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by eddied31k


Frank was on his last round of the night. Once more around the campus and he would be able to go home. Frank was a security guard at the local community college. The school was small but old each of the main buildings was at least a century old. As frank pulled up to the last Building on his rounds thunder cracked overhead and thick heavy rain began to fall.
Thanking his great fortune Frank put the security cruiser back in gear and just about pulled away when he noticed the front door of the old monolithic building was just slightly ajar. Slamming the cruiser back in park Frank fished the maglight out of the back seat before unbuckling and taking the keys from the car. The cruiser had a little glitch in the ignition that the guards used often you see they could remove the keys and the car would still run. This allowed the guards to leave the curser locked and running, it came in especially handy on cold and rainy nights. For a moment frank considered calling in the instance, and then thought better of it. Most likely it was a professor that forgot to lock the door and a student that snuck in to turn in a paper after the deadline. He took the radio and told himself that if he needed to he could just call it in from inside the creepy old place. If not he would just do a quick sweep and then head home, he had promised himself a pizza and a porno after work tonight.
Frank opened the door releasing the thick warm sensation from the cars heater, and took a second to adjust to the icy rain. With a grown stood and hurried to the door of the huge accent building. Old pillars that seemed just slightly tilted made the four story building look like a giant rearing spider, the curved steps and front doors looked almost like a giant mouth hungry for flesh. Frank stepped up to the door and found a post it stuck to the inside of the open door. It said in a oddly elegant hand, “welcome to my parlor said the spider to the fly”.
It took frank a moment to grasp the idea that some one was playing some twisted game with him. Frank had had these kinds of things happen to him before, kids that lived on campus would cause trouble and then run trying to get away. Most of the time frank actually caught them, for his age at just 35, he was still in pretty good shape. Who ever this kid was they were in for a big surprise when they found that he could actually give chase, unlike some of his slightly rotund coworkers. Turning off his flashlight he allowed his eyes to adjust to the light, and slid in the door and locked it behind him. Maybe tonight would be more interesting than the pizza and porno after all.
The halls of old main were empty and seemed to hold tangible silence in the air. Only the light was from the exit lights spilling blood red light into the halls, that seemed to pulse with his footsteps. The only sound to penetrate the silence was the distant hum of fans, from computers or coolers or whatever was left on from the day before. Frank began to slowly walk the halls trying not to make any noise as he searched for the bastard that left the note.

Stephanie herd the door close and lock, she smiled… The mistress would be pleased things were going exactly as planed. Carefully she snuck away from the fourth floor banister and slid back into the darkness.

Frank always hated checking this building. Some of the guards thought it was haunted. Frank didn’t believe in things like ghosts, but still strange things did seem to happen here. In the last year three students had been found in the bathroom on the fourth floor lying naked on the floor. All three students were expelled for their actions and no one had any clue as to why they did it. Almost all of them were honor students and when asked why they did it they said they couldn’t remember they had gotten really drunk the night before and just didn’t know why or even how they got in.
The first floor was clear and Frank headed up to the second when he herd a low humming that seemed to be coming from up stairs. For a second he thought it was another computer buzzing or something but it didn’t seem to stay constant. The noise seemed to pulse with a rhythm that couldn’t be produced by an idol machine. It was worth a look. Frank walked over to the elevator and used the emergency key to bring it to him. With it he could get up and down quicker that any one on the stairs creeping around and if they ran he would be able to hear them any where in the building from the fourth floor railing.
He stepped in and hit the button for the fourth floor. When he hit the button the doors closed and an odd music was playing, the maintenance man for this building had an odd taste for music. The music was soft and slow at first, it sounded like some new age lullaby, by the time the elevator floor indicator changed to 3 the lights in the elevator began to pulse like a strobe with the music. Between the music the flashes and the slow upward movement Frank had to grab the rails to keep him steady. The music began then to accelerate in tempo along with the lights until when the door finally opened frank had little idea where he actually was, or what floor he had intended to go to. He was on his hands and knees crawling on to the floor. It was a wonder he didn’t puke allover himself.
He took a moment kneeling on the floor in front of the elevator to collect himself, and his stomach. The odd pulsing sound was much clearer here on the fourth floor; he must have only lost a moment when those lights hit him. His head was bussing and fuzzy almost as if he had been drinking, but he knew he hadn’t. He stood up shaking the cobwebs from his head. And started walking for the noise, he was going to get this punk kid now no chasing him off. Some one was going to jail tonight.

