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The Magic Pacifier

by nman97

The Magic Pacifier

Tyler was six years old but he didn't feel like he was that old or that he
wanted to be that old. Something was missing; something made him feel that
wanted to be a little boy again. He didn't know why, he just knew. The
only problem was he didn't know how.
Tyler enjoyed the toys and the games that the other boys no longer played
with and that his mother said he should be giving up since he was becoming
a big
boy just like the others. But he never wanted to give them up and found
time to
play with them when he was alone. More and more he seemed to be happiest
when he was alone and allowed to be the little boy he still was inside.
But he was not happy. Something was still missing. He needed to find a way
to really be that little boy and to show his parents and his friends that this
was who he was and that he was happiest when he could be this way. But he
couldn't find a way and so one day when he was really, really upset about it,
went to his favorite place to cry. Alone in the little tree house in the
yard behind
his home he was always safe. Nobody could ever see him or hear him cry when
he was there. And nobody could tell him differently when he chose to play
his toys or cuddle with his favorite teddy.
Today, though, there was little joy in playing in the tree house so Tyler
just curled up in the corner and cried softly to himself while trying to seek
comfort in the softness of his teddy that he held close to his cheek.
"Hi there little boy!"
Tyler had drifted off to sleep but rose quickly out of fear of what he just
heard. Confused and bewildered, he tried to find the source of the sound
hoped that he had only imagined it.
"Don't be afraid. I am here to help you be the little boy nobody else will
let you be."
Standing at the entrance to the tree house Tyler saw the source of the
Standing before him was a magic wizard, a boy just like Tyler only a little
smaller and a little younger. And with some sort of special powers that
Tyler did
not yet understand. His fear was quickly easing, however, as the magic
presence of the boy wizard made Tyler feel magically safe and comfortable.
"I've been listening to your dreams at night about how much you want to
be a little boy again and how your parents don't understand. I like being a
boy too and can help other boys be the little kid they wish they were."
Tyler somehow instantly had complete trust in the wizard and was ready to
feel the magic that he possessed. He was much too excited about realizing
dream to question what was happening. "How will you do that?", he asked
great hope.
"Simple", the wizard replied. "I'll just give you what you have been
missing." And with that he slowly pulled out a small, white pacifier with a
soft, golden nipple from his pocket and reached out his hand for Tyler to
take it.
"When you were a baby, your mom and dad eagerly offered you a pacifier
whenever you cried or felt tired or sad. They were happy when you took it and
loved watching the pleasure in your eyes as you lovingly suckled on the
nipple and gained so much pleasure and security from it. But one day they
decided that
you were too big to have one anymore. They thought they had to make you be
big boy and that big boys don't suck pacifiers. So they took it away and
they had done the right thing and that you would be happy without it. They
to learn what I know, and what you know but haven't figured out yet: they
to see that you still want your pacifier, still like it and can still have
it today even
if you are six years old. And this is a very special pacifier made just
for bigger
boys like you. It has a nipple big enough to fill your mouth and give you
all the
special pleasures you deserve."
Tyler stood silently watching and listening, unable to respond to what was
happening. He just knew, somehow, that what was happening was magical and
that he did not want to stop it. He had never seen a nipple so big and
realized that he wanted to feel this special nipple in his mouth. He
reached out his
hand and took the pacifier from the wizard and slowly, cautiously raised
nipple towards his lips. It seemed to take forever as though he were in a
Slow not out of fear but as though in a pleasant dream trying to savor the
joy of
the moment.
Finally the soft, round nipple was on his tongue and he felt his lips close
over it. "The nipple is magic and you will soon feel the power released
within you." Tyler heard the wizard's words but did not listen as the
collapsed as he sucked it eagerly further into his mouth and only the sheer
pleasure and wonderful sensations of this moment were important. Whatever
this magic nipple could bring was of little interest now.
Tyler quickly discovered what those powers were however. As soon as he had
placed the nipple to his tongue he felt a surge of tension leave his body; his
eyes slowly closed and his small, soft body gently curled up on the
blanket he
kept with him in the tree house and he was soon fast asleep. With the
soothing sucking on the nipple, Tyler was able to drift into the most
most comforting, most enjoyable sleep he had had in a long, long time.
