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Crystal's Cheer

by jmaster12

Crystal's Cheer

“Hi Daddy” Crystal sang out as she bounded into the living room where her step-dad Bill was watching the news, His eyes were drawn to her ass as she swayed by in her little cheerleader uniform and she went to the fridge. She bent over giving a full view of her cheer briefs as she got out a bottle of water and took a large drink. “Want to see our new cheer?” She asked. Not giving Bill a chance to answer, she leaped in front of him and began the cheer with a few of her own innovations added. A little extra hip swing, flash of cheer briefs while she contracted her buttocks, an extra kick while her step dad stared mesmerized. She knew his cock would be rock hard by the time she was done almost laughing to herself over it.

Crystal’s mom had left them about 6 months ago. One day she came home from cheerleading practice and decided to cheer her step-dad up with one of their cheers. She noticed how his eyes got really wide and he couldn’t stop looking at her legs and helplessly staring at her hips and ass. That evening he was real spacey. She decided to do an experiment. She sat on the arm of the sofa with her legs crossed, her hand running along the hem of her miniskirted cheer uniform. She then asked him for money for a movie and to use the car (to which he almost always said no). To her surprise, he agreed to anything she asked, a glazed look on his face.

Crystal was facinated and started to do some research on the internet. She realized her step-dad was mildly hypnotized by her hips and ass and her cheer uniform. She started showing him a “new cheer” any time she wanted something-the car, money, to stay out late, etc. She figured after she left he was masturbating helplessly in the bathroom. She laughed to her self thinking about him exploding on the toilet under her control. She studied more about how to make her control more complete and permanent.

Back to the present. Crystal had just turned 18 so now was the time for her to legally put her stepdad into a permanent spell. This cheer went on longer than the others and included a lot of butt shaking followed by slow swaying. She turned to Bill as she danced “back and forth” she chanted “back and forth”. “Back and forth” Bill droned. The stuff from the web really worked she laughed to herself. She swayed chanting “back and forth” over and over as Bill helplessly parroted the words in a hypnotized drone. She then sat on the sofa arm. She ran her hand along the hem of her little cheer uniform. “Deeper and deeper” she chanted as Bill stared at her legs. “Deeper and deeper” Bill droned his eyes glazed over, cock hard as a rock. “Deeper and deeper she continued over and over as Bill’s eyes helplessly followed the movement of her hand. Finally she crossed one leg over the other and commanded “asleep”. Bill’s eyes slammed shut.

“You’re asleep daaady” Crystal chanted “Asleep and under my control” “under your control” Bill droned. “so asleep and sooo controlled and obedient” “Obedient” Bill droned. “you must always obey me” Crystal commanded. “obey” Bill repeated “always obey”. “Open your eyes” Crystal ordered “watch my legs and ass and obey”. “obey” Bill droned and opened his eyes. Crystal stood up and turned around. Bills eyes were helplessly staring at her ass. She began to walk, crooked her finger and commanded “crawl to the potty” Bill was on the floor following her her helplessly watching the movements of her hips and buttocks. She brought him into the bathroom and commanded him to drop his pants and underwear and sit on the potty. She sat on the tub and crossed her legs. Bills cock was rock hard and straining into the air.

“Is this where you’ve been masturbating yourself after my cheers?” Crystal teased “Y-Yess mistress” Bill confessed. “Well, no more of that, you can cum only on my command now” “yes mistress” Bill replied. “Only cum on my command” Crystal teased as she lubricated Bills dick with vaseline. “Yes mistress”, Bill cried out squirming under her touch. She bagan to slowly work his dick with her hand. “completely and helplessly under my control” Crystal commanded “completely under your control” Bill droned, his body in pleasure spasms at her touch. “I’m gonna drain your dick and with it any will you have” Crystal laughed. “Drain me, please mistress drain me” Bill cried out. “I’m yours, my will is yours”. “You’re gonna be my little goo goo baby, you’re gonna go potty for me” “Goo goo” Bill shouted “I’m gonna go potty” “When I have your dick in my hand and I say “go potty” you’re gonna cum for me, you’re gonna cum on the potty just like you used to masturbate yourself on the potty” “Yes, cum on the potty” Bill cried “only under your control” “Under goo goo control” Crystal laughed as she worked him a little faster. “goo goo control” Bill exclaimed “under goo goo control” “Yes” Crystal laughed “and when I have you in a diaper and rubber pants and I say go potty, you gonna wet the diaper for me”. Bill’s heart leaped at the thought of being in a diaper under Crystal’s control. “Wet the diaper” Bill shouted “I’ll wet the diaper for you” “yes, my helpless boy” Crystal chanted as she pumped him a little faster. She then began to work his balls with the other hand. Bill nearly went through the roof with pleasure as his balls danced in her hand. She moved her hand right on the nerve on the underside of his dick and squeezed his balls and commanded “go potty for me.”

