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My Little Hello Pussies

by PuppetMaster300

My Little Hello Pussies

I promised these two young women I wouldn't use their real names in my story, so let's call them Tickyboo and Pinkles. Those are the names I used for them anyway while I was playing with them, and it's the names they'll respond to sexually from now on. Tickyboo has dark brunette hair with deep scarlet streaks, straight and long. She kinda looked like Katie Fey. Pinkles is the curly blonde. Petite with a cute little pug nose.

I first met these two babies one warm midsummer's night a couple years ago. I was winding down and chilling out in the alley around the corner from the 'K' Cafe, a club I had just played that night, singing songs I've wrote throughout the years. I felt I'd done a good show and really connected with the crowd. They'd made another video of me that night that they were going to put on youtube, and I was happy about that, because there are some up where I'm not at my best, or don't include hypnotic phrases, but that night's 'Ghost Cat' song had all the ducks in a row. There would be girls all over hearing it online, which would make for easier pickings when I toured.

It was about ten thirty, I guess, and I wanted to be alone to smoke a special mixture of 'relaxant', a little blend of herbs I'd grown that had the astonishing effect of enhancing effect of enhancing my sense of peaceful confidence and strength, a side-effect was that it made me feel aggresively horny, but I didn't mind that. It really worked well. I had another blunt meant for pretty girls. When I got them to smoke it I easily got them to do anything else I wanted them to. Believe me, the girls loved it. At least eventually. There was always a bit of startled resistance, but I kinda enjoy that. It gave me time to manipulate their concsousness until it was exactly where I wanted it.

Two very enticing and excited females were bouncing and buzzing toward the alley where I was leaning against a wall. I recognised them from the sidewalk outside the club. They'd been listening to my set, but weren't sure they had enough money to get in plus take a cab home. Probably listening outside gave them enough subliminals to get them started. To start feeling horny, or in their case, hornier.

In their mid to late twenties, I guessed. They walked with a feeling of confidence in their sexuality, which of course made them sexier. They knew and enjoyed that they were hotties, dressed the way hotties like to dress on warm summer evenings out for a night of drinking or whatever. I didn't bother asking them about why they were out, it was obvious. They were out to find cocks to fuck them, whether they knew it or not. This is nothing new, it's biology.

My biology, more precisely my horticulture, takes it from there. I walk out of the shadows, smiling. I put them at ease quickly. They knew me from the club, though they hadn't been there that night. The babes were in their mid-twenties, and I had a sudden urge for some hilariously humiliating age-regression with them. I have many kinks, and this is just one of them. There's something about women that age, where they exude self-confidence way over the mark to behave and talk like terrible bitches. Taking them back to more vulnerable ages is not only fun, but it knocks some of that 'my shit don't stink' attitude out of them, puts more awe back into their worship of the cock.

"Wow, what a short skirt! I like it." I'm looking at Pinkles, her buttoned down nose, the cute blond and pink stipes through her hair, her butt wrapped tight around the black ruffled skirt.

"Spin around."

"No way."

"Aww. Come on... Don't be a pussy, pussy.", I needle. They both laugh.

That was all the encouragement she needed. She needed to hear that she was wanted, if only for her butt. Her laughter as she spins tries to sound like she's mocking herself, but really she's trying to hide how much she enjoys turning on guys in public.

"You too, Tickyboo," I didn't want to leave her out. She gave me a funny look.

"Whadjew jist call me?" You guessed it, a high school drop out. But the alcohol was influencing her speech as well, somewhat. Still, it wasn't far from the way she usually talked.

"Tickyboo." I went to tickle her.

"Ahh!" She jumped and scooted over toward me. She made a point of pressing her boobies into me and looking up with those big hazel eyes before spinning so I could see the wonderful round babe buttocks wrapped lovingly by ripped denim cutoffs. Oo-wee. Now they were competing for my attention, exactly as I had planned. I don't think I even need for them to smoke my blend. I will admit I used a couple well-timed gertures and phrases that must here remain confidential, just to give them a boost of libido and have it directed towards me. One thing I did was get rid of the part of her that didn't enjoy obeying commands, the part that felt she wanted to be true to herself. I made that smaller and smaller in her head until it was like a voice calling out loud from a hundred miles away. Then I turned that voice into a whimper. She could still feel it deep deep within her, and her own resistance turned her on.

I altered a few of their basic response systems, having them giggle more girlishly whenever they were nervous. Since that was sometimes true in all women, I boosted it's feeling and need to respond. After gigling, they would feel insecure, and would need me to respond to everything they did. Their need to seek approval from men was increased. Soon I'd make that need in them grow expoentially.