Tyler woke with a jolt as the soothing image he had been enjoying suddenly
shattered and the reality of the world around him quickly recaptured his
His mind began to race: had it all been a dream only to be cruelly stolen
now that he was awake? Soon, though, his body began to catch up to his
hysterical mind and he realized that the pacifier was still in his mouth
and that he
was still sucking. He was also now beginning to realize another, stronger
sensation: he was wet all over! Tyler's heart stopped. He had wet his
pants!! Tears began surging in his eyes; his little body began to quiver; he
sucking on the pacifier. Sniffling slowly and softly to himself he began
to look
for the little boy wizard he had seen a short time ago but could not find
Tyler could do nothing now but cry hysterically. He could not talk, he
could not
comfort himself and he could not seek out the comfort he needed. All he
do was cry and hope that somebody would come to care for him.
"Well, well", the wizard said softly as he reappeared and sat down next
Tyler. "I guess you really do want to be a little boy more than I or you
Tyler slowed his crying in response to the presence of the wizard. He was
happy to see him and to know that he was no longer alone.
"When you sleep with your magic pacifier you will become the little baby
that is crying within you", the wizard told Tyler in a soft, reassuring,
voice. "This is what you want and need and sucking this special nipple
makes it all
possible. What you need to do is be protected just like any baby would."
with that the wizard lovingly removed Tyler's wet pants and in its place
secured a
nice, soft diaper so that next time Tyler wanted to be a baby he would be
safe in
his diapers and not be in a miserable wet bed.
Tyler felt so happy and safe in his new diaper and was now joyfully
sucking his new pacifier again. "Remember, you are only a little boy when
sleep with the magic pacifier. The rest of the day you will be the big boy
everyone else wants you to be." And with that the wizard was gone.
Tyler was glad that he wouldn't need the diapers all the time since he did
like being a big boy sometimes, but he also wondered if the magic pacifier
help him with his mommy and daddy. Didn't the wizard say that his parents
to learn about his needs for the pacifier? He wondered how he could do
that without also having to have diapers all the time. He also wondered if he
sometimes want the pacifier in the daytime too.
That night in bed Tyler was very cold and uncomfortable. He missed his
new pacifier since he was too afraid to take it out of the tree house but
he also
couldn't stop thinking about it and longing for its pleasures. The night
to make him colder and colder and before long a loud, scary storm was
down on his room and making his bed and heart shake in fear. But again he
found himself unable to seek out the comfort he needed. He could only curl
up in
his bed to try to make himself smaller and smaller and hope that the scary
would not find him. Soon he began to cry as the fear overwhelmed him and
impotence crippled him. He felt himself moving awkwardly and strangely and
began to cry out louder and louder as the mysterious feelings and images
crueler and crueler games on his mind.
Suddenly Tyler felt the presence of a warm body near his and then the soft
touch of something pressing against his lips. Still not fully awake, Tyler
instinctively reached out his tongue for the object and soon he felt it slide
right in
like it was always meant to be there. With a jolt Tyler knew what he had!
Someone just gave him a pacifier and he was sucking eagerly on the sweet, soft
nipple. But how? Why? Was it a dream? He still wasn't sure exactly what was
happening. Where was the wizard?
Just then he felt a gentle hand reach under him and slowly pull him up.
There was the sound of a soft, reassuring voice as he felt the smooth, warm
of his mommy's cheek rub against his and the soothing pat on the back of a
hand. Tyler just let it all happen; he was too engrossed in the pleasures
of the
moment to ever fully wake up or try to figure out what was happening. All
knew, all he cared about, was the pleasure and security in the moment and
not need anything else. He closed his eyes and rested his head against his
mommy's shoulder as she slowly rocked him back and forth and softly
a pleasing lullaby into his tiny ear.
The emotional release was intense for little Tyler. He felt an even
rush than he had when he had taken his first suck of that new nipple the
offered not long ago. He felt the tension, fear and insecurity leave his
body and a feeling of freedom and joy take its place. And with that, Tyler,
without even being aware, allowed his bladder to release its control and
he felt
the warm, wet sensation of...WAIT! Suddenly Tyler was more aware of what
happening. Yes, he was sucking the magic pacifier, but neither he nor the
wizard had put him in a diaper! Concern rushed through him but he quickly
learned that he had nothing to fear. His pants weren't wet! Now it was
beginning to make sense: mommy had come in and put a diaper on him as he
slept! The strange movements he dreamt about were actually mommy pinning a
diaper between his legs! But how did she know?
