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Horse Play

by Dell675

Horse Play

Once a fortnight Sarah would visit a friend,David who would allow her the pleasure of doing something she really adored,but which she felt many people would not understand,pony play.She'd always loved ponies,as a girl she had owned ponies,and truly adored them.Now she had grown up a little more,she'd decided it would be nice to live the life of a pony,and use it as a way of taking away the stresses of her busy life.

About a year or so ago Sarah had found a Master nearby,now her friend, who specialised in pony play,and had all the right equipment that human ponies needed,saddles,bridles,bits,a riding whip,and even a lunging rein for training purposes.Sarah's favourite style was to be a dressage pony,carrying out all the intricate movements involved in the 'paddock area' at this Master's home,she had even been known to stay overnight in the stables there,in her bridle,and eat and drink as a pony would, from bowls and baskets,though it must be said that this pony was not fed hay and oats on those occasions!She had admitted to him many times that she would really love to be able to live as a pony all the time,but realised this wasn't really very practical,but she just so loved being a pony she had said to him on 1 recent occasion,

"How I would love to be a real pony."

What she didnt know was that her friend's full time job was as a scientist,an expert in the fields of biology and chemistry,and currently working on human genetic adaption processes!He had joked to her at the time that,

"Who knows what will become possible?",but Sarah had just laughed and said,

"Turn me into a real pony,it would be lovely,but it's not going to happen is it?"

and since then he had turned the whole genetic adaption experiment over to making this possible!Regular as clockwork,every other Wednesday Sarah would turn up at his home,strip naked,he would fit the bridle around her head,place the bit in her mouth,fit a tail into her rear, place a saddle on her back and harness her up,Sarah would 'whinny' with pleasure and trot off to the paddock to perform her exercises.At the end he would feed,water and groom her,the grooming being carried out with a soft towel to remove the sweat,rather than a hard brush of course,paying particular attention to her soft full breasts which always caused her to moan with pleasure.

One Wednesday she enjoyed it more than usual and said to him,little knowing that his experiment was ready to be tried out,

"Mmmmmm,"she said,"this little filly would enjoy some stud duties sometime,"she giggled,"if permitted with a human,that is!"

"Of course it is,"her friend David said,"it will have to be done properly mind,with you on all fours."

"Naturally,"said Sarah,"I couldn't do it any other way.Shall I lead the way to the stud area,Master?"

"Yes",laughed David,"the stallion will follow shortly."

David went and fetched a bottle of knock out drops from the kitchen before heading for the bedroom thinking to himself,

"Might as well try it out today,its a fine opportunity to do so,after stallion duties of course."

He got to the bedroom to find Sarah on the bed,still wearing her complete harness and bridle,on all fours,with a massive smile on her face,despite the bit in her mouth.

"I removed the saddle,but nothing else Master,"she smiled and said,"if that's permitted?"

"Think I should remove the bit,"David said,"you might hurt your tongue if you get too excited."

"Oh,OK,"said Sarah disappointedly,"but I really wanted to be just like a filly pony when we made love,or should I say serviced by my stallion!"

David laughed and said,"Alright then,you can wear it,as long as I can put something over the hardest part of it."

"Yes Master,of course Master."she said delighted at this outcome.

David put some sponge padding over the hardest part of the bit,made sure she could still breathe properly and then moved around behind her. Sarah made an attempt to whisk her tail,and David could feel a firm erection bulging in his pants at this sight.He lowered his pants and released his bulging cock and said to Sarah,

"Hope this will satisfy my little filly,its not quite as long as a horses cock after all!But this little stallion will do his best to satisfy his little filly."

"Thats all I ask for Master,I'm sure you will make a perfect stallion for me."Sarah replied and neighed happily.

David mounted Sarah and plunged his cock deep into her pussy,and she gave a massive sigh of pleasure,followed by a big whinny of delight.He gripped the harness firmly as he plunged deeper and deeper into her, each time Sarah would gasp and whinny with delight,all the time concentrating on remaining on all fours,as a pony would.After a while she felt David beginning to cum,and prepared herself to receive his seed within her,at this time David stayed within her,as a stallion would,and then eventually when he could hold it no longer he shot his cum deep into Sarah's pussy,letting out a moan of pleasure as he did so,Sarah doing the same,before adding some neighs and whinnies of delight as well,before collapsing in a soggy pile of sexual pleasure on the bed.

