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Dark Distractions

by duckie256

Dark Distractions


I walk into your room, and you glance up to see me. I smile wide, with a twinkle in my eye, and you duck your head demurely.

Then my friend slips the hood over your head, and we both bind you tightly, wrists behind your back, and at your ankles. We pick you up, carry you to a waiting car, toss you in the trunk, and shut the door. The car leaves immediately.

You are disoriented, in shock, pitiable, that I would do such a thing. The car slows to a stop, you hear the door slam, and a faint light behind your hood appears, where the trunk is opened. You are picked up, the bindings on your ankles are cut loose. A very deep masculine voice, orders you down on your knees; you're still in shock from everything so fast, you don't react right away...so instead, you are shoved forward and to the side, so you land heavily on your ribs and hip. You struggle to your knees, with the voice bellowing at you to move faster. Why he ever had to put up with such a poor excuse for a submissive today, with crappy motor skills, and not even the ability to voice a "Yes sir".

You feel yourself walking on your knees over first sand, then stone. Hitting a stone step with your kneecap, you cry out, and are immediately struck by a long, thin cane on your ass. "Get the fuck moving!" You climb 4 stairs as quick as you can, with the cane chasing you forward, and start moving across the floor. It's very cold, dank, and musty in here. You smell something off, but you can't place it. You hear a small squeak from a rat, and yelp out loud. The fear and dread are leading you now...too many unknowns to figure out what to do.

You are picked up roughly, the binds on your wrists are cut off, but you think the knife was too sharp...it nicked you...you are certain you feel a little faint, feeling the blood drip off your wrist. "Was it an accident? On purpose?? What's going on?"

Your clothes are torn or cut off of your body...the knife keeps nicking your skin! Why can't he be more careful?? I don't want to bleed to death! Your shoes and socks are removed, and you hear a light echo from your breathing. Where am I?

You are forced to stand, naked, blood dripping off of you, your wrists secured by his hands still. He leans you backward, and lays your head into a wooden cradle, maybe a couple inches wide at your neck, then lays your hands in similar cradles, and slams, what you now perceive as stocks, down on you. You are trapped! Your feet are still firmly on the floor, quivering in exhaustion from all the knee walking, but you can't fall to your knees, as your head and hands are trapped...

The hood is removed, and all you see is inky blackness all around. Your eyes slowly adjust, and you scream in terror!! You are staring at a gleaming, white, skull; it's hideous countenance, and the lack of eyes, staring into your soul. Before you have time to think, you feel your nipples flicked by something fast, and painful, almost like being bitten by a snake...but this snake keeps biting over and over, it won't stop...oh, the light touch, too, you know this feeling, it's only a whip, but such skill you've never felt!

Then you feel the knife against your, now tender, nipple. You feel the point dig in, and a little trickle of blood escapes; you close your eyes, and you can feel your life-force ebbing. Multiple streams, running out of you, draining you, emptying your soul. You know you are going to die; why else would you be in a tomb? No one to hear you scream, and it won't matter, you're going away...you pass out, and just float for what seems to be hours.
You open your eyes, and, you are alive?!? You're back in my room, kneeling on the floor, looking up at me, still seeing that twinkle in my eyes...you scan your body...there aren't any scars, no cuts, no dried blood...even your clothes are all still on...

You check your cell for messages a few hours later, and notice it is the day after...what??

The Next Day

The doorbell rings, and you rush to get it on your hands and knees, barefoot, wearing only a sheer white thong, and a towel quickly knotted around your breasts - it's about time for me to be home from work, and you wanted to be done with your shower, to be presentable when I walk in.

I always ring the doorbell when I get home, knowing that you'll be rushing to do this, that, or the other, be dressed in some fetching outfit, and wishing to tease me a little, before we begin our evening ritual. I even look forward to it - but tonight is something new, hence why I'm home early. Oh, you shall rue this night, my pet, and yet, I know you shall be so thankful afterwards.

