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Be Careful What You Wish For

by muscleluvr

Be Careful What You Wish For

I had been looking forward to this break for months. Work had been getting me down for a while. It always seemed like there was too much to do and no time to do it in. The pace of life, whilst I usually enjoyed it, had taken its toll, and I needed some quiet time, out of town and away from everything.

And that was exactly what I had. Gerry had offered me the use of his parents' cottage on the north coast and I'd gladly accepted, re-shuffling my affairs to have two weeks to myself in March, when the weather was still warm enough to enjoy the beach but the school kids had gone back to class. The house was everything he'd promised, roomy and well appointed, but at least five kilometres from the nearest neighbours and right on the dunes. It was no more than a minute's walk to the beach, but only twenty minutes drive to town where I could get any supplies I needed. And the beach! Magnificent. Endless sand stretching away in both directions, with a safe, gentle surf most of the time and not a soul in sight.

The weather was perfect too. The temperature had been in the mid to high 20's all week, and not dropped below about 17 or 18 at night. I had stocked up on books and videos, and spent the first four days getting up as late as I could manage, having something to eat, and lying on the sand all day, only interrupting myself to take a dip when the heat got too much. After the first day I had realised that I had the entire beach to myself, and that wearing my Speedos was a waste of time, so I had not worn a stitch of clothing since Saturday night.

Thursday morning I needed to go into town to get some basics, fresh milk and bread, that kind of thing. I took as little time as I could manage, and beat it back to the beach quick smart. Stowing the groceries in the house I stripped off again, grabbed a towel, a book and my sunglasses and headed for the sand. In what had become my favourite spot, a slight hollow in the dunes at the back of the main strand of beach, I lay down and began to nap. After a while I was awake again, and feeling a little randy. The sun and fresh air on my naked body had made me feel good, and my cock was stirring, semi hard against the brown skin of my leg. Without thinking I reached down and began stroking myself, feeling the firmness of my own erection. The warm air felt good, and I wished that I had someone here to share this special place with me, imagining a tall dark haired man, wide shoulders and narrow waist, who would enjoy the beach, and enjoy me. Just for the time I was here, I told myself, just someone to make passionate love to me alone in this place. Oh well, I told myself, you can't have total privacy and expect perfect company at the same time.

The throbbing in my loins would get the better of me if I wasn't careful, so I jumped up and raced to the water, my cock swinging in front of me, and dived in to the crystal clear ocean. The bracing freshness of the cool water woke me up, and sort of eased my urges, although I still imagined my tall handsome lover playing with me in the foam. A pod of dolphins swam past, a few hundred metres out, and I called to them. "Hey guys, anyone feeling horny?" I laughed to myself as they swam on their way, and wandered back up the beach to throw myself down on the towel and put my head down, letting the sun dry and warm me again.

I must have fallen asleep, because I remember feeling a sudden start, like waking up unexpectedly. I lifted my head, and gasped. Sitting next to me on the sand was a man. My first thought was concern, who was he, why was he there right next to me? I sat upright and turned to him.

"Who are you? What do you want?" I demanded. After all, this was my private beach, there shouldn't be anyone for miles. I began to get angry. He simply looked at me, right into my eyes, as if he was trying to read my mind. It occurred to me that I was stark naked, and I began to cover myself, until I realised that he too was bare, and completely unconcerned.

In a slightly more conciliatory tone, I spoke again. "I'm sorry, it's just that you startled me. I must have been sleeping and I thought the beach was deserted. Can I help you at all?"

He kept on staring at me. Finally, as though he had to drag the words from himself, he said "Sorry. I did not mean for to scare you."

His accent had me completely baffled. It was not as though he spoke a different language, but more as though he was not used to speaking at all, and had to think carefully to put a sentence together.

"I see you're enjoying the sun, too" I said trying to sound friendly. He looked puzzled, so I added "no clothes?"

He smiled at that. "yes. No clothes. Not needed. Only get in the way." As he smiled he moved his feet around so that he faced me more squarely. "You have very nice body." That was exactly what he said. A simple statement, no beating around the bush, no small talk. He looked me up and down as he said it, and I could clearly see his cock, hanging between his raised legs, begin to harden.

Dumbstruck, I just looked at him. Now that I had gotten over my initial surprise, I began to actually take notice of his appearance, and he was stunning. His face was beautiful, a classic square jaw and straight patrician nose below short dark hair, he had deep green eyes and full round lips. His shoulders were wide and his chest sculpted, the muscles of his pectorals rippling as he moved. His arms were folded over his bent knees, and the biceps were obviously well defined. His perfect six-pack abs looked like they were made of stone, squeezing into an impossibly narrow waist. His legs were long and well muscled, and his groin was a delight. A long smooth penis, uncut, beginning to harden. Firm round testicles nestled in a thin mat of hair. His skin was dark, well tanned, all over, and the lightest dusting of hair showed off his chest perfectly, trailing down the centre of his abs to his pelvis.

As I sat there taking him all in, I felt myself start to get excited, and tried to shift around to hide the early erection. Combined with the heat, the excitement he generated in me caused beads of perspiration to form on my forehead and chest.

