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Weight Loss or Domination?

by PuppetMaster300

Weight Loss or Domination?

Part 1 -- The Appointment
Sarah looked at the business card nervously, turning it over and over again, flipping it back and forth between her hands. Her mind was definitely racing. Making this call really shouldn't be so hard, should it? She trusted Maria enough. If it worked for Maria, why shouldn't she at least pick up the phone and try? What's the worst that could happen?
She found herself answering her own questions. Hypnosis is scary. You're giving up all of this control. And was she really comfortable talking about this with a complete stranger...and for what? Well, Maria does look great now. She's lost weight, and definitely seems more confident. All right. And Erik did say that he'd go with her. Okay. I can do this...
She took a deep breath, picked up the phone, and dialed the number o the card.
After a couple of rings, a pleasant-sounding woman answered the phone. "Sabrina's Hypnotherapy. How may I help you?"
"Um, hi. My name is Sarah, Sarah Devlin. I was, um, I, well, a friend of mine recommended calling you to, um, --"
"You sound nervous, Sarah. Relax. Take a deep breath."
Sarah paused and she inhaled deeply. As she exhaled, the voice on the other end asked, "Does that feel better?"
"A little."
"Good. Would you like to make an appointment?"
"Actually, could I make a joint appointment, for me and my boyfriend?" Sarah kind of blurted this out.
"Sure. What would you like to do?"
"Well, my boyfriend and I have both gained some weight and we could use some help losing it."
"Sure! Not a problem. Would you like a day or an evening appointment?"
"Evening, if possible."
"How about tomorrow night at 5:30?"
"That should work."
"Great. What did you say your boyfriend's name was?"
"We'll see you tomorrow."
"Great! Thank you."
"You're welcome."
The following night, Erik picked up Sarah at her apartment, and they drove together to Sabrina's office. It was one of many offices in a large medical complex not far away. During the drive, Erik looked over at Sarah and asked if she wanted to go out to dinner after the appointment.
She wanted to say something about how going out to dinner was one of the reasons why they had both been gaining weight, but it was hard to say no to an offer of a good meal.
They stepped into the office and looked around. It was tastefully decorated, much like any other doctor's office. They stepped up to the window and signed in for their appointment. A smiling young woman asked them to take a seat and fill out a few forms.
The forms asked questions ranging from age to past experience involving hypnotism and meditation, to level of education and current occupation. Probably the most important question was, "What do you expect to accomplish by your visit here today?"
Sarah looked at Erik, pointed at this question, and said, "I guess we should say something about appetite suppression and more exercise, huh?"
"Yeah. That sounds about right."
Erik wrote down appetite suppression and more exercise, just as they agreed. Then he glanced up at Sarah and saw that she wasn't watching what he was doing. He quickly scribbled a third reason: their sex life had become boring and monotonous. He would like a little bit more adventure as well.
He flipped his form over to see if there was anything else to fill out on the back (there wasn't), and sat there watching as Sarah reread all of her answers. She finally looked up at him and smiled nervously.
"Do you want me to bring our forms up to the receptionist?" he offered.
He took the forms to the window, and the girl behind the window thanked him. "Sabrina will e with you shortly."
He sat back down next to her and took her hand. Her hands were cool with sweat. He tried to lighten the mood by pointing out some of the artwork on the walls. There was a pink spiral above the receptionist's window, along with pictures of pocket watches, a grandfather clock, a torch, and a metronome scattered around the room.
"I wonder which they'll use on us," she mused.
"Hopefully not the torch."
She laughed.
After a short silence, a door in the back of the waiting room opened ad a tall woman, dressed in a long flowing gown, stood in the doorway. "Erik and Sarah?"
Sarah quickly responded, "That's us!"
"I'm Sabrina. Thank you both for coming tonight. Please follow me."
Erik gave a "ladies first" gesture and held the door open for Sarah. As she walked by, he caught her eye and saw that she looked somewhat frightened as to what might happen next. He took her hand and they walked cautiously, at a slight distance, behind Sabrina.
Sarah whispered to Erik. "She's not quite what I expected. I mean, she's, like, our age."
"Just take it in stride."
Sabrina led them to a large room, with a sofa and a desk. The room was warm and dimly lit, but the colors in the room -- as best as Sarah and Erik could tell -- were soothing and inviting. Gesturing, she said, "Please. Take a seat on the couch. Make yourselves comfortable." As they sat down, Sabrina continued. "If you'd like to kick your shoes off, please feel free to do so." Neither Sarah nor Erik took their shoes off.
Sabrina sat down behind the desk and read over the notes she had been given. "So you two want to lose weight, huh?"
Both nodded.
"You two don't seem that overweight to begin with."
"That's what everyone says, but we have gained some weight," responded Sarah.
Erik chimed in. "Yeah. In high school, I was a wrestler and she was a cheerleader. We'd like to go back to those weights, but we can't seem to do it."
"Are you still exercising?"
"Not as much as we'd like," said Erik.
"So I take it you want to suppress your appetites and exercise more. You'd like a bit more willpower, right?"
"Yes," they both said in unison.