"Are you alright?"asked David nervously,"I didnt know quite how forceful to be with my precious filly."

"I'm fine,adored it,"said Sarah puffing but smiling,"just difficult staying on all fours when I have the weight of the harness and bridle pulling on me."

"Well I did wonder how difficult it would be,so I fetched some smelling salts with me just in case,just relax on the bed and take in a few deep breaths and you should be fine."David said and took the bottle in his hand.

"That was kind of you Master,thank you for that."said Sarah,and took in a few deep breaths,"Thank you Mas..."and fell into a deep sleep.

"No thank you Sarah,and now I will carry out a little experiment on you,which hopefully we will both enjoy."He said.

He went into the next room,and returned with a large container of a brown solution,and 3 IV needles with tubes attached.He placed the 3 tubes into the solution,and carefully injected 1 needle into each of Sarah's nipples,and a larger one into her navel,he turned a dial on each of the tubes,and slowly and steadily the solution trickled up the tubes and into Sarah's body,

"In a matter of hours we will know if human genetic adaption is really possible."he said,as he watched the solution entering Sarah's sleeping body,now at a much faster rate,as her veins grew hungry for this new solution now coursing through them.After an hour or so the first signs of a light chestnut downy fur beginning to cover Sarah began to show through on her body,and the shape of her arms and legs were certainly beginning to show signs of changes as well.Also about this time Sarah began to come round,

"What...What...What's happening,am I OK?"she asked drowsily.

"Everything is fine Sarah,"David said,"I'm just helping you to fulfil your dream thats all."

"Eh...pardon?"she said still groggy.

"Look down at yourself Sarah,look at your skin,and see whats happening."he replied.

Sarah looked down at herself,and saw 2 tubes,by now pumping brown solution into her nipples,she saw what she thought was clumps of chestnut fur growing,but just couldn't take it all in.

"What's happening?"she asked David.

"You're becoming a pony,"he laughed,"just what you've always wanted to happen.Look at your arms and legs if you dont believe me."

Sarah looked down at her arms and legs,well they certainly weren't their normal shape she thought to herself,tried to cry,and a whinny came out.

"What have you done to me?"she squealed at David,"How long will it last,is it permanent?"

"Its an experiment I'm involved in Sarah,called human genetic adaption, and you are the first to try it.At this dosage the effect will last 2 or 3 days,so no it's not permanent.So knowing this,are you pleased?" he replied in a firm voice,"Or would you rather it was permanent?"

"Maybe,"she giggled,"but it will be nice to discover my equine emotions without it being permanent."

"Well,as you will when this chemical has finished pumping into your body in another hour or so.It won't have affected you emotionally or mentally,to do that you need to drink this solution over here,but I wanted to give you a choice on this matter,but you would need to do so very soon,before facial adaption takes place to make it easier for you to drink it....."David said.

"....No long term effects?"interrupted Sarah.

"None."said David firmly.

"Then give it here now,please."said Sarah.

Sarah gulped down the solution,smiled at David,and said,"Ooh,it feels like something is throbbing inside my head."

"Genetic adaption of brain cells has commenced."David replied,"Very soon you will not think and act like a human,but like a horse,just enjoy the ride.Relax and enjoy,OK?"

"OK."said Sarah,and fell back into sleep.When she woke up again she lifted her head,and found she was standing on all fours in the stable, and when she opened her mouth to call to David,a loud neigh came out. She looked round the stable hungrily,saw a big container of oats and bran,a large bucket of water,a happy whinny was uttered,and she ate and drank happily.After that Sarah the pony saw something shining in the corner of the stable and went to investigate,it was a mirror,and the pony happily stood and looked at its own reflection.Then she heard a noise outside,and trotted over to the stable door,and saw David her owner,coming towards her with a full set of tack in his hands.He smiled when he saw the pony's face peering through the door.

"Hello Sarah,I hope you are enjoying this,I look forward to getting the feedback in a couple of days or so,but in the meanwhile I might as well give you some exercise."he said.

Sarah just whinnied in delight at seeing her owner.He saddled her up, put on her bridle and harness,and placed the bit in her mouth,then took her out of her stable and mounted her.

"Lets give you the pleasure of doing some things that a human pony can't really do."he said,and gave her sides a gentle kick.Sarah started to gallop across the paddock,then saw a 4ft fence in front of her,and just popped over it,neighing with delight as she did so.