The door opens after you have peeked through the curtain to make sure it's me. As soon as the knob turns, and I feel the door opening, I push quickly, and you fall backwards, onto your back, your eyes and mouth wide in shock. "You fucking whore, I've been slaving all goddamn day and have to come home to this pitiful display; that you don't even have the decency to say hello, how was your day! You are such a fucking sick excuse for a sub!", and I swing my hand back, aiming to slap you - you duck your head in fear and shock - and you feel my hand grab your hair, drag you to your knees, with your head still down, unable to see anything through the tears, wondering what you did wrong, why am I acting this way towards you?!?

"Close your eyes and keep 'em shut, you cunt! If you open them, I swear I will never beat you again! And keep that foul fucking mouth of yours shut too! Cunt whore!"

*SMACK* All you feel is something smooth and flat suddenly slam into your ass from above, and you uncontrollably rise from the ground a little, then you collapse again, banging your knees roughly against the hardwood. You barely hear the whisper of many somethings scattered on the floor, before you are yanked up and forward on your hands and knees, to kneel on this substance with your full weight. Your arms are pulled behind your back, and quickly tied in place, then you feel your long silky hair tied up and pulled as well, tied to the binding around your hands.

"I am going to stand here and fuck your ass, little girl, and you're going to kneel there, with your eyes and mouth shut, and take it; no fucking moans or whimpers, no sighs or screams, or I swear, you will hate what comes next!"

I deliberately shove my cock in your now sopping wet pussy, just a couple strokes to warm up, and make you horny, providing a little lube, before pulling out, grabbing the binding between your hair and wrists, and driving all the way into your ass, in one full stroke! Involuntarily, you cry out in pain and pleasure; then suddenly you are walked forward, painfully on your knees across what must be pebbles or rocks, you feel my hand grip your jaw.

"Fine then, open that fucking whiny assed mouth of yours, I got something for that!" You hear the door slam shut, but before you have time to wonder why, your feel something wide and cold invading your mouth (oh shit, it's the doorknob!)
I hold your head against the door, while I pound into your puckered ass, with you whimpering the whole time, about the pain in your jaw and knees, but still moaning in pleasure from it all, from the surprise, the shock, knowing I'm using you for my desire.

"Ok, boys, I've reamed her ass enough for now, make a line! Make a fucking line, you shits! This is my whore, she does what the fuck I say, and only I control her - you get to rape her asshole until all 13 of you have cum in her ass, but only I get to fuck that sweet pussy and mouth!"

I pull out of your ass, remove your mouth from the doorknob, and shove my cock down your throat, at the same time as the first guy's cock, much wider and longer than me, slides up your ass, deeper than I went, making your eyes flutter, while I fuck your face, knowing that I am the only one you would ever do this with, knowing that I will always keep you safe, no matter what tortures I inflict upon you.

The mystery cock fills you deeply, and you suddenly feel his cum shooting inside, lubing you even more. He pulls out, and the next guy slides right in.

"Just mine and my friend's fucktoy tonight, bitch - don't try to fucking tell me you haven't been wanting this either - I listen to your sleeptalking, I read your journals that are private, save for my eyes. You are a filthy cunt, that wants to be used, so I am using you, to make my friends feel a little better today! Now lick my cock clean, make sure you swallow everythi...yeah, that's it bitch, that nice throat-fucking stroke you give, yeah."

40 minutes later...

The last guy finishes up, cums inside your ass as well, fumbles a little bit, then leaves. I pull my cock out of your mouth, whip a blindfold around your eyes and knot it, and pull you to your feet. You feel all that hot needy cum, dripping out of your ass, and yet you can't seem to control keeping it inside you. I slowly back you up, until you bump into something that presses against your asshole again...(What is that?? It's huge!)

I lower you against the 3 foot high, wide black dildo, and you feel it's width slide up your ass, until it begins to stretch too much. You cry out in pain, the tears begin flowing freely, and you have lost everything, your emotions are free to roam, you feel raw inside and out, raped, your body abused and bruised in places you didn't think it ever would be. (It's too much, I can't take it anymore!) You are picked up in my arms, the dildo falling out of your ass, to lay on the floor, and I carry you to our bed, wrap you up in me, my naked body touching as much of you as I can manage, with your head curled forward against my chest. Your breathing slows, your crying slowly stops, and you just take in my scent, knowing that I will always keep you safe, I will always love you, I will never betray your trust, and everything will always come down to just you and me in the end.

