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The manikin museum

by wowwill

The manikin museum

Steve checked his watch... 1.30 in the morning. God his wife is going to be mad. Just trying to remember the blurry moments of a night at the pub as he staggers up the street. As he gets further up the street he has a strange desire to look to his left... There stood a huge, dark museum with classic things on the wall such as “new exhibit” and “A child’s free entry for every paying adult,” that type of thing, however Steve never really was a fan of museums, but this time he had an almost uncontrollable urge to check this museum out. He debated inside himself thinking “it will never be open at this time,” or “you don’t know anything about museums anyway,” but still he found himself trying the door. And to his amazing delight the door was open. Inside pretty much all the lights was off, there was only one or two lights on, and so dim he could only see a few metres from himself. Then he managed to make out a woman... A woman whom walked towards him. She was dressed in near total black. Steve looked at her from bottom to top. He saw black boots, newly polished followed by a dress which was all he could make out. Accept from her Red ruby on her necklace... A thing which sparkled intensely the more he looked at it. He didn’t really look at her face but I can tell you her face was pale, with long black hair and dark brown eyes. She had an air of dominance about her which was what Steve picked up once he could tear his eyes off the ruby. She spoke clearly and innocently “Are you here for the new expedition?” He didn’t really know what to say but all he wanted to say was “yes” so badly, so that is what he said. “Good, you’re the only one hear, and since it’s just the two of us you won’t have to pay... Yet.” Steve didn’t notice the yet, or most of what she was saying, but he followed her through some black doors into the next room.

The woman clapped her hands twice and lights came on and music started... It looked so wonderful watching everything spring to life. He followed her as she was talking about the things around them... Slipping in the odd subliminal now and then, he wasn’t listening too much; he was just following. However he was transfixed on the manikins, how real they looked... Some of them looked sad, some happy. Even if it wasn’t written on their faces. So still... So lifeless yet full of life. He didn’t understand. But the woman did. Through the expeditions he saw some dressed in Victorian clothes, Tudor clothes, all in front of their little background posing with a plaque telling the visitors what the manikin is. And even though Steve hates this type of thing he was fascinated... Soaking up subconsciously everything the woman was saying, looking at manikin to manikin, background to background, and plaque to plaque. He was feeling so docile. Finally she said “and that’s all I have to show you... Any thoughts?” For a while he didn’t have any thoughts at all. But he just said “They all look so real... The manikins; it makes me tiered... A bit.” He felt confused as she smiled. “Come through here... It’s the bar area. Last Christmas we weren’t really getting enough money so we thought we would open a bar. You can have a drink and a little lie down if you want.” She now sounded so seductive he couldn’t really say no and followed her into this amazing bar area, much like the place he was a few hours ago. She showed him to a couch where he sat back in his chair. The woman clapped her hands twice and a waiter came with two glasses of red wine. He was dressed like a girl. Steve though couldn’t even notice this he was so docile and he was handed the wine by the woman. “Off you go.” She spoke seriously and he responded immediately walking off. She spoke again back in her seductive voice “hear, drink... By the way, you can call me mistress Hypnotica.” He drank and said, for the 1st time of many “Thank you mistress Hypnotica.” After drinking he lied down. Mistress Hypnotica smiled again, becoming horny at the idea of yet another slave in her hands...

Soon later, after the sleeping aid in his drink, he was fast asleep and she began with her work. After 15 minutes of bringing him under her spell she got one of her slaves took off all of his clothes. She spoke “You are now under my control. So deep for me now. You are having an erotic dream of me. You will touch yourself... You have to touch yourself!” Steve obeyed. Dreaming about his mistress his cock got hard and he began to stroke. She continued “You will always think of me erotically. Whenever you see me you will get an immediate hard on. There is no resisting.” He was stroking his cock more and more. “You have to keep seeing me, for from now on you need my consent to orgasm. You can never orgasm without my permission. And to get that permission you have to be nice to me... Don’t you?” Steve, still stroking, nodded and spoke
“Yes mistress.” She smiled
“You keep stroking if you want. You are always stroking. Whenever you think of me you get so horny. But you cannot cum. unless you obey my ever command.” He nodded again... He was stroking so quickly now. “You will do whatever I say. You need to see me constantly and obey without any concern for yourself.”
“Mmm yes mistress.” It felt so right for him to say this.
“Tomorrow you will wake up, and you will leave. But every step you take away from hear you will feel more and more depressed. Until you walk through these doors. When you do... You will realise all we have talked about tonight. Now what was that again?” He spoke between deep and heavy breaths. “You are my Mistress... I am nothing without you... I need to and will obey every single command in the hope you will let me orgasm... Ahhh!” His cock was so so hard.
“Good.” She was so happy and horny. “Now as I touch the tip of your cock you will orgasm more than ever before. You will see stars and you will think of me. You will give yourself up to me. As you cum you will lose all of your self control. You must do this, you want to do this, you need to do this, Understand?”
“God yes!” He was never so happy in his life that he could orgasm. Mistress Hypnotica couldn’t wait. Another one. Haha, she slowly and seductively put her little finger onto the end of his sweaty, long cock and it exploded. Steve screamed as his pupils grew and shrank. Had never had an orgasm like it in his life. It went all over his stomach... Mistress Hypnotica was so horny, she couldn’t resist a taste. So she put her small finger and dragged it slowly along his stomach, spirring it and filling her end of her finger with cum. She then moved her hand back to her mouth and liked the end of her finger. Mmm... Slave cum. “So what did you just do?” Hypnotica asked politely.
“I just gave away myself to Mistress Hypnotica. I need her, and I will realise this tommorow” Steve spoke with absolute certainty.
“Good, you will now return to your deep sleep. And remember tomorrow this will all seem like a vague, but very horny dream. Now enter a deep, deep... sleep.” Her relaxing voice echoed into Steve’s mind and he fell into such a state of relaxation. Hypnotica beckoned one of her Sissy boys to clean up, and dress him just like before the trance. He/she immediately responded to her order. Then Steve’s mistress left the room feeling contented.

The next morning Steve woke up to see his new mistress waiting. He immediately got hard but tried to hide it. He said he was going to miss her and left. He began walking up the road before realising what he had done. He uncontrollably turned around and ran back down the street. Waiting for his new life to begin. She waited for him at the door, trained him... With the occasional blowjob, he was sucked in more and more until he was posed. He became a queen. Posing stood up. Mistress Hypnotica recruited more and more until she had enough subjects to freeze bowing down to Steve the queen... Many people all over the world came to see Mistress Hypnotica’s museum of mystery, but not all came out.


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