Bill exploded high into the air showering them both with cum, Crystal milked every drop from him. When he could stand, she led him to his room, diapered and rubber pantsed him and put him to bed. Bill was out for a long time. The next morning was Saturday. Crystal went in and woke her step dad, She was wearing a very short miniskirt and high heels, Bills eyes were helplessly on her ass as she bent over and then sat on the chair by the bed, She crossed her legs and commanded “go potty” Bill’s eyes were on her ass as she walked out of the room laughing leaving him helpless wetting the diaper.

“Come out to the living room” Crystal called after a few minutes. Bill helplessly waddled out to the living room in his wet diaper. Crystal had two friends over all in high heels and miniskirts. They all burst into laughter as Bill waddled out in his wet diaper. He was crimson with embarrassment but rock hard. Crystal spread a blanket on the floor and ordered Bill to lay down on it. “Baby got a wet diaper” she teased as the girls burst out laughing again, The girls all donned rubber gloves so they could change the baby. Crystal bent over Bills face and finally, as her skirt rode up, sat her panties right on Bills face. “Kiss mistress Crystal” she ordered. Bill helplessly kissed and nuzzled her panty clad ass as the other two girls removed his wet diaper. They cleaned him with baby wipes and lubricated his dick. As Crystal sat on his face, the two other girls manipulated Bills dick and balls. “Wanna go potty again for Mistress Crystal?” she teased. “Yes, potty for mistress Crystal” Bill exclaimed muffled by her panties. “Ok, kiss me good” Crystal ordered as she pulled her panties off. Bill was licking and sucking and putting his tounge up her pussy in a helpless frenzy. Soon Crystal came all over Bills face getting off on the pleasure and the power trip. The other two were still manipulating Bills cock and balls. Crystal pulled her panties back on, sat on the sofa, crossed her legs and ordered “potty for me” as Bill again exploded into the air to the laughing delight of the 3 girls. They then re-diapered him and put him back to bed.

After her friends left, Crystal went in to see Bill. “Helpless boy in a diaper” she teased “helplessly in diaper control”. She stuck a pacifier in Bills mouth as she stroked his air “always obedient, always in diaper control”.

Crystal kept Bill helplessly in a diaper and rubber pants evenings and on weekends. She let him go to work (after all he needed to earn a living for them) and under her control worked harder and better than ever earning more money for Crystal. She finished her last semester of school with the help of Bill and some hypnotism. Toward the end of high school, one of the teachers was giving her a hard time. She thought she might fail and not graduate. After her step dad invited him over for dinner (a very special dinner with a special ingredient) and a few of her “new cheers” the teacher ended up helplessly ejaculating in a diaper and rubber pants with Bill diapered and sound asleep in his room. Crystal ended up with an A.

The diaper was a sign of helplessness and the complete control Crystal had over her subjects. Her step dad was instrumental (not that he could refuse) in helping Cyrstal finish school, go to hypnotist school and obtain clients most of whom went completely under her control. Crystal laughed as she made them cum into the air, wet their diaper or ejacuate into the diaper, Once they were under her control she could have them come back whenever she wanted and pay whatever she told them to for her “sessions”. Crystal’s favorite was her “stop smoking” clinic. It worked as Crystal replaced smoking with another much more expensive “addiction” as she laughingly called her diaper domination of these men.


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