"Very well." Sabrina put the papers down on the desk. "Let's begin, shall we?"
Sarah let out a deep sigh, a bit nervous about what was about to happen
"To begin with, both of you, please close your eyes and relax. Take a deep breath."
They both did so.
"I want you both just to listen to the sound of my voice. Now inhale. Good. And exhale. Very good. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale."
Both Erik and Sarah were now breathing in a slow, orderly manner.
"I want you to keep breathing just like that. But every time you inhale, I want you to say the word Ôsleep' to yourself. That's right. Inhale -- sleep. Exhale. Inhale -- sleep. Exhale."
Sarah was clearly mouthing the word "sleep" as she took her breaths. Erik was breathing in perfect unison with Sarah. Sabrina smiled. She saw what Erik had written and would see what she could do to improve their sex life as well. After all, she was going to be tinkering around in their brains, and the brain is the biggest sex organ after all, isn't it?
"Keep breathing. That's good. Inhale -- sleep. Exhale. Inhale -- sleep. Exhale. You can feel all of your concerns melting away. Clear your mind out and relax. Let the breathing become you. Inhale -- sleep. Exhale. Inhale -- sleep. Exhale. There is nothing here but the three of us. Just focus on the sound of my voice. Inhale -- sleep. Exhale. Inhale -- sleep. Exhale."
There was still a lot of tension around Erik's face, but Sarah seemed very relaxed.
"Okay. I want you to imagine that you are riding along in a sports car, a convertible. It's a beautiful spring day and you wanted to go for a ride. The top is down."
Sarah stretched her arms out in front of her as though her hands were on a steering wheel. Erik leaned his head back and smiled.
"You're driving along a winding road. One that runs roughly alongside of a river."
Sarah started moving her hands as though driving on the kind of road Sabrina just described.
"Inhale -- sleep. Exhale. Inhale -- sleep. Exhale. The air is so fresh. Everything around you is beautiful. It's a great day to be alive and driving! Inhale -- sleep. Exhale. Inhale -- sleep. Exhale."
Erik slowly raised his hands as though he were driving, too. Sabrina smiled.
"Let's drive for a little bit longer. Inhale -- sleep. Exhale. Inhale -- sleep. Exhale." Erik was now "steering" his car around some sharp turns, just as Sarah was.
"Okay. Up ahead is a place where you can stop and get out of the car. You can look out, over the river, and see a waterfall. Do you see it?"
They both slowly intoned, "Yes."
"Good. We should be there soon. We're almost there. Slow down a little bit. Okay. Your exit is right here. Turn off to the right. Very good. Now stop the car. Good. Inhale -- sleep. Exhale. Inhale -- sleep. Exhale. Now get out of the car. "
They both extended their left hands out and opened an imaginary car door. Sarah turned so that both of her legs were to her left and pulled herself out of the "car." Erik slid his left leg out the sideways from his position and stood up and out of his "car."
"Both of you, please wait here for a minute. I want you to admire the beauty of this place. It's a very comfortable place, a very inviting place. You have no fears here. Inhale -- sleep. Exhale. Inhale -- sleep. Exhale. If anything happens to you while you are in this trance, that makes you uncomfortable, just say the words Ôsafe place' and you will immediately find yourselves back here. If you understand what I have told you, say, ÔYes.'"
Erik and Sarah weakly and simultaneously said, "Yes."
"Very good. I see here that you both wish to lose weight."
They both nodded their heads Ôyes.'
"And you want to get some exercise."
They nodded again.
"Sarah, how long have you and Erik been dating?"
"About two years now."
"Are you living together?"
"Do you ever have sex?"
Sarah paused for a moment. She wasn't sure if she should answer this question.
"It's all right, Sarah. You can trust me. You can tell me anything."
"I can trust you."
"Now, Sarah. Do you and Erik ever have sex?"
"Do you enjoy it?"
"It's all right, I guess."
"What do you mean, you guess?"
"It would be nice if he went down on me once in a while."
"Yes, it would. Wouldn't it? Inhale -- sleep. Exhale. Inhale -- sleep. Exhale. I think I have just the thing for all of your problems. Please wait here a moment."
Sabrina went into another room and returned a short while later with a wicker basket.
"Sarah, I want you to take this basket."
Sarah stepped forward and took the basket from Sabrina's hands.
"Very good, Sarah. This basket has two simple rules. First, whenever you or Erik feel the need to have something fattening, instead of eating it, you will place the food in this basket. Second, at the end of the day, you and Erik will empty the basket into the trash. Sarah, do you understand these rules?"
"Erik, do you understand these rules?"
"Very goo. One more thing about this basket, the very act of putting something into the basket, is a very sensual thing, almost erotic. Taking something out of the basket is even more sensual. The more food you put into the basket, the more aroused you will become. The very act of putting food into this basket can almost qualify as foreplay. Emptying the basket is definitely foreplay. Do you understand?"
Sarah and Erik both intoned, "Yes."
"One more thing, Sarah. You will not be afraid to express your need to Erik."
"I will not be afraid to express my needs."