As they continued to pass the blunt back and forth and hold their breathes for as long as possible so that the smoke would have a maximum effect, I took them down a few years. Just a few. I put them at an age of boy craziness, but not quite at the age where they get hysterical about it. The suggestabilty factor increased by the moment. And guess who the boy they were crazy about is? I gotta have the starring role in my own movie. They became giddy and shy all at the same time. Uncertain about everything except their passionate joy of being near me. The joy within them would paradoxically feel both fresh and ancient. When I go in, I go in deep.

"Wouldn't it be cool if you two could be totally naughty for me? That I would tell you dirty things to do, and you'd just do them, you know, for fun?"

"Oh ma gawd YES!" Squeeked Pinkles. I thought she burst apart the way her exumberance exploded.

"Ummmm, thas sooo seckssseee..." Drawled Tickyboo with a huge euphoric grin on her face.

I had Pinkles serve as lookout as I took Tickyboo back to a dark old abandoned building conveniently secluded about fifty feet down the alley. Jeannette has quite a few buildings like that, having undergone some difficult economic times. As we walked, I took her further into her trance by murmuring the deepest obsessions I desired her to have, which she had to immediately accept within her mind. The desires went deeper deeper deepest until it was in the core of her being, in her very soul. I used a deep voice, and in her mind it was so deep it was frightening, deep like a volcano crater. She both feared and was in awe of the voice, so that following its commands natually seemed predetermined, without reason to question.

It was quiet back there, away from the street, in the shadows of that old garage. Musty smells mixed with the smells of the abundant plantlife, weeds mostly, growing between the concrete wherever they could. I stood as she knelt, opened my belt buckle and snapped open my jeans. There in the darkness I could barely make out her sexy cute face looking up at me as she licked her lower lip. I heard her sweet high whimper of lust, then felt her mouth, warm and wet, engulf my member. I'm getting harder and harder, bigger and a more powerful erection, until it's tight and packed, solid as a brass pipe and smooth as an apple. I relax, look at the stars, and enjoy another fine blowjob.

The Big Dipper. Orion. A gazillion stars, and here I am feeling equal to them all. Hey all you outer space beings it's me, that guy on Earth who's got it all! "Ohhhhh, go deep again, honeybucket. Yeahssss." I'm grateful to whatever power blessed me with these abilities, but then again, I did it all myself, didn't I?. Alot of years of trial and error, and a few things still working out the kinks. Getting passionate head from a wannabe ho, making her dreams and erotic nightmares reality while I thank my lucky stars. And they, looking down at Earth and enjoying the show, thank me.

Part Two; At My Digs

I had them strip as soon as we got there. When I saw they both wore cartoon panties, age regression was a done deal. Women who wear cute little babyish underpanties are begging to be age-regressed, practically infantized. They visualise themselves as coy and as cute as possible, and want to be filled with wonder in a virginal sweetness that is now part of their past, but of which they have fond memories. Memories of sensations, new exciting, loving, warm, sensations that come with a sense of being protected by another, stronger caring person. Most of the time that person is older as well. I send that imprint to them and have it focused further on me.

And they aren't just any cartoon panties, they are 'hello pussy' panties, with the cute primitive kitten head. I did the original design years ago, and now I'm seeing knockoffs without getting a penny. But I don't mind much, though. I've managed to do well enough with other ventures to mind or to go to the trouble of hiring an attorney. And it's really a kick when I find my creation on one of my slut victims.

"Silly girls with hello pussy undies." I chide like a dirty uncle. They both giggle. Tickyboo is absentmindedly sucking her thumb. Pinkles nipples pointed to the ceiling. Great tits. You don't want to tell them that though. They get swelled heads if you compliment them too much.

Right now I was getting a swelled head but not the one with my ego. I was ready for round two of the night, but who should I fuck first? I always like to fuck them before I fuck them up.

I'd done Tickyboo's mouth so I supposed I ought to give Pinkles the next big thrill. I had her sit on the couch and I sat next ot her and put my arm around her. I told Tickyboo to put on some funk beats and start dancing to show how much she was in heat. She did just that, swaying to the groove and bumping to the grind. I let her think she was real hot shit, but that she had to dance to prove it. She would provide the entertainment while I fucked her bff.

That's when I noticed Pinkle's clitty. It was espescially cute. A little peachy bulb, wet and shiny with anticipation. Fresh clit, electric, fleshtricity.

I get on top of her and slide my cockhead up and down her slit. She squirms and squeels a bit as I pung it in. She's all warm, wet, slippery and tight. She's so much fun to play with, it doesn't take me long to cum in her. About twenty minutes, which is short for me. I can pound away for hours, easily.

Afterwards I relax with her cuddling my chest, and thoughts of my pumps came to my mind. I have several special clear plastic pumps that I've developed. One concentrates on the clitty alone, pulling it out. Another elongates nipples and areolas, and another pump is formed to pump up each side of her vulva seperately. I like to pump the pussy mound and lips big and round and dark pinkish and swollen, until they're thick as hot dogs lying on the grill.