David laughed and said,"I'd like to have seen the human pony jump that!"and turned Sarah around the arena to jump it again,which she did in sheer delight.He then took her out of the arena,and out into some nearby fields for a nice long gallop which she enjoyed greatly,kicking and squealing in sheer delight at this pleasurable experience.After this she was taken back into the arena to jump the fence a few more times,albeit lowered to take account of all her exertions,but she cleared it happily several times,before David took her back to her stable to rest and recover.He removed all her tack,wiped her down and groomed her thoroughly,made sure she had enough food and water to keep her satisfied,patted her on the neck and left her alone.Several times Sarah moved over to the mirror to look at herself,and neigh in delight at what she saw there.

The next day David again saddled her up,after cleaning out her stable, and took her out for a gallop and some exercise yet again.The young filly loved all this attention and was having a wonderful time.Later that day,as it was fine,David turned her out in a field for a few hours and she had a wonderful time,watching the day go by,and occasionly people would come by,and pet her and feed her sugar lumps or carrots, which she gobbled up with delight.Suddenly she felt the presence of something else in the field,and assumed it was David come to fetch her and take her home to her stable,but it wasn't,it was another pony, company for her,so she went across to chat with him,and nuzzle up against him.She had realised it was a male pony,as she could see he was a 'little' excited by something,not imagining that it was her that was exciting him!She soon found out it was when he mounted her,and filled her with his massive cock,and she neighed in sheer delight at the feel of this inside her.Eventually he came inside her,and she whinnied with pleasure as he did so.Shortly after this someone she didn't know came and collected the 2 ponies,and took them off to the stables together.

"Ooh,he's staying the night at Master's!"giggled the filly,"maybe I can get to know him better!"

However she didnt see the male pony again that night,which disappointed her slightly,she just assumed he'd been collected by someone else from there.The next morning Sarah awoke,fed and watered herself,to await the arrival of David,but he never arrived that morning.About lunchtime the filly felt wobbly on her feet and lay down on her straw and fell asleep.Several hours later Sarah woke up,and wondered what she was doing lying naked in a stable which clearly needed cleaning out,then giggled to herself when she recalled the events of the last 2 days or so.When she had gathered herself together,and found a towel to cover her modesty she let herself out of the stable and headed for the house to see David,and let him know she had changed back to a woman.

David was stood in the living room when she got there,and he turned and smiled at her and said,

"Well,how was it,was it everything you expected?"

"Yes,and a little bit more,"she giggled,"got serviced by a male pony yesterday in the field,hope I dont have a foal in 9 months!"

"I know,"David laughed,"it was me,I took a very minimal dose to see if it would have any effect,it did,and I saw this very beautiful filly in the field,so I decided to get very close to her."

"You!"gasped Sarah,"It was so tender and beautiful I should have known. How long did the effect last then?"

"About 12 hours."laughed David,"I let myself out of the stable late last night when I changed back,you were snoring away merrily!I didn't do the mental adaption because I can't shrink the dose of that,but it was wonderful making love to a beautiful filly like you."

"It was nice having you make love to me like that."giggled Sarah,"And at least I know I won't be having a foal in 9 months!"

"Who knows!"joked David,"You will just have to wait and see!Sorry Sarah,but I need to do the more formal stuff now,and ask you a few questions about your experience."

"OK David,I understand."said Sarah.

"Good,"said David,"firstly was the adaption process painful in any way?"

"No,"said Sarah,"not at all,very tranquil,though the drink you gave me made my head feel all tingly."

"That was just the chemicals affecting your mind,transferring all thoughts from free-human to controlled-pony ones."he replied.

"Why controlled-pony,not free-pony?"

"Because you would not normally think in an equine manner,and therefore your thoughts had to be chemically controlled to do so."

"Oh,OK."said Sarah."And could that be done permanently?"

"Yes,with an initial very large dose,then top ups within the fluid intake.And before you ask,genetic adaption would be permanent with about 5 times the dosage you received,and top up would not be necessary."

"And that would be a safe dosage?"Sarah asked.

David laughed and said,"Yes,for a pony most definitely,and well within human range too,why?"

"Just wondered,thats all."giggled Sarah.

"And how did it all feel,and would you do it again?"asked David.

Sarah smiled and said,"The whole experience was absolutely heavenly,I know all about my life as a pony,but at the same time that I acted as a pony,I was still Sarah...."