"Erik, you will be receptive to Sarah's needs."
"I will be receptive."
"Erik, you will oblige Sarah's desires."
"I will oblige."
"Sarah, you will not be afraid to be sexually aggressive."
"I will not e afraid to be sexually aggressive."
"Erik, the more aggressive Sarah is, the more submissive you will be."
"The more aggressive Sarah is, the more submissive I will be."
Sabrina let out a short chuckle. "Very good, both of you. Very good."
Sabrina pace around the room twice, looking both Sarah and Erik over as they stood, expressionless, waiting for more information.
"All right, you two. I want you to go back into your cars here at this safe point."
They both moved as though they were going back into car, and sat down on the sofa where they had started the session. Sarah put the basket down on the floor next to her.
"I want you to start driving back to this office. I am going to count backwards from ten. When I reach 1, you will find yourselves back in this office, fully awake, and refreshed. Do you understand?"
Erik was slightly ahead of Sarah as he said, "Yes."
"Very good. Okay. Ten. You are driving back down that winding road. Nine. Everything is beautiful outside. Eight. You had a very successful session today. Seven. This is a good start to helping with your problems. Six. You are very relaxed. Five. This session was very productive. Four. We will explore your progress next week. Three. You are outside this office. Two. You are out of your cars and back here on this couch. One. Wake up."
Sarah and Erik looked around. They vaguely knew that they had been put into a hypnotic trance, but they really didn't know the details of what they had done, said, or been told. Erik looked at Sarah and then at Sabrina before speaking. "Did you really hypnotize us?"
"But, um, you didn't wave a watch or anything in front of us."
"That's a common misconception. You don't really need a watch. All you need is something to focus on. With you two, I had you focussing on your breathing."
Sarah looked surprised. "Really?"
"Yes, really. Do you see that basket down by your feet?" Sarah looked down and scratched her head. Before she could speak, Sabrina continued, "That basket will help you both lose weight."
Erik scowled. "How will it do that?"
"Well, let's put it to a test, shall we?"
Erik was about to say something when Sarah said, "Good idea!"
Sabrina stepped around to the back of her desk and opened a drawer. "I like to chew on these while I'm on break. Would you like a pretzel rod?"
They looked at each other and then back at Sabrina. Sarah said, "I guess."
"Very well." Sabrina came around the desk and offered the bag of salty snacks to both of them. Sarah reached in and pulled out one rod, and Erik did the same.
Both Sarah and Erik sat there, staring at the food, not sure if they really should have taken it. "Go ahead. Enjoy!"
Sarah opened her mouth and brought the pretzel to her lips. Her hand changed course, and she gently dropped it into the basket. She gave out a slightly excited gasp when she realized that she did that without thinking about it. She actually felt a slight tingle that she figured was from the unexpected hand movement.
Erik watched her do this and smiled He, too, tried to eat the pretzel rod and instead found himself placing it in the basket. "Wow!" He had a somewhat crooked grin on his face as he realized what had happened while they were entranced.
"The basket is my gift to you. We'll need a few more sessions, mind you, but I think this was a great first session. Please make an appointment for next week with the receptionist. When you come back, don't forget to bring your basket."
"Thank you, Sabrina." Sarah smiled.
"You're very welcome. Have a good night."
"You, too."
Part 2 -- A Walk in the Park
As they had agreed, Sarah and Erik went out to dinner after the appointment. After some discussion, they agreed to go somewhere relatively quick and inexpensive. Once they were seated, both ordered gourmet-style hamburgers and French fries.
The suggestions planted by Sabrina had already started to take hold and every time either one of them tried to eat a fry, they found that they would put it in the basket, rather than in their mouth.
Their waitress noticed this strange behavior, especially considering that they were both clearly anticipating eating the foodstuffs that ultimately landed in the basket by the way they moved their hands and opened their mouths and approached the tables.
"Is everything alright?"
"Yes. Thank you." Sarah replied.
"No, I mean really. Are you OK?"
"Yes. Really." Erik felt a little bit annoyed at the insistence of this waitress and didn't hide it in the way he responded. The waitress took this not-so-subtle hint and waked away.
By the end of the dinner, the basket was practically overflowing and they were both feeling a little bit lightheaded.
After a short discussion, they agreed to take a walk in a park nearby before they called it a night. The sun was setting and the sky was a vibrant red-and-orange mixture. The park was becoming less and less crowded as they walked along one of the paths that crisscrossed the area. The fresh air was taking away some of their lightheadedness.
As they approached a trash can, Sarah looked down at the basket and noticed how full it was. "We should probably empty this."
Erik agreed and they carefully unloaded the contents of the basket into the trashcan: several French fries and two pretzel rods. Every piece of food that landed in the trash can reminded Sarah more and more of the tingles that she got as they put them into the basket in the first place. They reminded her of the tingles she got when she was with Erik. By the time the basket was empty, she found herself a bit short of breath.
Sarah eyeballed her boyfriend from head to toe with a very pronounced sense of lust. He felt a similar sense of lust as he gazed at her. There was a prolonged silence that he broke when he said, "How about we get, um, a different kind o exercise?"
