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Not another Jerry Springer Show?!!! A story of confronting old feelings.

by Haxsaw

Not another Jerry Springer Show?!!! A story of confronting old feelings.

Mark Andrew Runnells received the flight tickets and arrived to the TV studio. Considering it was an invitation to The Jerry Springer Show, it could be any reason. Mark was dressed in a charcoal suit with grey slacks. He was back stage, pacing toward an assigned seat. Mark was directed and placed. Lights came on in thirty seconds, followed by cheering fans.
Along with flashing lights, numerous Jerry Springer fans stood. They were ranting and pumping fists upwardly. Jerry strolled across the stage, carrying his mike.
"Welcome to the show," Jerry muttered, fiddling with a card he held. "Our first guest was flown from overseas. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome Mark to the show." The introduction was followed by light applause. Jerry carried his mike with force. He turned to face Mark and continued. "Do you have any idea why we called you here to our show?" Mark looked up at Jerry yet only shrugged.
"Well, as high the quality of the guests here are I imagine it could be anything." Jerry chuckled and bit his lip.
"Do you remember anyone named Corinne?"
"Oh sweet (BEEP!)!" came Mark's reply. He drew in a breath, composing himself. "Now what?"
"Well, Mark I am sure you remember her as your ex-wife. Any comments?"
Mark slumped in his chair. "I have said enough," he proclaimed with weighed words. His brows raised and he seemed perplexed.
"Well... we have her backstage. Welcome Corinne, ladies and gentlemen!"
A thin, shapely, very dark haired lady came out. Seeing her one could be reminded of Linda Carter, of Wonder Woman fame. Corine was smiling tersely and wore a figure hugging, dark green dress. She motioned to shake hands with Jerry. He obliged. Corinne next took her seat.
"Corinne tell us what is on your mind?"
With one hand laid atop a generous bust she then ranted how horrid life was. She spoke how after divorce Mark never gave enough. Corinne carried on with sad words. While mentioning Mark she made insulting, degrading comments. Mark sighed and listened. He waited, as if watching steam blow off an old, boiling pot.
"Alright," Jerry mentioned, "so the reason you are here?" Corinne only smiled sweetly.
"I want he give more money and perhaps another house." She stated it matter of factually yet the audience was momentarily hushed.
Jerry Springer stepped toward Mark.
"Now when we sent you the letter and tickets you came a long, long ways, Mark." Jerry fiddled with his cue card before resting his chin within his hand. "How many hours was the flight?"
"Twenty two hours, Jerry."
The audience was oohing and ahhing. Jerry righted himself and continued.
"Seems she is harsh on you. Any comment at all?" Mark sat up in his chair and was suddenly composed.
"Well, I will agree with Corinne... if she looks to me for a moment," he replied. Corinne shifted in her seat. Her expression was smug. Her words had been biting. Mark snapped his fingers before her face twice. He said for her to sleep.
Corinne seemed stunned, then her facial muscles were limp. Mark rose from his seat. He whispered in her ear, tapping her shoulders several times. After a few moments, Corinne was deeply hypnotized.
Mark sat and spoke.
"Corinne, I have you now. You feel great and this is good. Keep your eyes closed and relaxed. I will ask you questions and you will answer them, honestly."
Corinne was slumped in her chair. Even her shoulders were sagging. She struggled and replied, "Yes." Mark bent toward her and spoke on.
"Stand for me, Corinne." She slowly did. At this moment, several audience members were snickering. Jerry walked about the stage they were on.
"So is this something you do with all girls you meet, Mark?" This was followed by more hearty laughter. Mark was bent as he had whispered. He stood tall and spoke for himself.
"Well, she is hypnotized and will tell the truth now, Jerry!" Mark exclaimed. The audience cheered and chanted, "Truth--truth--truth--truth!"
Mark looked at Corinne, standing and docile. Had she remained docile Mark would have been married to her still. A flashing memory of abuse she gave streaked across his mind.
"Well, Mark," Jerry said, "I don't know but if she can tell the truth, let us hear it." Jerry tossed his cue card and stepped from the stage. Mark commanded Corinne to explain the reason why she married him.
"I married you for houses and money." The audience screamed and roared. As they cheered and pumped fists Mark waited. It quieted.
"I am going to snap my fingers, Corinne," Mark explained. "You will open your eyes to see many looking at you. This will be fine but you will discover you are totally naked and exposed. Further, your legs will not work right." Mark counted to three and snapped his fingers.
Corinne opened her eyes, soon to smile. She next was acting shocked. She looked at herself. She stared out at the audience, in horror. The audience cheered and ranted, yelling and hollaring. Corinne tried covering herself, though she was fully dressed. Mark stood a few steps back. He watched a while. He undid his clip mike and walked off the stage. Corinne was red faced and screaming. The audience screamed on and raged over the episode. Mark Andrew Runnells went out back. He left the studio building. Walking silently, he caught a cab and was driven off to a airport.


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