Tyler tried to speak. "Shh", mommy softly replied. "Your new friend told
me all about it and I want to do everything I can to make you feel happy
as the
little boy you want to be. The wizard told me what you want and about the
pacifier. He gave it to me tonight and told me you were having trouble
it. He also told me that you would need the diaper when I put the pacifier
in your
Tyler's mom understood the message the wizard had given her and loved
her little boy so much in response to it. She felt sorry that she had
taken the
pacifier away and was so happy to be able to give it back. Tyler's father
older sister also heard the wizard's story and were happy to be able to
help Tyler
be the boy he wanted to be. Before long Tyler was able to have his
pacifier whenever he wanted it. His home became his sanctuary and the pacifier
trusted friend. Everyone in his family loved him and accepted him as he
was and
took pleasure in being able to offer Tyler his pacifier whenever he needed
And Tyler was especially happy when the wizard was able to give him the
pacifier without it always making him be a baby that would wet his pants. They
made a deal that only at night would the pacifier make him wet his
diapers. And
both mom and dad accepted this deal too and loved Tyler for it and gave
him the
nurturing and caring he needed to put on his diaper and change it in the
And Tyler was happy that he could take his pacifier anytime he wanted it,
with or
without diapers.
For a long time Tyler was very, very happy. He could be the little boy he
desperately needed to be with his family; he could still seek the quiet
comfort of
the tree house alone or with the safety and friendship of the wizard. And
he wanted, he could be the six year-old boy with his friends and play just
like all
the other boys without them knowing anything about his magic pacifier.
But Tyler's happiness didn't last long. In spite of all the pleasures he
had and the safety and security he gained from being little, he still felt
was missing. He had nobody like him to share it with. He wanted another
boy like him to play with. A boy, not a wizard, sister, or parent. And not one
the neighborhood boys who he already played big boy games with. Tyler
a new boy just like him to play with.
So Tyler went to the tree house in hopes that the wizard could grant him
another wish. If the wizard could read his dreams and bring him the
pacifier and
then the love of his family that were the keys to being a little boy,
surely the
wizard could also bring him a playmate to share this with!
No sooner had he run all these thoughts through his mind than the wizard
appeared. "You need a friend like you, don't you Tyler?" he asked in his
soft, comforting voice that made Tyler feel so safe.
Tyler was clutching his teddy tightly to his chest and sucking hard. He
slowly pulled the nipple from his mouth and haltingly said, "yes". He then
quickly put the nipple back in and from the intensity of Tyler's sucking
wizard knew he had to help.
"Little boys like us are lucky," the wizard began, "because we know what
we want and have been able to get it." As the wizard spoke, Tyler
suddenly noticed that he too had a pacifier! He didn't just give one to Tyler,
but had one
for himself as well! "We like sucking and being a little boy and many
other older
boys just like you feel the same way but haven't been helped out like I
helped you. There is another boy near you who wants to be just like you
and you
need to tell him he can be." And with that the wizard pulled out another
pacifier just like the one he had given Tyler that wonderful day not long
"Take this magic pacifier and offer it to that scared, lost little boy
who is
just like you and he too will soon be happy and safe and will be able to
play with
you and be the friend that both of you need." And before Tyler could ask
questions the wizard was gone. Tyler was left holding the new pacifier and
wondering how he was going to know which boy to give it to.
The next morning Tyler's dad came in to wake him up and as the two of
them changed the wet diaper together, Tyler learned that some new friends
coming over that day and that they were bringing a little boy with them
Tyler could play with. Tyler couldn't believe it! His whole body went limp
as he
became engrossed in what he had just heard. This must be what the wizard
talking about! Tyler could think of nothing else and found himself sucking
harder than he ever had before in anticipation of meeting this new boy.
And in
the excitement of the moment he just let dad address all his diaper needs
his father was more than happy to do.