She smiled. This is what she was hoping he'd say. "Tell me where you want to go, baby."
He took her hand and they hastily departed from the trail they had been on. After a few minutes (although to Sarah, it felt like an eternity) he found a clearing in a set of trees that seemed somewhat isolated. She smiled. "This looks like a safe place," he remarked.
At that point, something strange happened. They thought they were in a wooded area, but in fact, they were overlooking a beautiful waterfall. They gazed out over the water and Sarah sighed. "It's beautiful! Please, Erik. Take me!"
Erik stepped up behind Sarah and started running his fingers through her long light-brown hair. She let out a sigh as his fingers gently massaged her head. He lifted her hair around one shoulder and gave her a gentle kiss on the back of her neck, right at her hairline.
She shuddered as the chill went straight down her spine. He placed his hands on her shoulders and started to give her a gentle backrub. She leaned back towards him and smiled as she unbuttoned her blouse and let it fall to the ground beneath them.
He lowered her bra strap down past her shoulders and continued kissing her. She trembled slightly as she turned around to face him. She eagerly unbuttoned his shirt. She gave him a winking nod as she remarked, "That's the idea, baby."
She lowered her other bra strap as he reached around her to unclasp the bra. She brought her arms out but close by her sides as she controlled its fall away from her
He backed off for a moment to admire her well-rounded breasts and stiff nipples. "Do you see anything you like, stud?"
He laughingly responded, "Oh yeah."
"Sometimes, if there's something you want, you just need to take it."
He blinked a few times and stepped forward, massaging each of her tits in one of his hands. He circled her nipples closely, and then, gradually, further out with two fingers from each hand.
The pleasure of being fondled -- here, outside for any passersby to see -- made her tremble slightly. She took a deep breath and reached forward to unbuckle his belt. With one smooth, fluid motion, she pulled his belt off of him and threw it to the ground. She thought it would be a good idea to keep it close in case she wanted to use it later
She unclasped his pants and placed her hands inside of his waistband, pulling his pants and underwear down around his ankles. She giggled as she saw his red boxer shorts sitting inside of his pants as he stepped out of what was left of his clothes.
He knelt down before her and reached up her long flowing skirt. She slapped his hand gently and playfully asked, "What do you think you're doing?"
"Um ... removing your panties?"
"Don't you think you should take off my skirt first?"
"Err, I guess so."
She guided his hand out from under her skirt to the drawstring that tightened it around her waist. He untied it and it slipped down over her hips, revealing the top of her panties to him.
He tugged at the bottom of her skirt and pulled it off of her hips and it gently floated down to her feet.
She placed her thumbs inside of her panties on either side and folded it over in front of her body, revealing the top of her neatly trimmed mound to him. He knelt down before her and began to kiss the recently revealed portion of her body.
He took her slightly exposed clit gently in his teeth and began to suck on it. At the same time, he began to gently finger her through her underwear. She let out a low moan. As he rubbed her through what little clothing she was still wearing, he could feel the fabric picking up some moisture. He stopped for a moment and noted that her panties were becoming translucent. By now, he was even more turned on than he was before.
She looked down and smiled. It was time to take off the last of her clothes, so she took his hands in hers and together, they slid her underwear and stockings down to her ankles together.
She grabbed him by the back of the head and forced his face into her crotch. He continued to suck on her clit, licking her n both the outside and inside of her labia when he had the opportunity.
She started to pant and let go of the back of his head. He reached around her and pinched her ass as he dove in deeper. Her panting sped up and became somewhat noisier. "Oooooooh. I didn't ... Oh ... Please, Erik. Oh ... Oh, yes! That's it. OOOOOOOOOH!"
She clenched her pussy in on his tongue as this wave of pleasure shot through her. She had to admit, she didn't think she'd ever felt a full-on orgasm just from some guy's tongue. It was hard enough to cum when she was alone, but with someone else? Never.
Her knees buckled and he helped her fall gently backwards and under him. Although he may have paused for a moment as they both got comfortable again, he was still licking, nibbling, teasing and tugging, massaging and rubbing. She wrapped her legs around his shoulders and looked down towards his head.
She whispered, "That's good, Erik. Why not come a little closer to me?"
He looked up at her smiling face and crawled slowly up and over her body, gently kissing her as he climbed higher and higher. He spent what felt like a beautiful eternity over her navel, and then each of her breasts. She bit her lip as she wondered how much more pleasure she could take.
Soon, his head was directly above hers and she could reach his cock, even if she wanted to focus on his sweat-soaked face above her. He leaned forward and started to nibble on her earlobe. She started to giggle at this feeling. She couldn't remember the last time someone had done that!
In the meantime, his staff was finding out how aroused she was, as he intentionally teased her clit and labia with his tip. "Oh, you're a tease," she chided as he slipped in and out of her, sending waves of pleasure coursing through hr body.
"Is there something wrong?"
"No. I just might have to take matters into my own hands soon."
"Oh really?"
She grabbed his dick and forced it inside of her. "Yeah. Oh - oh! Really! Oh, Erik!"
"Oh, Sarah!"