I kiss you gently and sweetly on the forehead, before removing the blindfold, and the bindings, cuddle you fully to me, with your legs wrapped around me, and my arms wrapped around you, murmuring how well you did, that you're such a good girl, that you're ok, and safe, and it's only you and I.

We fall asleep, both with a smile on our faces, looking forward to the rejuvenation of all that spent emotion, and the wake-up sex that will surely follow in the morning. "Good night, dear heart."

The Darkness Descends

After a long night you are passed out in a dreamy bliss. Your memories of the process that created the aches and bruises on various parts of you have left you smiling, even while you sleep.

Unbeknownst to you, I've been busy while you rest.

You awake, sleeping on your four-poster bed, the shades drawn closed, but oddly, it wasn't your alarm that woke you. Bird sounds, and there is a breeze slowly shifting your shades. "What's going on?" You're confused, but not afraid.

You peek out of the shades, and find yourself on a precipice, high above a sea-green lake, what appears to be hundreds of feet up. In fright, you lunge backward to the 'safety' of your bed. Where are you? What's going on now? You have no choice, you peek out of the opposite side of the bed, and what?!? You're on a different precipice, and there is a waterfall directly below you, violent rapids racing below. You take a chance, and look out one of the new sides ... again, the same precipice, but now you can see the merging of the waterfall and the bare rock. "The last side must be the safe way out!" You got here somehow. You spread those shades confidently and lean out to surprise me, because I must be there; I wouldn't leave you so unprotected this way! The shades part, and your balance is off just enough that you tumble forward ... towards an empty lake at the bottom ... you're on a spire! You see the water rushing towards you, and in shock, you pass out.

You wake up after water is splashed on your face and body. You are blindfolded, your hands and feet tied apart. You feel the wind teasing your body everywhere, and you don't feel covered. A long, whip-like object with some kind of spikes on it, snakes across your chest, and you feel some of the spikes embed themselves in your skin. You cry out, and are slapped for your trouble.

"Keep that fat mouth shut, you greedy whore! You deserve anything I give you, and you will be bleeding from your pores before I fuck your body into a withering heap, then leave you here to bleed out!"

You don't recognize the voice ... deep, gruff, obviously pissed off. He starts beating you with the switches, for now there are two of them, and he is swinging them ever wilder, criss-crossing them across your chest, stomach, thighs, occasionally catching your pubis with a thorn - the blood is pouring down your body liberally, in great rivulets, certainly pooling on the ground below you. You can even feel it dripping off your toes! You are heaving great big sobs and breaths, crying out with every slash, every thorn that catches you, the pain so sharp, instant, and repetitive. Suddenly he stops, and you feel him walk around behind you, the wind from his passage brushing over you, causing some of the thorns to sway in the wind, causing you to cry out yet again!

You felt him move, but there's no noise now - your sobs and sniffles, are the only sounds you hear. Suddenly, you feel the blindfold cut away, heavy breathing, a short grunt, then nothing. You try to turn your head to look, but even the barest glimpse in your peripheral vision reveals nothing. You're tied up, your nose is stopped up now, so all you have available is your sense of hearing and sight. Where did he go? You strain to hear the smallest sound, the barest whisper, even the crunch of a twig or the rustle of a leaf... Nothing. Nothing at all. What's going on??

It is getting dark now. You slowly watch the sunlight die, as the shadows grow longer and longer. You have yelled out for someone, anyone, to come help you out of this; but still you hear nothing. The wind whistles through the trees, but there are no animal sounds, no birdsong, nothing. It's as if the animals have all fled this place. It almost feels dead.

The sunlight is dipping almost to the horizon now, and the leaves around you turn a sinister sharpness, as if accidentally brushing them would cut you deeply. There are no bugs either...why are there no bugs? What is this place? The sun is gone now, not even the faint sunset light reaches you here; and still not a sound reaches you. Nothing in the distance, no rustling, scuttling, or breathing.

