from Blondangel’s touch, and restraining herself was getting to be a challenge. For the whole of the movie they held hands, which was something that has never happened before. Brittany felt herself at bliss; she was so happy, she didn’t even care to think why Blondangel was making these moves, as long as she didn’t stop.. As the movie ended Blondangel let go of Brittany’s hand, but smiled flirtatiously at her as if to reassure her and then reminded Brittany they were going to her house. Brittany didn’t even hesitate as she got out of her seat and followed Blondangel outside.
Brittany went straight to Blondangel’s room when they arrived at her house, and Blondangel proceeded to the bathroom. Brittany had been there dozens of times before but it had never felt like this before. Brittany liked the unknown and unpredictable, it gave her a sense of thrill that was so exciting. She laid herself on her friend’s bed and closed her eyes for a minute, trying to soak in what was had happened, and what was happening. Brittany was not a very conceited person, but she did think of herself as pretty. She had long dark hair and big brown eyes with long dark lashes. Her body was toned, and her breasts were small and firm, just big enough to cup in your hand. Brittany opened her eyes when she heard the door knob turn, and in walked Blondangel.
Brittany was shocked at what she saw. Then the shock turned to awe. Blondangel was dressed in a tight black corset and a tiny thong, with shiny black high heels on her perfect feet. Her nail polish was deep red on her long nails, and her dark waves of hair were half falling on her face. Her dark eyes immediately locked onto Brittany’s. In her hand she held a long threatening whip. Brittany’s intimidation soon turned to fascination.
‘Blondangel what…’ Brittany started.
‘Be quiet,’ Blondangel said ‘Get undressed!’
‘I don’t…’ Brittany started again, but heard the whip crack in the air.
‘I mean now!’ Blondangel said sternly, and she looked dead serious.
Brittany slowly started taking off her clothes and Blondangel didn’t take her eyes off her. Brittany had no choice; she had to do what Blondangel wanted. In some way Brittany kind of liked the powerless feeling…She pulled off her panties which were already almost soaked. Brittany lay on the bed, her chest rising as she breathed fast and hard in excitement. Blondangel came onto the bad and straddled Brittany. She then leaned over and pulled out four silk scarves from under the covers of the bed and tied Brittany onto the bed posts by her hands and feet.
‘Blondangel…’ Brittany said,
‘You are to call me master.’ Blondangel said sternly. Brittany started laughing but stopped as she felt the whip crack on her stomach. She yelped as it stung and her skin turned bright red. Somehow the stinging pain got her even more turned on. ‘Do you understand?’ Blondangel asked, the whip still in her hand, and no pity on her face. ‘Yes master,’ Brittany whimpered. ‘I will be a good girl.’
Blondangel put her face right up against Brittany’s and Brittany tried to kiss her. Blondangel slapped her hard on the cheek. “You are a naughty girl,” she said. “You have to be punished.” Blondangel ran her hands down Brittany’s body. Brittany wanted to feel Blondangel’s touch so much, but Blondangel stopped just before her hands got between Brittany’s legs, making Brittany get so frustrated. “Please master, touch me” She pleaded. “Shut up.” Blondangel snapped. “I will touch you when I feel like it.”
Suddenly Blondangel got up and went to get something from her closet, leaving Brittany on the bed alone, horny and anxious. Blondangel came back carrying a huge black vibrator. Brittany was having second thoughts. “Please no master, it’s too big.” Brittany said, but to no avail. Blondangel ignored her pleadings, kneeled between Brittany’s legs, and put the vibrator on her dripping wet, tight opening. Blondangel started pushing it in slowly and forcefully, constantly watching Brittany’s expression. Brittany’s hole was stretched as taut as it would go, and the hard vibrator just slid into her by the aid of her hot juices. Blondangel now switched the vibrator on and started slowly fucking Brittany with it. Brittany felt totally powerless as she lay on the bed, all tied up, her breathing fast, and her chest rising and falling rapidly. Brittany’s hands tightly clutched the bars on the end of the bed and her legs twitched uncontrollably. The vibrator slid in and out easily now, and Brittany felt herself slowly coming to her peak. Suddenly Blondangel pulled the vibrator out and switched it off. “Please master…”Brittany said, frustrated, “Please make me cum, I’m begging you.” Blondangel whipped her again and Brittany shuddered in pleasure and shock. “You are not to talk without permission!” Blondangel ordered. Blondangel then laid herself on top of Brittany and kissed her hard, her mouth forceful against Brittany’s. She soon slid her hand between Brittany’s legs. “Now you can cum,” She whispered in her ear. Brittany didn’t need any more encouragement; she came immediately on Blondangel’s hand. She couldn’t stop cumming, the throbbing was so intense. Blondangel whipped Brittany hard, which only added to her pleasure and made her cum harder.
Blondangel now slid off her thong and sat herself on Brittany’s face. “Lick me slave,” She said, her voice hard and full of lust. Brittany stuck out her tongue and started licking hard, almost drowning in Blondangel’s liquids. Blondangel was so swollen and she started rocking on Brittany’s face. Blondangel scratched Brittany’s arms leaving long hot trails of red. Tears sprang to Brittany’s eyes, it hurt like hell, but she liked it. “Harder bitch” Blondangel said, her breath coming fast and hot. Brittany licked as hard as she could, and could soon feel deep contractions. Blondangel moaned and dug her long nails into Brittany once again, making her yelp in pain. Brittany was so wet; she really wanted to touch herself. As Blondangel quieted down she got off Brittany’s face. Out of nowhere she pulled out a pair of nipple clips. Brittany looked at them in horror and fascination. Blondangel put them on Brittany, and the sharp pain hit her. Brittany could feel herself get hotter and hotter, seeing her friend on top of her all horny. Blondangel’s hair was tousled, making her look even more sexy. Her whole body was sweaty, but the look on her face showed that she had no intention of stopping. Blondangel slowly bit her lower lip then and scratched Brittany with one of her long finger nails all the way from between her breasts downwards. Blondangel had a wild look in her eyes as she watched Brittany’s chest rise and fall while she moaned. Brittany wanted Blondangel to hurt and abuse her, to use her as her sex slave. Blondangel could see this, she sat on Brittany, and with her long legs open, started rubbing her pussy on Brittany’s. She rode Brittany faster and faster, their hot juices mixing together and their panting and moaning filling up the room. Blondangel took her whip once more and whipped Brittany across her rising stomach, and Brittany couldn’t take it anymore. Brittany came once again, yelling, the sharp pain throbbing, and her orgasm was a mixture of intense pleasure and pain. She loved it, it was such a high like nothing she had ever experienced. And as Blondangel came, she screamed and clutched Brittany’s arms tightly digging her nails into her.
Blondangel looked at Brittany with those wild eyes when it was over, and then started removing the nipple clips and scarves, setting Brittany free. Blondangel walked out of the room, her upper thighs still wet from what had happened. ‘Thank you so much master!’ Brittany called out to her. ‘You better be grateful,’ Blondangel said in a cold, strict voice, her whip cracking behind her as she left the room.


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