He was by now pumping rhythmically at hr. She reached around his back and dug her nails into his shoulders, wrapping her legs around his hips. After one particularly forceful push, she tried to lift herself off of the ground by pushing back at him. She rolled her eyes in back of her head as another wave of pleasure, more intense than any she'd felt thus far tonight, overpowered her and her arms and legs fell limply by her sides on the ground.
Her breathing was in perfect time with the motion of his hips and she wouldn't have it any other way. By now, she was pleading, "Please! I want you to cum inside of me!"
He paused for a minute and looked her straight in the eyes. He could see the love, the lust, and the happiness in her eyes. "Let me know when you're about to cum and we'll see if e can do it at the same time." He felt something well up in his loins but bit his lip and tried to force it back in, with some success.
"Ahh!" He exclaimed. He had almost finished, but was able to hold most of it in and kept grinding his hips into hers. "I've got to learn more about tantra."
"We can learn it together. Oh! Here it comes! I'm... I'm... coming!"
"Me too!"
They both yelled out in ecstasy as their respective juices merged, creating a sense of pleasure so intense, they both collapsed into each other's arms.
After they had both calmed down, they could hear faint sounds of applause. Apparently, a small crowd of people had been watching them in what they thought was an isolated clearing in this park. One guy yelled out "Bravo! What do you do for a encore?"
They both sat up with a shot, trying to cover themselves as best as they could with their hands. They had both forgotten that they weren't by the river and the waterfall. Was it the hypnosis that made them feel they were somewhere else? Neither one of them was sure.
Sarah, collecting her clothes while trying not to draw any more attention to herself than had already been done, felt her entire body turn bright red. It took all of her courage to say to everyone, "Okay, folks. Shows over. Go about your business."
She heard one couple bickering as they walked away. The guy's voice said something to the effect of "Why can't we try something like that," and the girl responded, "She's got a much better body than I do. I'd be too ashamed to do that."
Ashamed. She did feel ashamed now that she knew that other people were watching. But it did feel good while it lasted. But it was just wrong. Maybe the hypnotist did something wrong. She'd have to bump up the appointment to sometime sooner. She'd call for a new appointment first thing in the morning. Her sleep was less-than-peaceful that night.
Part 3 -- The Second Appointment
Sarah was relieved that she was able to get an appointment the following day. She was disappointed, but not surprised, that Erik couldn't get off of work to make the 2 PM slot that they were able to squeeze her in to.
She ordered some take-out to eat at her desk so that she could leave work in time for her next visit to the hypnotist. The french fries and pickles all found their way into the basket that she had brought with her to work. When someone asked her what the basket was for, all she said was, "It's a weight-loss thing." Nobody pressed her any more on this point.
She arrived at the waiting room at exactly 2 PM, and quickly was escorted into the back and into one of the hypnosis rooms. Sabrina stepped in to the room and said, smiling, "I didn't expect you back here until next week. Is everything all right?"
Sarah tried not to come off as too angry when she responded, "Um, actually, no. Last night, Erik and I -- um -- Erik. He and I ended up, how can I say this, we, err, um...."
"Take a deep breath Sarah. It's all right. What did you two do?"
"We had sex in the park last night."
"Oh, I see."
"A lot o people did. And I don't think I've ever felt so ashamed in my life."
"I understand."
"I don't know what you did to us in yesterday's session, but you've got to fix this. Make it right. "
"I can do that." Sabrina smiled broadly when she heard these worse.
"You know, I'll have to put you under again."
"I know."
"You seem kind of tense right now. Before I can put you under, you'll need to relax. Can I get you something to drink?"
"Some wine would be nice."
"How about water?"
"That'll do."
"I'll be right back. Why don't you sit down and do some of the breathing exercises we tried yesterday?" Sabrina left the room for a few moments and came back to a much more calm-looking patient. She handed her a cup of cold water and Sarah quickly took it ad drank it.
"Very good, Sarah. Now I want you to inhale. Good. Exhale. Good. Now every time you inhale, say the word Ôsleep' to yourself."
Sabrina decided to take Sarah on the same imaginary car ride as she took the previous night. Sarah apparently had already been saying the word "sleep" to herself on each breath, since she started "driving" much more quickly than in the previous night. "Okay, Sarah. We're driving to your safe place. Do you remember where that is?"
"Very good. We're almost there. We're pulling off of the highway now. That's it. Now stop the car. Good. Now open the door and get out. Very good. This is a very beautiful place, isn't it?"
"It's a safe place, isn't it?"
"Safe ... place...."
"Now, you don't want the same thing that happened to you last night, to happen to you again, do you?"
"No. I felt ashamed."
"I can fix that."
"Thank you."
"Good. On the front passenger's seat of your car, there are two boxes. Do you see them?"
Sarah turned to look inside of her "car" and said, "Yes."
"One of these boxes is labeled Ôinhibitions' and the other one is labeled Ôfears.' Do you see that?"
"Good. I want you to pick up the box labeled Ôfears.'" Sarah moved as commanded.