What the fuck is going on?!? You're starting to get pissed off. "Get me the fuck out of here, you fucking asshole! I am gonna sue your ass for this! You'll never see the light of day again!" Still...nothing. No response. Did he leave? Oh shit, did he leave me here???? Oh fuck, fuck, fuck. What if he leaves me here...what if I die? I'd rather him here beating me, instead of this awful loneliness. I need some kind of noise, I need something, I have to have something!! Anything! "Can anyone hear me? Help!! I don't want to die, I don't want to die alone, please, somebody, anybody, please, can you hear me, help me please.......I don't want to die alone..." You begin to sob again, quieter, softly, fear and dread beginning to take a greater hold on your mind.

The lack of any sound is horrible, demeaning, blasphemous even, you've never had to deal with being alone like this! "Why can't anyone hear me???" *sob* "I don't want to diiiiiieee" *sob* "I don' wanna die, please, please, please, PLEASE, PLEASE, OH GOD, PLEASE, I DON'T WANNA DIE, PLEASE LET THERE BE SOMEONE THERE, PLEASE OH PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! I don't wanna die alone....."

Your sobs are gone, the pain in your wrists and ankles lessened, you're just quiet now. There is still no sound, except your own breathing, your breasts heaving, your body worn out. You start to sag in the ropes, giving your full weight, as the realization of your end is in your mind. Why have you been left to die? What was your crime? Why have I forsaken you?

Suddenly, from out of the bushes you hear a twig snap! *CRACK*

You're not alone! He's coming back to finish me! "HEY YOU FUCKING BASTARD! GET ME OUT OF THIS!" You start struggling in your bonds.

A flashlight flicks on, aimed directly at your face, and after so long in the dark, you are blinded, you can't see, and it hurts, the light, it's searing your eyes; you cry out and try to shy away.

*SMACK* Your face is struck from the heavy-handed slap, then again, from the other side, and again, and again. Your hair is yanked back hard, painfully, you whimper in surprise and anguish. You feel something tied into your hair, and the hand releases...but your head is still stuck, angled back, looking towards the sky.

Something hard with biting teeth attaches to each of your nipples, and hangs off of them. Delirious with confusion, pain, anger, despair, and tragedy, you are unable to do much more than moan. You feel many somethings pierce your skin, sharp, flexible, tiny...needles! You've haven't felt needles in a long time. Why now? They are inserted in what feels like random areas all over your body, slid in, out, and in again, then twisted, and dug in so the skin pulls. You started counting when the first few went in, but you lost count after 30 or so.

You feel like a pincushion - stuck in so many places, thighs, labia, breasts, back, stomach, arms, even your feet? Is there no limit?

You are defeated. You have gone through dread, anger, shock, despair, fear, surprise, and now, at last, you are numb. It's too much, too many sensations all at once, too many different stimuli. You're on overload...and you pass out.

You wake up, in your bed, but your pussy and ass feel raw, and slightly wet. You've been raped while you were unconcious and pushed beyond your limits! Your jaw hurts too...were you face fucked too? There's a slightly salty taste on your tongue, and the scent of sex lingers on you.

You try to roll out of bed like usual, and end up face down on the floor. *Oof* Ok, legs don't work...let's try that again. You struggle to stand up, and your feet are tender, the bottoms feel almost raw. Raising one foot...Holy shit! They ARE raw! On your tiptoes with your legs locked, you awkwardly hobble to the bathroom, sitting down hard on the toilet seat with relief...except for your ass.

Such an ordeal you've been through. Your mind still reeling from the experiences, and all these remnants of them, the knowledge that you surpassed your previous limits, unwillingly, but still, you are alive.

And really wet...and horny...and your nipples have never felt this hard...hmm, maybe just a little masturbation before returning to the world today. *giggle*


You are asleep, the depth of your dreaming reflecting the intensity of your feelings - you distinctly remember being strapped down to the rack, the ropes at your ankles and wrists pulling ever tauter, your back bowing, yelling and screaming as the lash comes down over and over, across your breasts, nipples, and stomach, relentlessly.

You arch involuntarily in your sleep, and a secret smile touches your lips, at the memory. The dream flits to another recent memory: you are on the St. Andrew's Cross, upside down, the blood rushing to your head - you can always hear the crackle of electricity in the air, from the various implements I've been using on you; a tens unit dildo in your anus, constantly pulsing, while the alligator clips hang off your nipples, with their weights attached, just enough that they are pulling hard, but not falling off, no matter how much you wriggle; the long violet wand tracing over your ass cheeks, lower back, ribs, shoulder blades, stinging and tickling your feet.