I quickly get to work on Pinkles until she's looking like a chimpanzee in heat. It's so funny, and certainly frustrating for her, because it greatly increases her horniness as more and more of her erotic zone flesh is engorged with her blood. She emits high-pitched moans that really are endearing. The sweet little thing wants to cum, but I want her to stay on the edge.

Next I work on Pinkle's breasts. I start with her left tit areola. The pump attaches itself with the slurping sound of suction as I turn it on. Inside the clear pump a think layer of a tingling gel pulls at her titeye. It's the same special gel I used on her cunt mounds. The chemical reaction to membranes makes the swelling stay that way, inflamed red, engorged and extremely touch sensitive for days. At least three three, often four to five days. One girl stayed that way for a week. It's a constant reminder for them during that time, as they shop, run errends, sit watching television, talk to their boyfriends or husbands, go to church, whatever.

She stopped moaning just long enough to realize I might be making serious changes to her.

She says, "umm, please. can i ask what you're doin'?" I have taken her down to an all lower case status.

"No. You cannot ask." I'm buzy working on mutilating her tits. I don't have time to carry on a conversation with the dimbulb. "In fact, let's not have you talk at all from this point on. Your mind is like a baby before it learned words, you just make goo-goo sounds and moan and groan softly. You understand that?"

"ummm, ahhh. gooey goo goo."

Next the left nipple within the areola. Within the areola's suction cup, a seperate smaller suction device is lowered to the nipple, which is already somewhat hardened. A tinyer high sip of a suck, and we see the nipple pumped up into a long thin tube. I'll bet alot of women would like a suction machine like this. It will give them bigger nipples, which sometimes is just as hot as big tits.

"ma. maaaaa, uhmmmm. uhhmm."

I repeat the process with the right titeye, then adjust the suction, turning it up then making it even on each side. Then vibrating it. Another patent pending. Her eyes get wide. Actually, wider. Then she blinked and went hazy for a moment, then super wide again. Her head had started a roller coaster ride.

Now on to Tickyboo. I'll tell you what I did to her after I fucked her real good. I have a very special dildo that I call 'my rubber monkey'. Shaped like a cute skinny chimpanze, it in many ways looks like a child's toy. Very black, made of the smoothest hardest glass, with a dickknob head, it had a special feature you rarely find in dildos. It had a tube through the middle, so you could shoot any kind of liquid you choose right into her womb. And Tickyboo's womb wanted liquid, even as her pussy exuded it. Her pussy had a nice fresh stinkyness of estrogen to it as I shot several creamy gogs of sugary frosting into the gooing girl's gash. There's no need to get into harsh chemicals, was there? She had after all, been a good girl.

I have a new model of another suction pump machine. This one is not only state-of-the-art, it also does some things that only a few years ago would have been considered impossible, like science fiction. Like elongating what it suctions up to twenty times larger, and leaving them like that for up to a month. I know this is going to sound unbelievable, but I was able to elongate Tickyboo and Pinkles clitorii to a little over four inches long, and shape them like penii. This is often one of my kicks, or kinks you might say. My libido sparks when I think of pretty young females forced to have dicks, espescially very sensitive thin doggy-like dicks, with all the very strongest, sexiest sensations the clitoris feels when the female is in heat, only about twenty times stronger. Because at four inches it's at least twenty times bigger. They usually beg like crazy for sex at this stage, and they want to touch everybody and even everything around them for stimulation, so of course I needed to restrain them. But I've thought of an interesting way to do it. I twould tie their long clits together after tying their hands behind their backs. Then I'd take a lot of pictures. There appears to be a market for this kind of weirdness online.

I always have plenty of rope around. I love it best for bondage. In my mind tying using rope is a primal craft. When tying a female, one must concentrate on several things at once; that she might suddenly come to her senses and start to run, that the knot is not so tight that it stops blood circulation, but at the same time is tight enough to prevent much movement on the part of the prisoner, and that its okay to let your libido guide your artistry. If I can't get good sex out of all these fantastic abilities I've developed and discovered, what's the use of having them? So with these three things in mind, I had to balance them.

I do everything to music, at least when possible, so I put on some sassy smooth pop, a Canadian band called We Were Lovers that opened for me once was perfect for doing girl bondage. I tied each of their hands behind their backs. A simple start. I talk low and impart reminders of how they are feeling soooo subvervient, and how little girls love to obey their daddys and know that he is always doing good things to her.

"Good things are the best things in your life, Princess Tickyboo, and ballerina Pinkles." I murmur as I finish the wrist bondage quite thoroughly, then turn them to face one another.