"...Yes,you were still Sarah,just that all your thoughts,actions and deeds were controlled to be as a pony."interrupted David.

"May I continue please,"giggled Sarah,"I was able to take it all in as Sarah,but through a pony's eyes and thoughts.When I saw that 4 ft fence,I thought I'm never going to jump that,but of course as a pony I just sailed over it,and went 'yes!' as I did so.And to gallop like that across the fields was awesome,and to have people coming up and petting me and feeding me carrots was lovely.Suppose it was my actions being controlled for me but I found 4 legs very easy to run on,which surprised me,thought I might need to learn these things.Would I do it again,that ranks as a very silly question,of course I would!

"Well I did wonder whether equine life was everything you thought it would be,thats all!"laughed David.

"Yes,yes,yes,"said Sarah,"and if you are in any doubt at all,YES!"

"So if you were offered the chance of being permanently adapted?"asked David.

"As a pony?Oh gosh,probably yes,but I would need time to think about it,why?"asked Sarah.

"Because sometime in the future,we will be seeking a volunteer for that to happen,thats why!"said David.

"And then I'd be a pony forever?"Sarah asked him.

"Yes you would,"replied David,"that's why you would really need to think about it long and hard Sarah.There would be no turning back to human again if I did that to you."

"OK,I will."said Sarah.

A fortnight later Sarah didnt turn up at David's home at her normal time,and he was worried that he'd scared her away with what he'd done to her on her previous visit,especially as he didn't hear from her at all about why she hadn't turned up.However a fortnight later Sarah turned up promptly at her normal time with a big smile on her face.When David saw her he asked her worriedly,

"Why didn't you call me,or turn up a fortnight ago,Sarah?"

"Because I was getting ready for this,I had a lot of things to do to sort out my life,thats why."she replied.

"You were.......????"asked David slightly baffled.

"Yes,I've decided,I want to become that filly pony full time David,and I had to sort out everything before the 'human' Sarah disappeared,and the 'pony' Sarah takes her place,and now I'm ready."

"Oh!"said David,"But if that's what you want....."

"....Yes it is!"interrupted Sarah firmly,"I know this won't only be for a couple of days like before,but forever,but thats what I want,as long as I have a good owner to look after me."

"Sarah,you will only ever have 1 owner,and thats me."said David and hugged her.

"Thats what I wanted to hear,"said Sarah,"in that case how soon can it all happen?"

"Within a couple of days,"said David,"I will need to get permission off various people for this to actually happen,you know."

"And can I stay here till then?"asked Sarah excitedly,"as a human pony?"

"Yes,you can."said David uncertainly,"Of course."

David had quite simply not planned on a permanent transformation taking place quite this soon,and didn't know if the 'powers that be' would give permission for it to actually happen,but within a few days,as Sarah was deemed 'very willing' for this to take place,something which had been confirmed by Sarah herself,agreement was made for Sarah to undergo full and permanent genetic adaption,after a cooling off period of 7 days from the phone call.To Sarah those 7 days seemed to last forever,but eventually they passed,not surprisingly she didn't change her mind,and indeed she just got keener and keener on the idea.

On the 7th day David woke Sarah with a loving kiss,and said,

"This is it!Is there anything you wish to do before you become a pony?"

"Yes there is,"she said,"I want to make love to you for the last time as a human,there is no one else I want to do it with."

David smiled and said,"What a lovely idea."

Sarah pulled back the covers on her naked body and gently pulled David into the bed,and then stripped him.He played all the while with her full round breasts,nibbling at her nipples and driving her into a state of wild ecstasy,and exciting her ever dampening pussy with his hands, working her clit into a state of high excitement.She sucked on his cock until it was firm and very erect,then looking at it smiled and said,

"Not as big as the last time dear,but big enough for a human all the same."she giggled,and eased it into her.She let out moans of pleasure as it sunk deep into her now steamy pussy,and David made a wonderful show of making love to her.After a while she felt him begin to cum and she pulled him in ever deeper,and eventually he shot his massive load of cum into her.

"Mmmmmmmmmm,that was wonderful."she said,"Will you ever become a stallion and service me?"

"I don't know,"he laughed,"might just get a proper stallion to do it next time!"

"Ooooh,that would be nice,"giggled Sarah,"a top quality one I trust."

"For you,of course."said David,"And now we must have breakfast and then leave,we have to go to the laboratory where the work will be carried out,it has to be witnessed you see."