Your mind moves to another memory, just as you cry out from the last. You are standing on a high-dive diving board, right at the edge, naked, having been forced to climb the stairs, while being almost zapped with my cattle prod at your ankles, forcing you to climb faster - you hate heights, I know this, and yet I am pushing you, as I always push you. *ZAP* "Aieeee!" Your mind wandered, and you got caught by it - your balance teeters, and you fall...fall...fall, and the memory shifts yet again, before you hit the water with a big splash.

You are drawn to a further memory, walking with me in public, my hand holding your wrist, sometimes letting go to dance up your arm, and slip behind your hair, to lightly play with the hair there, and alternately grip it tightly for a second, eliciting a light gasp, before trailing back down your arm, and holding your wrist again. "Such a good girl, my sweet. So good of you to maintain control, even here in public. You have not disappointed me today." The sound of that statement thrills you! You have pleased me, you have done everything asked of you, with no slip-ups for once. Your ass still smarts a little from the long, over-the-knee spanking you enjoyed before we left the house...but you're smiling from the memory now.
We have so many memories, and yet your dream chose to pull you through these. A sign perhaps? More public play, do you want to be pushed harder in these areas, trained more?

Only time will tell...as you slip into a deeper, restful sleep, the sooner to return to my embrace and approval.

A Bad Day?

You come in the door, tired and worn out from work, but your libido is so stressed out, you need to cum so badly...surely I'll be home soon to relieve your aching need!

You feel the need grinding through you, the sweat beading at the small of your back, your thighs screaming to be wrenched open, and you to be impaled as far as I can go!

I slip up behind you, grab you by the back of your hair, and front of your throat, lower you to the floor safely but swiftly, as your breath catches in surprise! Your eyes are wide, and your mouth is open, but no sound is emitted. As soon as you are laid out on the floor, I let go of your throat, reach in my back pocket, and flick open my butterfly knife. Sharp and gleaming in the fading sunlight, I quickly dip it towards your face, stopping a mere inch from one eye, then place it against the side of your nose, slowly drawing it down, over your lips, down your throat, across your collarbone, cutting through your worn white blouse, snapping your bra strap, still cutting down, down, down.

As you're not wearing underwear, just like I expect, your light brown skirt comes apart with no other resistance, and the knife trails across your mons, the tip slightly cresting your hood, before stabbing the tip into your clit...only a couple of millimeters, but still, you tense up just a bit, but it feels so good at the same time. I lean over, keeping the knife exactly there, threatening. I place my mouth on one of your tender sensitive nipples, sucking gently, while flicking my tongue quickly across the surface lightly. You involuntarily gasp at the sudden need in your loins increases in volume, and while keeping the knife in place, whisper your orgasm trigger in your ear.

Your body arches, you cum uncontrollably, whimpering with release of tension, trying not to move your ass or legs, so as to not accidentally drive the knife a little deeper into your clit - unfortunately, you were not quite in control enough...it stabs a tiny bit harder, the pain sweet on your tongue, but at the end of orgasm, all the more pleasurable.

I whisper the same command again, and suddenly, you're out of control, the orgasm doubled in intensity and volume, and you know it will last all the longer too...you know what's coming now, you know what I want from you, and you long for it, dream of it, can't stop creaming yourself in anticipation...but what a way to die! We've discussed this, haven't we? If you had to go, you would so love to die by the longest orgasm ever, the largest, the best, the pleasure so intense your heart gives out, but you go with a smile!

And then I stop; I let go of your hair, I get up, put the knife away, and head off to the bedroom, where you hear the sound of the water running.

You slowly get up, staying on your hands and knees, as is our protocol whenever I am home and in this mood. Your legs are unsteady from the orgasm, as some tremors are still flowing through you here and there. You make it into the bathroom, and immediately smell it! Herbs, clean, beautiful, and a vase of your favorite flowers! Some sort of scent from the tub water too! When did I get all this? Why are there tears flowing down your cheeks? And you have this really happy smile on your face.