"You are hot!" he said. I smiled at the double entendre, although he didn't seem to notice. He grabbed my hand. "We will swim." Lifting me to my feet, he ran toward the water, pulling me with him. I offered no resistance and we splashed into the surf together, falling into the warm ocean. He dived and swam as I splashed around watching him. He had a fluid and grace in the water that seemed as though he belonged there. We played, splashing each other and he grabbed and pulled at me several times, but not once did I feel uneasy or out of my depth. Soon we were laughing and swimming together.

We must have been there for hours, before I started to tire. As I made my way back to the dry sand, he raced past me. Now that he was upright and in front of me, I had an even better view of him. At least 6'3 tall, his buns were perfect firm melons, the same tanned colour as the rest of him. He spun around and his cock swung free. He had not a concern in the world, and his obvious enjoyment of the sun and sand and surf relayed to myself, so I too felt completely relaxed, even more, I felt somehow at peace with the universe.

As I walked up the beach he waited for me. His deep green eyes bored into me again and he smiled. When I was within arms' length of him he reached out and grabbed me around the waist, pulled me to him and planted his mouth over my lips. I didn't struggle, didn't try to pull away, just let him hold me. I felt the pressure of his tongue as he forced his way between my lips and began exploring my mouth. I responded to his kiss, kissing him back and savouring the taste of salty water mixed with his saliva. My body melted against his, the cool water leaving us both smooth. I felt his cock growing, pressing against my leg, and my own dick swelled and grew. There we stood, in the middle of the beach, kissing and holding each other while the autumn sun smiled down on us.

He broke the kiss to bend and lift me bodily into his arms, carrying me up the sand toward the dunes. I laughed at him and threw my arms around his neck as he strode purposefully past the towel I had brought with me and on to the house. Kicking open the door, he marched into the living room and placed me gently on a rug on the floor. Kneeling with me, beside me, as I stretched out. He swung around and knelt between my legs, licking at my body, cleaning the salt from me with his mouth. The oral massage I received was sensational. My entire body tingled with delight, my cock swollen and full throbbed against my gut as he licked and sucked at me. I reached for him, my fingers running through his damp hair and around his face, touching and feeling him against me.

His hungry mouth slowly made its way toward my groin. I groaned with delight as he began to lick at my pulsing shaft, his tongue sliding along my length to the root of my cock and back again to circle the glans before licking at my slit, scooping up the droplets of precum that were starting to gather. He nibbled at me, his teeth scraping against me and sending shivers through me. His tongue kept up its attack on me, now sliding down to lick at my balls, to circle the heaving orbs and massage them with warm moisture. He drew me in, first one and then both testicles inside his mouth as he caressed me. As the cool air returned, he lifted off me for a second and then slowly began to swallow my rock hard meat, taking the length of my cock bit by bit into his mouth, warming and wetting me as he swallowed, not stopping until his nose was buried in my pubic hair, his chin rubbing against my nuts.

Once he had me, he started to clench and relax his throat muscles so that I felt like my cock was being milked by this beautiful stranger. Not once did he gag or let up, just sucking at me while the delights shooting through my body brought me closer and closer to the edge of climax. My breathing quickened and I began to hump at him, but still he continued. I felt the rising heat and thought I could not hold back any longer, but his fingers pinched at the base of my cock and he slowly lifted his mouth away, my prong trailing from him, wet and throbbing.

Without stopping, he lowered his mouth to just below my balls, lifting my legs high in the air. Now that marvellous tongue of his was exploring the super sensitive area between my balls and my anus, nibbling at me and licking the soft skin. My groaning grew louder, and he moved on. When his tongue touched at the edge of my hole, I gasped. The firm probing edged at me, driving into me, opening my sphincter and easing my resistance. I simply lay there and let him pleasure me, enjoying every second as he moistened my opening with his saliva. Before long, he lifted his face away and moved his body against mine. The touch of his tongue was replaced by the firm head of his cock, resting against my aching hole. He stayed there, rubbing himself against me. His long hard masculinity oozed pre-cum in copious amounts, smearing it over and around my pucker, lubing me with the natural jism of his body. All the while, his hands explored my naked form, running up and down my legs, across my stomach, squeezing gently, sensuously at my throbbing dick.

I squirmed beneath the handsome hunk who was making love to me, felt his mighty cock against me but still not trying to enter me. He continued to moisten and lubricate my entrance as he played with me, making me groan and writhe in anticipation. In my mind I urged him on, welcomed him, needed him. As if he could read my thoughts, he began to push forward, the meaty head of his prick nudging against me, slowly opening me. He leaned into me further and my willing sphincter opened, relaxing to allow him entry. The sensation of him finally penetrating my defences was incredible. The velvety smooth skin of his weapon slid slowly, painlessly into me as I opened myself to take him. The lubricant had done well, as my body gladly accepted his intrusion, welcomed him.

