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Hypnotised slave in Tokyo (True story)

by Linstituteur

Hypnotised slave in Tokyo (True story)

This is a true story.

I mean, something which really happened...

It was a few years ago. I was living in Japan at that time. I loved Japan. Such an amazing country. Everyday is a new challenge. I was a Dominant at that time. I had a few female slaves. Japanese female are wonderful slaves. Naturally submissive, they love humiliation and exhibition, and are so obediant. And no judeo christian complex at all. They love pleasure. I used to train them with some hypnosis files. It helped them in order to forget their social constraints, all what they had learned in order to behave in a "normal" way. They loved it.

I knew a few interesting places in Tokyo. A love-hotel, for instance, called Alpha Inn, an entire building dedicated to SM play, with each room being a great dongeon. It was located between the Russian Embassy and the American Club, not far from Roppongi Crossing . An interesting location. Yakuzas used to bring there their girls for some training. You could see their large white limousines on the parking lot. Sometime, some nice nacked girls were walking on their all four, with a leash, in the corridors. Nice people who have dinner at the American Club overthere, do not imagine that such nice girls are are tortured for their pleasure and the pleasure of their master in such a close distance...

I knew an other place, an SM bar, in Roppongi also. Named Jail. An other interesting place. They had some hostess girls, most of the clients were male, but sometimes, some female came in. Curious, and for the fun.

One night,I did not go to Alpha Inn with one of my slaves. I went to Jail. I was wondering if a new nice girl would eventually come in. I talked with the head of the hostesses. A wonderful Japanese girl, in a nice, very well done corset and very long black hair. She was the head of the bar, and she was supposed to be a Domina. I talked to her half in English, half in Japanese. We talked about domination and obediance. I mentionned that I used sometimes hypnosis in order to enhance the pleasure and improve the results of a good training. She was interested. Her eyes were bright open. I wanted to attract her attention.

Suddenly, I do not know why, I told her that I had also listened myself to the hypnosis files before using them on my slaves. That was in order to make sure that the files were ok, that it did not contain anything wrong before having my slave listening to them. But obviously, I had never tried if it would work on me or not.

She became really interested. I told her about the triggers. The triggers that made you entranced, that made you a slave, that made you horny or very hard, or very obediant. She did not understand all the words in her bad English. I had to repeat, to explain. She did not really believe me. She was puzzled. And even more interested. She asked me to write the triggers on a paper. I did. I do not know why, but I did. The other hostesses had gathered around us.The girl smiled and suddenly, she said, lets go! and she started to read and speak with a loud and strong voice, looking at me.

Get horny now! she said. And suddenly, I had a strange feeling. A strange tingle between my legs. It became hot, very hot indeed. I could not prevent it. I had to put my hand between my legs, and touch my dick. I did it. In front of the girls. I could not prevent it.
The hostess was surprised. She did not believe it. I think she thought I was faking. She had seen so many things...
Get hard now! she said. And there again, my dick was getting hard, hard, very hard inside my pants...I was puzzled. I was ashamed. The girls began to laugh, looking at me with disdain.
The girl became more sure of herself. She understood something was happening which would be interesting.

Slave time for you now! the girl said. There was a tingle all in my body. I could not prevent it. I was down on my knees. I was becoming numb, without any reaction.
Here you are, she said. You are my slave! Tell me you are my slave! I am your slave, I said. I had to say it. I did not want to say such thing, but I could not prevent it. I had to say it. I was on my knees, at the feet of that girl, and I was repeating, I am you slave, I am your slave. The other girls were silent now. They were wondering what would happen then.

You are my slave, from now on, the girl said in a harsch voice, and you will strip and get nacked immediately! she screamed. She had taken the power. She took a whip. Get nacked immediately, she said. And there I was, starting to strip, putting offf my clothes. The girls were excited. I was perfectly conscious of what I was doing, but could not do anything against the orders. My brain, my intelligence, my consciousness told me not to obey, but I had to obey, I had to strip. Very soon, I was fully nacked, on my knees, bowing at the feet of that girl, hand in my back, and with a very hard dick, shivering because of my horniness, unable to do anything else.

The girls were absolutely excited by having such toy at their feet. They took long ropes, and started to tie me up. Japanese people are good with ropes and nots, and very quickly, there were ropes all over body, arms, legs, and head. They told me to stand up, and put me against a colomn in the middle of the bar. I was all strongly tied up, rope on all my body, standing immobilised, my dick awfully hard and strait and my body trying to escape. That was awful.
People looked at me, staring and amazed. New entrants looked totally surprised to see this foreigner tied up in the middle of the bar, and that thing hard and protruding, and the girls turned around me, screaming get horny, get horny, get hard on now, slave time for you now, get horny, get horny...

One of the girl took a long thin whip. Others did the same. And they started to whip me. On all my body, but very soon, they started to touch my dick with their whips. That was awfully painful. I tried to escape but could not move. They were absolutely and incredibly clever with their whip, and touched me exactly on the dick, or balls. Nowhere else. The pain was a hell, but my dick was still hard and strait and so easy to reach. I could not stand, and the same time, there was a strange feeling of joy, a sense of achievement. I was tortured in the middle of that bar, in the center of that big city, and that was all what I should have done during all my life...The first girl had gone. The others played with me a very long time. Time passed, I do not know how long. Sometimes, they stopped, had a drink, and came back and whipped me again. Some approached me very close, I was even more excited, they repeated over and over get horny, get horny, hard on time for you now, slave time for you now, and everything started again. It was so shamefull. I was ashamed and exhausted, but still awfully horny and hard.

Finally, they freed me, and let me stay at the feet of one of the girls. A show started on the scene, some bondage and shibari show, with two girls. I was at the feet of a tall girl, with very long legs. I was still very hard. She was smoking. She told me to open my mouth, and be the ashtray. I could not believe it. Sure, I would not agree. I could not. I was afraid. That could not happen. But i could not prevent it. I had to open my mouth very large, unable to move, freezed, waiting for the lady to put the ashes of her cigarette in my mouth. How could I do that? And she did. Many times, the ashes fell in my mouth. I could not move the tongue. I could not move at all. I was a piece of things, at the feet of that nice girl, all nacked and unable to move, and being an ashtray. I could not see what was happening around me. There were some clients, and girls lauching and drinking. I was an ashtray with a hard dick, that's all. My mouth was full of ashes, I could not move in any way. I could not think. I was a slave, I was a nothing.

It was a long time like that. Finally, the girl, the head of the bar, came back. She was surprised when she saw me still there. She took the paper with the triggers, and said: revert to normal,

And suddenly, everything came back. I was not any more a slave, I could move, I stood up, took my clothes. I was not anymore hard, but my dick was awfully dark, red, black and violet. The marks of the whips. It was extremelly painfull. The girl helped me with my clothes, she said, come back soon!, she smiled and I left. I was very hot and wet outside. And very late. Time for all drinkers in the bars, to take back their train and come back to their tiny house in their remote suburbs. I was happy, strangely happy.


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loved it :) ignoring the many typos {you might wanna proof read after you write to catch them

it was unique and fun ^_^ shame no O but nm :P

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