Sabrina continued, "Inside this box are all of your fears and insecurities about your own sexuality. I want you to open the box. Very good. Now please take one of those fears and insecurities out of the box. I want you to look long and hard at it. Very good. Please tell me what this fear is."
"I'm afraid of losing control."
"I understand that. The wind is picking up around you. Do you feel it?" Sarah didn't say anything, but she shuddered briefly. "Whoops! The wind just took that fear and carried it off. You can't retrieve it. That fear is gone completely. I want you to take out another fear and tell me what it is."
"I'm insecure about my body image."
"The wind just carried that one off, too. It's gone completely. What's next?"
"I'm afraid of the wrong people seeing me s a sexual being."
"Whoa! That gust of wind was particularly strong. That fear flew out of your hands faster than the other two. It's gone." Sarah was breathing much more calmly than she had all day by this point. "In fact, that gust of wind was so strong, it took away the entire box of fears. You have no sexual fears or insecurities left."
"I have no sexual fears or insecurities left."
"Very good. Now, I want you to take the box labeled Ôinhibitions' out of the front seat. Perfect. What is the fist inhibition?"
"I don't like being naked."
"The wind just carried that one off, too. This inhibition is gone. What else is in there?"
"I don't like to experiment with sex."
"That wind is very warm and comforting. It takes away that inhibition. What else?"
"I have a hard time asking for what I want."
"A very strong gust is carrying away that inhibition and the whole box. You have no more inhibitions, insecurities, or fears about sex"
Sarah dropped her hands to her sides.
"Now, Sarah. Do you remember how you felt last night?"
"How did you feel?"
"I felt ashamed."
"If that happened again, would you feel ashamed?"
"If it happened again, how would you feel?"
"Pleased. Happy. Maybe even exhilarated."
"Very good. It's time to leave your safe place and come back to my office, so please get in your car. Very good. I am going to clap my hands, and when I do, you'll wake up and not remember anything we talked about. Do you understand?"
"Very good. One. Two. Three." Sabrina clapped her hands and Sarah found herself back in the hypnotherapist's office.
Sarah shook her head to wake herself up fully and smiled. "I take it you fixed everything?"
"Yes. What happened last night won't happen again." Sabrina had a lilt in her voice, glad she was able to liberate someone from an oppressive sexuality that gets drummed into the minds of too many young girls before they know how to think for themselves. After all, Sarah just wanted to make things right, without clarifying what that meant... "How do you feel?"
"Exhilarated, actually."
"Good." Sabrina looked at the basket Sarah brought in. "I see that you're using the basket properly. I didn't change anything about that today."
Sarah wiped her brow and thanked Sabrina.
Sabrina responded, "You're welcome." I think you and Erik should keep your appointment next week for a more thorough follow-through."
"Can do. Thank you again, Sabrina!"
"My pleasure." After Sarah closed the door behind her, Sabrina muttered, "I think it'll be your pleasure, too."
On the way out of the office, Sarah saw her friend, Maria, in the waiting room and they had a little bit of small talk before Maria was called back and Sarah left.
Sabrina noticed this and decided that it was worth it, in this session, to give Maria a few suggestions to help Sarah with her treatment. "So, Maria! How do you know Sarah?"
"I work with her."
"Very good....."
Part 4 -- Breaking and Entering
Sarah didn't really know how Sabrina had "fixed" everything from the previous night; she just knew that she had. It excited her to feel this way. Exhilarated, actually. She rummaged in her purse and pulled out the keychain that bore numerous keys, including one for her car and another one for Erik's apartment.
As she listened to the engine sprig to life behind the keys in her hand, she had a naughty thought. Erik wouldn't be home for a couple of hours still, but she could certainly surprise him. Her fingertips groped casually at the copy of the key he had given her a few short months earlier. The key she had never used, since the only times she had ever been in his apartment, he was either already there, waiting for her, or he let them both in.
She decided to drive to Erik's place. She fumbled impatiently with the keys as she unlocked the door to the building, and then again at his door. As she closed and locked the door behind her, she wondered what she should do while she waited for him. She went into the kitchen and put the wicker basket on a counter.
Should she fix herself a drink? Something to eat? She saw a bunch of bananas in a bowl by the sink. She took a banana and unpeeled it, moving it from the bowl to her mouth, before ultimately dropping it in the basket. She wasn't all that hungry anyway.
Walking around the empty apartment, she decided to take a shower and freshen up before Erik got home. She took off her clothes, folded them neatly, and placed them on Erik's bed. She strode confidently from the bedroom to the shower, pausing to gaze at her own body in the mirror by the bathroom sink. Two appointments in less than 24 hours, and she thought she was already starting to look better.
She smiled as she ran her hands down her sides, pausing on her hips and shaking them sensually. Yes, she was definitely looking forward to surprising Erik when he got home.
She turned on the water as she stepped into the shower. As the warm mist streamed down her hair, down her back, and over her shoulders, she imagined Erik standing right behind her and let out a low hum.
She grabbed a bar o soap and lathered it up in her hands. She replaced the soap and rubbed it over her breasts, teasing, pinching, and massaging her own nipples. She turned around and let the water wash the soap off. It ran between her breasts, down her belly, and over hr pussy.