Stephanie watched the security officer in the elevator for twenty-five minuets, and even then he was not totally broken, he had a strong mind much stronger than any of the other subjects she had prepared for the mistress. She could feel the excitement of the challenge giving her goose bumps all over her body. She finally clicked the open button on her computer, and watched him crawl off the elevator with an evil little grin on her face.

Frank found his feet steady and his head seemed to be clearing. It felt like the elevator ride took forever, but that didn’t make any sense. Walking down the main hall for the applied psychology department Frank readied his Flashlight. It was one of those police style ones that could serve as an effective club if things got nasty, and at just a few feet it had a blinding light.
The hall was long with classrooms on ether side. The odd pulsing sound now was shifting and changing. At times it seemed like white noise then it would shift to a bone-rattling buzz. It got louder and louder as he went and frank was trying to figure out how they didn’t set off an alarm with all of this crazy crap. Frank kept trudging on holding his hands over his ears. He pushed through the sound that with each step seemed to become more solid. He began to hear whispers mixed in with the noise. Things like, “just give in” or “you know you can’t last much longer”. Some times it was just a single word, like “stop”, “submit” or even “sleep”. Franks feet were like led weights when he got to the open classroom door. He paused there for a moment just to gather his strength, to focus, but it only gave the sound more time to drill into his mind.

Stephanie dialed her mistress, a Smokey voice on the other end said “Yes Slave?”
“He is here Mistress” Stephanie said in a breathy distant voice.
“Good train him to the light first then I will train him to my voice.” The mistress replied.
Stephanie Stood up from the desk and walked out into the hall. She leaned down to Frank who was sitting by the door with his knees curled up and placed a pair of wireless head phones on his head.

Frank faltered where he stood by the door and slipped down the doorframe. He felt as if his self was draining out his ears and his mind was being filled with fluff. He liked it. He felt peaceful and drowsy ready for a good long nap, then a beautiful young woman walked through the door beside him and turned to look at him. She had an evil smile and, that excited him, she was tall and lean with ample breasts. She wore a pink sweater and had long dark curly hair. When she leaned down her dark curly hair fell off her shoulders. She smelt wonderfully of spring flowers as she slipped headphones over Frank’s head and made sure they were in place. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a stereo remote and pushed a button. The pulsing stopped and then something started to come in through the headset. It was a new musical deluge like listening to 5 different symphonies at the same time. The new sounds took the little of franks will that remained and washed it away in a river of confusion.
Stephanie began to lead him by the hand as a voice came through the headset “Stand and follow Stephanie she is one of my slaves she will help you to become one to, you want that don’t you? Tell her you want to be one of my slaves.”
Frank tried to speak tried to tell Stephanie that he did want to be a slave, but only a mumble reached his lips. She turned with a smile and said, “I know you will be a good slave for the mistress.”
The young woman led Frank to a psychologists couch. She sat him down his eyes were rolled back in his head, and he had a mindless grin on his face. Stephanie pushed another button on the remote and let the next file play. This file trained Franks conscious as well as unconscious mind that whenever a flash of light is directed at him it will send waves of erotic pleasure through his body. Stephanie put on her headphones so she could use the light in her back pocket at the specific times that the file dictated.

Frank came to ling on a psychologists couch there was drool on his face and his crotch ached for some reason almost like he had been kicked. Looking a round he saw a pretty young woman sleeping in a computer chair in front of him. She had a funny smile on her face, and a flashlight in her limp left hand. It was on but face down on the ground, giving off almost no light. Frank stood and gathered him self for a second, he took off the headphones. He did not remember putting them on, but that didn’t mater he needed to find out what was going on. He took the headphones off the girl and turned on his light in her face. She didn’t stir immediately so frank gave her a little shake and yelled “wakeup.”

Stephanie woke instantly when shook only to find a light blaring in her face, so close blinding brilliance. Her skin crawled with pleasure and she let out a low deep moan as she arched her back. She nearly fell out of the chair as Frank caught her turning away his light, giving her a second to think. She could feel her face flushing, her whole body was charged with sexual energy. Frank shook her again and said, “Are you high or just crazy?”
Stephanie looked up and said, “a little of both” as she turned her light on Frank. She giggled as he staggered back and fell to his knees. He was gasping for breath, as she said, “take your shirt off.” He complied instantly eagerly obeying any command given in this state.

