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Motorcycle Repair Girl

by madmedusa

Motorcycle Repair Girl

I was on the second week of a month long motorcycle trip across Bulgaria when I heard a weird noise coming from my engine. I pulled over to the side of the road and looked at the engine trying to figure out what was wrong. I had only been looking for a couple of seconds when another motorcycle pulled along side me and the rider motioned for me to follow them. I got on my motorcycle and followed the other rider to a garage called Luy's Motos. The other rider got off their cycle and approached me in loose coveralls with a name badge that said Luy. I looked at the rider still wearing the helmet and said "Hey guy. I am not sure what is wrong. It started making a weird noise as I was going down the highway". Luy took of the helmet and I was surprised to see that Luy was a female. "First off....my full name is Luysa. Luy is just a nickname. Second....let me take a look at your motorcycle and we can get it fixed up and get you on your way" she said. We wheeled the motorcycle into the shop and she got to work checking on the engine. "Looks like something with the carbuerator. Shouldn't take long to fix. You can wait in the office if you want to" she told me. "Ok" I said. I walked into the office and took a seat on the leather couch. My leather pants squeaked against the leather of the couch. I flipped through some magazines and got bored quickly. I stood up and looked out the office window towards the work area. Luysa was bent over working on my bike. I noticed her firm ass and felt a stir in my panties. I gently rubbed my crotch to try and quiet the feelings. When she turned around to pick up a wrench off the floor I noticed she had unzipped her coveralls and I was being treated to a wonderful view of 2 of the most wonderful breasts I had ever seen. I unzipped my leather motorcycle jacket and rubbed my own breasts through my white t-shirt. My nipples poked through the t-shirt straining to escape. I was so turned on I had to do something. I decided to go for it and quietly walked back out to the shop area. I snuck up behind Luysa and tapped her on the shoulder. When she spun around....the greasy wrench she was holding hit my right on my white t-shirt. "I am so sorry" she said. "All my fault. I shouldn't have snuck up on you like that" I said. "Come here and we will get that cleaned up right away" she said. "It is really no problem" I said."Just a plain white t-shirt". "I insist on cleaning it up" she said. She started wiping the stain with a rag and water. All this did was spread the stain and make my t-shirt see-through. "Here....let's just take it off" she said. Before I could say anything, she had pulled the shirt over my head and was rinsing it in the sink. "It probably needs to dry for a second before you put it back on" she said. "Let me get a clean towel so you can dry your chest off." She left the room and returned with a towel and started drying my chest. I moaned softly as her hands massaged my breasts. "You have very nice breasts" she said. "So do you" I said pointing towards her open coveralls. "Thank you. Do you want to see more?" she asked me. "Of course" I said. She finished unzipping the coveralls and slid them down her legs and kicked them across the room. I looked at the beautiful sight in front of me. She took my hands and placed them on her chest and I began to massage her chest. Her breasts were soft and felt wonderful. I gently pinched her nipples and caused a sigh to escape her lips. She reached over and started to unbutton my leather pants. I felt her hand slide into my pants and under my panties. My wet lips were parted by her fingers as she started to massage my pussy. I moaned and slid my pants down my legs and moved to her workbench before my legs gave out. She knelt between my legs and started to slowly kiss my sex. I moaned as I felt her hot breath on my pussy. Her wet tongue adding to my already soaked pussy. I shuddered as she found my clit and gently bit on it. I felt the begginnings of an orgasm approach and knew soon I would be screaming her name. "Oh Luysa !!! Eat me pleaseeeee !!!!!" I screamed. I bucked my hips into her face and let out a low moan. I grabbed her face and pulled it to mine and kissed her hard slipping my tongue into her mouth. I quickly spun her around and pushed her down onto the workbench and drove 2 fingers into her soaked pussy. It made a wet squishing sound as I drove the fingers in. I knelt down and worked my tongue into her pussy and tasted her excitement. It was sweet and tasted wonderful. I licked and sucked on her trying to get as much of her juices out of her pussy as I could. When she came, she flooded my mouth with her juices and I hurriedly drank them all in. She pulled me up and Kissed me, sucking my tongue into her mouth tasting her own flavor on it. She spread a blanket on the floor and we layed down into a 69 position and quickly started eating each other to another mind-blowing orgasm. We both screamed into each others sex as we came and covered each other in our juices. We layed in each other's arms for what seemed like forever until we finally got up and finished fixing my motorcycle. She closed down her shop and continued on with me on my trip. We stopped along the way in many places and continued our love affair until it was time for me to return home. I will never forget my time in Bulgaria when I got my motorcycle engine fixed.....and Luysa got my other engine purring.


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