She sighed. Funny, how as she cleaned herself, she found herself thinking more dirty thoughts. Won't Erik be surprised? She somehow had a better understanding of why Erik loved to play with her body. This was a great body. She ran her hands own her stomach and felt it tremble under her own hands.
Her hands found their way between her legs. The water cascaded down her arms and trickled off of her fingers, droplets clinging gently to her pubic hair. She closed her eyes and began to slide her fingers between her labia, tickling her clit with her thumbs. She felt the warmth and dampness between her legs. Two fingers found their way further up inside, and she arched her back to allow for the sensation to roll over her.
The shower was slipper and she temporarily lost her footing. She giggled and decided, for her own safety, to sit down and let the water roll over her, down her back and between her tits.
The water was feeling a bit harder on her body than when she was standing, so she leaned back further and let the water pound her body, spreading her legs further apart.
After about a half an hour of massaging herself, letting her fingers run over and around her body, and having no shortage of miniature orgasms, she decided she'd spent enough time in the shower. No matter how good all of this felt, she just couldn't help but think that she'd like to surprise, and take advantage of, Erik.
Yes, by this time, she was both clean and dirty. She turned off the water, grabbed a towel, and dried herself off. She paced around the apartment casually, wearing only the towel, admiring the artwork on the walls, thinking about how this place could certainly use a woman's touch.
By the time she had found her way back to the bathroom, she took off the towel and draped it gently over the door, in order to let it dry. Erik would love to see her stark naked, waiting for him, wouldn't he?
She decided to sit down on the couch, watching TV, but keeping one eye on the door. After about a half hour of channel surfing, she heard the sound of keys clattering outside the door. She turned off the TV immediately. Quickly and quietly, she decided to get up and hide behind where the door would open. It was all she could do not to giggle like a schoolgirl.
Erik opened he door, gestured to someone else to enter the apartment and stepped in right behind him. Sarah gasped. Who did he bring home with him? She didn't have a really good look at the other guy from behind the door, but she was definitely not in any position to change her decision to be here, naked, and at least a little bit horny. The idea behind having someone else there both frightened and intrigued her.
Erik closed the door and Sarah yelled, "Surprise!"
"Sarah! What are you doing here?"
"Waiting for you" She got a better glance at the tall, brown-haired guy who Erik came home with. She figured he was a couple of years younger than Erik, not quite as muscular, but no less attractive. "Who's your friend?"
"Sarah, I'd like you to meet Jason, my kid brother. He's on break from college and I told him he could stay with me for a few days. Jason, this is my girlfriend, Sarah."
Sarah did all she could not to slap her forehead with her hand. She'd forgotten that Erik mentioned something about is brother coming back. Oh, well, she thought. Can't turn back now. She held out her hand to Jason. "It's a pleasure to meet you."
"A pleasure." Jason was a bit unsure of what was the right thing to say and he found himself trying to divert his eyes from the body o the attractive naked woman he was shaking hands with.
Sarah decided to play to his embarrassment. "If you think shaking my hand is a pleasure, wait Ôtil you see what other parts of my body do."
Jason stood there, speechless. Sarah looked at Erik and sad, "He's a bit shy, isn't he?"
Erik, not sure of what to say, tried to defend his brother. "Let's just say that he was caught off-guard."
Sarah started to pout. "Well, Jason, is there anything I can do to, um, ease your discomfort?"
Erik suddenly felt tat he should stop this conversation. "Um, Sarah, why don't you, um --"
"Why don't you and your brother take off your clothes and then the three of us do what happens when people are naked?"
Erik's hypnotic programming caused his stern look to melt quickly into a smile. "I'm game. Jason, what do you think?"
Jason started to stammer. "Gee, Erik. I know that you've ... we've ... I, um, I don't ... I'm not sure.. I ... you know..."
Sarah heard all she could of this. She started to unbuckle his pants, paying close attention to the bulge that was clearly indicating what he wanted (and "what he wanted" was now kneeling in front of him, smiling wickedly). "You know, Jason, your mouth is kind of indecisive, but your crotch certainly isn't!"
Erik admitted tat he wasn't sure how to proceed. "Um, how do we do this?"
Sarah glanced at the two brothers. "I think we begin with both of you getting naked." She alternately helped each man to remove their shirts and pants, running her hands over their bare, but somewhat hairy, chests and fondling their cocks. "Good. Erik, why don't you lay down on your back?"
He did so, bending his knees and generally taking a position he took when performing sit-ups.
Sarah stood over her boyfriend, straddling his waist with her legs and gently easing herself over his manhood. This is what she was looking forward to all afternoon.
She started to slide up and down with his cock gently circling the outside of her pussy, not quite penetrating its way inside of her. She enjoyed this teasing and had control over when and how it penetrated further inside of her.
She bit her lip and pointed at Jason. "Nnnnnow, J-jason. Why don't you stand right here in front of me?" Jason paused, not sure if he should move. This isn't something he was used to, and it would take a lot to end his unease.