The hours couldn't pass fast enough as Tyler awaited the arrival of his new
friend. He rehearsed what he was going to do and how but was still unsure
himself. He couldn't imagine telling another six year-old boy about
Tyler was so lost in his thoughts that he didn't notice the new family
He just heard his father yell from the floor below that the new boy was
here and
that he was sending him up to Tyler's room. Tyler's heart started to race
as he
frantically tried to decide what to do. He quickly grabbed both pacifiers
leaped onto the bed. Just then there was a knock on the door and Tyler
the boy in. And almost immediately, Tyler knew he wasn't going to need a
"My name's Jimmy", the new boy said as he stood in the doorway. Tyler
looked up and saw a small, skinny looking boy who appeared much younger than
he was. This is definitely the one, he thought to himself. "I'm Tyler", he
said as
the boy closed the door behind him.
Before he could say another word, Tyler noticed that Jimmy's eyes were
wide open with excitement as they scanned his room. "WOW!" Jimmy
exclaimed as he frantically circled the room examining all of Tyler's
toys. "This
is so neat! You still have all these great toys! I stopped playing with
these when I
was little."
Tyler couldn't believe it! The power of the wizard's magic was clear to
him now. Jimmy was here to be Tyler's friend as a little boy just like him.
"I like all these toys", Tyler began, "'cause it's more fun than big kid
"You're so lucky. My mom wont let me keep my old toys since she says I
need to be like big kids. I don't wanna be like big kids!"
Tyler saw his chance: "You want to go someplace special were only kids
like us can go?"
"Yeah!" Jimmy screamed his approval and both boys went running
towards the tree house.
Tyler ran very quickly to try to stay ahead of Jimmy and to keep him from
seeing what he was doing. By the time Jimmy reached the top of the tree
Tyler was already sitting on the blanket and had pulled out the pacifier
that was in
his pocket. When Jimmy looked through the entrance he saw Tyler happily
sucking his pacifier.
"What's that?!" Jimmy asked in shock. Tyler just reached into his pocket
for the new one the wizard gave him and held it out to Jimmy. Pulling his
out of
his mouth, he said, "Try it. You'll like it."
That was all he had to say. Jimmy took the pacifier and slowly placed it in
this mouth just as Tyler had done with the wizard. And as soon as Jimmy
sucking he was down on the blanket asleep with his bladder releasing into
pants. Tyler just watched it excited and amazed and before long he too
felt his
pants getting warm and wet. Now both boys found themselves alone with a
pacifier in his mouth and wet pants between his legs.
When they were both awake again they found that the wizard had left them
dry pants and a diaper which they eagerly put on. They were both fully under
the wizard's magic spell and very happy for it. They laughed and played
the rest
of the day alone in the tree house joyfully sucking the pacifier they each
had been
given and willingly wetting the new diapers the wizard had provided.
When it came time to leave, Tyler and Jimmy decided to take the pacifiers
with them. The two boys greeted Jimmy's parents with wide grins punctuated
a nipple in the middle. They quickly looked for a reaction. Tyler's
parents were
there too and the boys knew that they would love what they saw, but they
know what Jimmy's mom and dad would say.
Jimmy's dad bent down and picked his son up by the waist and holding the
boy at eye level he told Jimmy that the wizard had visited them while he was
playing with Tyler. His dad told him he understood everything that Jimmy
wanted and was happy to let him have it. With that he kissed the back of
pacifier that surrounded Jimmy's lips and Jimmy reached his arms around his
daddy's neck and squeezed him tight. And as he did he felt his pants
warm and wet.
That night the boys slept together at Tyler's house where they shared the
enjoyment of their pacifiers and the loving comfort of Tyler's mom and dad.
And over the next few days the two boys spent all their time together
sharing their friendship and love for the little boy they each had inside
them. And their
love and trust became so strong that they soon let other boys see what
they were
doing and rather than respond with nasty comments the other boys wanted to
know how they too could join in the fun that so far only Tyler and Jimmy
Tyler and Jimmy quickly became the heroes to all the boys in the
neighborhood who wanted to be little but didn't know how. And the pacifier
had once been just the secret of the tree house soon became the symbol for
all the
boys who wanted to be big and strong but also little and nurtured. And
the wizard who had made Tyler so happy had enough magic within him to make
all the other little boys just as happy and to help all the parents see
the love and
the happiness they could give their little boy simply by nurturing this
Tyler closed his eyes as he drifted off to sleep feeling only the pleasant
sensations of the nipple in his mouth; the taste, texture, feel and rhythmic
made him happy and he was soon fast asleep and dreaming about helping
other kids know the pleasure and fun that he knew in being a little boy with a


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