Inch by inch he sank into me, slowly and steadily. Finally he pressed himself to me, fully buried inside me. I gasped with the pleasure as his long thick meat took possession of my gut. I swore I could feel the tip of his cock at the base of my stomach. I clenched myself around him, feeling completely fulfilled as he rested against me. Slowly he began to move, pulling back just a fraction to press inward again, then back a little more. He began rocking against me, and I matched his rhythm, needing to feel the power of his manliness. The hard shaft of his cock rubbed against my prostate and I groaned again as waves of pleasure washed through my body, centred on the steel hard pole buried within me. Clamping and relaxing, I took all he could give, took possession of his love as he thrust at me, his tempo increasing with each motion.

As my passion grew, so did his force. He started to really hump at me now, thrusting himself deeper into me, pulling back further to pound down again, sinking into my aching needing body. I matched his speed and urged him on, faster, deeper, harder. The power of his fuck thrilled me, sent me into ecstasy as I gasped and gripped, tingling all over. Joined together we humped and bucked as one, grunting and sweating, rutting like there was no tomorrow. As he rammed himself into me harder and harder, his head lowered, connecting with my chest. Without a change in tempo at all, he began to bite softly at my nipples. The effect was immediate and overwhelming. I shook and twitched as electric shocks of pure pleasure shot from my chest, and joined with the throbbing joy from my arse, to engulf my body.

Without warning the tide of orgasm swept over me. I cried out as my balls exploded, heaved and emptied themselves into my cock. Jets of white hot spunk erupted from me, splattering both of us with creamy globules which quickly formed a torrent of cum flowing onto my stomach and running down my sides. I shuddered and twitched, enveloped by the most intense climax I had ever known, which seemed to go on and on. My nameless lover didn't let up at all, his powerful sword piercing me over and over again as he pumped at my body. I thought I would never recover as my cock kept shooting load after load, as though my entire being was concentrated into my ejaculation and being spurted out of my cock. Just as I began to ease, the gorgeous hunk within me gave a quiet strangled gasp, and I felt his prong swell to enormous proportions within me, tremble and erupt.

Searing rivers of his essence poured into me, filling me. He continued to thrust, keeping up his rhythm as he emptied himself. The sticky fluid of his ejaculate filled me to overflowing and ran from me, coating his still pumping shaft. He groaned then, softly and deeply, his breath getting short. With a final lunge at me he trembled from the core of his being and stopped, his pulsing cock still buried deep inside me. He collapsed onto me, the pool of my jism squelching between our bodies, and laughed.

His laughter was infectious and I joined in. With him still held inside me, I squeezed myself around him and smiled. He looked deep into my eyes. "Perfect!" was his only word. Slowly he lifted away from me, withdrawing carefully and slowly, my enjoyment increasing even more with the way he eased himself from my body. He collapsed by my side and ran his fingers through the still moist remnants of my cum, before licking them clean, then leaning to kiss me again, the taste of my own juice mixed with him as we licked and kissed for hours in post coital bliss.

After an eternity, I rested my head on my hand, and leaned over him, looking into those eyes again. "Thank you." I said, and meant it completely. "What's your name?"

"Call me Niflod" he said. A strange sounding name, but it would do for me.

"Where are you from?"

"Here..." he said simply. I smiled and kissed him again, laying there to rest beside him, as his fingers trailed slowly and sensuously over my skin.

I must have drifted off to sleep because the next thing I knew it was dark, and I was alone. I jumped up and searched the house, but he was nowhere to be found. Exhausted from the loving, I collapsed into bed and slept soundly until morning.

The next day I went looking for him. My towel and book were still on the sand where I had left them. Footprints were clearly visible going down to the tide line, and back to the house, but no others led in any other direction. I searched along the beach for kilometres but could find no trace of the hunk who had made love to me like I had never known.

For the next two days I wondered where he had gone to, how I could find him again. Late in the afternoon I was splashing around in the shallows, cooling off, wishing out loud that he would come back to me again. I dived under the water and when I surfaced, there he was, reaching out to me, smiling and perfect. For the rest of the afternoon we made love, the most intense, wonderful sexual experience of my life. As darkness came on he stood.

"I must go."

"NO, stay the night" I pleaded. "Stay forever, please."

"I cannot" he said simply, but with the first touch of sadness I had seen in him.

"How can I find you again?"

"I will always be here when you need me." he said, and left quickly, striding back to the beach again, still completely naked, without any hint of embarrassment or concealment.

I did not see him again before I left, but he was constantly in my thoughts, and my dreams. Back in Sydney, my life was simply incomplete without him, and I got by as best I could but never went more than a few hours without thinking of him.

The following year, I begged Gerry to be allowed to use his folk's cottage again, and as the time got closer I thought of my man constantly. The first day of my break I was back on the sand again, looking for him, wishing that he might be back around the same time as well. When he showed up, suddenly appearing by my side, I was in heaven. This time we made love every day for the entire two weeks, and each and every time was better than the one before, something I thought impossible.

I still know nothing about him, but I now have a permanent booking at that cottage every year, and it's those two weeks that carry me through the rest of my life. I have tried to build relationships with others, tried to live a normal life, but nothing can ever compare to the happiness and joy I know for two weeks with a mysterious man on the sand. I guess you really should be careful what you wish for, in case you get it.


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