"Please, Jason? Please!" She leaned forward and Erik nearly fell out of her, but she was close enough to pull Jason closer. He didn't struggle as much as he thought he would.
She grabbed a hold of his prick and started stroking it with her right hand, reaching down with her left hand to guide Erik's inside of her. She shuddered as the hairs on the back of her neck stood up. She leaned forward and started to lick the head that pointed directly at he. There was a salty sweetness to it. I can get used to this, she thought.
She alternately stroked Jason's manhood with both hands and sucked on him, all the while sliding up and down on her boyfriend Erik. They both felt so good, so right, that she quickly lost control. She didn't even pay any attention to the floorboards that creaked under her.
She looked down at Erik's eyes and smiled. "Let's let Jason come first." Erik closed his eyes and nodded.
She leaned forward and breathlessly asked, "Jason, how are you doing?"
Jason, who was grinning ear-to-ear just let out a sound that was partially a drawn-out version of the word "Good" and partially a low moan.
"You know you can trust me, don't you, Jas?"
"Good. So you can feel free to let yourself go."
She reached around and pinched his ass with both hands, pushing his hips forward. The tip of his cock rubbed straight along her tongue and they both gasped in pleasure.
"Yes, that's it, Jason. You taste so good."
She sucked one more time on him. He reached forward and grabbed her breasts. He arched his back and released his load. Some of the sticky goo landed in her mouth, but the rest landed right below her shoulder blades. She pulled her arms in close and started to rub his seed into her breasts, massaging her nipples and generally loving the warmth that she was trying to spread over her body.
Jason backed away from his brother and his amazing girlfriend and decided to wash up.
With a twinkle in her eye, she bent down and smiled at hr boyfriend. "Your brother needs some more confidence. He wasn't all that bad, though."
"Maybe we should send him to Sabrina."
"Not a bad idea, but I don't know how to get him to want to go." Sarah kissed Erik passionately on the lips. Erik lifted hi hips and brought Sarah gently into the air, her legs swinging loosely a few inches off of the bed, and driving himself a bit deeper inside of her than he previously had.
Sarah let out a short "Oh" that was a combination of the pleasure and unexpectedness of this. She looked straight into his eyes and asked, "Are you ready to cum?"
"Are you?"
"Ready to cum? Absolutely!"
"No. Are you ready for me to?"
When he said the word "me", he pushed even harder up into her and set off a massive orgasm. She couldn't control herself and let out a howl of passion that demonstrated the pleasure and love she felt for Erik, clutching his shoulders tightly.
As she calmed down, he took her face in his hands, looked her in the eyes and smiled. "What's gotten into you?"
"Yo, baby."
He decided not to push this point any more. He just let out a deep, satisfied sigh.
Maybe it was the relaxation, maybe it was the way he felt for his girl, maybe it was just time, but he felt the pleasure well up inside of him and did all he could to hold it in. He bit his lip as a low moan escaped. She seized on this and started to writhe madly over him. He squinted his eyes as she quietly kept repeating, "Yes! Oh, yes!" As she slowed down, he found he couldn't hold himself back any longer and they both shared in the pleasure and ecstasy.
Both of their bodies were drained of all energy, and she slid forward, nuzzling right up by his side. He whispered, "Thank you" as they both closed their eyes for a satisfied, well-earned rest.
Jason glanced back and decided to leave the two of them alone.
Part 5 -- Back to Work
Sarah really didn't want to go to work the following morning, but somehow she managed to get a shower in, gazed lustfully at Erik's sleeping body, and left. A short detour at hoe for a change of clothes, and she found herself at work, only about five minutes later than normal.
She put the basket down on her desk and mused that she never emptied it the night before, so it was still filled with all of the food she'd put in there a breakfast and lunch from the day before. Since she didn't have dinner, the only new foodstuff came from a midnight snack that Erik had while Sarah slept, a melted popsicle.
Sarah felt like she was full of energy and that she could take on the world. Fr the first time in a long time, she actually felt good about herself, and full of energy.
Her friend, Maria, stopped by her desk. Sarah, remembering that she had seen Maria the day before, asked how her appointment went.
"Pretty good, actually. Do you like going to Sabrina?"
"Yeah. I think I do, actually."
"You look good. How long have you been going to her?"
"Just started the other day."
"Well, you look great." Maria glanced down at the basket. "What's that for?"
"It's supposed to help me lose weight."
"Not sure how it is, but it looks like it's working. Even after only two days."
Maria looked down the hall and saw that the coffee cart had finally opened. "Will you excuse me a minute? I need to get something over there."
"I'll join you."
Maria took stock of the breakfast foods and poured herself a cup of coffee and picked up a glazed donut. After paying for these items, she turned to face Sarah, who was holding the basket.
Sarah decided not to buy anything. Maria unwrapped her donut and started to bring it to her lips, when she suddenly decided to drop the donut in Sarah's basket. The programming instilled in her at her last appointment worked.
Sarah felt a surge and a tingle in her body. Grinning broadly, she asked Maria, Do you have anywhere you need to be right now?"
Maria adjusted her skirt and intoned with a wink, "Wherever you need me..."


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