"And the absolute best things, the only best things in your life and your mind, come from pleasing Master Daddy." Their eyes lit up a bit as if they'd just discovered something astonishing. They're so fucking cute. I was curious how those girl-cocks would taste, plus I needed them to be really firm, so I got down and sucked girl each to super-hardness. FYI, no homo. I only give blowjobs to girls.

I tied their cocklits together under the flushed peachy knobs, using very soft thin white cord, string really. 'Cocklits' is a really good word for these, don't you think? I used the term and tried to describe it to my friends who haven't seen it. I left enough slack for friction, of which there was about to be a great supply of.

"Tiptoes, girls."

They both raised up their heels, and for the first time felt the erotic sensation caused by their cocklits rubbing.

"Ahh!" Their eyes wide looking at each other, their mouths agape, their pretty round candy-colored lipsticked lips softly searching for air.

I think young women needs to know how it feels to be a horny man who can't find release. This way when they go back to normal size clits they will be sympathetic to what the frustration boys go through and will be more likely to give every boy who asks for it lots of sex. They'll never say no, in fact they'll encourage boys to ask or to initiate sex. They would be sluts, yet in their minds they would think they were Florence Nightingales, serving like specialty sex nurses as often as they possibly could.

I slutted their minds up more for the future. I gave them both a strong urge to get their tongues pierced, three studs each. That would make talking difficult for them, but they were never going to say anything important anyway. People would be less likely to listen to slurring bimbos, and they needed to suck more cock and talk less. Those studs were going to see alot of traffic and caress alot of men's throbbing meatglans, no doubt about it. I laughed to myself thinking about it, and they both laughed along, like little idiots, though they hadn't a clue what was so funny.

To further amuse myself, I gave Tickyboo future mental imprints as I spanked and slapped her around. She was going to be obsessed with sex much more than she ever had been. She would come to like it, really. But it would seem such an irritating embarrassment to her at first. I told her that every time she met a new man, she would immediately think of having sex with him, and then she would smile and lift her skirt and show him her cute little hello pussy pantys. She'd never be anyone's actual girlfriend, because no straight guy would put up with her constant flirting with everything that moved and had a cock. Her reputation will often be one step ahead of her. And that was a good thing for horny guys, in all their shapes and sizes. She wasn't going to be picky, our Ticky. No pickyboo, Tickyboo. Her mind would demand she fulfill a quota of at least one new man a day, which wouldn't always be easy for her to find. She would take a sperm injection into one of her three holes daily. In her mouth of course she had to swallow. In her pussy and ass, she was not allowed to wash or douche or in any way clean herself for at least twentyfour hours. This would mean some guys would be getting really ripe sloppy seconds. It might smell a bit nasty, but she would still do her best to make it worth their while.I gave our Pinkles some special imprints as well. Pinkles would always wear pink, naturally. And she will have a great desire to be an actress, which she will become, sort of. On every application for an acting job she would fill out, she would write 'I'm willing to do nude and sexual scenes. In fact, I enjoy them." People in the arts talk and gossip as much as any other profession, perhaps more, so word of what she was willing to do spread quickly, as did her legs as casting directors and film crews took her on her word. The porn world would quickly find her as well, but some irriputable porn 'directors' would get her in rough scenarios, usually involving rape. She'd get tossed out later, given a small amount of money after having her sign a waver of her rights. Alot of cruel jokes would start about her. Some of them quite funny, really. And she would always enjoy it all, every step of the way, as sexually as possible. Cumming multiple times, often against what was left of her 'will'.

Tickyboo and Pinkles would both now want and need to continue to be programmed further, so I imprinted three web addresses into their minds, three youtubes that contained subliminal reinforcements. They were my animal songs; Ghost Cat - , Barko The Clown Dog - , and of course, My Rubber Monkey - They would play them over and over, conscously telling themselves that the songs were funny or 'cute', but on a deep level they rarely conscously accessed, the viewings made them more docile and accepting of an inner need to be enslaved by the singer.

I gave each of them a souvenier pair of hello pussy pantys, the ones with the cute babyish kitten head. Perfect for the age-regressed woman. They would shop for more of the enslaving emblem on their own. Bright yellow camisoles, stockings, skirts and cupbras so that the outlines of their longer harder nipples could always be seen.

Epilogue; Bootybutt Is Back.

The next night I dropped them off on Clay Avenue, near the club. I'd had enough and was exhausted and needed some sleep. A pretty head popped in the passenger side window.

"Hi!" It was Lena, also known as Bootybutt, smiling brightly and batting heavily mascared eyes. It had been a couple weeks so her swellings had gone down, but it was nice that she still thought of me. "Whatcha doin'?"

"Oh, same old, same old. Why, what do you have in mind?"

She practically ran around the car so she could lean in close and frantically whispered, "I want you to do me again!"


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