"OK,"said Sarah,"presume it's so they know I was human beforehand."

"That's right,"said David,"or we could just claim anything,couldn't we."

After breakfast David packed all the equipment and solutions he would need into a horse wagon,as he put it,he would need it on the way back as it might be 'slightly' difficult for the new Sarah to sit in a car! They drove many miles to a camp surrounded by wire,David showed a pass and they were let in.When they reached the buildings David and Sarah were greeted and men took all the buckets and bottles of the various solutions into the building,Sarah gasped at all the equipment inside it.

"Is this all for me?"she asked.

"Yes,"said David,"we are going to increase the strength of the thought adaption by electrical stimulation of your brain cells,to wipe all human thoughts,and to increase the strength of your pony ones,it will make it all the more effective,thats all.We're going to do that first,then do the body adaption,will you sit in that chair over there please Sarah?"

Sarah went and sat in the chair she was directed to,and electrodes were placed on her temple and forehead,she was given a chemical solution to drink and was then told by one of the scientists,

"Just relax,we're going to wipe all human thoughts from your mind,and replace them with pony ones,we will then give you one more drink to complete the work,then begin the body adaption,OK?"

"OK."said Sarah happily,and they switched the machine on.Sarah felt her whole head start to tingle,and she felt all loose and relaxed.All her human thoughts and memories were steadily wiped from her mind,and replaced by those suitable for Sarah the pony.Some of her emotions were reinserted into her mind,so that she was truly Sarah the pony,and not just any pony.At the end of this she was offered a bowl which she drank from,this was simply to seal everything within her mind.After this Sarah was helped to a table and laid down and restrained,given a sedative and then the tubes were inserted into her body,this time several additional ones being inserted into her arms and legs,as well as nipples and navel simply to speed the whole process up.Then the dials were turned on the tubes and the brown solution gushed into Sarah's body,after less than an hour Sarah's pink flesh had become covered with chestnut fur which grew all across her body,then all of a sudden her body began to change, her head began to change shape,her arms and legs as well,David said the vital words,

"Permanent genetic adaption from human to equine state has commenced,we have now reached the point where return to human state is no longer possible.4 hours from now work will be completed,the pony must remain asleep until that time,continue sedation for the full period,it is one that is safe for ponies as well as humans."

4 hours later,the work was completed,and laid on the table was a full grown pony,a beautiful chestnut filly.One of the scientists said,

"Stand the filly up,and then waken her."and they did so,then he turned to David and said,"We have given her the body and capacity of a 3 year old filly,so she will have a very good,long life in her new body,she should easily manage another 20 years I should think.She should be quite a frisky young filly."

"Excellent,"said David,"I just felt she should have a long,full and enjoyable life in her new body.She's coming round now."

Sarah stretched her limbs and whinnied gently,then looked nervously at all the men,1 of them gave her a bucket of food,and another some water which she happily munched and drank,and then she was fine.David put a harness and bridle on her and led her back to the horse van,albeit with Sarah a little unsteady on her feet,due to the sedative and not her new body.David heard her snoring gently on the journey home,but she soon woke up when the van stopped and he led her out into the paddock and then her stable.Sarah the pony was a very content animal,she had a good caring owner,and would be very happy in her new life.

David cared for Sarah exceedingly well over the years,giving her regular exercise,training her to show jump,and then letting the local children ride her in competitions.

Now I could make her a world beater,winning hundreds of pony competitions and all that,but thats just gooey!She did do well as a pony,she did win competitions,but equally she had off days when some of the fences just seemed to fall off for her.Eventually David did breed from her,always getting a fine stallion to breed with her,and she produced many beautiful foals over the years,which she cared for in a true motherly manner.

At the grand old age of 26(well thats pretty grand in equine years) Sarah died in her sleep,having been a very content pony for 23 years. In the last few years,she hadn't been quite so active,but had still had a very happy life.Her 16 foals certainly were very grateful to her. David buried her in a field near her paddock,a field where she had spent many happy hours over the years,being spoilt rotten,and giving so many children a wonderful time.

The genetic adaption experiment,well of course as you have already worked out,was very successful,and was put to many good uses over the years,being extremely useful for things like space travel and deep sea work,either permanent adaption,or just for a few days to enable some work to be done.David did marry,and indeed his 3 children grew up riding Sarah without knowing her little secret,but Sarah was the true love of his life and she was all he really would have needed in life to be happy.


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