Frank found himself powerless under the force of the light; it felt so good that if it even touched him below the waist he would cum all over himself. He could feel himself pulling at the buttons on his shirt and as each inch of flesh was exposed his pleasure intensified. He was beginning to sweat, his body felt like it was on fire, and then the light began to fade… Franks thoughts slowly came back to him as he realized that her battery must have been dying. Thanking his lucky stars for his dramatic salvation. Just as he almost had the strength to train his light on her, a flash of lightning filled the room. The lightning brought an assault on his senses that sent him to the floor groaning. As the light faded he could hear her raged breaths telling him that the lightning hit her to, he just had to get the upper hand. “Strip you crazy slut,” Frank yelled in desperation hoping the additional exposure would affect her as well.

Stephanie began to crawl toward the couch and regain her senses as she herd franks yell, how could he have known her specific control words, she felt all those hours of trance training assail her consciousness, it was useless to resist… She began pulling at her cloths as if they were plague ridden. Pulling her sweater over her head she could feel the cool air on her skin and the thunder vibrate the room. Another bolt of lightning filled the room with ghostly blue light. It hit her as she unclasped her braw. She felt ghostly hands glide across her body as she flung her braw across the room. Rolling around on the floor she quickly and easily slid off her pants just in time for one more stroke of lightning. Her whole body rolled with the pleasure and she growled, she needed flesh to touch, if she could not beat him with the light she would use her body, and what an exquisite body it was.

Frank heard the thunder this time and ducked behind a desk to lessen the blow. It helped a little he kept his head at least, but the growing erection in his pants was beginning to restrict his movement. He heard a deep sexual growl from the girl, some how he knew her name was Stephanie, he couldn’t tell why.
In the leap to safety he had drooped his flashlight. With a scramble he stood and as he did he could see Stephanie standing in the light from the street lamps. She was bare breasted and was grinning like a cat in heat. She looked like some playboy model except more beautiful and almost mesmerizing. She began to stalk toward Frank and unzipped her pants in the process. Thunder rolled and she dropped below the windows light. The light struck Frank full in the back; he staggered and finally held his place barely.
Frank could hear a blood-boiling growl from the darkness telling me she did not totally escape the lightning. Reaching down Frank found his flashlight and righted himself just as thunder rolled through the room again, out of the darkness something hit him in the chest sending him sprawling onto the couch. The lightning hit and a hand of sexual light slowly slid across his naked chest and over the beautiful creature straddling him, in the lighting she seemed to glow and her eyes reflected the light like those of a cat.

Stephanie was in hunting mode now and had very little care for her personal safety or for that mater her modesty. She was naked now that last bolt of lightning covered her in a lust filled haze. She had been counting the time between the thunder and lightning. One and a half seconds that’s how much time she had to get to him to get her hands on him to pull him to the ground and make him hers. Hiding behind a desk she watched her prey watched him swing around his flashlight in vain trying to find her to expose her naked body to its sexual light. Stephanie could feel the tingle every time the light got close, and wanted so bad to just stand up and feel the light on her naked body, but that would mean defeat, and eventually a retraining trip to the Island of her mistress.
Lightning struck again exactly when she had timed it, one and a half seconds, but this time she rolled herself up in the rug. That little trick gave her enough coverage to keep her wits, and ready her attack. While frank was still dazed by the lightning she tackled him on to the couch. She pinned him with her naked body and kissed him so hard she could taste blood.

Frank had not expected a direct physical assault, and she gave him little time to recover. Before he knew what was happening she was devouring him with deep passionate kisses. One of her delicate but strong hands pined his face to hers while the other tore at his belt. Franks light had fallen into the cushions and was creating a slight glow through them just out of reach. Just as his fingers began to reach the end of the handle of his light her hand burst through the meager barrier that his pants provided. Her hands were soft and his now painful erection yearned to be touched. With a flick of her skilled wrist his throbbing erection slipped thorough the zipper in his pants and into her waiting dripping hole. The rush of pleasure that came along with sliding in was incapacitating. Lust over took them both as the explored each other with almost violent force. With one more stroke of lightning their union was complete. They both fell into a deep sleep.

The Mistress clicked play on the next file for her new pets. They would soon leave their lives and come to her island where they would serve her as play things until she tired of them. The Mistress was sad to have one of her favorite slave recruiters need to come home for re training, but she was also excited to meet the man that almost bested her favored servant.


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