I help you stand up, and slowly lower you into the tub...oh, hot bath salts too...oh, so heavenly, so relaxing...so just what you needed after today. I walk out of the room, shutting the door almost all the way, and head to the kitchen to make dinner. You've had a really bad day, and as my responsibility, I will take care of you. This evening is for you, my sweet.

The Beach

Today we're taking a trip to the beach. I've got a condo down there that I've used in the past, but you've never been there with me. It's right at the beginning of September, the heat is still heavy, the humidity still high, most of the leaves have already turned, and the smell of the surf enters your nostrils as we draw nearer through the open window. You start seeing more palm trees pass by, and the grass getting thinner. You would turn and watch the lines flow past the car behind us, but you're stuck in place by the suggestion of immobility I've placed in your mind before we left. Your eyes follow and watch, and you wear a secret smile, that I would deign to use hypnosis on you instead of creating something in the car to keep you still. You still remember the cleverly crafted miniature stocks that I had your head, ankles, and wrists in, in the last car ride we took to the public playspace. Ah, fond memories.

The miles are eaten away slowly, and we turn down the winding road, the smell of salt water completely overpowering all other scents. We pull into the carport of the 3-story building, unload the car, and start moving our gear inside.

We step inside, and the first thing that hits you is the extreme cold air, blasting out from the house. Your temperature changes so rapidly, you feel faint, and your knees buckle just a little. I take the opportunity you've presented, and grab your hair, pull you forward onto your knees, tilt your head back, watching your eyes roll back into your head from the sudden intensity, cock my hand back, and swing it forward.


I issue the command for you to sleep, and you never feel the hit. I let you slowly lay face down, and stay there, while I busy myself with setting up the place.

When you awaken finally, it's full dark outside. You were inside when you went to sleep, but now you're laying on the beach...naked?...the waves gently lapping at your labia, remnants of the foam still stuck to your thighs. How long have you been out here? You touch your skin, but there's no redness or soreness where the sun may have burned you. Your skin is not oily, so there was no sunscreen applied. You must not have been out here all that long. And he thought to fool you again. You've been getting wiser to his tricks. ("Let's see what we can do to foil his plans and get a different outcome to today, hee hee.")

From outside, you can clearly see inside the windows, and there aren't any porch lights on to blind your vision, just all the shutters open, so anyone can see. You see the St. Andrew's Cross in the living room, black and forbidding, eyebolts protruding from each arm, with a carabiner hanging from each. You see rope lengths laid out on the floor for easy access...with hooks on the end! ("We haven't done hook suspension yet!") There are other rope lengths already hanging from the ceiling, and what appears to be a wench. ("Interesting.") You move on to another window, and see a candlelit dinner, what looks like a perfect medium steak butterflied on one plate, and another that appears either rare or medium rare, as the blood is still oozing from it. ("Those are for us, he knows I love medium, and he loves his cow mooing (chuckle).") Champagne flutes half-filled with golden bubbly are set out, candles flickering, and it appears to be quite formal.

You glance into one of the upstairs bedroom windows, and see a suit in black pin-stripe and a brilliant blue shirt, with black tie laid out across the bed, next to a gorgeous cream dress. ("When did he get my size? Goddess, that looks delicious, it all looks divine!") Your heart begins to thud with love in your heart for all that you see, and you unconciously stroke your left breast in anticipation, making the nipple hard. One short and amazingly quick orgasm a few minutes later leaves you gasping that you would cum so quick from just seeing my plans for you. You lean against the wall, catching your breath for just a minute. You close your eyes, and imagine my hand is stroking you slowly, enveloping your breasts, lightly teasing your nipples, flicking softly across them at the same time.

Enough of that for now, you want to see what's in the other windows, before your evening truly begins. You continue down the stairs around the other side of the house, and have to stand on your tiptoes to see over the window ledge, keeping your hands on the railing to balance yourself. All you did was turn a corner, but this looks like a completely new room! This is next to the kitchen? You can't see the walls, or the floor, and the only clue to the ceiling is the 70's dance ball hanging and spinning. The room is filled with tiny blinking lights, and seems to be completely empty. The walls don't look black, more shimmery than anything else. Mirrors maybe? Hmm. Confusing. Will definitely have to find out what this is.


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